Monday, January 24, 2005

So this one has been making the rounds of various pros and bloggers as of late, having started from Joss Whedon sending it out to the folks in his address book (and though I wish I was in it, I'm not). So here's my take:

1. What is your favorite color?

Black. I'm also partial to darker greens and purples.

2. What is your quest? (Monty Python geeks only.)

To write more, whether it's about comics, pop culture, my life, etc. Maybe even break down and write a comic. Eventually.

3. Name a movie you think is underrated.

Like Johanna, I love My Favorite Year. It's funny, touching, and a smart reminder about what happens when the walls between fans and idols begin to come down.

4. What book are you reading/did you just finish?

Right now I'm reading HANGIN OUT WITH THE DREAM KING, Fantagraphics' book about Neil Gaiman.

5. Are you just saying that to impress us?

Nope. It was sent for me to review, and review it I shall.

6. Name a quality you envy in a particular person.

I envy Rebecca's patience as a parent.

7. What is most likely to cause blinding rage in you?

Stupid people. Stupid people acting stupid. Stupid people saying stupid things.

8. It's your last meal. What'll you have? (Bonus question: Why are you on death row?)

16oz prime rib, baked potato. Or a double pepperoni pizza. I'm on death row because my patience ran out and I killed someone for being too stupid to live.

9. What superpower would you like to have? (Flight, invisibility and super-strength are only worth half a point.) (Not that we're grading.)

If I can't have any of those, I'd go with a healing factor.

10. My God! You've switched genders! Who would you like to look like?

Like to look like? Charisma Carpenter. Would look like? Sadly, the world's most hideous drag queen.

11. The old dinner-party-with-anyone-in-history chestnut. Let's go there.

Robert Penn Warren. John Belushi. Marilyn Monroe.

12. What's your best physical feature?

My eyes.

13. What really terrifies you?

Anything worth doing and risking is something that induce at least a little terror. But in the end, not fulfilling my potential and my goals haunts me the most, because it's always lurking.

14. You're shipwrecked. A helicopter pulls you out of the freezing waterbut your spouse, your best friend and your mother are all in the water and only one can be saved. What drink do you order later to feel better about the terrible ordeal?

A margarita. Frozen. No salt.

15. Who will play you in the movie of your life?

Not even a question: Oliver Platt. No one else even comes close.

16. Name a song that transports you to another time. Do not attempt to be classy.

"Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics. My best friend and I rewrote it into a commercial jingle for a schiool project and I still hear our lyrics when the music starts.

17. You're jammin'! You're the best, at your peak! Check you OUT! What instrument and with what band? (classiness acceptable but in no way mandatory.)

Drums, backing up Trent Reznor when he takes Nine Inch Nails out for live shows.

18. What current trend bothers you?

Shitty pre-manufactured pop stars. See: Simpson, Ashlee.

19. The Amish. Cool or uncool?

WAY cool. Visit a community and eat there some time. You will be blown away at what these folks can accomplish.

20. Which New Years resolution are you most likely to blow first?

Rebuilding bridges to people I've lost track of.