Friday, March 07, 2008

Dark Horse Manhwa and Haksan Publishing present the first-ever online serialization of

Shaman Warrior!

Dark Horse will make publishing history with the release of the first volume of this critically acclaimed manhwa series in a new weekly online publishing program.

Shaman Warrior is a dramatic fantasy series with a kinetic style that will appeal to fans of Blade of the Immortal and Vagabond! From the desert wastelands emerge two mysterious warriors, master wizard Yarong and his faithful servant Batu. On a grave mission from their king, they have yet to realize the whirlwind of political movements and secret plots which will soon engulf them and change their lives forever. When Yarong is mortally injured, Batu must fulfill a secret promise to leave Yarong's side and protect his master's child. As Batu seeks to find and hide the infant, Yarong reveals another secret to those who have tracked him down to finish him off–the deadly, hidden power of a shaman warrior!

The first volume of this top-selling series will be released weekly, exclusively on Dark Horse’s website, beginning on February 22nd.

“We're happy that Haksan Publishing has allowed us to do something spectacular. It should be noted that nothing like this has ever happened in the U.S., much less Korea,” commented Dark Horse Director of Asian Licensing, Michael Gombos. “We’re pleased to be a part of such a tremendous event, and happy to share one of Korea's most renowned series with the English-speaking world.”

“We are looking forward to some positive results in promotion of the ongoing series,” said Ms. Yina Kwon from the Korean-based Haksan Publishing.

The first chapter is online now at:

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dragonfire Laser Honors The Armed Forces

Military Creed Plaques begin shipping

(Fort Wayne IN- March 6, 2008) Dragonfire Laser announced today the initial shipping of a new product category for their company, military creed plaques. The types of plaques include the following armed forces creeds: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. In addition, Dragonfire is offering a Military Service commemorative plaque. Each plaque is laser engraved on warm alder wood with walnut striped sides and the price points start at $30.00.

“When we started our Words of Inspiration site at, inspirational quotes was the obvious first product line”, explained Dragonfire Laser CEO, Lucas Amodio. “However, I started to think about that phrase, ‘words of inspiration’ and that phrase means so many things to different people. I couldn’t help but think about our service men and women and where their inspiration might come from when things get tough. Their creeds were a natural next step.” Each plaque comes pre drilled for hanging and is shipped wrapped in a felt pouch to make it an extra special gift.

Amodio reminded, “Dragonfire Laser can customize most of our products. If there is something a customer would like added we can usually make it happen. The military service plaque alone can be customized with dates of service, quotes, operations served in, you name it!” Customers can see the plaques at This product is definitely available wholesale and retailers should contact or (260)480-2612) for terms.

About Dragonfire Laser Crafts: Started in 2006, Dragonfire Laser Crafts had one goal, to give the customer exactly what they desire. Since their inception, they have stuck to that goal and by listening to their customers have created many different products in a staggeringnumber of industries. Their vision and skill have helped them conquer multiple industries including: Ornaments, Awards, Ancestry,Gaming, Glassware and many more!

Dragonfire Laser Crafts- Forging your visions with fire!
Medors’ health scare delays Willow Creek but series back on track

Josh Medors, artist and co-creator of Zenescope Entertainment’s upcoming and much anticipated new werewolf series WILLOW CREEK had to undergo spinal surgery this past December after doctors discovered a tumor on his spine. "Josh has been one of my best friends for many years," said Christian Beranek, co-writer of WILLOW CREEK. "The entire team was shocked when we heard the news about his surgery. I'm just thankful the doctors caught it in time."

Medor’s tumor was benign but still posed a life-threatening health threat. The risky surgery took hours as surgeons had to cut an eight-inch hole in Josh’s back to remove the tumor. Medors then needed to learn to walk again and has just recently begun to regain feeling in his legs. “Josh has been through a heck of a lot these last few months and the whole time he’s remained unbelievably committed to completing this series. He’s not only extremely talented but he's a workaholic so we really needed to force him to pace himself since the surgery.” said Zenescope’s Ralph Tedesco. “This situation obviously delayed the release of the series and we sincerely apologize for that. Ideally you never want to ship late but realistically life throws curveballs at everyone and Josh’s health absolutely needs to come first. We’re just glad that he’s close to feeling a hundred percent now.”

Following a two month delay issue #0 of the 5 part mini-series shipped to retailers last week with issue #1 scheduled to hit shelves early next month.
International Action Thriller THE SAFEST PLACE COMES from Image & 12 Gauge in May

Birmingham, AL (March 6, 2008) – “CHINATOWN meets BABEL - THE SAFEST PLACE is a hard-edged, modern-day mystery that will pull you across the globe, riding shotgun with a war photographer who's sucked into the world he's only photographed.” – Geoff Johns

There will be no safe place in May when the explosive graphic novel, THE SAFEST PLACE hits the stands! Legendary comic creators, Steven Grant (THE PUNISHER) and Tom Mandrake (BATMAN), team-up with new scribe, Victor Riches, to redefine the genre of action-thriller graphic novels with this harrowing, intense tale. 12 Gauge President Keven Gardner said, “Producing our first original graphic novel has been quite an undertaking, but the payoff has been worth the effort. We knew this had to be a homerun, and the creative team really answered the call. I’m very proud to say that all 112 pages of the novel have been delivered to the printer and look fantastic!”

