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Dyin’ for Dayan (Dai-On)

Akido Ikeda’s international sensation Dayan is finally available in the United States! The mischievous cat Dayan has already captured the hearts and minds of Japan, spawning over thirty books, a theme park, museums, and stores dedicated entirely to the fictional world where he resides, Wachifield! Discover the phenomenon this spring with the first four books, published by Dark Horse in handsome hardcover.

Wachifield is an enchanted, anthropomorphic world conceived by author Akiko Ikeda during her childhood—a mystical universe where plants and animals talk, and with their words teach classic tales of wisdom played out in fun, heartwarming scenes and through vivid artwork. Her whimsical and timeless illustrations have garnered international recognition, and her intricate world continues to expand due to her nearly limitless imagination.

Dayan, the central character and favorite resident of the town of Tachiel, is an adventurous cat whose curiosity often leads him into fantastical adventures. Luckily, he has the support and help of his friends, who include Marcy the dependable bunny, and the hard-drinking alligator Nbah. Follow Dayan and his courageous cronies as they outwit a coven of angry witches, a devilish forest nymph, and even their own shadows! Along the way they manage to make new friends, experience the snow magic of the Eurocka festival, and make a rainy Thursday into an event to remember!

Though originally written for children, adults and fans of Japanese culture will love these stories for their deceptively complex narrative, darker undertones, and alcoholic alligators.

Dark Horse proudly presents, for the first time in English, The Dayan Collection. The first four volumes—Dayan’s Birthday, Thursday Rainy Party, White Eurocka, and Chibikuro Party—will be released in the states on April 23, 2008, for a retail price of $9.95.

MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse Comics has announced that the popular Aliens, Predator, and AVP comics series are now available for digital download on IGN Entertainment’s Direct2Drive ( For $1.99, customers can now purchase digital copies of individual Aliens, Predator, and AVP comics that virtually mimic the first run of each issue by featuring the original cover art and trade dress. Fans of these comics can now enjoy classic stories by the likes of industry luminaries Mark Verheiden, Mike Mignola, Chris Claremont, and Andrew Vachss from the comfort of their own computers.

“In celebration of the December release of AVP: Requiem, we thought launching our maiden voyage into the paid online comics universe with the AVP line made perfect sense,” says Nick McWhorter, Special Projects Manager for Dark Horse Comics’ Custom Publishing program. “The experience that IGN brings to the table with digital distribution through Direct2Drive makes for the perfect match and we couldn’t be more excited about our new endeavor.”

“We are thrilled to offer Dark Horse Comics to our millions of Direct2Drive users,” said Sutton Trout, Vice President of Digital Content for IGN Entertainment. “We continue to expand Direct2Drive’s product offering to ensure that our users have access to the most comprehensive collection of comics, videogames, and entertainment content on the Web—and Dark Horse is a welcome addition.”

In addition, has recently added an AVP Zone where fans can get the latest in news, interviews, and general musings on all things AVP:

About Dark Horse Comics:

Since 1986, Dark Horse Comics has proven to be a solid example of how integrity and innovation can help broaden a unique storytelling medium and establish a small, homegrown company as an industry giant. In addition to publishing comics from top talent like Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Neil Gaiman, and comics legend Will Eisner, their highly successful line of comics and products based on popular properties includes Star Wars, Aliens, Predator, Conan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Emily the Strange, Tim Burton’s Tragic Toys. Trigun, and The Incredibles. Today, Dark Horse Comics is the third-largest comic-book publisher in the U.S. and is recognized as the world's leading publisher of licensed comics material.

About Direct2Drive:

Direct2Drive (D2D) is IGN Entertainment's digital download store ( Launched in October 2004, D2D allows consumers to conveniently purchase and download the latest premium video games, feature films, popular TV shows and anime titles directly from the Web to their desktops. D2D's AAA roster of leading game publishers includes Atari, Activision, Blizzard Entertainment, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Namco, NCsoft, SEGA, Sony Online Entertainment, 2K Games, Ubisoft, and Vivendi Universal Games. In addition, Twentieth Century Fox, Lionsgate, and Starz Media are making blockbuster movies, TV shows, comics, and top anime titles available to users directly via the D2D platform.
Darwyn Cooke, John Romita, Sr., Headline

New Additions for the Baltimore Comic-Con!

BALTIMORE, MD (March 27, 2008) – Darwyn Cooke, the writer-artist behind DC’s New Frontier and a recent year-long stint on Will Eisner’s The Spirit, and John Romita, Sr., the artist who for many fans (and other creators) defined what the Amazing Spider-Man looked like, lead a new slate of guests that could comprise the entire line-up for another show. Instead, they’re just the latest additions to the next Baltimore Comic-Con, which will be held September 27-28, 2008 at the Baltimore Convention Center .

Also on the docket are Perhapanauts creators Todd Dezago (Tellos) and Craig Rousseau (X-Men: First Class), and Jim Calafiore (Exiles, Captain Marvel). They join recently announced guests Alex Saviuk (Web of Spider-Man, Feast of the Seven Fishes), Phil Noto (Danger Girl, Jonah Hex) and Herb Trimpe (Incredible Hulk).

