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Captain Action Comics #2

Story: Fabian Nicieza, Marv Wolfman, Paul Kupperberg

Art: Mark Sparacio, Eddie Newell

Colors: James Brown

Covers: Mark Sparacio (modern)

Thomas Yeates (retro)-(each cover is available separately), 32pgs, color, $3.99

How do you save a world that doesn’t know it’s been taken over?

The time for hiding and learning is past! The new master-of-disguise-super-spy Captain Action is forced out into the open to capture or kill all superhumans who have been “co-opted” by the Red Crawl! One by one, he targets the Public Protectors, the “people’s heroes”, and becomes embroiled in a heated battle with the oh-so-hot CRESCENT!

And they both know she is MUCH better at this than he is!

And then, the hunter becomes the hunted…as Captain Action is wanted dead or alive!

BONUS material: an all new spy thriller tale of the original CAPTAIN ACTION, as well as a brand new jungle action PHANTOM story!


Title: “Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak the Night Stalker: Cry of Thunder” #2 (of 3)

Story: JG

Art: Andy Bennett, Carlos Magno

Edits: David Tischman

Covers: Vatche Mavlian(reg), Leonardo Manco(LTD)--32pgs, COLOR, $3.99 ($4.99, $6.99)

BASED ON TRUE EVENTS…a historic unveiling!

Not a dream, not a hoax, not a parallel universe!

Two of the most unique investigators of all time try to untangle the same mystery…

one hundred years apart from each other! The lawless wild west- the hidden world of Victorian London- the present day hell of Hollywood …there…and back again.

Kolchak follows Holmes’ investigation of a not so innocent man who voluntarily wants to be imprisoned, a murdered domestic, and a showdown with the world’s deadly anarchist/assassin…then Kolchak uncovers the missing clue…the one thought long since lost to history…the piece of the puzzle that started it all!

Revealed to you by JG, Carlos Magno (Green Lantern Corps), Andy Bennett (Vampire the Masquerade), and David Tischman (Bite Club)!


Reg cover: Vatche Mavlian= $3.99

LTD (to 500) Leonardo Manco cover = $4.99

Vatche Mavlian sketch cover variant: $6.99
Sunday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
5th Avenue & 82nd Street,
New York City

Day of events: Sunday, June 22

All programs are in The Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium and are free with Museum admission.

Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy

This all-day event of lectures and panel discussions brings together leading international scholars, critics, and designers to discuss the world of costumes and comics. Themes include the appropriation of the uniform, the adaptation of superhero costumes for the screen, the creation of modern mythologies, and the role of the superhero as metaphor in contemporary society.


10:00 am E Pluribus Unitard: Notes toward a Theory of Superhero Costuming. Peter Coogan, director, The Institute for Comics Studies

10:30 am Writers Panel: Danny Fingeroth, author, Disguised as Clark Kent: Jews, Comics, and the Creation of the Superhero; Richard Reynolds, author, Super Heroes: A Modern Mythology; and Paul Levitz, president and publisher, DC Comics

11:45 am The Boys in the Hoods: The Costumed Vigilante as Urban Dandy. Scott Bukatman, associate professor, Department of Art and Art History, Stanford University

2:00 am Costume Designers Panel: Geoff Klock, assistant professor, Borough of Manhattan Community College; Adi Granov and Phil Saunders, illustrators and concept designers, Iron Man; and Gordon Smith, costume designer, X-Men films.

3:00 am Artists Panel: Alex Ross, comics artist; John Cassaday, comics artitst; Stanford Carpenter, assistant professor, Visual and Critical Studies, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

4:00 am The Gods of Greece, Rome, and Egypt Still Exist—Only Today They Wear Spandex and Capes! Michael Uslan, executive producer, The Dark Knight

More info at this website:{F477F909-80DF-42B7-80BF-BC37AF77F03C}

Contact: Nancy Chilton or Elyse Topalian, 212-570-3951, or For more information and a schedule of events, please consult the online Calendar at:

The exhibition and its accompanying book are made possible by Giorgio Armani.