THE SAFEST PLACE follows war photographer Matthew Castle, who suffered a brutal event in his past that closed him off emotionally, but granted him a special gift: He cannot feel physical pain.

Allied with a beautiful, but secretive news reporter, Matthew uses his unique ability to track down the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy San Francisco family. His daring journey leads him to the Sudan , where a brutal showdown with the girl’s sadistic father pushes Matthew to the brink. Forced to confront his past, not only is the kidnapped child’s safety at stake, but Matthew’s sanity as well.

“This was a unique opportunity for me to experiment with a tough, gritty, black and white style. I'm very excited about both the project and the results!” said illustrator Tom Mandrake, who has taken his art to a new level with the strikingly rendered battles of a good person coming face-to-face with man’s inhumanity to man.

The prose by Grant and Riches captures the suspenseful mood of Matthew’s struggles and the psychological impact of shifting oneself from removed witness to active savior. “It's rare to come across a genuinely new sort of action hero,” Grant said, “but Victor came up with one, and it was great fun to go all Robert Ludlum on him, to structure it as an actual novel, and to cut loose with a terrific, complex thriller and a villain just as interesting as the hero.”

A free preview of THE SAFEST PLACE is available for viewing at 12 Gauge Comics’ THE SAFEST PLACE website, Inquiries may be directed to The graphic novel will be released on May 14, 2008 by Image Comics and 12 Gauge Comics, with a retail price of $12.99. It is available for pre-order at comic book stores with Diamond order code MAR082078 and all book stores with ISBN #978-1-58240-943-6.

About 12 Gauge Comics, LLC
12 Gauge Comics was founded by Keven Gardner in 2004 to produce comic books and graphic novels. Through a partnership with its publisher Image Comics, The Ride (the first 12 Gauge title) debuted as one of the top-selling black and white comics of 2004. 12 Gauge members Jason Pearson, Brian Stelfreeze, Cully Hamner, and Doug Wagner are creating new and innovative multi-media concepts for the company, including Pearson’s run-away hit Body Bags. The 12 Gauge team produced and oversaw the comic development of the upcoming Weinstein Company/Dimension Films major motion picture, The O.C.T., starring actress and co-creator of the property, Rosario Dawson.

For more information, please visit or email

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

When Returning to Wonderland just isn’t enough...

Zenescope Entertainment is releasing a series of three one-shots entitled TALES FROM WONDERLAND. These prequel issues will follow three major characters from the hit series RETURN TO WONDERLAND: The Queen of Hearts, The Mad Hatter and Alice. Each one-shot will also contain a thread story that will reveal the discovery and origin of the insane world known only as Wonderland. The issues are disturbing glimpses into each of the characters’ lives showing how and why they ended up trapped the infamous realm.

“I think some of our readers want more insight into this world that we re-created, especially now with a sequel series coming up this summer.” said Ralph Tedesco, series co-creator and writer of the Mad Hatter one-shot. “Giving fans more backstory allows us to show that there’s a much bigger picture to this whole thing while also giving us the opportunity to have more fun with the Wonderland mythology. The stories are dark and disturbing but we definitely didn’t leave out the excitement.”

The Queen of Hearts is the first issue being released this April with the The Mad Hatter following in May and Alice in June.
Use Diamond order code FEB084162 to catch up with the sadistic Queen.
Todd Nauck's WILDGUARD is back this May!

4 March 2008 (Berkeley, CA) - The original reality-TV heroes make their triumphant return in WILDGUARD: INSIDER, a three-issue mini-series courtesy of FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN illustrator and WILDGUARD creator Todd Nauck.

"As much fun as playing in Marvel and DC's sandboxes can be, I've been very eager to get back to my own toys," said Nauck. "While I've had a great time with the website strips, this is a return to WILDGUARD at their absolute best - down on the printed page. It's really fun to be back at it."

WILDGUARD: INSIDER features all-new stories continuing the adventures of characters such as Red Rover while also containing the never before collected internet strips! In addition, the back matter will be packed with more of the fan-favorite "Where Are They Now?" features and mini-fact files expanding the WILDGUARD universe.

WILDGUARD: INSIDER #1 of 3 (MAR082068), a full color 32-page mini-series for $3.50, will be available in stores May 14th, 2008.

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently four partners in Image Comics (Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit
Privateer Press and Across the Pond Studios Announce New Monsterpocalypse Comic Series to be Published by Desperado Publishing

Seattle WA, Feb 28, 2008 – Privateer Press™ and Across the Pond Studios have teamed up to create a new comic miniseries, published by Desperado Publishing, introducing the world of giant monsters from Privateer Press’ upcoming Monsterpocalypse™ Collectible Miniatures Game (CMG).

The complete three part miniseries launches this September. A preview Issue #0 will debut at Comic Con International San Diego this July. In addition, those who purchase all three issues of the miniseries will be eligible to receive a limited edition figure from the Monsterpocalypse CMG. Details on this promotion will be available online closer to the publication of the series, and in each issue.

Across the Pond Studios is working closely with the game designer and creator of Monsterpocalypse Matt Wilson to bring the world of the game to life on the comic page. In addition to creative direction from Matt Wilson, the series credits include story by Stephan Nilson (Smallville and Batman Strikes), script by Jason Avery and Stephan Nilson, pencils by Karl Waller (X-Men and Motorhead), inks by Rick Bonilla (Atomik Mike), coloring by Barry Williams (Atomik Mike), and cover art supplied by the Privateer Press stable of artists.

