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Martha Gets a Makeover

Martha Washington is the twenty-first century freedom fighter created by comic book megastars Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) and Dave Gibbons (Watchmen).
A masterpiece nearly twenty years in the making, The Life and Times of Martha Washington is an archival, oversized hardcover volume with slipcase containing over 600 pages and the complete life story of this remarkable character.

Collecting meticulously remastered versions of every Martha Washington story and featuring an extensive behind-the-scenes section, this is the ultimate edition of a modern comics epic crafted by two of the medium’s greatest living masters.

Our story begins in the squalid corridors of a maximum-security housing project, where a young girl will rise from the war-torn streets of Chicago to battle injustice in a world insane with corruption. Her fight will take her far, from the frontlines of the second American Civil War, to the cold, unforgiving reaches of space. She will be called a hero, a traitor, and nearly everything in between, but all along the way, her courage, her integrity, and her unwavering commitment to that most valuable of rights—liberty—will inspire a movement that will never surrender.

“I know there are people that have been waiting for her to come back,” says Frank Miller about his beloved character Martha.

“She really lives her life in the best way she can,” explains Gibbons, “which is a heroism of a more truthful kind.”

The Life and Times of Martha Washington hits shelves in the summer of 2009.
Celebrate XXV Years of Mister X

In 1984, acclaimed book and album designer Dean Motter helped reshape the look and scope of alternative comics with the watershed title ¬Mister X. After a long absence, Dark Horse is proud to present the return of Mister X.

This pivotal series comes back to print in Mister X: The Archives, a fully remastered, stunningly beautiful hardcover collecting the entire original series. Featuring early artwork from comics superstars Los Bros. Hernandez and Dave McKean, this tome also includes the comics that helped launch the careers of independent icons Ty Templeton, Paul Rivoche, and Seth.

On the 25th anniversary of the character’s creation, Motter also returns to write and draw an all-new story starring his most influential creation. Fans now get a new taste of Mister X in a four-issue series, Mister X: Condemned.

Mister X: Condemned is the tragic tale of Radiant City, an experiment in perfect living gone terribly wrong. Built to fulfill the grandest aesthetic and architectural ideals, this vast and beautiful metropolis has fallen victim to an unknown pestilence of its psyche. As ever increasing numbers of its residents go mad, one man is driven to discover the root of this plague—Mister X. Not immune to the effects of the city, this mysterious figure struggles to save his community even as he battles the rebellion of his own mind.

“Mister X: Condemned is a reboot of my most popular creation. While I am writing and drawing the series both for new readers and fans of the original series, I am really doing this for myself,” explains creator Dean Motter. “I am returning to a darker, more mysterious vision of the character. It is more along the lines I had originally envisioned back in 1983—noir, retro sci-fi, Deco/Streamline/Bauhaus architecture, German Expressionism, the works.”

Mister X: Mister Archives will be released in November 2008, with the fist issue of Mister X: Condemned following in December.
Gerard Way’s Eisner-winning
The Umbrella Academy returns with an all-new series this fall!

"There's no doubting Gerard's commitment to his fans . . . Gerard has managed to tap into the hearts and minds of his fans to a remarkable degree . . . " - NME Magazine

Following the critically acclaimed, Harvey-and Eisner Award—nominated miniseries Apocalypse Suite comes the newest chapter in the lives of the Umbrella Academy from series creator Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Bá: Dallas—a story as American as a 1961 Lincoln Continental, where everything will change, and yet . . . remain the same.

After the catastrophic events of Apocalypse Suite, the Umbrella Academy celebrates victory in the ruins of their former home. One member's bedridden and mutilated, following the brutal showdown with her siblings that saved the world, and another has lost her voice—a casualty of war—and along with it, all of her power. With another victory under their belts, and seemingly too much free time on their hands, what’s next for this sordid cast of misfit geniuses?

Find out this fall when Dallas hits stands November 26, 2008, carrying a $2.99 price tag, and a special variant cover by the legendary artist Jim Lee.

About the Creators

Gerard Way began writing and drawing comics at age five when his grandmother first put a pencil in his hand. Having developed a love of the arts, Way attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he honed his skills as both writer and artist before he made a career as a musician. He was a guest speaker at the prestigious Oxford Union, and was Grammy nominated for his art direction of the album The Black Parade Special Edition. His work on The Umbrella Academy has added Eisner and Harvey-Award nominations to his list of accomplishments. He currently lives with his wife in Los Angeles, California. He’s also in a band.

Multiple Eisner and Harvey Award nominee Gabriel Bá and his twin brother Fábio Moon have been telling comic-book stories for the last ten years in their hometown, São Paulo—Brazil's biggest megalopolis. Their first major US release, De:TALES, also from Dark Horse, collects stories that show their interest in human relations and their eye for the details that make each person unique. As an artist, after taking on the challenge of creating the sci-fi mind-bending Casanova with writer Matt Fraction, Bá saw with The Umbrella Academy the chance to work on a mainstream superhero project where he could get deep into the characters while throwing punches and flying around.

