Monday, December 15, 2008


Issue 24 of CWR has arrived! This is the final new issue of 2008, and we’ve done our best to leave you with some great stuff to read… and see!

The first annual CWR Round Table Interview! Marc Mason leads seven of the CWR crew in a roundtable discussion about the best of 2008, the worst of 2008, the economy’s effect on comics, and what to look forward to in 2009!:

Reviews of ULTRA, the TWILIGHT MOVIE, and a podcast focused on Oni Press, including CROGAN’S VENGEANCE, SALT WATER TAFFY, RESURRECTION and more:

New CWRtv! Elliott Serrano vs. SECRET INVASION and only one can survive!:

Marc Mason says diversity in comics is right in front of your face:

Avril Brown shows off a new X-MEN related tattoo, takes on love, and offers up a new year’s resolution:

Vince Moore wonders if comics and feminism is really a pair worth fighting for:

Matt Maxwell doesn’t know if 2008 was a great year for comics or not, but he does have a couple he’d like to point out to you:

Saurav Mohapatra reacts to the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai and ponders how to respond to them:

Brandon Jerwa offers up a top ten list of great holiday entertainments:

Remember: If you read something at CWR that you like, pass it on to friends and blogs. Enjoy the reading!

Marc Mason
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