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Oni Press is proud to announce it's nomination for the 2009 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards in the category of Best Publication for Teens/Tweens, Chris Schweizer's CROGAN'S VENGEANCE. The first book in THE CROGAN ADVENTURES, an ongoing series of graphic novels spanning continents and centuries as cartoonist Chris Schweizer climbs through the various branches of the Crogan family tree!

When asked about his inspirations, Chris Schweizer commented, “What I wanted to do is hearken back to the spirit of the great adventure stories that I loved so much as a kid, books like Treasure Island and the Three Musketeers and King Solomon's Mines. Those stories are beautifully written, and are captivating to adult readers, but there's enough action and excitement and character to make them palatable to children. Too often, kid's books are written for kids. What I want to see more of, and what I'm trying to do with CROGAN'S VENGEANCE and THE CROGAN ADVENTURES, is write stories for adults that are safe for kids to read--elevate them rather than writing down to them.”

Volume one of THE CROGAN ADVENTURES series introduces us to “Catfoot” Crogan, an honest sailor who finds himself thrust into a life of piracy! Crogan never wanted to be a pirate and he never dreamed he’d wind up at odds with the most dangerous buccaneer ever to sail the Spanish Main! But there’s more to this fight for “Catfoot” than just staying alive, there’s also CROGAN’S VENGEANCE!

“Crogan's Vengeance is a marvelous swashbuckling tale. Chris Schweizer is an amazingly talented cartoonist with an ear for dialogue and an eye for great storytelling.” - Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo

“With sharp artwork, a knack for suspense, and a hero who always stays on the windy side of the “right” side, Crogan’s Vengeance is an engaging, quick-witted pirate yarn.” -School Library Journal

“Crogan's Vengeacne is exactly the kind of high-adventure book I was looking for as a kid. Fortunately, it’s just as much fun to read now that I’m an adult. Check it out.” -Greg McElhatton

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a brand new comic book. And with good reason… but the amount of research and preparation [Chris] committed to [Crogan's Vengeance] is incredibly impressive.” -Chris Simms


Fans of the Oni Press series SCOTT PILGRIM by Bryan Lee O'Malley will be happy to know that the film adaptation is now in full swing, and the official SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD movie website is live now. The site,, launched with a video blog featuring director Edgar Wright on the set and training with the cast. The filmmaker has promised to encompass the entirety of the New York Times Best Selling Graphic Novel series into the movie and fans are keen to get a sneak peek at the production process.
For Immediate Release

Harrison Ford's Blaster From Blade Runner, Rita Hayworth's Signature Dress from Gilda, An Original 1931 Frankenstein Movie Poster, Charlton Heston's Planet of the Apes Costume, Darth Maul's Lightsaber, The Creature From The Black Lagoon Mask To Highlight Three Million Dollar Auction of Hollywood Memorabilia April 30 and May 1, 2009

Profiles in History Auction to include collections from Sci-Fi and Horror pioneer Forrest J Ackerman's estate, the work of Tim Burton, Sci-Fi marketing guru Jeff Walker's Blade Runner collection and Stan Winston Studio created Items; Hollywood fine art photography and movie posters, costumes, props and more

Calabasas, CA, April 10, 2009- The Harrison Ford "Rick Deckard" hero blaster from Blade Runner ($100,000-$150,000), an original Frankenstein one-sheet movie poster ($200,000-$250,000), the original Creature from the Black Lagoon hero "Gill Man" mask from Revenge of the Creature ($60,000-$80,000), Ray Park "Darth Maul" fighting lightsaber from Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace ($40,000-$60,000), Charlton Heston's "Colonel George Taylor" costume and display from Planet of the Apes ($40,000-$60,000) and Rita Hayworth's signature gown from Gilda ($30,000-$50,000) highlight just some of the 1,100 iconic pieces of Hollywood history that Profiles in History, the number one company in the world for authentic Hollywood memorabilia will offer on April 30 and May 1, 2009. Worldwide bidding begins at 12:00 PM (noon) April 30 and 11:00 AM May 1 and can be placed either in person, via mail, phone, fax or live on the Internet at What better place to find a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift for the film or TV fan that has everything-or thought that they did?!

This unique auction will feature special collections, including items that sprung forth from the vivid and unique imagination of writer, director, animator, producer and illustrator, Tim Burton including Johnny Depp's and Christina Ricci's complete hero costumes from Sleepy Hollow ($20,000-$30,000) and a screen-used "General Wellington" stop-motion animation puppet from Corpse Bride ($10,000-$20,000).

Along with the Blade Runner hero blaster, which many people consider the "holy grail" of Sci-Fi weapons, The Jeff Walker Blade Runner collection features Harrison Ford's "Rick Deckard" "Voight Kampff" costume ($30,000-$50,000) along with several other Harrison Ford worn costumes and many others props and costumes from the film. The Stan Winston Studio created collection includes the original battle display from Small Soldiers ($12,000-$15,000) and two Velociraptors feeding on a Triceratops display from Jurassic Park ($12,000-$15,000), among others.