Archer & Armstrong: First Impressions Now Contains 16 Pages of New Content Including a Revealing Jim Shooter Interview

July 31, 2008, New York, NY – Valiant Entertainment’s latest in a series of deluxe hardcover editions, Archer & Armstrong: First Impressions, will now contain 184 pages of content for the same solicited cover price of $24.95. The book was originally planned to contain 168 pages, but Valiant Entertainment has decided to add exclusive new material and increase the page count while keeping the cover price the same as an added incentive to fans and retailers.

Along with collecting for the first time issues #0-6 of the original blockbuster series co-created by legends Jim Shooter and Barry Windsor-Smith that sold over 4 million copies, Archer & Armstrong: First Impressions includes an all-new story, “Formation of The Sect,” by Jim Shooter and artists Sal Velluto and Bob Almond, and features a new Michael Golden cover which can be seen at Archer & Armstrong: First Impressions now also features:

An exclusive in-depth interview with Jim Shooter
An expanded all-new “Formation of The Sect” story
Jim Shooter’s full script for the all-new “Formation of the Sect” story including an alternate ending
A detailed look into the creation of the new cover by Michael Golden from sketch to printed cover

The highlight of the extra materials is the exclusive interview with series co-creator, Jim Shooter. In the interview, Shooter offers new insights into the origins of the series and characters, and background on the early days at Valiant.

“As we were putting the package together for the hardcover, we decided that we could make it even better by adding some additional material,” said Walter J. Black, Senior VP & Publisher of Valiant Entertainment. “As solicited, the book would have been a great treat for readers, but now, with all the additions, especially the interview with Jim Shooter, it’s a must have. And because our main responsibility is to make sure we please our fans, we decided not to raise the cover price.”

Archer & Armstrong: First Impressions is set for release on September 24 and is still available for order. Found in the July issue of Diamond Previews, out now, use Diamond order number: JUL084301 to get your copy.

For more information on the Valiant Universe and titles, please log on to their website at While you’re there, be sure to join the mailing list to receive future updates in your inbox. Or come visit them on ComicSpace at

About Valiant Entertainment:

Valiant Entertainment is a character-based entertainment company that owns and manages some of the most popular comic characters ever created across all media, including feature films, television, video games, new media, publishing, and consumer products. Since their creation in 1990, Valiant characters have sold over 80 million comic books, 8 million video games, and Valiant became one of the three leading comic character-based companies globally. In addition, the “Valiant characters are often called the most important characters created since the Marvel revolution of the 1960s” (Sequart). VALIANT™ characters include X-O MANOWAR®, BLOODSHOT®, HARBINGER™, ETERNAL WARRIOR™, DOCTOR MIRAGE™, NINJAK™, SHADOWMAN®, RAI™, and QUANTUM & WOODY™, among many others. Visit for more information.
PRESS RELEASE - THE ALL-NEW, ALL-AWESOME INVINCIBLE ALL SELLS OUT!The new era of Invincible begins with a distribution level sell out!

31 July 2008 - The brand-new era of INVINCIBLE began with a nearly instantaneous sell out at the distribution level and a new printing is on the way.
"It's tradition for the issue after a milestone like fifty to taper off, but it certainly wasn't the case here," said Kirkman. "In fact, the combination of INVINCIBLE's new costume, new sidekick and the totally kick-ass cover by Jim Lee made this the best selling issue yet. Having this sell so well after we blew through issue fifty showed me the series is healthier than its ever been."
After the status quo was completely shattered in the fiftieth issue, Kirkman and series artist Ryan Ottley rebuilt the character from the ground up, giving him an entirely new direction which acted as the perfect jumping on point for readers unfamiliar with the book while giving longtime fans what they've always wanted, right down to the spine-tingling cliffhanger. While a very limited amount of the original printing may still be available in your local comic book shop, Image will be releasing a second printing featuring an homage to the series' very first issue by Ottley.

INVINCIBLE #51 second printing, a 32-page full color comic book for $2.99, will be in stores this August.

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently five partners in Image Comics (Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor, and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Collection to be published simultaneously with Garfield 30th anniversary book

NEW YORK, NY – July 30, 2008 – Paws, Inc. and Ballantine Books, a division of the Random House Publishing Group, announced last week at Comic-Con International that Ballantine will publish a book inspired by the popular webcomic Garfield Minus Garfield.