“We are thrilled to have Darwyn Cooke coming to his first Baltimore Comic-Con and we’re equally pleased to have John Romita, Sr. back again. They are easily two of the most requested guests we’ve had,” said Marc Nathan, the show’s promoter. “We’re also very happy to have Todd Dezago, Craig Rousseau, and Jim Calafiore returning, too, since the Baltimore Comic-Con has been become a place where their loyal fans expect to see them!”

Swamp Thing co-creator and Frankenstein artist Bernie Wrightson will be the show’s Guest of Honor.

He headlines a guest list that now includes, in alphabetical order, Kyle Baker (The Bakers), Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers), Howard Chaykin (American Flagg), Cliff Chiang (Green Arrow & Black Canary), Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows, Mighty Avengers), Steve Conley (Star Trek, The Escapist), Amanda Conner (JSA Classified, Terra), Darwyn Cooke (New Frontier), David Finch (World War Hulk, New Avengers), Ramona Fradon (Aquaman), John Gallagher (Buzzboy, Roboy Red), Ron Garney (Wolverine), Michael Golden (Micronauts, The 'Nam), Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle, Black Lightning), Dean Haspiel (Brawl), Adam Hughes (Catwoman), Stuart Immonen (Ultimate Spider-Man), Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, Action Comics), J.G. Jones (Final Crisis, 52), Robert Kirkman (Invincible, Ultimate X-Men), Barry Kitson (Empire, The Order), Jim Lee (Batman: Hush, Wildcats), David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil), Phil Noto (Danger Girl, Jonah Hex), Michael Avon Oeming (Mice Templar, Powers), Jimmy Palmiotti (Painkiller Jane, Jonah Hex), Brandon Peterson (Ultimate X-Men, Strange), Eric Powell (The Goon), Tom Raney (Ultimate X-Men), Tim Sale (Batman: The Long Halloween, Heroes), Alex Saviuk (Web of Spider-Man, Feast of the Seven Fishes), Jim Shooter (Legion of Super-Heroes), John K. Snyder III (Suicide Squad), Vincent Spencer (Zombie-Proof), Robert Tinnell (EZ Street), Herb Trimpe (Incredible Hulk), J.C. Vaughn (Zombie-Proof, 24), Neil Vokes (The Black Forest, The Wicked West), Mike Vosburg (Lori Lovecraft), Matt Wagner (Zorro, Grendel), Mark Waid (Flash, Boom! Studios), and Mark Wheatley (Frankenstein Mobster).

The Harvey Awards will return to the Baltimore Comic-Con for the third consecutive year. The awards dinner and ceremony will be held Saturday night, September 27, 2008, following the convention's normal hours. As in 2007, the first 300 paid attendees and honorees at the 2008 Harvey Awards Ceremonies will receive a Hollywood-style bag of swag. Last year's bag included The EC Archives: Two-Fisted Tales - Volume 1 from Gemstone Publishing, a complete base set of the soon-to-be-released Jericho Season One trading cards from Inkworks, an exclusive pin from AdHouse Books, a Comic-Con exclusive edition of 30 Days of Night: Red Snow #1 from IDW Publishing, a Toon Tumbler from Popfun Merchandising, and an exclusive Harvey Awards keychain from LaserMach. Kyle Baker will return as Master of Ceremonies for the evening's events.

For more information about the Baltimore Comic-Con, email cardscomicscollecti bles@yahoo. com or call (410) 526-7410. The guest list and other information can be found at www.comiccon. com/baltimore or on www.myspace. com/baltimorecom ics.

For more information about the Harvey Awards, including sponsorship opportunities, email baltimorecomiccon@

Innovative UK anthology title to be published by AAM/Markosia

AAM/Markosia is proud to announce that they are the new home of Eleventh Hour. Orang Utan Comics Studio self published two issues of the anthology series during 2007, and both sold out quickly and received excellent reviews. The team at OUC have enjoyed a fantastic working relationship with AAM/Markosia over the last couple of years, contributing to such titles as The Flying Friar, Kong: King of Skull Island and, in the near future, Starship Troopers.

Orang Utan Comics Studio founder, Ian Sharman, said, "AAM/Markosia saw the huge potential in our smash hit anthology series, and, working closely together, we've ensured that Eleventh Hour Vol 1 will take the series to a whole new level in terms of quality of both art and storytelling."

Publisher Harry Markos said, "We're thrilled to be partnering with OUC on Eleventh Hour. It didn't take long for me to make a decision when I saw the new material that they had, and quickly contacted them with a view to publishing it in a good-sized volume. They have worked so hard these past few months that it humbled me. I am confident that many of the contributing creators will be established in the industry within months of the June release, such is the quality of their work."

Featuring twelve unique stories by the skilled writers of Orang Utan Comics Studio, and 80 pages of gorgeous greyscaled black and white artwork from their talented artists from across the globe, Eleventh Hour Vol 1 is setting the bar for anthology comics for some years to come.