Matt Wilson, creative director of Privateer Press, had the following to say about the new project.

“The opportunity to work with Across the Pond Studios on this comic series is a thrill! Every day, I’m seeing the fruits of their efforts, and it’s fantastic. Across the Pond is capturing all of the dynamic action of this giant fighting monster setting and weaving an engaging story into all of it that is sure to please the readers. Between this comic series and the Monsterpocalypse game, fans of giant monsters will have a lot to look forward to this fall.”

About Desperado
Atlanta, Georgia-based Desperado Publishing is set to release a daring line-up containing titles both existing and brand new by some of the comic industry’s biggest names. Always a visionary, publisher Joe Pruett is well known throughout comics as one of the finest assessors of talent and has been among the first to publish many of today’s biggest names. Some of those joining him at Desperado Publishing past and present are Phil Hester, John McCrea, Paul Jenkins, Ron Marz, Frank Beddor, Keith Giffen, Ben Templesmith, Brian Bolland, Bernie Wrightson, Joe Jusko and P. Craig Russell. A sampling of titles you can expect to see include: The Looking Glass Wars: Hatter M, Negative Burn, Antoine Sharp: The Atheist, Deadworld, Sabre, Atomik Mike and The Art of P. Craig Russell. More information can be found by logging onto their web site at

About Across the Pond Studios
Port St. Lucie, Florida-based Across the Pond Studios was founded in 2004 by Stephan Nilson as a home for their first title, Government Bodies. Since this initial release, ATP has grown from an independent publisher into one of the preeminent production studios in the comics industry providing material for Image Comics, DC Comics, Harper Collins, CBS, WB and other licensed properties. Their titles include ArmorX, Atomik Mike, ATP Presents, Government Bodies, Metal Locus and The Iron Ghost. More information can be found on their web site:

About the Monsterpocalypse Collectible Miniatures Game
The Monsterpocalypse Collectible Miniatures Game (CMG) brings the giant monster genre – a pop culture favorite – to the tabletop in the form of a fast-paced, action-packed game. Designed by Matt Wilson, the award-winning creator of WARMACHINE® and HORDES™, Monsterpocalypse leverages the critically acclaimed abilities of Privateer Press as a leading miniatures manufacturer to enter a new category of product with a property that appeals to a worldwide fan base of all ages. Planned for release in Fall 2008, visit for previews and updates about the game.

About Privateer Press, Inc.
Privateer Press, Inc. is a privately held, Seattle-based producer of entertainment and hobby brands such as the newly-announced Monsterpocalypse collectible miniatures game, the award-winning hobby miniatures games WARMACHINE and HORDES, the award-winning Iron Kingdoms™ property, and the Formula P3™ hobby line.

To learn more about Privateer Press, visit or contact the president of Privateer Press, Sherry Yeary, at (425) 643-5900 or

Legendary Star Trek® Scribe D.C. Fontana to Tell Year Four Story of the U.S.S. Enterprise™ in April

Series to include art by longtime Trek penciler Gordon Purcell and covers by fan-favorite illustrators The Sharp Brothers

San Diego, CA (March 4, 2008)-The Star Trek franchise is about to become even more legendary as an all-star roster of talent is coming together to produce a new series continuing the chronicles of the Starship Enterprise's untold fourth year. Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment will be co-written by D.C. Fontana, who started her career as assistant to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, and has authored some of Star Trek's most celebrated episodes.

Joining Fontana for her first-ever foray into comic book storytelling will be veteran Star Trek artist Gordon Purcell, whose work has appeared in more than 50 issues of Star Trek dating back to the 1980s, up to and including his most recent work for IDW. Purcell will be joined by longtime collaborator Terry Pallot on inks, with Derek Chester, a veteran of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine® and Star Trek video games, collaborating with Fontana on the story and script. Fan-favorite illustrators The Sharp Brothers will provide covers for the entire five-part series.

The Enterprise Experiment represents the second series of IDW's Star Trek: Year Four, which reveals the untold fourth year of the U.S.S. Enterprise's legendary five-year mission, depicted for just three seasons on the original Star Trek show.

For The Enterprise Experiment, Fontana and Chester have crafted a sequel to Fontana's celebrated Star Trek episode "The Enterprise Incident", in which Kirk famously posed as a Romulan to capture a new state-of-the-art cloaking device. In this all-new story, Federation efforts to fully adapt the cloaking device to Starfleet ships leads to an experiment gone awry, trapping Kirk and Spock on an Enterprise out of phase with space itself. At the same time, Romulan forces close in on the starship, intent on claiming revenge for their stolen technology. Later chapters in the series will provide a sequel to the first two issues, as the Klingon™ Empire-with its own agenda-suddenly enters the fray.

"The story is absolute classic Trek in the best sense of the word," says Andrew Steven Harris, Star Trek editor at IDW Publishing. "We're thrilled to have talent like this, people who've been working on Star Trek for decades. You can't find comic book storytellers who know these characters and settings more intimately."