Garfield Minus Garfield ( made its online debut in February 2008 and quickly became an online sensation based on a simple premise: What would Jim Davis’ Garfield comic strip be like without its lasagna-loving fat cat? Without the presence of Garfield and other characters such as Odie the dog and Nermal the kitten, the strips “create a new, even lonelier atmosphere for Jon Arbuckle…Jon’s observations seem to teeter between existential crisis and deep despair.” (New York Times)

The full-color book format will give readers the experience of having both the original and doctored Garfield strips together on the same page for comparison. Dublin, Ireland-based Garfield Minus Garfield creator Dan Walsh will provide the foreword to the book.

Garfield creator Jim Davis was intrigued by—and pleased with—the concept. “I think it’s an inspired thing to do,” Davis said. “I want to thank Dan for enabling me to see another side of Garfield. Some of the strips he chose were slappers: ‘Oh, I could have left that out.' It would have been funnier.”

Garfield Minus Garfield site creator Dan Walsh says, “When I looked at Jon and laughed at his crazy antics I thought ‘He's just like me.’ As it turns out, I wasn't the only one saw myself in him: millions of visitors from all over the world visit Garfield Minus Garfield and tell me they think the same thing. Now, thanks to the awesome generosity and humor of Jim Davis, Garfield Minus Garfield is going to become a book and I'm absolutely honored to be part of it.”

Ballantine Books has been publishing Garfield books since 1980, and thirty-three Garfield titles have made the New York Times bestseller list. Thirty Years of Laughs and Lasagna: The Life and Times of a Fat, Furry Legend, will be published by Ballantine Books in October 2008. This hardcover anniversary collection will include a foreword from Dean Young, Blondie cartoonist, and exclusive content from Jim Davis.


Paws, Incorporated was founded in 1981 by cartoonist Jim Davis as a creative house to support Garfield licensing. Today, the company, located in rural Indiana, handles not only the creative angle, but also the business concerns of the corpulent kitty worldwide. Paws boasts a staff of more than 50 artists, writers, and licensing professionals.

Paws, Inc. is a privately held company and the sole owner of the copyrights and trademarks for GARFIELD and GARFIELD Characters.


Ballantine Books was established in l952 by the legendary paperback pioneers Ian and Betty Ballantine. Today, Ballantine is one of America's largest publishers of hardcover, trade paperback and mass market paperback books -- spanning a remarkably wide variety of subjects. Publishing talented writers from every category and genre, its hardcover program is particularly strong in commercial fiction. Its impressive list of bestselling authors includes Suzanne Brockmann, Julie Garwood, Tess Gerritsen, Kristin Hannah, Linda Howard, Jonathan Kellerman, Lorna Landvik, Judith McNaught, Anne Perry, and Jeff Shaara. Visit the Ballantine website at


Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. Garfield Minus Garfield began in February 2008 and quickly gained a large following. It has been covered in such publications as Time magazine, Rolling Stone, the Washington Post and the New York Times. Garfield Minus Garfield is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness in a quiet American suburb.


The Animated Series That's As Big As The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Finally Comes To Home Video, With All 147 Episodes of The Real Ghostbusters And Slimer! And The Real Ghostbusters In Remastered Clarity Packaged In A Collectible 25-DVD Set

Over 12 Hours of Bonus Features Includes Never-Before-Seen Footage, Twenty-One On-Camera Episode Commentaries, Five Documentaries, Extended Interviews, Episode Introductions, Scripts, Art, And Much More



FAIRFAX, VA – July 24, 2008 – Charge up your Proton Packs and get the P.K.E. Meter running! One of the most popular animated series in television history to spin off from a major motion picture, The Real Ghostbusters, will soon be available for the first time on home video from Time Life. The 25-DVD set includes all 147 astonishing episodes of the seven-season series for over 55 hours of ghost-busting goodness — in their complete original form, but remastered for picture and audio perfection. Produced by some of the team members behind the legendary Ghostbusters motion pictures, The Real Ghostbusters features scripts by some of the top names in animation, science fiction, and horror history, and top-quality visuals, plus a voice cast that included Arsenio Hall, Dave Coulier (Full House), Maurice LaMarche (Pinky & The Brain), and many more!

The Real Ghostbusters: The Complete Series also features over twelve hours of fascinating bonus material, including documentaries and twenty-one innovative on-camera commentary tracks featuring producers, writers, artists, voice actors, and other personnel. Also included is a never-before-seen promotional pilot, over eighty on-camera episode introductions, art and photo galleries, scripts, storyboards, informative booklets, and much, much more.

Housed in a specially-designed box that recalls the award-winning and innovative Man From Uncle "briefcase packaging" and the Get Smart "phone booth set," The Real Ghostbusters: The Complete Series 25-DVD set will be available for purchase exclusively online via The Real Ghostbusters DVD website for $179.99.