Additional support is provided by Condé Nast.

**Super Heroes is a registered trademark jointly owned by DC Comics and Marvel Characters, Inc.

New OGN from Invisible Hand Studios and Vin Di Bona to tell tale of U.S. government's ET-Human exchange program

Chicago, IL. (June 18, 2008) – The lines between history and conspiracy will blur this August as Devil's Due presents the all new original graphic novel Serpo in collaboration with Invisible Hand Studios (Urban Monsters) and executive producer Vin Di Bona. Combining rumors, purported U.S. government files, and first-hand accounts, Serpo will unveil a shocking story of 12 Americans taken to live on an alien planet.

"If you're a conspiracy or black ops believer, Serpo will knock your socks off and even make you question your mother for the truth!" says Di Bona.

Scripted by critically acclaimed writer Jason Burns (A Dummy's Guide to Danger, The Expendable One) and drawn by artist Joe Eisma (A Dummy's Guide to Danger), Serpo combines the scale and suspense of Close Encounters with the controversy and government suppression of The X-Files.

"Working on Serpo was a really unique experience for me as a writer because, unlike other adaptations, this one being based on fact or fiction is still unresolved," states Burns. "Conversely, it's also a unique story for the reader because it challenges them to make up their own minds as to whether or not they believe the events actually took place."

The 120-page graphic novel will also include a dynamic cover by artist Roger Robinson (Batman, Azrael). More details will be available from DDP this July at San Diego Comic-Con.

About Devil's Due Publishing:
Proliferators of comics culture, DDP is one of the largest and most established comic book publishers in North America, carrying a diverse line-up of original, creator-owned and licensed properties. With offices in Los Angeles and Chicago DDP has many projects in development for film and television with major studios including 20th Century Fox, ABC Family, and Rogue Pictures. DDP's titles include Drafted, Lost Squad, Sheena, Dungeons & Dragons, DemonWars, Voltron, Rest, Serpo and the cult-favorite Hack/Slash. The company recently launched a line of cutting edge designer toys and life accessories under the imprint DDPOP, found in specialty stores this summer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New genre based indy comic to be released simultaneously as pamphlet and free digital download

Sarasota, Florida- June 18, 2008- Despite the near non-existence of the once popular format of genre based self-published comic books, a new ongoing comic book series named Dead Man Holiday (, by first time writer/artist Colin Panetta, will have it's first issue released on June 25th, 2008. This will be the premiere issue of Dead Man Holiday, although it says # -3 (number negative three) on the cover. The issue will be released via Mysterious Transmissions, the author's own publishing company. Dead Man Holiday is a science-fiction/ action comic, with storytelling sensibilities firmly rooted in independent film and small-press genre comics of the eighties and nineties. Dead Man Holiday # -3 is entirely black and white, with hand painted grey tones throughout, and runs 36 pages. The issue features guest art by Brandon Dawley ( and Jeremy Gregory (, available only in the print version. It will be made available in two formats simultaneously in June 2008; as a traditional pamphlet comic book, printed by POD comics printer Ka-Blam, and as a PDF download from DriveThru Comics, offered free of charge.

Plot: Dead Man Holiday # -3 introduces Thad Planck, a low-rent security guard in an imagined future where a section of the city he lives in has been flooded and abandoned. Thad is in charge of patrolling this area, referred to as Little Atlantis, and has a mysterious supernatural encounter with a bizarrely-dressed, living skeleton there. A Mexican wrestler, classroom violence and canine defecation also factor into the plot of this issue.
The plot and look of Dead Man Holiday is meant to emulate 80s genre films such as Evil Dead and Mad Max, but told from a much more personal perspective. This direction is borne of the artist's dismay over most recent genre comics on the market being too superficial, and more personal comics being too mundane.