Eleventh Hour Vol 1 will be published by AAM/Markosia in June 2008. Distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors. Inc, it will be listed in the April issue of Diamond's Previews magazine -- be sure to ask your local comic book retailer to order you a copy.

Eleventh Hour Vol 1 will also be available to order from AAM/Markosia's online store.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Special 32-Page Sampler Edition of Nation's Most Popular Manga Anthology
- SHONEN JUMP Magazine To Feature

San Francisco, CA, March 26, 2008 � VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of
the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive
publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced its
participation as a Gold Level Sponsor in the 2008 Free Comic Book Day,
taking place May 3rd. VIZ Media is producing a special edition (rated
"A" for All Ages) of SHONEN JUMP Magazine (rated 'T' for Teens) to be
distributed for free at participating stores nationwide.

The annual occasion, developed by Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., the
world's largest distributor of English-language comic books, is designed
for comic book retailers across North America and around the world to
offer a range of select titles for free to further spread awareness of
new and upcoming series and highlight the diversity of the comics and
manga (graphic novel) genres.
SHONEN JUMP will publish a special, free condensed issue of the magazine
to appeal to new comic book fans as well as established manga readers.
The SHONEN JUMP Free Comic Book Day issue will contain 32 action-packed
pages including special previews of three of VIZ Media�s most exciting
serialized series � NARUTO, BLEACH and the newly serialized SLAM DUNK
� as well as coverage of many of the magazine�s other popular series
such as ONE PIECE and YU YU HAKUSHO, and introduce new readers to the
diverse array of content the magazine offers. Longtime SHONEN JUMP fans
will also love the BLEACH poster included in this special edition.

SHONEN JUMP joins a select group of ten other preeminent publishers
participating in Free Comic Book Day including Archie, Bongo, Dark
Horse, DC, Dynamite, IDW, Image, Marvel and Virgin. For more information
on Free Comic Book Day please visit
"Despite the massive popularity of manga in the United States, there is
still a huge audience waiting to experience the range of unique art and
compelling stories featured in these excellent Japanese comics, � says
Marc Weidenbaum, Editor-In- Chief of SHONEN JUMP. �By supporting Free
Comic Book Day, we hope to get manga into as many hands as possible, and
let American comic readers discover the pleasures of the ninja epic that
is Masashi Kishimoto�s NARUTO, the soul-reaper action of Tite Kubo�s
BLEACH, and the high-school hijinks of Takehiko Inoue�s SLAM DUNK.�
SHONEN JUMP, which celebrated its 5th anniversary earlier this year,
appeals to over 1.9 million readers monthly aged 12-17 - with an average
monthly circulation of over 241,000. SHONEN JUMP is the first place fans
can read new chapters of the latest hit manga from Japan as titles such
as NARUTO, BLEACH and ONE PIECE have two or more chapters regularly
serialized each month in addition to product articles on a vast array of
related video games, trading cards, animation and toys. Ardent fans
appreciate the easy to read and affordable presentations of a notable
array of different genres, stories and art styles, yet the magazine
still offers new readers the opportunity to �test� several manga at
once. For more information on SHONEN JUMP Magazine please visit

About VIZ Media, LLC Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, VIZ Media, LLC
(VIZ Media), is one of the most comprehensive and innovative companies
in the field of manga (graphic novel) publishing, animation and
entertainment licensing of Japanese content. Owned by three of Japan�s
largest creators and licensors of manga and animation, Shueisha Inc.,
Shogakukan Inc., and Shogakukan Production Co., Ltd. (ShoPro Japan), VIZ
Media is a leader in the publishing and distribution of Japanese manga
for English speaking audiences in North America and a global licensor of
Japanese manga and animation. The company offers an integrated product
line including, magazines such as SHONEN JUMP and SHOJO BEAT, graphic
novels, videos, DVDs and audio soundtracks and develops and markets
animated entertainment from initial production, television placement and
distribution, to merchandise licensing and promotions for audiences and
consumers of all ages. Contact VIZ Media at 295 Bay Street, San
Francisco, CA 94133; P
hone (415) 546-7073; Fax (415) 546-7086; and web site at
Flocked, Cocked and Ready to Rock
Meet the I.W.G.
The I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo
¡Viva la Revolucion!

"In the not-too-distant future, a strange cosmic retrovirus infects the Earth and spreads through the biosystem.
The virus causes rapid evolutionary change and other mutations in a group of animals from around the globe.
These new breeds organize an armed resistance against the plague that has been destroying their habitat for centuries - the human race!"

STRANGEco is proud to announce a brand new special edition set of I.W.G. mini figures, designed by Patrick York Ma. This Deluxe set features the three founding members of the Insurgent Wilderness Gruppo - Titus the Grizzly, Affonso the White Rhino and Hannibal the Mountain Gorilla - tactile, flocked and fuzzy. Humans beware!