"The Real Ghostbusters has had a strong and vocal fanbase for years, and the series has been one of the most requested shows for DVD release" says Jeff Peisch, head of Time Life's video division. "Time Life has a long history of releasing classic properties in a way that viewers appreciate, and we intend this Complete Series release to be extraordinary. From the digitally restored episodes to the extensive bonus materials, this set will have fans calling for the Ghostbusters again and again."

To produce the most comprehensive selection of extra materials ever seen for a complete animated television series box set, Time Life has engaged the services of Special Features producers Andy Mangels and Reed Kaplan. Mangels is a best-selling novelist, author of Animation on DVD: The Ultimate Guide, and the producer whom called "legendary." Mangels and Kaplan are producing the five documentaries, 21 commentary tracks, and a multitude of other extra content surprises. The duo were assisted by James Eatock of cereal:geek magazine. "I hope that fans will be spooked by how much cool material we're putting together for this set," said Mangels. "We're including everything we can, short of duplicating the keys to the Ghostbusters car, the Ecto-1." Covers for The Real Ghostbusters set and its interior cases will be by comic artist Emiliano Santalucia and MVCreations.

Spinning off from the box office mega-hit Ghostbusters (1984), the animated series The Real Ghostbusters debuted on ABC in September 1986 to tremendous ratings, critical acclaim, and an audience that ranged from kids to adults. The series functioned as a direct sequel to the movie, following New York's paranormal investigator team — Dr. Peter Venkman (voice of Lorenzo Music, later Dave Coulier), Dr. Egon Spengler (Maurice LaMarche), Winston Zeddemore (Arsenio Hall, later Buster Jones), Dr. Ray Stantz (Frank Welker), their secretary Janine Melnitz (Laura Summer, later Kath Soucie) and their gooey green mascot Slimer (Frank Welker) — as they faced ghosts, goblins, trolls, demons, monsters, and even the Boogieman! In 1987, a syndicated version of The Real Ghostbusters aired Monday-Friday afternoons, while ABC continued to produce the Saturday-morning show.

The Real Ghostbusters eventually garnered a primetime special — which was nominated for an Emmy® award — and switched to a one-hour format in 1989, titled Slimer! and The Real Ghostbusters. This later version added a series of Slimer! short cartoons, aimed at a younger audience, but wacky and clever enough to still appeal to older viewers. By the time the series finally completed its run in 1991, 134 episodes had been created. The Real Ghostbusters was a hit in worldwide syndication, and also led to hugely successful toy lines, multiple comic book series, and fan clubs and web pages that keep the ghostbusting spirit alive — or undead — today.

About Time Life

Headquartered in Fairfax VA, Time Life Inc. was founded in 1961 as a direct marketing company specializing in music and books. It has since grown to become one of the world's largest direct marketers of audio and video products, selling more than 13 million units each year throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and is the largest advertiser of music products in Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Time-Life set the standard in the direct response industry by pioneering direct marketing techniques, building one of the most trusted and recognized brands in commerce. The company now also sells their products through major traditional and non-traditional retailers around the world as well as via the Internet. Time Life is a registered trademark of Time Warner Inc. used under license by Direct Holdings Americas Inc., which is not affiliated with Time Warner Inc.

Gary Butler appointed to helm Canada’s magazine for the sophisticated urban male


July 31st, 2008 (Toronto, ON) -- Publisher Michel Crépault is pleased to announce the appointment of Gary Butler to the position of Editor in Chief for DRIVEN magazine. Butler brings to DRIVEN a wealth of editorial experience in the Canadian magazine industry, including significant tenures in the areas of both men’s lifestyle and automotive publishing.

Previous to DRIVEN, Butler was Editor in Chief for the Honda Canada publications HONDA: THE MAGAZINE and EXPRESSIONS--INSPIRED BY ACURA, as well as the Canadian men’s lifestyle magazine REV. He has also worked with LEAFS NATION (Toronto Maple Leafs), SHIFT magazine and the TORONTO STAR, and has contributed freelance writing to such notable media outlets as MAISONNEUVE and SATURDAY NIGHT.

Butler takes over from Johnny Lucas, who stepped in as interim Editor in Chief for the first three issues of 2008, and who returns to his previous position as DRIVEN’s Travel Editor. “The magazine is in good hands with Gary,” said Lucas. “I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do and I look forward to working with him.”

Adds publisher Crépault, “For four years it has been our goal to create a magazine that combines the best in men’s lifestyle with the best in automotive culture. Gary’s experience fits our mandate perfectly; he’s got some exciting ideas for the magazine. We feel DRIVEN is already of a high standard and it’s going to get even better.”