The cover and three sample pages of Dead Man Holiday # -3 accompany this press release. You can access a special, press only preview of the issue's story pages at this address:
(username: "press" password: "password1")

This is writer/artist Colin Panetta's first self-published comic book, although he did previously produce the webcomic The X-Heroes. He is keeping a detailed journal of his experiences self-publishing Dead Man Holiday # -3 on his blog Hot Wax Mealworms, the specific entries of which are available here. The entry on offset printing was covered by Tom Spurgeon's The Comics Reporter, Publisher Weekly's The Beat and The Comics Journal's Jounalista.
2008 Harvey Awards Nominees Announced!

Visit for Ballots & Submission Details! BALTIMORE, MD (June 18, 2008) -- The 2008 Harvey Awards Nominees have been announced with the release of the final ballot, presented by the Executive Committees of the Harvey Awards and the Baltimore Comic-Con. Named in honor of the late Harvey Kurtzman, one of the industry's most innovative talents, the Harvey Awards recognize outstanding work in comics and sequential art. They will be presented September 27, 2008 in Baltimore, MD, in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con.

Nominations for the Harvey Awards are selected exclusively by creators - those who write, draw, ink, letter, color, design, edit or are otherwise involved in a creative capacity in the comics field. They are the only industry awards both nominated and selected by the full body of comic book professionals. Professionals who participate will be joining nearly 2,000 other comics professionals in honoring the outstanding comics achievements of 2007. Thank you to all that have already participated by submitting a nomination ballot.

Final ballots are due to the Harvey Awards by Friday, August 15, 2008. Full details for submission of completed ballots can be found on the final ballot. Voting is open to anyone involved in a creative capacity within the comics field. Final ballots are available for download at Those without Internet access may request that paper ballots be sent to them via mail or fax by calling the Baltimore Comic-Con (410-526-7410) or e-mailing

This will be the third year for the Harvey Awards in Baltimore, MD. Our Master of Ceremonies will once again be Kyle Baker. Look for more details soon on how you can attend the Harvey Awards dinner.

This year's Baltimore Comic-Con will be held September 27-28, 2008. Convention hours are Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM and Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM. The ceremony and banquet for the 2008 Harvey Awards will be held Saturday night, September 27.

Without further delay, the 2008 Harvey Award Nominees:


Ed Brubaker, Captain America, Marvel Comics
Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amulet Books
Grant Morrison, All Star Superman, DC Comics
William Van Horn, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, Gemstone
Brian K. Vaughan, Y: The Last Man, Vertigo/DC Comics


Gabriel Ba, Umbrella Academy, Dark Horse Comics
John Cassaday, Astonishing X-Men, Marvel Comics
Guy Davis, BPRD, Dark Horse Comics
Frank Quitely, All Star Superman, DC Comics
William Van Horn, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, Gemstone


Darwyn Cooke, The Spirit, DC Comics
Matt Kindt, Super Spy, Top Shelf
Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amulet Books
Bryan Lee O'Malley, Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together, Oni Press
Vasilis Lolos, Last Call, Oni Press
William Van Horn, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, Gemstone


The Arrival, Scholastic Books
Donald Duck: The Case of the Missing Mummy, Gemstone
Exit Wounds, Drawn & Quarterly
Laika, First Second
Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together, Oni Press


The Annotated Northwest Passage, Oni Press
Antiques, Volume 1, Gemstone
Captain America Omnibus, Volume 1, Marvel Comics
Damned, Volume 1, Oni Press
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born, Marvel Comics


Complete Peanuts, Fantagraphics Books
Complete Terry and the Pirates, IDW
EC Archives, Gemstone
Popeye, Fantagraphics Books
Walt and Skeezix, Drawn & Quarterly


Eduardo Risso's Tales of Terror, Dynamite Entertainment
Exit Wounds, Drawn & Quarterly
Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, Abrams
Moomin, Volume 2, Drawn & Quarterly
Witchblade Manga, Top Cow/Image


Chris Eliopoulos, Franklin Richards series, Marvel Comics
Nicholas Gurewitch, Perry Bible Fellowship,
Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amulet Books
Bryan Lee O'Malley, Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together, Oni Press
William Van Horn, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, Gemstone


Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney,
EZ Street, Robert Tinnell and Mark Wheatley,
Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik,
Perry Bible Fellowship, Nicholas Gurewitch,
Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo, Dwight L. Macpherson, Thomas Boatwright and Thomas Mauer,


The Annotated Northwest Passage, Scott Chantler, Oni Press
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney, Amulet Books
EC Archives, Various, edited by John Clark, Gemstone
Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened, edited by Jason Rodriguez, Villard
Super Spy, Matt Kindt, Top Shelf


Alice in Sunderland, Dark Horse Comics
All Star Superman # 8, DC Comics
Captain America # 25, Marvel Comics
Donald Duck: The Case of the Missing Mummy, Gemstone
I Killed Adolf Hitler, Fantagraphics Books
Immortal Iron Fist # 7, Marvel Comics
Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen # 1, Oni Press


Blah Blah Blog, Tom Brevoort,
The Comics Journal, edited by Gary Groth and Michael Dean, Fantagraphics Books
Meanwhile...Comics!, John, Jason and Scott,
The Naked Artist: Comic Book Legends, Bryan Talbot and Hunt Emerson, Moonstone Books
Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, edited by J.C. Vaughn, Gemstone
Reading Comics: How Graphic Albums Work and What They Mean, Douglas Wolk, Da Capo Press


John Cassaday, Astonishing X-Men, Marvel Comics
Marko Djurdjevic, Daredevil, Marvel Comics
James Jean, Fables, Vertigo/DC Comics
Mike Mignola, Hellboy, Dark Horse Comics
William Van Horn, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, Gemstone


Chris Eliopoulos, Daredevil, Marvel Comics
Jared K. Fletcher, The Spirit, DC Comics
Willie Schubert, Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, Gemstone
Douglas E. Sherwood, Local, Oni Books
Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library, Acme Novelty


Susan Daigle-Leach, Uncle Scrooge, Gemstone
Jamie Grant, All Star Superman, DC Comics
Matt Hollingsworth, Daredevil, Marvel Comics
Matt Kindt, Super Spy, Top Shelf
Laura Martin, Thor, Marvel Comics


Stefano Gaudiano, Daredevil, Marvel Comics
Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amulet Books
Steve Leialoha, Fables, DC Comics
Mark Morales, Thor, Marvel Comics
Kevin Nowlan, Witchblade, Top Cow/Image


Doonesbury, Garry Trudeau, Universal Press Syndicate
Get Fuzzy, Darby Conley, United Feature Syndicate
The K Chronicles, Keith Knight, Self-Syndicated
The Mighty Motor-Sapiens, Mark Wheatley, Daniel Krall, Robert Tinnell, MJ Butler,
Craig Taillerfer, Matthew Plog, and Jerry Carr, Self-Syndicated
Mutts, Patrick McDonnell, King Features Syndicate


All Star Superman, DC Comics
Captain America, Marvel Comics
Damned, Oni Press
Daredevil, Marvel Comics
Umbrella Academy, Dark Horse Comics
Uncle Scrooge, Gemstone Comics


Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amulet Books
The Order, Marvel Comics
Resurrection, Oni Press
Thor, Marvel Comics
Umbrella Academy, Dark Horse Comics


Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amulet Books
Jeff Lemire, Essex County, Top Shelf
Vasilis Lolos, Last Call, Oni Press
Robbi Rodriguez, Maintenance, Oni Press
Christian Slade, Korgi #1: Sprouting Wings, Top Shelf


Flight Volume 4, edited by Kazu Kibuishi, Ballantine Books
Mome Volume 8, edited by Gary Groth and Eric Reynolds, Fantagraphics Books
Popgun Volume 1, edited by Joe Keatinge and Mark Andrew Smith, Image Books
Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened, edited by Jason Rodriquez, Villard
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, edited by John Clark, Gemstone

Congratulations to all the nominees! If you know a nominee, please pass on the good news! The Harvey committee and the Baltimore Comic-Con will make every effort to contact all nominees. If you are a nominee and do not hear from us by the end of June, please contact us at We would love to discuss your involvement in the ceremony and the Baltimore Comic-Con.