Director John Landis, along with countless other Hollywood talents were deeply influenced by Sci-Fi and horror pioneer Forrest J Ackerman (Editors Note-NO period after the "J"). Landis wrote the heartfelt introduction to the auction catalog's Ackerman collection, excerpted here:

"Forrest J Ackerman holds a unique and special place in the history of Pop Culture. An author, an author's agent, sometime nudist, actor, Esperanto speaker, and a passionate promoter of all things Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. As Editor of and major contributor to Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine, Forry's direct influence on people like Guillermo del Toro, Rick Baker, Joe Dante, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Frank Darabont, Brian Singer, Stephen King, Mick Garris, Tobe Hooper, Sam Raimi, John Carpenter, Peter Jackson and countless others has had a tremendous impact on world literature and the movies. I hope that whoever ends up as the proud new owner of these sacred objects will appreciate them as much as Forry did."

The massive Ackerman collection includes a Dracula ring worn by Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula-the single most important Lugosi / Dracula screen worn piece to EVER come to auction ($20,000-$30,000). The collection also includes Lugosi's robe from The Raven, the most important 1930's horror costume to ever come to auction ($15,000-$20,000), a cape made for Lugosi in 1932 and used many times for his stage portrayal of Dracula. Lugosi then wore the costume in Plan 9 from Outer Space ($15,000-$20,000), a first edition of the book, Dracula signed by Bram Stoker and inscribed by Bela Lugosi to Forry Ackerman (also signed by a host of other Dracula-related personalities) ($6,000-8,000) and Fritz Lang's monocle, which he wore when he directed Metropolis, given to Forry by Lang: ($3,000-$5,000).

Other well-known props to be auctioned include a Pteranodon display featuring a full set of screen-used Pteranodons from Jurassic Park III ($40,000-$60,000), a screen-used Hunter/Killer Tank from The Terminator ($30,000-$50,000), Hugh Jackman's "Wolverine" hero claws from X-Men: The Last Stand ($30,000-$50,000), Ewan McGregor's "Obi-Wan Kenobi" lightsaber from Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace ($15,000-$20,000), Arnold Schwarzenegger "T-800 Terminator" stunt Gatling gun from Terminator 2: Judgment Day ($10,000-$12,000), Robin Williams' "Alan Parrish" hero "Jumanji" game, tooth necklace, watch, tortoise hat, and other items from Jumanji ($8,000-$10,000), John Belushi's prison employee identification card from The Blues Brothers ($6,000-$8,000) and Dominic Chianese's "Uncle Junior" hero live firing revolver used to shoot "Tony Soprano" in The Sopranos ($6,000-$8,000).

Additional screen-worn costumes include the complete hero Maurice Evans "Dr. Zaius" costume from The Planet of the Apes and Beneath the Planet of the Apes ($40,000-$60,000), a full-body, screen-used Terminator (T-800 model - aka CSM 101) from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines ($40,000-$60,000), Val Kilmer's "Batman/Sonar Batsuit" from Batman Forever ($40,000-$60,000), Jim Carrey's signature "Riddler" rhinestone unitard and glitter-covered creepers from Batman Forever ($30,000-$50,000), an original Anne Francis signature costume from Forbidden Planet ($20,000-$30,000), Tom Hanks' "Capt. John H. Miller" and Matt Damon's "Pvt. James Francis Ryan" hero costumes from Saving Private Ryan ($20,000-$30,000), Antonio Banderas' "Zorro" hero costume from The Legend of Zorro ($20,000-$30,000), Derek Mears "Jason Voorhees" costume from Friday the 13th ($20,000-$30,000), Hugh Jackman's "Wolverine" costume from X-Men ($15,000-$20,000) and Adam West's TV screen-used Batman tunic, tights, and briefs worn in Batman ($15,000-$20,000.

Music fans will covet the original Mick Jagger Rolling Stones manuscript lyrics for "Too Much Blood" ($15,000-$20,000), the original Jim Morrison Electro-Voice 676 microphone, Shure amplifier and "The Doors" travel case ($12,000-$15,000) and Jim Morrison's frock coat ($10,000-$15,000) among other treasures

Movie poster, fine art photography and art collectors will have the opportunity to purchase rare pieces of Hollywood art including a Jezebel six-sheet poster ($40,000-$60,000), The Adventures of Tarzan six-sheet poster ($15,000-$20,000), The Wolf Man half-sheet poster ($15,000-$20,000), The Day the Earth Stood Still rare six-sheet poster ($12,000-$15,000), The Wizard of Oz Italian 55 x 39 ½ in. poster ($10,000-$15,000), a Louise Brooks oversize gallery portrait by Eugene Robert Richee ($6,000-$8,000), a Jean Harlow oversize gallery portrait from China Seas by George Hurrell and a King Kong exhibition portrait by Ernest A. Bachrach from King Kong ($4,000-$6,000 each), a collection of Mary Pickford portraits from her private collection, a King Kong and Fay Wray Exhibition Portrait by Ernest A. Bachrach from King Kong and an original theatre standee of Marilyn Monroe from The Seven Year Itch ($3,000-$5,000 each) among many others. There is also a large collection of costume, set and production design art.