“Our readers will see some exciting changes, but the staples of luxury and life in the fast lane will remain,” says Butler. “DRIVEN is Canada’s pre-eminent men’s lifestyle publication, and I have enjoyed watching the evolution of its unique brand of sophisticated male/urban living mixed with automotive culture. It is an honour to join DRIVEN’s talented team, and to have the opportunity to put my own stamp on an already superb product.”

About DRIVEN magazine:

Launched in 2004 and distributed nationally through the GLOBE AND MAIL and Air Canada Maple Leaf lounges, DRIVEN is Canada’s magazine of choice for the sophisticated urban male. Published six times per year, DRIVEN brings over 600,000 readers the finest in men’s lifestyle, fashion, technology and automotive culture; truly, it is the magazine for life in motion.
Dark Horse offers you a recap of this past week’s

SDCC announcements!


AppleGeeks vol. 1- A collection of the webcomics published on in 2003 and 2004. Drawn by Mohammad F. Haque (Hawk)
and written by Ananth Panagariya, AppleGeeks falls in the category of
computer humor about college students and their homemade robots. The
book will include creator commentary and other bonus material,
including a pinup gallery. It will be printed in full color and will
go on sale in June 2009 for $14.95.

Mister X Archives and New Series- Dean Motter’s alternative comics
masterpiece Mister X is being reprinted and bound in a brand-new
hardcover archives series, along with brand-new stories to be
written. Mister X Archives will feature the artwork of young
superstars Jaime Hernandez and Dave McKean. And now, after 25 years
of waiting, fans get a new taste of Mister X. Motter returns to write
and draw an all-new story starring his most influential creation.
Archives will be released in the fall of 2008.

Spawn of Domo- This spring saw the release of an 8” limited-edition
flocked vinyl Domo in a myriad of custom colors (including the SDCC
Exclusive Yellow Domo) that was met with extreme enthusiasm from the
vinyl toy community—in many cases selling out before they hit the
shelves. This fall, Dark Horse will release a new collection of
brilliant custom-colored flocked Domo in 5.5” vinyl figures. In
addition to the Classic Brown Domo, the 5.5” figures will be
available in Olive Green, Ruby Red, Earl Grey, and Polar White. Each
of the custom colors will be limited to 800 pieces worldwide, except
the white variant, which is capped at only 500 pieces. Look for
additional custom color variants from at least two selected retail

The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century-
A masterpiece nearly twenty years in the making, this hardcover
volume contains the complete life story of Martha Washington, the
twenty-first century freedom fighter created by comic book megastars
Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) and Dave Gibbons (Watchmen). It is a
collection of every Martha Washington story and features an extensive
behind-the-scenes section. The Life and Times of Martha Washington
Omnibus will be released in the summer of 2009.

Vampire Hunter D Bust- Dark Horse Deluxe has just announced they will
be releasing a black-and-white variant of the Vampire Hunter D bust
scheduled for release in November 2008. Based on the character by
Japanese author Hideyuki Kikuchi and illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano,
the 8.5” variant bust will be limited and numbered and will include
a certificate of authenticity. Edition size to be determined.


B.P.R.D.: 1947- After the overwhelming praise from fans and critics
alike, Josh Dysart returns to the Hellboy universe for B.P.R.D.:
1947, the follow-up to this year’s acclaimed B.P.R.D.:1946 series,
chronicling the early exploits of this organization, founded by
Professor Bruttenholm—occult investigator and guardian of the infant
Hellboy. This new series picks up the following year, after the Nazi
Project Vampir Sturm threatened to destroy the fragile peace
following the end of the second World War. A year later, the
fledgling B.P.R.D. learns that there are creatures far older—and far
more dangerous—than Hitler's creations, as a lone vampire nobleman
ruthlessly hunts the survivors of the Third Reich. Mike Mignola,
along with Josh Dysart, plot out the next chapter in the history of
comics’ not-so-secret organization. This time, sequential
heartthrobs Gabriel Bá (Umbrella Academy) and Fábio Moon
(Sugarshock) come on board to handle the artistic duties. Arriving on
shelves in June 2009.

Boris Karloff’s Tales of Mystery- Dark Horse will be collecting this
long-gone, but not forgotten, Gold Key series, bearing the namesake
of one of the earliest and most recognizable faces of horror. The
newest addition to the Dark Horse Archives program, and following on
the heels of the legendary Creepy and Eerie, these highly sought-
after comics are most well known for their stunning cover art. All 97
issues will eventually be collected in a series of beautifully bound
hardcover books. The first volume hits the shelf in 2009.

Cages TPB- Dark Horse Comics is reprinting Dave McKean’s
masterpiece, Cages, in a ten-issue comic book limited series. It was
originally released between 1990 and 1996 and Cages is the only work
that McKean has both written and drawn. McKean is possibly the most
widely known of the current artists creating comics for adults; he
painted the covers of all 75 Sandman issues and has also drawn The
Black Orchid and Violent Cases. Cages is due to be released in the
summer of 2009.