Belgian born artist, sculptor and designer Patrick Ma, has developed and designed a multitude of interesting projects informed from his unusually eclectic background as an army weapons specialist, an M.F.A. student and entrepreneur. Patrick made his mark with his first business, TAD Gear, a genre-defining retailer and manufacturer of "tactical adventure gear". His military-spec rugged and highly functional, yet street-smart and stylish TAD Gear designs are found on fashionable urbanites, military and law enforcements personnel, and active adventurers the world over.

Patrick combined this tactical-chic aesthetic with his long time interest in Sci-Fi inspired design to develop his next business, Rocket World. His first line of products in this new venture were a line of limited edition designer vinyl toys, the "I.W.G." a.k.a. the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo. The I.W.G. characters were created as irreverent commentary of how our zoological heritage & natural world are being squandered by human action and neglect. A culmination of Patrick's explorations in studio arts and design, continuing interest in tactical design, the I.W.G. toys are a stylish and fun representation of his his awareness of humanity's participation in and impact on ecosystems around the globe.

Part of the proceeds from purchases made of I.W.G. products are donated to a variety of non-profit groups and organizations such as the Gorilla Foundation, the International Rhino Foundation, Zoo Conservation Outreach Group, Friends of the Sea Otter, and the World Wildlife Fund. When time permits, Patrick spends time in the field with wildlife groups, often in remote locations which are difficult to pronounce, doing conservation work. His favorite color is still reminds him of the forest.

The IWG Attack Pack is a flocked 3 piece miniset, including Titus, Affonso, and Hannibal. 3 inches tall. Window Box Packaged. MSRP - $27.99

For more information please visit:
Hey Comics Fans,

A few cool announcements in Top Shelf land:


Jeff Lemire's GHOST STORIES and Matt Kindt's SUPER SPY made Booklist's
10 GRAPHIC NOVEL LIST FOR 2008 (and Top Shelf was the only publisher
two books on the list)!


And here's what they had to say about both:

"Lemire handles line and space, and transitions between present and
so lyrically and powerfully that this story of two hockey-playing
with differing talents and passions for the game is one of the great
graphic novels." -- BOOKLIST
-- ISBN 978-1-891830-94-5, $14.95

"[A] grimly atmospheric, elliptical, strategically colored espionage
that rivals the power of the most complex and serious spy novels and
films." -- BOOKLIST
-- ISBN 978-1-891830-96-9, $19.95


For all you teachers out there, Andy Runton -- along with his mother,
Runton -- have just completed a very thorough and very friendly,
LESSON PLAN to be used in conjunction with teaching the Owly series of
graphic novels. Feel free to click on this Owly Lesson Plans Link below
“right click”/download the PDF document for free. Or if you want us
to mail
you a printed copy, you can order one from the Andy Runton & Owly
of our website.

And here's what's coming out this spring and summer:

by James Kochalka

-- ISBN 978-1-60309-013-1, $9.95
-- 40-Page Full-Color Hardcover, 6" x 9"

"Kochalka's command of the comic form is sublime and adorable. Kids
love Johnny Boo."
-- Harry Bliss, Diary of a Worm

Top Shelf is proud to present the latest in our line of ALL-AGES
novel series: JOHNNY BOO. A great new FULL-COLOR, HARDCOVER series
fun for everyone. And you'll be also able to get a sneak preview of in
Shelf's Free Comic Book Day Book, OWLY & FRIENDS, on May 3rd!

Johnny Boo is the best little ghost in the whole world, because he's
Boo Power. This means that he can go "BOO" really loudly. His pet ghost
named Squiggle has Squiggle Power, which means that he can fly and do
really fast loop-the-loops. Together they have the world's greatest


Also featured in this month's PREVIEWS are reprints of some of our
bestselling titles
(have you tried these yet? -- if not, you won't regret picking them

The 2nd Printing of:
(the Alex award-winning, emotional story of hockey, farm life, family,
-- ISBN 978-1-891830-88-4, $9.95

The 2nd Printing of:
SUPER SPY by Matt Kindt
(the 336-page, full-color, critically-acclaimed World War II spy
-- ISBN 978-1-891830-96-9, $19.95

The 2nd Printing of:
(the charming collection of Liz Prince's slice-of-life strips)
-- ISBN 978-1-891830-72-3, $7.00



THAT SALTY AIR by Tim Sievert
(a gorgeous and dramatic tale of a fisherman who feels betrayed by the
-- ISBN 978-1-60309-005-6, $10.00

TONOHARU: PART ONE by Lars Martinson
(a touching tale of an English teacher in the rural Japanese village of
-- ISBN 978-0-9801023-2-1, $19.95

(a charming silent story of a loveable and humble business clerk)
-- ISBN 978-1-60309-008-7, $14.95



(a sampling of the entire year -- absolutely free at a store or
near you)

OWLY & FRIENDS (FREE COMIC BOOK DAY) by Runton, Slade, Kochalka &
(absolutely free at your local comic book retailer on FCBD May 3rd)