For additional information about the Harvey Kurtzman and the Harvey Awards, visit

For additional information about the Baltimore Comic-Con, visit

For additional information about the Harvey Awards Master of Ceremonies Kyle Baker, visit

Image Comics comes to Charlotte, NC's HeroesCon!

17 June 2008 (Berkeley, CA) - This upcoming weekend, Charlotte, NC's HeroesCon once again plays host to Image Comics, with guests and panels galore!

"HeroesCon is a darned fine funnybook show," Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen said. "In an age when outside media like movies and video games have taken over most conventions, Shelton Drumm and his dedicated team consistently keep Heroes focused on what matters most to those of us in the world of contemporary pictorial literature - a bona-fide COMIC BOOK convention that's fun for the whole family!"
In addition to the overwhelming number of Image creators attending, Image will be spotlighted on a total of three panels including the State of the Industry Discussion, Friday at 1:30, featuring Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen in room 207.

Saturday brings Tori Amos' COMIC BOOK TATTOO panel at 12:00PM and The Image Comics Show at 4:00 PM, both in room 217BCD. This Image Comics Show's HeroesCon debut features Erik Larsen, THE WALKING DEAD's Robert Kirkman, THE NIGHTLY NEWS' Jonathan Hickman, PERHAPANAUTS' creators Todd Dezago & Craig Rosseau and a number of announcements, including the first word on Whilce Portacio's other big project.
HeroesCon will take place June 20-22 at the Charlotte Convention Center. Image Comics can be found at booth 320.

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently four partners in Image Comics (Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit

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Issue twelve of CWR is now online, and as always, we have some nifty goodies for your reading pleasure!

10 Worlds Studio interviewed! Joseph Gauthier and Alex Lugo chat with Vince Moore about getting a foothold in the market, the trouble with today’s superheroes, applying Buddhist principles to comics, and much more!


Matt Maxwell talks about continuity in comics and whether or not it’s a good thing:

Elliott Serrano reviews the new INCREDIBLE HULK film and has a… different… take on it:

Marc Mason chats with Viper Comics maestro Jessie Garza about how he got in to the industry and the future of the company:

Avril Brown says there’s no need for your favorite TV show to ever die, so long as there are comics to keep it going:

Jessica Blackshear jumps into the middle of a battle between nerds and hippies and helps you learn how to make the law work in your favor:

All wrapped in a terrific Elliott Serrano designed cover:

Remember: If you read something at CWR that you like, pass it on to friends and blogs. Enjoy the reading!

Marc Mason
Comics Waiting Room

BELLINGHAM, WASH. (June 16, 2008) – Bluewater Productions is proud to announce "Ret Romanne" the brain child of artist Alan Brooks. Brooks is the artist behind the sold out comic series, "Ray Harryhausen Presents: Flying Saucers VS The Earth". "Ret Romanne" has epic scenes, thrilling chases, and a film noir touch to a love story.

The story is descbribed as: Ret Romanne is from the Off World Base of Untopia, a world of surveillance cameras, monitoring and investigation under the eyes of 'Destinies Designed Corporation'. Pat Riot, Operations Manager at the Corporation may have something to do with Ret's demise as a succesful test pilot and his being the partner of Glenda. Ret thinks so. Glenda was once a starlet in the making, but now works in the Diner at the end of the road where Ret lives.The couple fell apart after the crash, and anyway Ret's body literally still burns to this day.

"There is also a nod to the things I was fond of when discovering the whole sci fi movement". Says creator Alan Brooks. "My fondness for B movies and steam punk, special effects and the classics I watched as a kid. I have tried to mix all of these into the story and visuals for this series. I am excited to deliver a tale that I believe makes all other time travel adventures look out of date !" Brooks continues " Well for those who haven't noticed that it's a play on words. Ret's first name coupled with the Romanne last name is a thinly disguised veil to hide behind which simply means 'Retroman'. It is about looking a little deeper into things. It's about the search for what is really going on behind the scenes in the UNtopian off World base where Ret lives"

Brooks who is also famous for creating novels covers for various publishers as Penguin Books and Roc. His portfolio also includes doing albums covers for 'Universal Music' says, " I am used to working for publishers and recording companies supplying artworks for book jackets and cd's etc. I have tried to employ the same standards and methods to the whole comic book genre."