Eerie Archives vol. 1- The first volume of the Eerie Archives will
collect the first five issues of the classic Eerie horror series.
This first volume will include stories by Archie Goodwin, Alex Toth,
Reed Crandall, John Severin, Gene Colan, Gray Morrow, Angelo Torres,
Steve Ditko, Roy Krenkel, and others. Eerie vol. 1 will be released
in February 2009.

New Creepy comic- The new Creepy will be a quarterly black-and-white
anthology closely mirroring the aesthetic of the original magazine,
but in standard comic-book size. This will be the first new Creepy
story in more than 25 years and will be published on MySpace Dark
Horse Presents in October. The comic book will come out in the spring
of 2009. There will also be a two-page introduction to the newly
extended “Creepy family,”illustrated by Jeff Preston.

The Marquis- Guy Davis’s creator-owned masterpiece comes to Dark
Horse, with a new deluxe edition collecting both of the previously
released Oni volumes. This upcoming collection, entitled The Marquis:
Inferno, collects both TPBs, Danse Macabre and Intermezzo, and will
feature a new cover design, as well as an introduction by Mike
Mignola. Dark Horse will also announce the upcoming third volume, The
Marquis and the Midwife, to be released in 2010.


Frank Miller: The Spirit Storyboards- Dark Horse proudly presents an
insight into what promises to be one of the hottest films of the
year, and the directorial mind of Frank Miller. This book will
collect every single storyboard drawn by the comics legend himself,
as well as the full screenplay for the film. Featuring beautiful,
fully inked and detailed artwork in Frank’s inimitable, larger than
life style, this book will be an essential edition to any collection.
Arriving in stores in 2009.

Shinjuku- Dark Horse Comics is proud to introduce Shinjuku, the first
totally original project by Yoshitaka Amano in nearly a decade. Set
in the year 2020, Shinjuku is the story of Daniel Legend, an American
Special Forces soldier turned licensed private bounty hunter. He is a
loner who travels the globe capturing criminals and now must journey
to Shinjuku, Tokyo, to save his sister. Armed with his wits, metal
storm pistol and a mysterious, cryptic five-year-old postcard, Simon
sets out to save his family and accidentally saves the world.
Shinjuku is set for release in the summer of 2009.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Dark Horse Comics will showcase the first
look at the highly anticipated The Clone Wars comics and digest
series! Each will be the perfect compliment to Lucasfilm's highly
anticipated CGI-animated The Clone Wars movie and television
programs! With Henry Gilroy handling the story for both new series,
the digests will feature art by Matt and Shawn Fillbach, with Scott
Hepburn penciling the comics. While the digests feature standalone
stories designed to be read in any order, the comics will tell an
ongoing story set between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the
Sith. Both new series are sure to please a whole new generation of
Star Wars fans of all ages. Each is set for release in the month of

The Adventures of Blanche HC- Dark Horse Comics and iconoclastic
cartoonist Rick Geary are proud to present The Adventures of Blanche.
Long out of print and collected here for the first time, these quirky
and nostalgic tales of Blanche get the deluxe treatment in this
hardcover volume featuring an all-new introductory story. From New
York to Hollywood, and all the way to Paris, Blanche embarks on the
extraordinary adventures of an equally extraordinary woman of the
early twentieth century. Blanche is due to be released in early 2009.


Dark Horse Celebrates 20 Years of Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs.
Predator with a Major Announcement- On this eve of the 20th
anniversary of the release of the first groundbreaking Aliens comic,
Dark Horse Comics is proud to announce the 2009 relaunch of the
Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator comics franchises, with a
new original series for each. This major event will kick off with a
new Aliens series to coincide with the May 2009 30th anniversary of
the 20th Century Fox science-fiction film blockbuster Alien, with new
Predator and Aliens vs. Predator comics series to release on the 20th
anniversaries of their first appearances at Dark Horse.

Rex Mundi: Hill of Martyrs- Rex Mundi returns to its roots with a
brand-new Brother Matthew mystery. A servant girl is brutally
murdered in an elite Paris hotel. Mystified by the horrific crime,
the Inquisition puts Brother Matthew on the case. Matthew's partner?
None other than the cheerful Inquisitor Moricant! In celebration of
the final chapter of this critically acclaimed series, Dark Horse, in
conjunction with Comic Book Resources, will present Brother Matthew:
Hill of Martyrs completely free online, every week in between Rex
Mundi issues 13 and l4. The story will begin on CBR exclusively on
August 20.