Building on her early start with her Star Trek association, D.C. Fontana went on to write some of Star Trek's most memorable episodes, including ground-breaking episodes of the first series, as well as sharing credit with Roddenberry for the pilot of Star Trek: The Next Generation®. She also served as story editor for the entire run of Star Trek: The Animated Series, and contributed her talent to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine® as well. "D.C. Fontana is considered the grande dame of Star Trek writers," says Harris. "It's extraordinary to work with someone of her stature and quality. She's also got a perfect co-creator in Derek Chester, and the two of them together have been turning in some of the best Star Trek scripts that we've seen here."

The first monthly issue of Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment goes on sale in April, with a retail price of $3.99.

IDW PUBLISHING is a division of Idea and Design Works, LLC, a revolutionary creative service company with a wide range of clients. Among its best-selling titles are Hasbro's THE TRANSFORMERS; Paramount/CBS's STAR TREK; and Fox's ANGEL. IDW's 30 DAYS OF NIGHT film from Sony Pictures was released in October 2007 and was the #1 movie in its first week of release. More information about the company can be found at

CBS Consumer Products, a unit of CBS Entertainment, manages worldwide licensing and merchandising for a diverse slate of television brands and series from CBS, CBS Paramount Network Television and CBS Television Distribution, as well as from the company's extensive library of titles. Additionally, the group oversees the CBS Retail Store and online sales of programming merchandise. For more information, visit

TM, ® & © 2007 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.
March 05, 2008 - Seattle, WA – Dan DiDio, Executive Editor of DC Comics, has been added to the guest list of the Emerald City ComiCon, the premier comic book and pop culture convention in the Pacific Northwest.

"Dan DiDio is making his first ever appearance at the Emerald City ComiCon, so we're sure our fans will love the opportunity to ask questions and hear news about what's happening with the DC Universe straight from the man in charge," said Organizer Jim Demonakos.

Also appearing is Adam Baldwin, best known for his role as 'Jayne' on Joss Whedon's 'Firefly' & 'Serenity.' He is currently starring as Agent John Casey on the hit NBC series 'Chuck.' "We're all fans of Mr. Bladwin's work on the aforementioned shows, as well as the numerous genre shows that he has appeared in," continued Demonakos. "He makes a great addition to our already stellar line-up of guests."

Other guests recently added include Kurt Busiek (Trinity), Pia Guerra (Y: The Last Man), Corey Lewis (Sharknife), Matt Haley (Superman Returns), Jason Howard (The Astounding Wolf-Man), Brian Reed (Captain Marvel), Matt Kindt (Super Spy), Jason Howard (Astounding Wolfman), Moose Baumann (Sinestro Corps War), Eric Canete (Iron Man), Josh Howard (Dead @ 17), Jim Valentino (Shadowhawk), Jeremy Haun (New Excalibur), Jeph Jacques (Questionable Content), Mark Sable (Grounded), Tim Vigil (Faust), Val Mayerik (Howard the Duck), Jennie Breeden (The Devil’s Panties), Brandon Graham (King City), Ian Boothby (Futurama) and many others.

These creators join the largest guest line-up yet for the 2008 Emerald City ComiCon. A complete list of guests, along with information on exhibitors, exclusives and much more can all be found at the ECCC website -

The Sixth Annual Emerald City ComiCon takes place at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in beautiful downtown Seattle, Washington on May 10th & 11th, 2008.
Did you know that Newsarama has an exciting sweepstakes with a chance
to win a character inspired by YOU in "Witchblade"?

I hope you'll check it out:

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- One lucky second prize winner will receive an original drawing from
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So what are you waiting for? Enter now for your chance to rub
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Nashville, TN & San Diego, CA -- Mar 5, 2007 -- IDW Publishing is ready to bring the all-ages fun of Scott Christian Sava’s Blue Dream Studios to readers everywhere as Blue Dream Studios becomes an imprint of IDW Publishing (

On the heels of such recent announcements as Sava’s THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES being awarded Best Graphic Novel of 2007 in CBR’s 25th Annual Fan Award reader and the recent Hollywood acquisition of PET ROBOTS (Disney) and Hyperactive (MTV), the IDW/Blue Dream partnership comes at a perfect time for both companies to utilize each others’ resources to expand Sava’s already burgeoning readership and to expand IDW’s place in the all-ages market.

“What a year!” said Sava. “I have to admit to being overwhelmed by the success we’ve seen in such a short time. But one year of success as an animation-company-turned-small-publisher is just a baby step. Ted was so generous with his time and insight. He knows what it takes to build a publishing company from scratch. Seeing him turn IDW into the publishing powerhouse it is today is awe-inspiring. Working with Ted and his company is a dream come true, and if THIS year has been good… I can’t WAIT to see what a year with IDW will hold.”

"I know Scott had offers from many publishers and I'm thrilled that he choose IDW as the home for Blue Dream Studios. I love the books he's created and I look forward to helping him reach an even bigger audience," Ted Adams, IDW Publishing's President.

The award-winning and acclaimed online serialized story THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES, updated weekdays at, has reached over 4 million unique readers and thus far released two books collecting the ongoing epic of Alex and his friends’ adventures in Dreamland and the coming war with the Nightmare Realm. The third book in the six-book epic is expected later this year.

Other well received all-ages titles include PET ROBOTS and ED’S TERRESTRIALS and the forthcoming MY GRANDPARENTS ARE SECRET AGENTS, DINO WARS, HYPERACTIVE, and GARY THE PIRATE.