"I find people buy their memories," says Joe Maddalena, owner of Profiles in History, the nation's leading dealer of guaranteed-authentic original historical autographs and vintage Hollywood memorabilia. "It's all about memories, taking us back to a time, perhaps an event with a long lost relative who took you as a kid to see Star Wars. The baby boomers have come into the spending part of their lives. They have had success and are collecting their childhood. They want 50s, 60s and 70s TV collectibles or memorabilia, as this era of TV was such a huge part of their lives."

*Prices represent Estimated Sale Prices

About Profiles in History:
Founded in 1985 by Joseph Maddalena, Profiles in History is the nation's leading dealer in guaranteed-authentic original historical autographs, letters, documents, vintage signed photographs and manuscripts. Profiles in History has held some of the most prestigious and successful auctions of Hollywood memorabilia. Their auctions include costumes, props and set pieces from both vintage and contemporary film, television, and rock 'n roll. Profiles in History's location in Calabasas Hills, CA- virtually a stone's throw away from every major Hollywood studio - ensures a constant flow of fantastic and rare collectibles. With an extensive network of dealers, collectors, and institutions, they are proud to play an important role in the preservation of motion picture history.

Prior Profiles in History Hollywood auctions highlights include the "Cowardly Lion" costume from The Wizard of Oz ($805,000); a full-scale model T-800 Endoskeleton from Terminator 2: Judgment Day ($488,750); a King Kong six-sheet movie poster ($345,000); the Command Chair from the "U.S.S. Enterprise" ($304,750); the original "Robot" from Lost in Space ($264,500); Luke Skywalker's lightsaber ($240,000), the Black Beauty car from The Green Hornet ($192,000); George Reeves' Superman costume from The Adventures of Superman ($126,500); the H.R. Giger designed Alien creature suit from Alien ($126,500); a full-scale T-Rex head from Jurassic Park ($126,500), the Leaping Alien Warrior figure from Aliens ($126,500), Christopher Reeve's 'Superman' costume from Superman: The Movie ($115,000), C-3PO's helmet ($120,000), The Wizard of Oz 'Winkie' Guard Costume ($115,000); a "Ming the Merciless" cape from Flash Gordon ($115,000) and the Hydraulic screen-used Velociraptor from The Lost World: Jurassic Park II. ($115,000).



April 10th, 2009, Los Angeles, CA - BOOM! Studios announced today that one of the premiere titles for their new BOOM! Kids imprint, CARS: THE ROOKIE #1 has sold out - in only one week! This follows on the heels of pre-release sell outs for THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #1 and THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK #1.

Fans should keep in mind, while Diamond Comics Distributors is completely sold out, CARS: THE ROOKIE #1 may still be found at direct market retailers across the country.

Diamond Comics Distributors is making the second printing of CARS: THE ROOKIE #1 available for retailers to order immediately and the second print will be featured in the April 22nd issue of Diamond Dateline.

CARS: THE ROOKIE #1 second print (FEB098624) features a brand new photo cover and will hit store shelves mid-May, serving as a great follow-up to the CARS: THE ROOKIE Free Comic Book Day release on May 2nd.

CARS: THE ROOKIE features an all new CARS story, written by Alan J. Porter with art by superstar newcomer Albert Carreres. The first printing featured A and B covers with art by Allen Gladfelter.

BOOM! Studios announced the launch of their new imprint, “BOOM! Kids” in late March. BOOM! Kids serves as a child-appropriate home for BOOM!’s kid-friendly publishing content. The company’s new imprint includes its own website, The premiere books for this imprint include THE INCREDIBLES: FAMILY MATTERS #1, THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK #1, both released on March 25th, and CARS: THE ROOKIE #1 released April 1st.

All BOOM! Kids’ titles will be serialized as individual 24 page comic books in Direct Market comic book collector shops and newsstands, then each four issue complete story will be collected into graphic novel trade paperbacks available in the mass market via Borders, Barnes & Noble and the direct market as well.

Recently, BOOM! Studios announced a national newsstand distribution agreement with Kable Distribution Services, Inc. for the BOOM! Kids line of the monthly publication to the newsstand market.

For additional information, see

About BOOM! Studios
BOOM! Studios ( is a unique publishing house specializing in high-profile projects across a wide variety of different genres from some of the industry’s biggest talents. In its inaugural year, Wizard Magazine named BOOM! “Best New Publisher.” Founded by the creator of the TV show EUREKA, Andrew Cosby, and his partner Ross Richie, BOOM! Studios continues to be on the leading edge of comic and graphic novel publishing.

Bristol UK, April 10th With four weeks still to go, tickets for this May’s Bristol International Comic Expo (featuring the Small Press Expo) at the Ramada Plaza Hotel on 9th and 10th May 2009 (and Mercure Holland House Hotel (Sat 9th only)) have completely sold out.