Umbrella Academy: Dallas- Gerard Way’s critically acclaimed series
following the cast of misfit geniuses bent on saving the world
returns with an all-new chapter this fall. Umbrella Academy: Dallas
#1 arrives in November, reuniting the creative power team of Way and
Brazilian artist Gabriel Bá, with a special variant cover by the
legendary Jim Lee! The first issue hits stands on November 19.

World Embryo- Dark Horse is proud to present World Embryo, the latest
creation by Daisuke Moriyama (Chrono Crusade). This is a majorly dark
seinen series. In a time where heroes are unrecognized and forgotten,
viruses can be transmitted by a cell-phone call, and unseen monsters
hunt the innocent, the fate of the world rests in the hands of a
secret organization called FLAG and on the shoulders of a high-school
teen. World Embryo is scheduled for release in the summer of 2009.


Devil- Dark Horse Comics and Madhouse Studios (Trigun, Hellboy
Animated, Tenjho Tenge) team up to release a series by Japanese manga
author/illustrator Torajiro Kishi, created exclusively for
publication in the United States. An incurable disease called
Devil’s Possession is rapidly infecting the population with symptoms
that cause slow and painful death. The discovery of a unique category
of the infected, the Class-S Devils, raises the question of whether
the infected are victims of the virus or a new breed of human predator.

Rapture- Rapture is a story that takes place one year after a century-
long war between superheroes and villains nearly decimated the
earth . . . then they all disappeared. Like a Rapture, the Powers
were just gone. Everything else, no matter how crazy or fantastic, is
really the backdrop to the love story between Evelyn and Gil—two
mortal survivors of the superhero apocalypse. Rapture is about how
Love and Power are forces that can possess you and make you do things
you don’t want to do. You would destroy everything to keep it and
even destroy yourself to get rid of it. This story is about the worst
breakup ever.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project- Dark Horse
is proud to present Osamu Takahashi's manga Neon Genesis Evangelion:
The Shinji Ikari Raising Project. Inspired by the final episode of
the Evangelion TV show, this manga series imagines a story where the
anime’s lead characters, Shinji, Rei, and Asuka, didn't live the
brutal existence of the main saga, but, rather, lived in an alternate
world where friendship and romance could be as important as their
task to pilot the Evangelion. The series is slated to kick off in
summer of 2009 and carry a cost of $9.95.

The Spirit- DH Deluxe presents two highly collectible items from
Frank Miller’s film adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit. There
will be a full-size, limited-edition statue, sculpted by character
artist Kolby Jukes, as well as a limited-edition bust sculpted by
Oluf Hartvigson, both depicting the likeness of Gabriel Macht as the
Spirit, in a dramatic pose envisioned in the moody "neo-noir" palette
Miller brings to the screen. In addition, there will be a unique,
light-up journal featuring a classic Spirit silhouette on a
background of twinkly snow illuminated by a timed sequence of
concealed LED lights embedded in the cover.
IDW Publishing Announces Wide Slate of New Titles
Locke & Key sequel, Terminator and Ghostbusters comics

San Diego, CA (July 28, 2008) - IDW Publishing, the San Diego-based publisher of comic books and graphic novels announced plans to expand their line of high-quality creator-owned and licensed comic books and graphic novels and provided details of many of their new titles at this year’s Comic Con International.

Among the titles coming in 2008 and 2009 are:

LOCKE & KEY II: Novelist Joe Hill, one of Comic-Con 2008’s Special Guests, announced a follow-up to his acclaimed first comic book series, Locke & Key. The series, which has been optioned by Dimension Films, will return in December 2008 with the next chapter of the storyline, Head Games. Gabriel Rodriguez will once again be handling art chores on the series, which will ultimately include 24 more issues and then culminate in a concluding graphic novel.

PARKER: Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Darwyn Cooke brings four original graphic novels to IDW. Based on the acclaimed series of novels by Richard Stark (pseudonym for renowned crime fiction author Donald Westlake), the first book will be released in mid 2009. Many of Westlake’s books have been brought to the big screen, including Point Blank, The Hot Rock, and Payback. Cooke is the best-selling comics auteur who has been much lauded since he burst on the comics scene in 2000. His past projects include The Spirit and DC: The New Frontier, the latter of which was turned into a feature length animated film.

ANGEL: Writer Brian Lynch spoke of plans for the series beyond the ongoing storyline. After the Fall, which picked up where Joss Whedon’s TV series left off, will became Aftermath in issue 17, and see the cast of characters dealing with the huge repercussions to come out of issue 16’s explosive finale. Novelist Jennifer Armstrong will join Lynch in this latest chapter. Additionally, creator John Byrne will present a stand-alone Angel miniseries next year, Angel: Blood and Trenches, telling a tale of Angel’s experiences during World War I.

SIR APROPOS OF NOTHING: Writer Peter David brings his popular novel series to comic books for the first time with this five-issue miniseries telling all-new stories and featuring art by Robin Riggs.