Founded in 2000 by Scott Christian Sava, Blue Dream Studios has become an international icon in technical innovation and creative storytelling. With award-winning titles such as The Dreamland Chronicles, Ed’s Terrestrials, Pet Robots, and so many more, Blue Dream Studios is being hailed as the “Pixar of Comics”. With its background in animation for such television and film properties as Casper the Friendly Ghost, Spider-Man, Star Trek, AVP, and more, Blue Dream Studios takes the art of animation and brings it to books for All Ages.

IDW PUBLISHING is a division of Idea and Design Works, LLC, a revolutionary creative service company with a wide range of clients. Among its best-selling titles are Hasbro’s THE TRANSFORMERS; Paramount/CBS’s STAR TREK; and Fox’s ANGEL. IDW’s 30 DAYS OF NIGHT film from Sony Pictures was released in October 2007 and was the #1 movie in its first week of release. More information about the company can be found at

Los Angeles - March 3rd, 2008 -James L. White, best known as the screenwriter for the ACADEMY AWARD®-winning film RAY, has been nominated for two Glyph Awards for his comic debut, HUNTER'S MOON, in the Story of the Year and Best Writer categories.

The Glyph Awards are given out on a yearly basis to honor comics made by, for, and about people of color.

"Being nominated for one Glyph Award is an honor. Being nominated for two is an absolute blessing. I am so pleased to be recognized amongst so many comics greats. Writing is my passion, and it makes even more fruitful when others enjoy my work, so thank you," said James L. White, writer of HUNTER'S MOON.

"This project is a cracking good thriller yarn with vivid characters and an exciting core conflict. It comes as no surprise to me that other people that have checked it out have come to the same conclusion. All credit goes to the hard-working creative team, including artists Dalibor Talajic and Sebastian Cardoso, who really delivered the goods on this one!" Mark Waid, Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios said

HUNTER'S MOON debuted last spring to great praise. Variety's Tom McClean wrote, "White defies conventional comic book wisdom and packs this tale of a successful businessman trying to reconnect with his son on a hunting trip with eight-, nine- and 10-panel pages packed full of compelling dialog that gives this story the kind of meat few comics offer," and gave HUNTER'S MOON the grade of A.

The third annual Glyph Comics Awards show is set to take place during the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC). The ECBACC is being held May 16th and 17th in Temple University's Anderson Hall in Philadelphia.

HUNTER'S MOON TPB will ship in March of this year and has a Diamond Code of JAN083461.

About BOOM! Studios

Winner of Wizard Magazine's "Best New Publisher," BOOM! Studios ( ) is a unique new publishing house specializing in high-profile projects from some of the industry's biggest talents. Founded by the creator of the TV show EUREKA, Andrew Cosby, and his partner Ross Richie, BOOM! Studios continues to be on the leading edge of comic and graphic novel publishing.

BOOM! Studios co-founder Andrew Cosby's television series EUREKA recently finished its second season at the Sci-Fi Channel, having launched to impressive ratings this past summer and consistently winning several key demographics on basic cable. EUREKA is the highest-rated series in the Sci-Fi Channel's history.
MegaCon ’08 is this weekend and the excitement continues to grow. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, what are you waiting for? Avoid the long lines and order your tickets today. Tickets are available now and can be purchased online at:, or by stopping into any Coliseum of Comics store.

MegaCon is thrilled to have Joe Quesada returning to this year’s event as our Guest of Honor. There are many exciting events planned for Joe, so be sure to come and join the fun.

Joe is being honored by the Hispanic Chamber with their very special Sun Award. The Sun Award is given to individuals that have made powerful contributions in their industries. Joe will be receiving the Sun Award at 2:00pm on Friday, March 7 at the Hero Initiative booth. Come watch as Joe receives this extremely special honor.

The Hero Initiative will be bringing a dunk tank to MegaCon on Saturday, March 8, and fans will get a chance to dunk some of their favorite creators to win prizes. First on the hot seat is Joe Quesada.

This year’s event is a great chance to bring the entire family with you.

On Friday, March 7, from 6:00pm to 6:50pm in Room S230B, MegaCon will play host to a costume making class. If you can imagine a costume, you can come create it out of scraps and treasures. You can create your very own costume from anything available on hand and a lot of imagination. You’ll walk out of the class with your very own superhero costume.

New this year at MegaCon are Tribal Belly Dancing panels and lessons to be held all three days. Come and see how this unique style of belly dancing has evolved into the diverse art form it is today. You can even try out some of the moves yourself. Beginners are welcome so come prepared to laugh, sweat and have a great time.

Attend the Universal Costume Contest on Saturday, March 8, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in Room S230B. Prizes and trophies will be given away for the best costumes in the following categories:
Movie Character
Star Wars
Children (age 0 - 12)
Other (this is a category for those costumes that don’t fit in the above)

An entry form can be obtained by clicking on the PDF at or you can pick up an entry form at either the Information booth in the lobby of Hall SB or the 501st Legion’s Booth 827 located on the convention floor. Once you fill the form out just deliver it to Booth 827. Reservations will be taken until 4:00pm on Saturday or until the capacity of eighty contestants has been met. Don’t wait, get your entry form in as soon as you can.

For the collectors in the family, MegaCon is proud to offer three great exclusive items available only at our show.