"Ret Romanne" #1 is in stores in August 2008.

About Bluewater Productions:

Bluewater Productions, Inc. is one if the top independent production studios of comic, young adult books and graphic novel titles. In the tradition of great storytelling and cutting edge art, Bluewater storms onto the comic book and graphic novel scene. With more titles than ever, including smash hits such as the 10th MUSE, VSS, and THE LEGEND OF ISIS, Bluewater is poised to continue to produce engaging stories with art from both the top names in the industry alongside with up and coming stars.

As of May 2007, Bluewater Productions, Inc. moved from production studio to publisher, in conjunction with legendary filmmaker, Ray Harryhausen -- the genius behind some of the greatest movie magic of all-time, while continuing to publish it's popular superhero line starring it's flagship character the 10th Muse.
Dragonfire Laser Craft Customizes Water

Customizable Water Bottles Added to Product Line

(Fort Wayne, IN- June 16, 2008) Dragonfire Laser announced today the addition of customizable, eco-friendly aluminum water bottles. Available in seven colors at a suggested retail price of twenty dollars including customization, expressing yourself has never been easier. The water bottles are available now and pictures of them can be found at

Disposable plastic water bottles clog up landfills and require petroleum products to make them. Hard plastic sports bottles are now being shown to leach chemicals into the liquids placed inside them. “With all of the focus on going green we are very pleased to offer these new bottles. Not only can using them reduce waste, but they are made from recycled aluminum. And they have a ceramic lining that will protect the liquid inside from having any metal taste. It feels wonderful to be able to offer such a quality product, explains Lucas Amodio, President of Dragonfire Laser Crafts. “People like to advertise what is important to them, so being about to do that on their water bottle makes it more likely they will carry that around, than a plastic bottle.”

From a personal motto or favorite picture to team logos and corporate appreciation gifts, Dragonfire Laser Craft can customize your water bottle.

To see more about the types of items Dragonfire can customize visit To browse the wide range of ready made items Dragonfire Laser carries visit . To sign up for their mailing list email

About Dragonfire Laser Crafts: Started in 2006, Dragonfire Laser Crafts
had one goal, to give the customer exactly what they desire. Since their
inception, they have stuck to that goal and by listening to their
customers have created many different products in a staggering number of
industries. Their vision and skill have helped them conquer multiple
industries including: Ornaments, Awards, Ancestry, Gaming, Glassware and
many more!

Dragonfire Laser Crafts- Forging your visions with fire!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Ontario native Jeff Lemire earned another recognition last night for
his graphic novel trilogy ESSEX COUNTY (Top Shelf Productions). Held
as the final event of Toronto's Sequential Art Symposium, the Joe
Shuster Awards celebrate the greatest Canadian comic book creators,
and Lemire took home the last and perhaps most prestigious award of
the evening -- Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Cartoonist!

From a nominated pool of excellent cartoonists (including Darwyn
Cooke, Brian Lee O'Malley and Julie Doucet) the jury awarded the
prize to Lemire, for his achievement with the ESSEX COUNTY trilogy.
Book One, TALES FROM THE FARM, was published in March 2007 to rave
reviews and the American Library Association's Alex Award, quickly
blowing through its first printing (second printing now available)!
Book Two, GHOST STORIES, followed in September 2007, earning an
Ignatz Award nomination! Further award nominations arrived soon
afterwards, including two 2008 Eisners (for Best Graphic Novel and
Best Writer/Artist) and the 2008 Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging
Talent. Book Three, THE COUNTRY NURSE, is scheduled to be published
in October 2008, bringing this intimate epic to a rich conclusion.