(more slice-of-life comics at their best)
-- ISBN 978-1-60309-012-4, $7.00

24x2 by David Chelsea
(a cool collection of David's 24-hour comics)
-- UPC 094922897800, $5.00

The 2nd Printing of:
THE SURROGATES 1.0 by Robert Venditti & Brett Weldele
(soon to be a major motion picture from Touchstone Films starring Bruce
-- ISBN 978-1-891830-87-7, $19.95


(Alex's latest amazing project wherein a man quits smoking
via hypnosis only to wake up back in high school)
-- ISBN 978-1-891830-98-3, $14.95

YAM by Corey Barba
(a "silent" all-ages series about Yam and his fun-loving friends
on the remote island of Leche de la Luna)
-- ISBN 978-1-60309-014-8, $10.00

The 2nd Printing of:
PINKY & STINKY by James Kochalka
(pigs in space -- need we say more?)
-- ISBN 978-1-891830-29-7, $15.00


(more adventures in the all-ages woodland fantasy about Ivy and her
-- ISBN 978-1-60309-010-0, $10.00

OWLY (VOL 5): TINY TALES by Andy Runton
(more adventures in the all-ages series of everyone's favorite woodland
-- ISBN 978-1-60309-019-3, $10.00

HOW TO LOVE by Actus Independent Comics
(six full-color stories that beautifully explore the more
facts of love,
from Israel's premiere comics publisher)
-- ISBN 978-965-90221-6-8, $29.95


Your friend thru comics,

Chris Staros
March 28, 2008


Eureka Productions is pleased to announce the publication of FANTASY CLASSICS, the fifteenth volume in the GRAPHIC CLASSICS® series of comics adaptations of great literature.

FANTASY CLASSICS is a multi-author anthology, featuring Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," adapted by Rod Lott and Skot Olsen, with a prologue illustrated by Mark A. Nelson. Also featured is H.P. Lovecraft's epic fantasy "The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath," by Ben Avery and Leong Wan Kok, and "Oz" author L. Frank Baum's "The Glass Dog," by Antonella Caputo and Brad Teare. Plus Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Rappaccini's Daughter," adapted by Lance Tooks, and poems by Fantasy Masters Clark Ashton Smith and Lord Dunsany, illustrated by Evert Geradts and Rachel Masilamani. With a dramatic cover painting by Skot Olsen.

FANTASY CLASSICS is available in bookstores, comics shops, or direct from the publisher at


FANTASY CLASSICS: Graphic Classics Volume Fifteen
Edited by Tom Pomplun
Published March 2008, Eureka Productions
Distributed by Diamond Book Distributors
(ISBN 978-0-9787919-3-3)
144 pgs, 7 x 10", paperback, b&w, 4c cover, $11.95
Kyle Baker at Kids' Comic Con 2008!

When: Saturday, March 29, 2008, 10 am to 6 pm
Where: Bronx Community College in NY
Admission: FREE for children 17 and under
$5 for all others

latest kb books: THE BAKERS: BABIES & KITTENS
coming soon: SPECIAL FORCES #3
eye candy:
This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.
Brian Warmoth / Devil's Due Publishing / 773.506.8912 ext. 703 /



'Drafted,' 'Defex' and 'Xombie' to be available in mobile friendly formats on

Chicago, IL. (March 18, 2008) – On Wednesday March 26, Devil's Due Publishing will begin shipping comics to cell phones, as well as to comic book stores. Partnering with uclick, the top-ten comic book publisher will offer a selection of back issues available for mobile devices on uclick's GoComics Mobile Store at

"As readers' lifestyles change and they begin to read and interact with new media, we at Devil's Due want to make sure that our comics expand their presence accordingly," said Devil's Due President Josh Blaylock. "The uclick format is a great new stage for publishing comics and we are proud to be a part of their lineup."

Devil's Due's initial mobile content offering with include Breakdown #1, Defex #1, Xombie #1, and the Drafted preview issue. These issues will join an already substantial library on GoComics that includes Jeff Smith's independently published epic Bone, Gødland and Elephantmen from Image Comics, and Virgin Comics titles such as Devi and Snake Woman.

"We're thrilled to work with Devil's Due to bring these exciting titles to mobile phones," said uclick Manager of Product Development Harold Sipe. "We look forward to putting these comics in the hands of a whole new audience and bringing new readers into the Devil's Due fold."

Devil's Due titles can be accessed by texting "COMICS" to 22646 or by simply visiting on a mobile phone web browser.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Controversial new series gains steam as first issue sells out at Diamond with issue #2 on its way in April

Chicago, IL. (March 26, 2008) – Devil's Due Publishing is rushing out more of its genre-bending horror series Pogrom on the heels of a distributor level sellout this week. Diamond has confirmed that Pogrom #1, the first issue of Matthew Tomao and Josh Medors' new post-apocalyptic conspiracy tale, has sold out as more copies are presently on their way from the book's printer to fill remaining orders.

Pogrom #1 shipped March 12, kicking off Tomao's epic adventure tale about a hero born from evil to combat a tyrannical religious government. Issue #2 will follow in April as the book's mysterious champion continues to take down incarnations of the world's seven deadly sins.