The first is the MegaCon and PopFun Merchandising, LLC exclusive Captain America ‘Toon Tumbler®. Just in time for the election year, MegaCon and PopFun are offering a show exclusive ‘Toon Tumbler® to remind all comic fans to perform their civic duty and vote in this year’s election. The classic Bronze Age image of Captain America for President will appear on a clear pint glass, and will be available for sale at the PopFun booth. A limited number (50) will also be raffled throughout the show to benefit Hero Initiative.

The second is the Lady Death: ICON #1 MegaCon Edition, limited to 100 signed and numbered copies. Signed by creator Brian Pulido, this is not simply a variant cover; this is an all-new MegaCon Premiere featuring astounding images by classic Lady Death illustrator, Ivan Reis. The images, all presented in this format for the first time, are sensual, brutal and awe-inspiring. They are the very height of Lady Death illustration.

This is the first official comic published by Coffin Comics; Brian Pulido’s all new publishing venture. Come on down and buy one for yourself. Brian Pulido will be selling them at booth 625.
Copies #1-#10 cost $30.00.
Copies #11-#25 cost $25.00.
Copies #26-#100 cost $20.00 per copy.
All 100 will be available for sale at the show.

The third is the Coliseum of Comics special variant cover of Marvel’s Fantastic Four #554. This variant edition features a special 25 Years of Coliseum of Comics logo on the front cover and will be for sale at Booth 513 for $6.00.

MegaCon has another incredible lineup of programming this year. Come join us to gain some valuable information, meet your favorite creator or celebrity or simply to take a load off and grab a seat for a little while. The entire Programming schedule is available online at: Some highlights of the weekend include: Comics: The Fun Way to Riches, Questions for Quesada, Artists: How to Prepare a Good Portfolio, World of Warcraft Panel, Joe Linsner, Adrian Pasdar, Lois Lane, Lois Lane, and Independent Comics Panel.

MegaCon would not be possible without the help and support of our great sponsors. Please be sure to stop by and support the following companies that helped us make this year’s show possible: Coliseum of Comics, Blam! Ventures, Students of the Unusual and Hot Flips.

For more information on all these events, including specific times and room numbers, or to see a complete guest list and exhibitor list, please check out

We look forward to seeing you at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida for MegaCon ’08 on March 7-9, 2008.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Clark Westerman and Kody Chamberlain take down Al Capone this May!

3 March 2008 (Berkeley, CA) - Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson and Machine Gun Kelly take on the most powerful mobster of the 20th century, Al Capone, in Image Comics/Shadowline's PRETTY, BABY, MACHINE, a three issue mini-series by PUNKS and BEOWOLF's Kody Chamberlain and screenwriter Clark Westerman.

"PRETTY, BABY, MACHINE came out of a love for the classic noir films of the 1950s and the startlingly true history of America's mobsters," said Westerman. "However, it wasn't until I saw Kody's art that the idea really gelled. Seeing the range of his styles blew me away and soon after, we got to work on PRETTY, BABY, MACHINE."

In PRETTY, BABY, MACHINE, Chamberlain's art style adapts once again to properly convey Westerman's 1930s tale of bloodshed and betrayal, along the lines of such noir films as DOUBLE INDEMNITY or recent classics such as ROAD TO PERDITION.

Shadowline President Jim Valentino said, "Kody is one of the most versitile young artists around and a future super-star. Here he applies the most realistic chiaroscuro/film noir style this side of Michael Lark. Fans of GOTHAM CENTRAL, CRIMINAL and TORSO will eat this book up!"

PRETTY, BABY, MACHINE (MAR082067), a 32-page black and white three issue mini-series for $3.50, will be in stores May 7th, 2008.

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently four partners in Image Comics (Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit
Official PR: Little Foot's Mr. Big wins Day Prize

Dave Sim, creator of Cerebus, awarded Matt and Carol Dembicki the
coveted Day Prize this past weekend. Presented at SPACE in Columbus,
Ohio, the Day Prize celebrates achievements in small press.

"As in past years, this year's nominees for the Day Prize featured
some of the best in small press/self-published comic books. We are
honored and humbled just to be included on the list," said Matt
Dembicki, the artist on Mr. Big.

"Winning the award exceeded our expectations," added Mr. Big writer
Carol Dembicki.

Matt is currently compiling the Native American anthology Trickster.
This entails working with more than 20 Native American storytellers
and some of today's rising comic book artists around the nation. It is
scheduled to debut at the Baltimore Comic Convention in September
2008. Additionally, Matt is collaborating with Carol on a supernatural

Mr. Big and Trickster are part of Little Foot Publishing, a company
formed by Christian Beranek in 2006.

For more info please visit and

The World’s Largest Free Comic Book Days Event Returns for Its Fourth Year and a New Location!

March 3 – The WORLD’S BIGGEST Free Comic Book Day Event has grown so huge, we had to move to Craddock Park a large public park in the heart of Dallas. Join us on Saturday May 3rd for CAPE! 4, the Comic and Pop-Culture Expo. CAPE! 4 is hosted by Zeus Comics,, and This elite team of comic experts joins forces once again to bring North Texas a bigger and better Comic and Pop-Culture Expo (CAPE!), than last year – it’s the biggest Free Comic Book Day event in the world.