There will be none available on the door, and the only way to get tickets now is to ask to be put on the reserve list (details below). The Expos websites and contain fuller details of the latest additions to the line-up … including Mike Conroy and the Comics International team, Accent UK, Mmonface Press, Sgt Mike Battle, Futurequake, Factor Fiction Press, Scar Comics, Ablaze Media, Orang Utan Comics, Small Zone, Self Made Hero and Genki Gear all booked into the Ramada Jarvis for both days … so here’s a short update on some of the books available at the Expos, with website details for those unable to make the event or unlucky to miss out on a ticket:

Massacre For Boys are bringing their brand new anthology title, Massacre For Boys In Colour. It's got war heroes, super heroes, Edwardian heroes, football heroes, animal hatmaking heroes, future heroes and an extra dose of war heroes. There are also some villains for balance. They will also be selling our Eagle-award nominated comic Walking Wounded. More details at

TOKYOPOP will return once again to Bristol Comic Expo with a selection of best selling manga from one the world’s largest publishers of manga . They will have some special offers only available at shows and some yet to be released new titles . Make sure you drop by and if you’re new to manga, let them recommend one of their series that might appeal to you. More at

Time Bomb Comics bring their new, full colour, one shot, The Sisterhood: Morningstar, to Bristol – Space Nuns With Guns – the creative team of writer Steve Tanner and artist Dan Barritt will be at their table to sign and sketch throughout the Saturday.

Insomnia Publications ( will launch Cancertown (the book Bryan Talbot says “will disorientate you, suck you in, chew you up and spit you out and you might well be in need of a change of underwear by the end”) at Bristol, with writer Cy Dethan and artist Stephen Downey at the Insomnia booth to talk about the book, sign copiesand sketch characters. Chapter one is available for free preview at

ITCH will be at the SPExpo with lots of good stuff, including Leek and Sushi's Manga Show, a chunky anthology with short manga around the themes of Friendship, Japan and the UK. They'll also be selling the environmental fantasy Final Blossom, and dark fairytale Amaranth. The books are also available from, although if you come to the SPExpo you get a sticker with your purchase!

Metaphrog - creators of the critically acclaimed and multiple Eisner and Ignatz award nominee Louis graphic novel series - will be signing copies of their books at SPExpo, as well as selling original art from the acclaimed series. The books can be checked out at plus their regularly updated blog is available at

After a few years away from the scene, Asia Alfasi is back with a bang with a brand-new book and a whole new website – for now, exclusive previews of her beautiful art are available at – more details to follow! The Astral Gypsy, aka Al Davison, is artist on the new Doctor Who comic from IDW, he will be on hand for Manga portraits, character sketches and signing. As usual a great range of graphic novels, manga and graphic art material will also be available from the Astral Gypsy table. Unico Comics ( are bringing three new books:

“The legend known as… #1 (of 4)” is set in 2027 and 13 years after the Kato environmental disaster. The world has changed, Governments have fallen, and society is holed up in the ruins of whatever cities are left. This is a superhero comic with a twist. It shows how people react to an unknown person saving their lives and not knowing anything about him.

“Borderliners #1” - Think 'Spooks' meets Philip K Dick with television influences including 'The Avengers', 'The Professionals', 'The Champions', and 'The Prisoner' and you’re close to the feel and direction of this comic. Ex-MARVEL UK Editor John Freeman... “With its beautifully realized British setting and characters, it’s offering a complex but intriguing plot that is sure to appeal to fans”

“Uncle Tickle #1”. Once upon a time there was a beloved TV kid’s show host named Uncle Tickle. When his show was cancelled after many seasons he lost his mind and killed everyone in the studio as it was filmed in during his live TV finale. Now he travels the country dispensing his own sickly humorous brand of retribution to all. Futurequake also bring three new books along:

- FutureQuake 13, featuring the finest in the Small Press with another 48 pages of strips to thrill and astound. Only £3.50

- Dogbreath reaches the amazing issue 20 with the usual mix of strips and features based in the world of the Strontium Dog. Only £3.00

- However the cream this time is for Zarjaz 07, which sees the results of the recently lifted Pat Mills character embargo! Underneath a wraparound cover by Dave Kendall we have 48 pages of possibly the finest mix of strips and articles EVER, including a strip from Sancho's Al Nolan and an Interview with Pat Mills himself. All for a mere £3.00 Lastly, but not leastly, Moonface Press are also bringing three new books along – there must be something in the water – as follows:

- First up is Tim Skinner: Total Scumbag, a scabrous parody comic that takes satirical pot-shots at The Boys, Blankets, Lost Girls, Judge Dredd and Jack Kirby. It's by the Eagle Award-winning team of Andy Winter (writer) and Declan Shalvey (artist).

- Next up is BritForce #1, the first of an ongoing series featuring the UK's No.1 superhero team. It's written and drawn by Andrew Radbourne and the cover comes courtesy of Glenn Fabry. This is the book's 64-page launch issue!

- Last but not least is Brothers, another UK-set superhero title, this time featuring two warring siblings, a dark government conspiracy and a truly monstrous final battle at Canary Wharf. It's a 56-page one-shot courtesy of Andy Winter (writer) and Andrew Radbourne (artist).

Ticket updates will be posted at if any more become available – details on who to email to be put on the reserve list are available there now.

Saturday 9th May. Sunday 10th May. Bristol. See you there…if you can get a ticket!
The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards -- the Oscars of comic books and graphic novels -- have nominated Rick Geary for Best Writer-Artist and Geary’s THE LINDBERGH CHILD: AMERICA’S HERO AND THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY (A Treasury of XXth Century Murder, Volume 1) for Best Reality-Based Work.

