Wednesday, June 02, 2004




Written by Warren Ellis, Drawn by Jacen Burrows

Clench your cheeks tight!

Avatar is pleased to present the latest horror from British scribe Ellis’ frightening imagination. Mage/maniac William Gravel is back and facing the deadliest creatures he’s ever encountered. These foul, murdering shit sniffers are on the loose in Southend’s most decrepit pub, burrowing their way into the rectums of unsuspecting drunkards. It will take all of Gravel’s wits, skills, and tolerance for Red Bull, to survive!

Cover by Juan Jose Ryp. Alternate cover (pictured in Adult supplement) by John McCrea

Monday, May 31, 2004


After DC Comics announced at the Bristol Con this weekend that Dave Gibbons had just signed an exclusive agreement with the company set to last two years, DC and Marvel made a stunning joint announcement: that would be the last exclusive agreement either company would offer a creator.

Paul Levitz explained, "We've take a long look at the concept of exclusivity and realized that no one really cares. For years, DC and Marvel have battled one another for the exclusive rights to the work of a creator, constantly seeking any and all PR advantages we can find in the marketplace. However, market research shows that only the lowest common denominator of fan truly cares which companies have exclusives with whom."

"Throw in the fact," Marvel EIC Joe Quesada added, "that thanks to scheduling and loopholes for small company work, no one but Brian Bendis is actually exclusive to anyone, and the idea just became pointless."

Fans and press were a-twitter at the end of one of the all-time stupid ideas, wondering where DC and Marvel would battle next. Persistent reports that Quesada was proposing a dick measuring contest between each company's staff were running rampant, bit no confirmation of "DC/MARVEL: THE RULES OF MEASUREMENT" was forthcoming.

Further details as the Waiting Room staff gathers them.