TERMINATOR SALVATION: Tying in with next summer’s blockbuster movie, IDW will present an all-new prequel series courtesy of writer Dara Naraghi and artist Alan Robinson. They tell a story set years after Judgment Day, setting the stage for the big-screen battle to come. Jeff Mariotte and Don Figueroa will present a weekly adaptation of the movie, too.

PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL: Celebrating this year’s historic Presidential race, IDW will release Presidential Material: Barack Obama and Presidential Material: John McCain, two separate issues that tell each candidate’s life story leading them up to accepting the nomination for President. J. Scott Campbell provides special covers for each issue, both of which will also be combined into a special flip-book. Obama’s story will be presented by Jeff Mariotte and Tom Morgan, and Andy Helfer and Stephen Thompson will tell McCain’s tale. These two special issues will also be offered as downloadable comics through

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SAVIOR 28: Award-winning comic book writer J.M. DeMatteis and artist Mike Cavallaro offer up a unique exploration of superheroes, American politics and pop culture. SAVIOR 28 unfolds over 70 years and follows a tragic super-powered being through a history tied very closely to the changing fortunes of America itself.

EPILOGUE & DARK DELICACIES: On the IDW panel, writer Steve Niles talked up his upcoming vampire-superhero tale Epilogue, created with artist Kyle Hotz. Niles will also edit a graphic miniseries called Dark Delicacies in accordance with retail store Dark Delicacies’ Del Howison, presenting comic book adaptations of short horror tales by some of the most acclaimed horror novelists around.

G.I. JOE: G.I. Joe godfather Larry Hama joined the IDW panel to discuss his all-new reboot of the franchise. The series, which debuts with a specially priced issue in October, will launch in earnest in January 2009, the first salvo of many G.I. Joe-related shots to be fired from IDW next year. In addition to the Hama/Robert Atkins series, there will be movie-universe comics, including a special prequel series that leads into the first-ever G.I. Joe movie, and many other projects as well.

GHOSTBUSTERS: THE OTHER SIDE: The Ghostbusters return to comic books courtesy of writer Keith Champagne and artist Tom Nguyen. “The Other Side” sees the team run afoul of legendary, and ghostly, gangsters who deal with the situation in the way they know best—they rub ‘em out, sending the team to limbo.

THE TRANSFORMERS: With the big-screen sequel coming next summer, IDW will again tell a special tale that leads into the film. Transformers: Destiny will be a five-part prequel story beginning in December. The Movie Sequel miniseries team of Chris Mowry and Alex Milne will re-pair for this story. Meanwhile, Simon Furman, who will pen the sequel’s comic adaptation, will also write the first-ever Dinobots miniseries, and will tell the long-awaited origin of the Transformers in Transformers: The 13 in 2009. All Hail Megatron writer Shane McCarthy announced a new Spotlight on the character Blurr, as well as the news that the first-ever IDW-created Transformer will be appearing in the pages of All Hail Megatron. The character, Drift, is slated to become a new Hasbro toy in 2009, too.

STAR TREK: In addition to his upcoming Romulans: The Hollow Crown tale, writer/artist John Byrne will continue to dwell in the Star Trek universe with his 2009 series with the working title of Crew, which looks at the shakedown mission of an early Federation starship and features many familiar faces throughout. IDW will also present an epic tale that leads into the J.J. Abrams-directed movie due next summer. Abrams and screenwriter Roberto Orci will contribute to the comic book story, too.

UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS: Underworld screenwriter and actor Kevin Grevioux will write a special two-part tale that leads into the third installment of the popular Underworld film series. The comics will debut in November.

VIOLENT MESSIAHS, LOVE AND CAPES, TORPEDO, THE DREAMER: All-new presentations and collections of these series will be released in late 2008 and early 2009.

SKATE FARM: Creator Barzak brings the next volume of his popular Skate Farm graphic novel series to IDW in 2009.

ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS: KAMPF: In 2009, Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood will tell a tale of total war in the latest installment of their ongoing Zombies vs Robots series of miniseries.

More information about these projects, including creative teams and specific release dates, as well as other projects discussed at the convention, will be released soon.

About IDW Publishing

IDW is an award-winning publisher of comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, based in San Diego, California. As a leader in the horror, action, and sci-fi genres, IDW publishes some of the most successful and popular titles in the industry including: television's #1 prime time series CBS’ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; Paramount's Star Trek; Fox's Angel; Hasbro's The Transformers, and the BBC's Doctor Who. IDW’s original horror series, 30 Days of Night, was launched as a major motion picture in October 2007 by Sony Pictures and was the #1 film in its first week of release. In April 2008, IDW released Michael Recycle, the first title from its new children’s book imprint, Worthwhile Books. More information about the company can be found at