In issue #2, Pogrom smashes his way through Washington, D.C. to take on his next target—Sloth. Pogrom #'s 1-3 can be ordered using the following Diamond order numbers:

JAN083541 POGROM #1 (OF 7) $5.50
JAN083542 POGROM #1 (OF 7) TEMPLESMITH SGN INCV (C: 0-1-2) $9.99

FEB083685 POGROM #2 $3.50

MAR083650 POGROM #3 $3.50

For more information, please visit or visit the official Pogrom website at

# # #

About Devil's Due Publishing:
After exploding on the comic book scene by igniting the "80s retro
revival" in the industry, Devil's Due quickly became one of the largest
and most popular comic book publishers in the United States. Today DDP's
lineup is a diverse mix of original properties and licensed books
including Drafted, Lost Squad, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, G.I. Joe,
Storm Shadow, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, DemonWars, Voltron, The Nye
Incidents, and the cult-favorite Hack/Slash, which is currently in
pre-production as a feature film for Rogue Pictures.

Devil's Due: reminding everyone that "Pop culture IS our culture". For
more information on Devil's Due Publishing, please
Image Comics/Shadowline release ALETHEIA this May!

26 March 2008 (Berkeley, CA) - This May, a modern-day Greek tragedy forces a mere mortal named Thea to seek revenge against the pantheon of gods in ALETHEIA, a full color, three issue mini-series presented by Image Comics/Shadowline!

"ALETHEIA is the culmination my mutual obsessions with the classic Greek mythology and modern pulp yarns such as SIN CITY," ALETHEIA creator Bob LeFevre said. "The characters have actually been in my head for a very long time, so committing them to paper - through Image Comics/Shadowline, no less - is much more satisfying than I can properly articulate. ALETHEIA goes far beyond just Thea's story as well, and I'm hoping to tell stories set in that universe for years to come."

Thea's quest for revenge is kicked off once she discovers the murder of her boyfriend is tied into the Greek gods, who were previously thought to be just myth, but actually have an all-too-real grip on our society. She finds herself up against the entire pantheon, but her thirst for revenge easily trumps any fear from within.

“Bob's a fresh new talent and this book has exceeded our expectations,” says Shadowline’s head honcho Jim Valentino. “It’s as engrossing a story as it is visually stunning. Bob LeFevre and colorist James Offredi are two talents to watch!"

ALETHEIA #1 (MAR082065), a full color 32-page mini-series for $3.50, will be in stores May 28th.

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently four partners in Image Comics (Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit
Sam Flores's HOPE

SAN FRANCISCO, March 25, 2008 - In an ongoing effort to secure Democratic hopeful Barack Obama's presidential bid, The 008 and Upper Playground have collaborated with Sam Flores and Munk One to create two new limited screenprints of each artist's portrait of Obama. The Sam Flores and Munk One posters are part of an ongoing series of artist collaborations in support of Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

The Sam Flores and Munk One limited screenprints are now available for purchase online through Both posters will be signed and numbered by the artists and are made at a limited quantity of 200, with each retailing for $200. Each poster is a pre-sale item and will not ship until April 21, 2008. All proceeds from the sales of each design from Sam Flores and Munk One Obama posters will go directly to creating more campaign T-shirts, posters and stickers by other artists in support of Obama's bid for President.

For more information on Sam Flores ( and Munk One ( and their endorsement for Obama, please visit

The 008, Sam Flores, Munk One and Upper Playground would like to thank everyone who continues their support of the Barack Obama campaign.

About Sam Flores
Fifteen years after first arriving on the West Coast from New Mexico, Sam Flores has established his place in the modern art movement as a master of fine art and product design. His signature Fatima figures and oversized welcoming hands have been exhibited in galleries throughout the world. He currently designs the clothing line 12Grain for Upper Playground.

About Munk One
Munk One, a.k.a. Jose A. Mercado, is a contemporary American illustrator and fine artist based in Chico, California. He is most noted for creating artwork for bands including Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance and many more whose merchandise can be seen throughout the world.

About Upper Playground
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Classics Illustrated’s Grimm Fairy Tales
Papercutz offers the first North American edition of comics adaptations

You’ve never seen fairy tales quite like this.

In May, Papercutz will ship TALES FROM THE BROTHERS GRIMM to
bookstores and comic-book shops. The 144-page, full-color book
presents the first official North American appearance of four stories
adapted by some of Europe’s finest comics artists.

• Philip Petit combines a painter’s mastery of color, a campfire
storyteller’s command of suspense, and a cartoonist’s touch of humor to

retell the famous “Hansel and Gretel.”

• In “Learning How to Shudder” by Mazan (the pen name of Pierre
Lavaud, artist of Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar’s popular series
Dungeon), a boy tries to be afraid, but nothing scares him — not even a

scarlet-skinned man with horns and a tail — until he gets a lesson from

a very unexpected source.