For more information about the 2008 Shuster Awards, visit http://
For more information about Jeff Lemire and ESSEX COUNTY, visit http://


Born in a tiny farming town in southwestern Ontario, Canada in 1976,
cartoonist Jeff Lemire now resides in Toronto. His previous projects
include two issues of his self-published anthology comic Ashtray
(2003) as well as the Xeric-Award-winning graphic novel Lost Dogs
(2005). In 2006 Lemire’s work was included as part of the Banff
Center’s “Comic Craze” exhibit, an international symposium
celebrating Canadian comics and fiction. His Essex County trilogy has
earned nominations for the Ignatz Award, received the American
Library Association’s Alex Award (for adult books with teen appeal),
and won the Joe Shuster Award for outstanding Canadian comic book
cartoonist (writer/artist). Both volumes are currently being
considered jointly for the Eisner award for Best Graphic Novel,
perhaps the most prestigious award in the American comics industry,
as well as Canada’s Doug Wright Awards (for Best Emerging Talent). In
addition to the Essex County trilogy, Lemire is currently writing and
illustrating the sci-fi strip “Fortress” in the quarterly UR Magazine.


Top Shelf Productions publishes contemporary graphic novels and
comics by artists of singular vision. Dedicated to championing
veteran creators as well as finding and developing emerging talent,
the Top Shelf library is anchored by such masters of the craft as
Alan Moore, Craig Thompson, Andy Runton, Jeffrey Brown, Alex
Robinson, James Kochalka, Robert Venditti, Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt,
Renée French, and many more.

Known for excellent production values, our handsomely crafted
editions combine the best in reproduction techniques with a unique,
inspired design sensibility. Never limiting ourselves in format or
content, our catalogue includes all-ages material and cutting-edge
erotica, genre fiction and autobiography, and all that exists in-
between. The recipient of dozens of awards, we continue to bring
superior stories and ideas to the ever-growing audience of the comics
Hey gang,
This week, the wife and I head to see my folks in lovely (and supposedly not underwater) Clive, Iowa. While there, I'll be joined by Iowan Superman Phil Hester for a signing at the Mayhem Comics in Des Moines.

The signing info is as follows:

Mayhem Comics
Satuday June 21st
1 - 4pm
7500 University Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50325
(515) 271-8104

And, while I have your attention, over at the blog, there's a free download of the Complete Poorly Drawn Animals in PDF form. Relive the magic, rekindle the glory, or some such thing. Find that here:

See you guys in a week or two,


Some news has come to our attention that we believe fans of the original Valiant Universe would be saddened to hear. On May 31, former Valiant editor and writer, James Perham, passed away of heart failure. He was 43. All of us at Valiant Entertainment send our deepest condolences to his family and friends. James was a vital part of Valiant from the first days until the very last. Below is a tribute from former co-worker and friend, Jeff Gomez.

Jim Perham was a wildly imaginative and passion-driven man. I spent many hours listening to his ideas and watching him evolve into a published comic book storyteller.

With a little help from his friends, particularly Kevin VanHook, Jim overcame a troubled childhood and struggled to realize the kind of dreams that often never come true for impoverished Midwestern kids. Not happy to settle for the pure escapism of tabletop adventure games, he would write and publish his own. Later, Kevin would convince him to come to New York City, where he would become the office manager at Valiant Comics.

Despite his sometimes blustery exterior, Jim had a huge heart and he allowed himself to fall in love with the innovative and unique Valiant superhero universe. He adored those characters and, lording it over a squad of Valiant interns, taught them to appreciate the fiction. He encouraged their own creativity, critiquing their drawings and writings, bringing the best of what he found to the attention of sometimes hard to approach editors.

Determined to touch the canon that he so admired, Jim wrote and rewrote and eventually would land his first professional comic book work in an issue of Archer & Armstrong. He would go on to do fill-in issues for other titles, but he will be best known for his hilarious and touching five-issue run on The Second Life of Dr. Mirage. It would be one of the highlights of his life, perhaps topped only by his epic attempt to relaunch Harbinger under Fabian Nicieza's Acclaim Universe.