The nominations are only the latest of honors for Geary and THE LINDBERGH CHILD. The book-industry Bible Publishers Weekly, for instance, placed THE LINDBERGH CHILD on its list of Best Books of 2008. Leading critics have lauded the book as:

• "Unforgettable, from start to finish."-- Comic Book Resources

• "Highly recommended, topnotch stuff." -- Publishers Weekly’s The Beat

• "Gripping and grisly.” --

• "Fast paced and difficult to put down. Recommended" -- Library Media Connection

• "Simultaneously factual and poignant." -- Teacher Librarian

• "I'm running out of superlatives." -- Scripps News Service

THE LINDBERGH CHILD uncovers the century’s most famous and mysterious kidnapping. Charles Lindbergh instantly became one of the world’s most famous people when he piloted the first one-man airplane flight from the United States to Europe. When his infant son was kidnapped, a media frenzy blew up and attracted some of the most colorful characters in the country.

Named for acclaimed comics creator Will Eisner, the Eisner awards are in their 21st year of highlighting the best publications and creators in comics and graphic novels, nominated by a blue-ribbon panel of judges. Ballots with this year's nominees will go out this month to comics creators, editors, publishers, and retailers. The results in all categories will be announced in a gala awards ceremony on the evening of Friday, July 24, at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

THE LINDBERGH CHILD is a jacketed hardcover with black-and-white art, 6” x 9”, 80 pages, $15.95,
ISBN 978-1-56163-530-6. You can find more information at, previews of the art at, and an interview with Geary at

NBM Publishing has been a leader in graphic novels for more than 30 years. The company publishes such stellar books as Richard Moore’s BONEYARD, Lewis Trondheim’s LITTLE NOTHINGS, Trondheim and Joann Sfar’s DUNGEON, David B.’s NOCTURNAL CONSPIRACIES -- and, of course, Rick Geary’s THE LINDBERGH CHILD!

See previews and more at
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For more information and to interact with us, visit and our MySpace page,

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Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway 20th Anniversary Edition Nominated for an Eisner Award

Telltale celebrates the nomination with specially-priced Sam & Max bundles at

SAN RAFAEL, CA, April 7, 2009 – The Eisner Award Committee announced today that 20th Anniversary Edition of Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway has been recognized as a nominee in the Best Graphic Album—Reprint category. First published in 1995, Surfin' the Highway is the complete collection of Steve Purcell's Sam & Max comics, starring a sarcastic and sharp-witted crime-fighting team known as the Freelance Police. After nearly a decade out of print, Purcell and Telltale, the developer and publisher of the acclaimed Sam & Max game series, reissued the highly sought-after compilation in 2008.

The Eisner-nominated Surfin' the Highway is available from Telltale's website ( in trade paperback and limited edition hardcover versions. The 20th Anniversary Edition reprint includes all of the content from the original collection plus 25 new pages of rare and previously unpublished Sam & Max artwork, for a total of 197 pages.

"Working on this new edition of Surfin' the Highway with Telltale was one of those great projects where everyone wanted the same thing, the best version of the book we could make," says Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell. "Telltale put tons of care into every aspect of this project—a book made for the original fans, as well as the unwitting new recruits."

Telltale is celebrating the Eisner nomination with three specially-priced Surfin' the Highway bundles:

Surfin' the Highway Paperback Special: For $29.95, get the Surfin' the Highway trade paperback plus a Collector's DVD containing the most recent 5-episode "season" of Sam & Max games for PC (a $25 savings)
Surfin' the Highway Hardcover Special: For $59.95, get the limited-edition hardcover plus the Collectors' DVD versions of both Sam & Max game seasons (a $55 savings)
Surfin' the Highway Celebration Special: For $99.95, get the Surfin' the Highway limited-edition hardcover plus the Collector's DVD and soundtrack CDs for both game seasons, the Sam & Max Freelance Police Animated Series 3-DVD set, and a Sam & Max t-shirt and hat (a $110 savings)

Sam and Max, Purcell's dog and rabbity-thing detectives, got their start in comics in 1987. They have appeared in several formats over the years, including a graphic adventure game, Sam & Max Hit the Road, in 1993; an award-winning animated series in 1998; and an online web comic in 2006, for which Purcell was awarded an Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic. Eleven episodes have been released so far in Telltale's Sam & Max game series, which has won numerous awards and has sold over 500,000 episodes to date. Telltale's Sam & Max games are available now on PC and Wii™, and are coming soon to Xbox LIVE® Arcade.

For more details about Surfin' the Highway and the special bundles, visit The Eisner Award winners will be announced at San Diego Comic-Con on July 24, 2009.

About Sam & Max
Sam is a six-foot dog in a baggy suit sporting a trombone-sized .44 hand-cannon. Max is a three foot "rabbity thing" with a saw blade grin and the impulsive nature of the average piranha. Together they patrol the sticky streets of a fantastical New York City, righting wrongs, pummeling perps, and ridding the urban landscape of the shifty legions of "self-propelled gutter trash" that litter their streets. Sam & Max have appeared in comics, video games, an animated TV series recently reissued on DVD, and an Eisner award-winning webcomic.