• “The Devil and the Three Golden Hairs” is fine artist Cecile
Chicault’s first comic-book work. It’s about a peasant boy who wants
to marry a king’s daughter — but the king won’t let him unless the boy
brings him hair from the devil’s head.

• And when the hero of Mazan’s “The Valiant Little Tailor” announces
too proudly that he’s killed seven with one blow — and doesn’t mention
that the seven are flies — he’s called on to fight some very grumpy

You can find preview art at The paperback edition

(ISBN-13 978-159707-100-0) retails for $13.95, and the hardcover
(ISBN-13 978-159707-101-7) for $17.95. Review copies are available.
Send web links of any coverage to David Seidman at

Classics Illustrated has introduced generations of students to great
literature. These comic-book editions of novels, plays, and poems sold
about 200 million copies from 1941 through 1998. TALES FROM THE
BROTHERS GRIMM is the third volume in Papercutz’s revival of the line,
after THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (adapted by Michel Plessix) and Charles
Dickens’ GREAT EXPECTATIONS (by Rick Geary).

The current issue of NEWSWEEK calls the new Classics Illustrated
“dazzling” and adds, “Papercutz, the company now licensing the brand,
has set very high standards. . . . [Children] love stories that
deliver, and Classics Illustrated always had the goods. Looks like it
still does.” “The volumes are perfectly designed for library shelves,
with sturdy bindings and a large enough size for kids to get a good
look at the contents,” SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL has said. “The artwork
is beautifully reproduced—crisp and clear—and each book contains
background about the series’ history and a brief bio of the

Papercutz publishes comic books and graphic novels for kids. The
company’s titles range from new adventures of the Hardy Boys and Nancy
Drew to TALES FROM THE CRYPT. For more information, please visit or

Issue six of CWR has arrived, and as usual, we have some really cool stuff for you to read!

A nifty cover designed by Elliott Serrano:

Matt Wagner interviewed! The legendary creator of GRENDEL and MAGE sits down with Marc Mason and talks about living the life of an artist, the early days of his career in indy publishing, and his current gig writing ZORRO!

Also: join our Google Group ( and you might win one of 5 DVD sets of NEXUS THE ANIMATED SERIES, some autographed comics, or a sketch from Art Baltazar!

Plus: some great columns!

Matt Maxwell sees his graphic novel STRANGEWAYS hit shelves and begins the process of hand-selling it to retailers:

Avril Brown on bisexuals in comics and their underrepresentation:

Marc Mason on the omnibus format and whether it might be the future of the graphic novel:

Brandon Jerwa with the conclusion of his essay on how he got involved with G.I. JOE:

Vince Moore offers advice on the best way to learn the craft of comics and takes a look at Matt’s STRANGEWAYS:

Elliott Serrano wonders why more men aren’t disturbed about their own body images thanks to comics:

Jessica Blackshear offers up some advice to parents with children who like playing superhero:

PLEASE: If you read something at CWR that you like, pass it on to friends and blogs- we're making this e-zine for the love of it. We hope you share it with us! Enjoy the reading!

Marc Mason
Comics Waiting Room
Hugh jackman to create comic book SERIES NOWHERE MAN WITH VIRGIN COMICS

Wolverine actor teams with Wolverine author Marc Guggenheim for Sci Fi thriller

New York, March 25, 2008---Superstar actor Hugh Jackman, already portraying a comic book character in 20th Century Fox's upcoming Wolverine, is now teaming with Hollywood scribe Marc Guggenheim and publisher Virgin Comics to create the original comic series Nowhere Man. Story details are being kept under wraps but Virgin officials describe the story as a Sci Fi odyssey set in a groundbreaking vision of the future in which mankind has traded privacy for safety. “I’ve had so much fun in the graphic novel world with the X-MEN franchise that I wanted to get even more involved,” said Jackman about the project. “I am so excited to work with Virgin and Marc and create a compelling character and story that hopefully will also make it to the big screen." Virgin will team with Seed Productions, Jackman’s production company with producer John Palermo, to create the comic series and then take it into film and other areas. Added Palermo: “Seed is thrilled to be in business with Virgin Comics and Marc Guggenheim on this innovative project. From working on the X-MEN films, we have studied the thought and artistry that go into every issue of a graphic novel series and cannot wait to dive in ourselves.”

Marc Guggenheim, who will pen the original series, is no stranger to comics. He has previously authored comics on Marvel’s Wolverine series as well as the best-selling Amazing Spider-Man. Guggenheim has also most recently seen his creative work succeed on the small screen. His Eli Stone is currently running on ABC television to strong reviews.

“Virgin Comics is focused on pairing the best comic book talents with icons in the entertainment industry to develop original stories,” said Sharad Devarajan, Virgin Comics CEO. "Hugh Jackman and Marc Guggenheim working together on Nowhere Man is a perfect combination that promises a great story for everyone.”

Added Gotham Chopra, Virgin Comics Chief Creative Officer who will oversee the development of the series with Amanda Schweitzer of Jackman’s Seed Productions: “we’re already up and running on the creative side of things and having a lot of fun. We believe that our new partnership with the team at Seed on Nowhere Man is the start of something big.”