This year’s list of NEW guest comic book artists and writers includes industry giants Mark Waid, Chynna Clugston, Robert Kirkman, Greg Pak, Jason Pearson, Greg Pak, Matt Sturges and Paul Benjamin. They are joined by returning headliners Gail Simone, David Mack, Mike Huddleston, Tony Bedard, Jim Mahfood, Scott Kurtz, Jamie S. Rich, James O’Barr, Marc Andreyko, Kody Chamberlain, Dave Crosland, Lea Hernandez, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Mercedes Lackey, Ben Dunn, Kristian Donaldson, Kris Straub, Larry Dixon and many more, CAPE! just keeps getting bigger and bigger! For a complete list of guests go to

The world famous CAPE! costume contest returns for its second year. Come dressed as your favorite comic book character and win fabulous prizes.

CAPE! 4 takes place at Craddock Park in Dallas, TX on Saturday, May 3rd, 2007 from 10am – 6pm coincides with the Free Comic Book Day events taking place all over the world. CAPE! festivities allow fans a chance to interact with top creators in the comic industry, get sketches, talk comics and pick up some fantastic free goodies including 7,000 free comics and much more!

The all day, indoor/outdoor, event promises to be unlike anything the Dallas area has seen before. “We’ll have plenty of free comics, movie posters, t-shirts, and prizes and folks will have the opportunity to hang with some of the finest people in the comic book industry,” Says Richard Neal, Zeus Comics and Toys owner. “Free comics and fun. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day.”

For more information on CAPE or if you are a comic professional who wants to attend please visit or call Zeus comics at 214-219-TOYS.

Malik Yusef, Jerry Azuma, Josh Blaylock Streetwear Line Celebrates
Comic, Cartoon Lifestyle

Chicago, IL. (Feb. 24, 2008) – Chicago's Hip Hop and Comic Book
Powerhouses are collaborating in a big way this spring with new
venture, Sat-Morn Apparel. Sat-Morn (short for "Saturday Morning)
which brings the worlds of high end streetwear and comic pop culture
together, will launch its first products this April in boutiques from
New York to Tokyo and everywhere in between. The company's first
release will be a line of Voltron: Defender of the Universe t-shirts,
with each design limited to 1,000 pieces and packaged in a vintage tin
lunch box. Future releases will feature a mix of licensed properties
and original designs.

The partnership may seem a surprise to some in the comic book
industry, but Malik "WordSmyth" Yusef is an avid comic book fan and
both he and Blaylock already carry a wide array of experience in the
apparel world. Yusef brings along business associate, Jerry Azuma,
with whom he has a long running relationship.

Yusef is already known in the streetwear community for the MCM™
and is aggressively leveraging existing relationships for some major
partnerships between Sat-Morn and the fashion world's heavy hitters.
He is also a spoken word and hip hop artist, best known for winning an
emmy for his performance of I Spit on HBO's Def Poetry Jam, and the
song Would You Like to Ride, featuring local friends and rap
superstars Common and Kanye West. Malik is currently touring with
Raheem DeVaughn and Jill Scott, and is an acting artist and purveyor
of Kanye West's brand, G.O.O.D. Music.

Josh Blaylock, although now president of Devil's Due Publishing, a
top ten comic book publisher, was instrumental in igniting the 1980s
explosion of comic book and cartoon apparel in the late 1990s, and has
come full circle with Sat-Morn.

"Malik and I just happened to click when we met at a convention last
year," said Blaylock. "I was planning to begin developing a designer
apparel spin-off within Devil's Due, and he was planning to develop a
comic inspired apparel line in the streetwear community. After a few
meetings, we realized the planets were just aligned for this. I'm a
huge fan of just about everyone's music at G.O.O.D. and couldn't be
more excited."

"Of course, in our lane we have a lot of geeks," added Yusef,
"Fashion, electronics and gadgets - so it only makes perfect sense
that me and my people from my label make a foray into comics and fuse
it with our passions. It is just smart culture, smart business."

Jerry Azuma, formerly a Chicago Bear, is now a regular sports news
commentator seen on ESPN.

Attendees of April's New York Comicon are encouraged to get a sneak
peek of Sat-Morn's upcoming releases at the Devil's Due Publishing

Look for many more announcements from comic's newest, and only, true
high-fashion streetwear line in the coming weeks. / /
Comic Artist's Photo Reference Contest
Art contest to support upcoming pose file book for illustrators

IMPACT Books and Buddy Scalera are hosting an art contest to celebrate the upcoming release of Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Women & Girls (coming May 2008).

- One grand prize winner will receive both books in the Comic Artist's Photo Reference series (People & Poses and Women & Girls), plus some nifty art supplies and will be featured in the May IMPACT Newsletter
- Two runners up will receive a copy of Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Women & Girls

* No purchase required to enter.
* Must use at least one of the images provided (see below)
* Create your own original comic or fantasy art in whatever medium you like (pencils, inks, markers, etc.) based on the gallery of images below
* Sexually suggestive images automatically disqualified
* All characters must be original creations
* Marvel, DC, Image, or other licensed characters not permitted due to copyright restrictions


To see Buddy Scalera's previous book (published 2006), go to:

The ultimate reference for comic artists, this unique book/CD (144 pages) set is packed with photos of men and women in basic and dramatic superhero poses tailored to the comic artist's needs.