About Steve Purcell
Steve Purcell has worked in illustration, games, TV, and movies. His first scratchy Sam & Max strips appeared in his art school newspaper. Years later he produced a handful of Sam & Max comic books followed by adaptations as an acclaimed LucasArts computer game and an animated TV series on the Fox network. Steve currently works in story development for feature animation and after hours consults on Season Two of the critically acclaimed Sam & Max game series from California developer Telltale Games.

About Telltale, Inc.
Telltale is the first and only studio to release interactive episodic content on a monthly schedule. The studio's landmark Sam & Max series, based on the independent comics by Steve Purcell, paved the way for episodic gaming with two award-winning seasons available on PC and Wii, and coming soon to Xbox LIVE® Arcade. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, based on the web cartoons, soon followed as the first episodic series for WiiWare™. Telltale's latest series, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, is now releasing monthly on PC and will debut this spring on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Telltale's other games include two installments in Ubisoft's CSI series, based on the most popular television franchise in the United States, and two games based on the best-selling Bone comics by Jeff Smith. Telltale's games have won numerous awards, including Adventure Game of the Year accolades from publications such as IGN, PC Gamer, GameSpy, and Adventure Gamers, and have been recognized by mainstream outlets ranging from The New York Times to Variety to Playboy. USA Today ranked Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures among five downloadable games to watch for in 2009.

Telltale currently develops and publishes episodic series on PC, Wii, and Xbox 360, with plans to expand to additional platforms and channels in the coming year. For more information, visit
IDW Nominated for Five Eisner Awards

Joe Hill and Locke & Key Nominated for Two Awards!

San Diego, CA (April 8, 2009) – It’s a proud day for IDW! On the eve of the company’s tenth anniversary, IDW has been nominated for five Eisner awards, including Best Limited Series (Locke & Key) and Best Reality-Based Work (Fishtown). Congratulations to everyone who contributed to these great books! Visit to learn more about the nominated titles!

In addition to Best Limited Series, Locke & Key writer Joe Hill was nominated for Best Writer with this series. IDW also received two Best Archival Collection/Project-Strips nominations for The Complete Little Orphan Annie, by Harold Gray, and Scorchy Smith and the Art of Noel Sickles, both part of The Library of American Comics, and compiled and edited by Dean Mullaney, who also provided the Eisner-winning and The New York Times Best Selling, Terry and the Pirates, for IDW.

“This is the most nominations in a single year for IDW,” said company CEO Ted Adams. “We are extremely proud of the books we produce and the amazing team of creators, writers and artists we work with. This is a great way to ring in our tenth anniversary.”

Locke & Key, nominated for Best Limited Series, is written by acclaimed suspense novelist and The New York Times best-selling author Joe Hill. Featuring astounding artwork from Gabriel Rodriguez (Clive Barker's The Great and Secret Show, Beowulf), Locke & Key tells of Keyhouse, an unlikely New England mansion, with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them, and is home to a hate-filled and relentless creature that will not rest until it forces open the most terrible door of them all. The second six-part series for Locke & Key is currently available in stores, with Issue #4 releasing today.

Nominated for Best Reality-Based Work, Fishtown captures the story of four Philadelphia teenagers and their involvement with the murder of a sixteen-year-old boy. Kevin Colden wrote and illustrated Fishtown, which was originally released as a webcomic and won a Xeric Award for weekly series.

Rounding out IDW’s five Eisner nominations are two selections for Best Archival Collection/Project-Series. The Complete Little Orphan Annie, by Harold Gray, is the second series to be released under IDW’s The Library of American Comics imprint, and is edited and designed by Dean Mullaney. Volume One contains more than 1,000 daily comics in nine complete stories, from the very first strip in August 1924 through October 1927. This volume also includes an index, and a biographical essay by Jeet Heer.

Scorchy Smith and The Art of Noel Sickles is a comprehensive, 352-page volume that collects, for the first time, every Scorchy Smith strip, the groundbreaking 1930s aviation adventure series by Noel Sickles. Edited and designed by Dean Mullaney, Scorchy Smith also features extensive DVD-style extras examining Sickles’s life and the decades-long influence of his work, while showcasing the breadth of his career as one of America’s foremost magazine illustrators.

IDW extends warm congratulations to all of the nominees!

About IDW Publishing
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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bluewater July TItles

Political Power: Colin Powell
Writer: Wey-Yuih Loh
Pencils: Matt Flyer
Cover Artist(s): cover: Vinnie Tartamella
A spin-off series from the popular FEMALE FORCE line comes Political Power. As seen on MSNBC and CNN the 1st issue is about Colin Powell. Who knew that an aimless and directionless kid from the South Bronx would grow up to be one of the most trusted and respected military and political leaders of the modern world. This is his story. This is the tale of Colin Powell.

Female Force: Princess Diana
Author(s): Chris Arrant
Artist(s) Ryan Howe
Cover Artist(s): cover by Vinnie Tartamella
This comic series has been featured on CNN, FOX NEWS & OK! Magazine. Princess. Public Figure. Philanthropist. Parent. Diana, Princess of Wales emerged in the early 1980s as a fresh face to the stoic British monarchy with a storybook wedding but later a tabloid breakup. She emerged as amodern British woman and admirable icon to not only England but the world.