Remarkably, Jim would become the very last Valiant employee, editing a small handful of comic books from a small office at video game company Acclaim Entertainment. He would make the four-hour round trip from his New Jersey home to Glen Cove, Long Island every day in an attempt to salvage and rekindle a world destroyed by corporate bungling. It was not meant to be.

I hired Jim a few times after Acclaim, small projects, a chance to bounce some ideas off his smart creative thinking, but nothing matched our collaboration on "The Final Solution." I'll always appreciate Fabian and editor Evan Skolnick for pairing me, a hotshot editor at the time, with Valiant's office manager in order to come up with a storyline that would pull of the amazing double-duty of ultimately realizing the prophecies of Rai #0 and fusing together the best of the Valiant and Acclaim super hero universes.

Jim worked nights and weekends with me piecing together smashed bits of continuity, incorporating fan feedback on the company's flagging titles, racking our brains to tell the most epic story imaginable with the tools at hand. Jim matched me idea for idea, the story would have rocked!

Unfortunately, it was a tale that would never be told. Acclaim would shut down Valiant's Manhattan offices even as the seeds of our story were being planted in the comics. Jim was heartbroken, but he forged on.

But perhaps more than his creations, I'll remember Jim for his ability to make a stand, even against incredible odds. You couldn't have a better friend. He pulled me aside one day and told me that his friend and co-worker Alex Glass deserved to be an assistant editor, when most people in the office may not have thought he was ready. I joined Jim in appealing to Fabian on Alex's behalf and wound up "stuck" with the guy myself! Ha! It would be a blessing, since Alex wound up doing a bang up job, virtually editing titles like Trinity Angels and Ninjak.

Jim hollered at Hassan Godwin to write his epic science fiction, Michael Vacarro to write his screenplays, Scott Klein to make his films. He reveled in the success of his friends, even though he was sometimes left behind.

In recent years, Jim returned to his family home, now in Arizona. We spoke and corresponded a few times. I asked him why he left the city, stopped attempting to write professionally. In so many words he told me that it was important to him that he come to terms with his past. His voice was calmer, more mature than I'd remembered. It seemed that after a long, difficult and in some small way triumphant journey, he'd found peace.

I think I can speak on behalf of all Valiant and Acclaim alumni in expressing our love for James Perham, who passed yesterday of heart failure, and deep sympathies for the family he leaves behind.

Yabba yabba, rusty James!

Jeff Gomez
Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, and the Dark Lord

Dungeon: Monstres, Volume 2: The Dark Lord
By Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, Stéphane Blanquet, and Andreas Martens
Herbert, the goofy and selfish duck at the heart of many Dungeon
adventures, has become a dark, powerful lord. The search is on for the
map to a new world, but great forces are in the way. Whether it’s the
Dark Lord or an uncompromising, determined Marvin the Red (formerly
Marvin the Vegetarian Dragon), the new map must be found! What’s more,
Monstres includes guest artists including Andreas Martens, best known
for Rork and Capricorn.
Full-color trade paperback, 6 1/2” x 9”, 96 pages, $12.95, ISBN

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New from Eurotica

SIZZLE Magazine #39
This issue starts Christian Zanier’s next episode of Honey Lickers
Sorority and Cornnell Clarke’s latest: “Peanut Butter Presents: The
Confession of Sister Jacqueline.” Also, Chica by Bernet and Trillo
concludes; there’s more Ogenki Clinic and Barbarian Chicks; and if
we’re lucky, more Omaha the Cat Dancer.
Black-and-white quarterly magazine, 64 pages, $5.95, UPC: 074470753032

Bayba: Lady Brown
By Roberto Baldazzini
Witness the severe training that the transsexual Bayba receives at the
strict hands of Lady Brown in a very special school for young
submissives. Bayba, as usual, takes the cruelest bondage and discipline
like a true champ! Also, as usual, it’s all presented with tongue very
firmly in cheek.
Full color trade paperback, 9” x12”, 48 pages, $12.95, ISBN