Comic Artist's Photo Reference
-Delivers over 500 color images of beautiful women and muscled men in the poses comic artists need
-Features step-by-step demonstrations by well-known artists, so readers can learn firsthand from the pros
-Includes a CD-ROM of over 500 additional photos for additional poses

* Subject line of your email must include the title of your work, your name, and the number of submissions you've made. Example: "Pinup Art, John Doe, Submission #2"
* All entries must be in JPEG format, 72 dpi.
* Submit entries to
* Winners chosen at the sole discretion of the judges


Every month should start with Friday and end with Friday. To celebrate Leap Year Friday, save $10 on any order of Murphy Design Art Books when you purchase $25 or more. All you have to do is redeem this coupon code SAVE10 to save $10 on all available titles at : Feel free to pass this along to your pals and take advantage now, as this special ends Friday, March 7 :

+++ Ray Caesar Update
Thank you for all of those who have pre ordered the new Ray Caesar book : Unfortunately, we're still running behind on production, but the book features 168 image pages and many new images, never before seen. Every book, will also be packaged with an old fashioned shelf card (advertisement) set that will feature 4 new images : The revised release date will be updated soon : Thank you for your advanced understanding :

+++ "In the Land of Retinal Delights: the Juxtapoz School" Exhibit
Over 150 artists will be featured at the Laguna Arts Museum this June in celebration of the lowbrow, pop-surrealistic, and figurative art movements : Mark Murphy has been chosen to design the exhibition catalogue published by the Laguna Arts Museum and Ginko Press : Artists will include: Mark Ryden, Takashi Murakami, Joel Peter Witkin, Robert Williams and many more : Stay tuned :

+++ ComicCon 2008 in San Diego : 07/24 - 07/28
More and more artists gather each year in San Diego for a celebration of freaks, geeks, comics and blockbuster super hero films : Murphy Design will be featuring new books by Ray Caesar, Jeff Soto, Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters : There will also be a innovative art exhibition, "SuperHero," that looks to inspire the ComicCon frenzied public : Stay tuned :

+++ Thank you for an inspired 2007 and Look for more in 2008
Last year was amazing, thanks to all of you : New books featured Brandon Boyd, Hanna-Barbera and Jeff Soto. Art exhibitions featured over 60 artists in Santa Monica {Green/Robert Berman Gallery} and Miami {Know/ArtNow Fair} : 2008 is looking to be a major celebration of the arts with books for Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Ray Caesar, Jeff Soto, Greg "Craola" Simkins and the Laguna Arts Museum, not to mention art exhibitions in San Diego and Miami. Check out for all of the latest and greatest, as it develops throughout the year

Animated Series Based On Popular Xbox 360 Videogame And Features
Character Designs By Manga Mastermind Akira Toriyama

San Francisco, CA, February 29, 2008 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one
of the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive
publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced the U.S.
debut of the highly anticipated BLUE DRAGON animated series on Cartoon
Network this spring.

The BLUE DRAGON series is based on the exclusive Xbox 360 videogame
“BLUE DRAGON,” developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of “Final
Fantasy,” and features character designs by Akira Toriyama, the creator
of the best-selling DRAGON BALL series of manga (which is published in
North America by VIZ Media and featured in SHONEN JUMP Magazine). The
animated series debuted in Japan on TV Tokyo on April 7, 2007 and is
produced by Studio Pierrot, which is well known for its work on NARUTO
and BLEACH, also licensed by VIZ Media.

“We are pleased to announce the U.S. launch of BLUE DRAGON on Cartoon
Network,” says William Germain, Director, Animation Production, VIZ
Media. “This fun-filled action adventure story of good vs. evil, magical
powers, courage and friendship is set to join the ranks of other popular
VIZ Media series such as NARUTO, DEATH NOTE and BLEACH on the premier
cable animation network in the United States."

The BLUE DRAGON animated series, with an anticipated TV rating of TV
Y7FV, is a classic adventure story of magical Shadow powers, flying air
fortresses, and unbounded heroism! Brought together by fate, Seven
Soldiers of Light must awaken the Shadow within themselves in time to
overcome a despotic power and bring peace to their land. Their ensuing
journey through a rich fantasy world is also an internal journey to
awaken the great power within each of them. Journey with them into the
world of BLUE DRAGON!

About Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network (, currently seen in more than 91
million U.S. homes and 160 countries around the world, is Turner
Broadcasting System, Inc.’s ad-supported cable service offering the best
in original, acquired and classic animated entertainment for kids and
families. Overnight from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Saturday and
10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sunday (ET, PT), Cartoon Network shares its channel
space with Adult Swim, a late-night destination showcasing original and
acquired animation for young adults 18-34.
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, creates and
programs branded news, entertainment, animation and young adult media
environments on television and other platforms for consumers around the

About VIZ Media, LLC
Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), is one
of the most comprehensive and innovative companies in the field of manga
(graphic novel) publishing, animation and entertainment licensing of
Japanese content. Owned by three of Japan’s largest creators and
licensors of manga and animation, Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., and
Shogakukan Production Co., Ltd. (ShoPro Japan), VIZ Media is a leader in
the publishing and distribution of Japanese manga for English speaking
audiences in North America and a global licensor of Japanese manga and
animation. The company offers an integrated product line including,
magazines such as SHONEN JUMP and SHOJO BEAT, graphic novels, videos,
DVDs and audio soundtracks and develops and markets animated
entertainment from initial production, television placement and
distribution, to merchandise licensing and promotions for audiences and
consumers of all ages. Contact VIZ Media at 295 Bay Street, San
Francisco, CA 94133; Phone (415) 546-7073; Fax (415) 546-7086; and web
site at