William Shatner Presents: Tek War #2
Writer: William Shatner & Scott Davis
Pencils: Erich Owens
Cover Artist(s): cover: 2 covers: Erich Owens & Mike Coffey
Jake Cardigan’s release from cryogenic prison has not gone according to his plan. His wife and child are missing, the old Tek hunger still lingers and death and destruction seem to follow him wherever he goes. The day started with a dead body and the body count keeps growing. Jake's quest for answers leads him to new friends and old nemeses. But can anyone be trusted? The classic sci-fi adventure series continues to unravel a mystery as Jake takes one giant step ahead to learn the truth, but pays a steep cost.

Vincent Price Presents #11
Writer: Daniel Crosier
Pencils: Daniel Crosier
Cover Artist(s): cover: Alex Meyer
This one-shot starts off as Li decides to end her pregnancy during her affair with her boss. Shortly after, Li's husband and other's clpse to her begin having devastating accidents as her life spirals out of control. It seems as if an unholy entity has manifested itself into Li's unborn, and is wreaking havoc.

Lionsgate Films: Leprechaun
Writer: Zach Hunchar
Pencils: Kris Carter
Cover Artist(s): cover: Photo cover
Heavy metal mayhem ensues as our heroes face their biggest challenge, yet. Questions are answered and new ones emerge as we're introduced to the newest, sexiest member of the story. Oh, and someone is late for work. Plus, some other stuff about some things.

Legend of Isis #3
Writer: Aaron Stueve
Pencils: Ivan Barriga
Cover Artist(s): 1 covers Ivan Barriga
As Isis' battle with the Scarab Queen escalates to brutal levels, Scott finds himself on the wrong side of the interrogation table. It seems ever since Isis came into his life, Scott has experienced problem after problem. Is this finally his breaking point? Were all his previous promises of always being there for Isis hollow? Before you start to get accusatory, ask yourself this: How long would you be able to live with an ancient Egyptian Goddess who attracts trouble like one of those blue electric lights attracts mosquitoes?

New Ongoing Series Hits Shelves In July!

Los Angeles, CA, April 4, 2009 - Fox Atomic Comics and BOOM! Studios announced today at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA that July will see 28 DAYS LATER return to comic books and graphic novels.

Initial launch story will be firmly based in 28 DAYS LATER continuity with the first arc focusing on Selena. Bridging the gap between 28 DAYS LATER and 28 WEEKS LATER, a few key questions will be answered along the way: what happened to Selena after 28 DAYS LATER? How did Selena happen upon the machete she wields in 28 DAYS LATER?

The film franchise has grossed over $145 million globally and been named by the cable channel Bravo as having one of "The 100 Scariest Movie Moments" -- Empire Magazine honored it as one of the "500 Greatest Movies of All Time." The New York Times called it "Bracingly smart."

Fox Atomic first made a splash with a series of SpikeTV Award-winning original graphic novels in 2007 including 28 DAYS LATER: THE AFTERMATH, featuring work from 30 DAYS OF NIGHT creator Steve Niles, followed by THE HILLS HAVE EYES: THE BEGINNING written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. A third graphic novel, the International Horror Guild Award-winning THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY was also released, adapting stories from Bram Stoker and World Fantasy Award-winner Thomas Ligotti. THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY: VOLUME TWO, the second graphic novel in the series, followed in 2008.

The new Fox Atomic Comics and BOOM! Studios collaboration will see titles serialized as individual single issue comic books before being collected into trade paperback graphic novels available in the direct and mass bookstore markets. 28 DAYS LATER #1 is the first in the series for this new collaboration.

The Fox Atomic Comics - BOOM! Studios venture will see a broad expansion of Fox Atomic's titles after its previous success. Partners are keeping the specific details of the series under wraps with expectations for further announcements later in the convention season featuring marquee series and high-profile creators.

About BOOM! Studios
BOOM! Studios ( is a unique new publishing house specializing in high-profile projects across a wide variety of different genres from some of the industry's biggest talents. In its inaugural year, Wizard Magazine named BOOM! "Best New Publisher." Founded by the creator of the TV show EUREKA, Andrew Cosby, and his partner Ross Richie, BOOM! Studios continues to be on the leading edge of comic and graphic novel publishing.

About Fox Atomic
Fox Atomic ( is a culturally branded entertainment company producing theatrical movies and digital content targeting the 17-24 year old demographic. Atomic also houses a graphic novel division. Formed in 2006, this entity of Fox Filmed Entertainment produces and acquires product spanning all media. Fox Atomic is a unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a unit of Fox Entertainment Group.

Fans of Mini-Marvels to be pleased by Chris Giarrusso's creator-owned superhero comic, G-MAN: LEARNING TO FLY!

6 April 2009 (Berkeley, CA) - Readers shocked by Chris Giarrusso's departure from Mini-Marvels will be pleased to learn he's expanding his unique take on superheroes in this May's G-MAN, VOL. 1: LEARNING TO FLY !

"Working Mini-Marvels was cool, but G-MAN, VOL. 1: LEARNING TO FLY is what I've been wanting to do for years," Giarrusso said. "It's the story I was wanting to write and draw the entire time doing Mini-Marvels so I'm happy those fans are psyched by the collection. G-MAN and company are going to be taking up all my attention for the foreseeable future and I aim to make the long-time Mini-Marvels readers happy!"

G-MAN, VOL. 1: LEARNING TO FLY collects the entirety of Giarrusso's Comic Bits strips, showcasing his entire line up of all-ages friendly superheroes including G-Man, his mean brother Great Man and friends like Billy Demon, Tan Man & Spark! These strips set the stage for this fall's G-MAN miniseries, giving fans old and new the chance to catch up. Also included is a full-length origin story, a G-Man Christmas tale and the complete acclaimed Mean Brother/Idiot Brother series.

G-MAN, VOL. 1: LEARNING TO FLY (MAR092415), a 96-page full color digest-sized softcover for $9.99, will be in stores May 20 2009.

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently five partners in Image Comics (Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor, and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit
New from Papercutz in June 2009



TALES FROM THE CRYPT comic book #13

By writers Stefan Petrucha & Jim Salicrup and artist Rick Parker; cover by Rick Parker

TALES FROM THE CRYPT’s special 13th issue, by former X-FILES writer Stefan Petrucha and BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD artist Rick Parker, takes on the super-popular DIARY OF A WIMPY KID in “Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid.” In a second story, the Stinky Dead Kid encounters a video game strangely similar to GUITAR HERO!

Bi-monthly comic book, 48 pages, full color, $3.95, UPC 071896453065 13

NANCY DREW #18: “City under the Basement”

By writers Stefan Petrucha & Sarah Kinney and artist Sho Murase

Nancy’s taken prisoner in an ancient city buried below a luxurious Turkish estate. Meanwhile, a group of thieves, a crooked archaeologist and a mysterious millionaire are searching frantically for a priceless artifact somewhere in the city. Nancy has to halt the plundering of this living museum and somehow make it out in one piece!

Full-color paperback book, 5” x 7½”, 96 pages, ISBN 978-1-59707-154-3

HARDY BOYS #17: “Shhhhhh!”

By writer Scott Lobdell and artist Paulo Henrique

Joe and Frank Hardy have to find out who’s making death threats against a high-school talk-radio host. First, though, they’ve got to make sure the radio host stays alive! They may not agree with the boy’s bombastic and bellicose style, but the brothers will risk life and limb to protect his right to say whatever he wants.

Full-color paperback book, 5” x 7½”, 96 pages, ISBN 978-1-59707-147-5


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NBM Publishing in June 2009


Plus: New erotica from Cornnell Clarke

A Treasury of XXth Century Murder, Volume 2


By Rick Geary

It’s the early days of Hollywood. Quick fame, big money, and sexy young stars are a mix made for scandal. Suddenly, prestigious director William Desmond Taylor is found shot in his home. Could the killer have been star actress Mary Miles Minter? And what about Taylor’s strange past? FAMOUS PLAYERS is a delectable mystery as only Rick Geary can tell it!

Jacketed hardcover, black-and-white art, 6” x 9”, 80 pages, $15.95, 
ISBN 978-1-56163-555-9


A Treasury of XXth Century Murder, Volume 1


By Rick Geary

A PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Best Book of 2008, THE LINDBERGH CHILD uncovers the century’s most famous and mysterious kidnapping.

• "Gripping and grisly.” -- Scott Thill,

• “[Grade] A-" -- The Onion

• "Highly recommended." -- Heidi McDonald, The Beat

Jacketed hardcover, black-and-white art, 6” x 9”, 80 pages, $15.95, 
ISBN 978-1-56163-530-6.

Comics retailers: Diamond is not soliciting the book, but you can order it from Haven Distribution.

New from Eurotica:


By Cornnell Clarke

Remember Sister Jacqueline, the high-school headmistress from Cornnell Clarke’s erotic saga PEANUT BUTTER? Remember the orgy she was forced into at the prom… and how she loved it? Now she must confess how much she loves being taken vigorously, even if she has become pregnant!

Full-color trade paperback, 8 ½” x 11”, 48pp., $10.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-558-0

Also available is Cornnell Clarke’s original PEANUT BUTTER series:


Catholic high-school senior Molly gets into the hottest situations. Nothing like spreading peanut butter on the right spots, doing it in the bathroom, and even getting the head nun into an all-out orgy! PEANUT BUTTER launches a promising young artist with beautifully painted tales.

Trade paperback, black-and-white art, 8 ½” x 11”, 48 pages, $9.95, ISBN 1-56163-358-5


For the summer between high school and college, Molly moves to her own Manhattan apartment. She gets it on with plenty of hot dudes and girls,using unbelievably huge toys to stretch openings to the limit!

Trade paperback, black-and-white art, 8 ½” x 11”, 48 pages, $9.95, ISBN 1-56163-378-X


Fully painted in color! Molly’s in college and finding the fun! "It doesn't take long for Molly to miss her girlfriend and join an inter-racial orgy. . . . This third volume in the popular illustrated series introduces full color to the fornication." -- ADULT VIDEO NEWS

Full-color trade paperback, 8 ½” x 11”, 48 pages, $10.95, ISBN 1-56163-534-4

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