About Virgin Comics

Virgin Comics is a character entertainment company creating original stories and epic myths for worldwide audiences. The company was founded in November 2005 by Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Enterprises Ltd., alongside author Deepak Chopra, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and entrepreneurs Sharad Devarajan, Gotham Chopra and Suresh Seetharaman. Virgin is developing new stories with acclaimed filmmakers, actors and musicians including John Woo, Guy Ritchie, Terry Gilliam, Dave Stewart, Ed Burns, Nicolas Cage, Duran Duran, Sachin Tendulkar and others. Feature films based on Virgin Comics’ characters are also in the works, including an animated feature The Secrets of the Seven Sounds, Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper (with Warner Bros and producer Joel Silver) and Virulents with FOX, directed by John Moore (The Omen, Max Payne). Virgin Comics also formed a joint venture with NBC-Universal to create new science fiction properties for graphic novels and television with the SCIFI Channel. The first title in this series, The Stranded, premiered in January 2008.

About Seed Productions

Seed Productions - the company founded and run by Hugh Jackman, Deborra-lee Furness, and John Palermo - is a film, television, and theater production company with offices in Los Angeles and Sydney. Seed's first film, DECEPTION, will be released by Fox on April 25. Seed is currently in production on WOLVERINE, a spin-off of the popular X-MEN film series. Seed's television show AN AUSSIE GOES BARMY has been a major hit in Australia and spawned two subsequent series - AN AUSSIE GOES BOLLY and AN AUSSIE GOES CALYPSO. Seed has numerous projects in development in both the US and Australia.
All-New Speed Racer Gets Trade Paperback Treatment

IDW Publishing ushers in a brand-new Speed Racer era
with an innovative comic

San Diego, CA (March 25, 2008)-Fans of Speed Racer are about to get a legend for the ages. In April, IDW Publishing ( will debut the Speed Racer: Chronicles of the Racer trade paperback, which expands the decades-old mythos of the iconic Speed Racer into an exciting new direction as it tells the stories of Racers throughout the generations.

"There hasn't been a Speed Racer in comics in at least five years, and we're taking it in a direction that it has never gone before," says Chris Ryall, IDW publisher and editor-in-chief. "These stories expand the entire Speed Racer legend. We look at the Speed Racers of the past - incarnations throughout history, from the Roman times to the medieval era, and even the swashbuckling high seas."

At the same time, fans will get their fix of the Speed Racer cast from the present, including favorites like Pops, Chim-Chim and Trixie. The series, Ryall says, will keep the best of the past by holding onto its spirit of adventure and remaining true to the feel of the old show, but with a more modern buff on its classic chassis.

"The series will be firmly rooted in the present, rather than in the 1960s," says Ryall. "For instance, Speed's mom will probably have a job outside of the kitchen."

Handling creative duties is screenwriter Arie Kaplan and artist Robby Musso, a fan-favorite from his work on one of IDW's recent adapted-from-animation projects, The Transformers. Artist and IDW founder Alex Garner provides a special painted cover for the collection.

Growing Speed Racer Franchise
Originally created by anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida in the 1960s, Speed Racer became one of the first successful anime franchises to cross over into the United States. The live-action movie of the classic cartoon will hit big screens in May 2008 and Lions Gate is re-introducing the character in an all-new animated series airing on Nickelodeon's 24-hour cartoon channel, Nicktoons.

IDW Publishing will also release multiple trade paperback collections of the Speed Racer comics from the 1980s and 1990s, available in bookstores when the movie hits. "With this set of comics, fans will get to see a wide variety of Speed Racer styles and art from decades past," says Ryall.

Speed Racer: Chronicles of the Racer trade paperback will be in stores April 2008; call 1-888-comic-book (1-888-266-4226) to find a store near you.

IDW PUBLISHING is a division of Idea and Design Works, LLC, a revolutionary creative service company with a wide range of clients. Among its best-selling titles are Hasbro's THE TRANSFORMERS; Paramount/CBS's STAR TREK; and Fox's ANGEL. IDW's 30 DAYS OF NIGHT film from Sony Pictures was released in October 2007 and was the #1 movie in its first week of release. More information about the company can be found at

Kearny, NJ -- Mar 25, 2008 -- Archaia Studios Press (ASP) is once again honored to have a book nominated for ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards. But this time, it’s not just one book, it’s two---the only publisher this year earning such a distinctive honor. Both MOUSE GUARD: FALL 1152 by David Petersen and OKKO: THE CYCLE OF WATER by Hub are among the ten finalists for ForeWord’s Award in the Graphic Novel category.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be announced at BookExpo America at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles on May 30.

This is the 5th straight year ASP has had its books nominated for the awards “established to bring increased attention to the literary achievements of independent presses and their authors.” In the previous four years, ARTESIA and ARTESIA AFIRE won Gold and Silver Awards, respectively, THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS captured an Honorable Mention, and ROBOTIKA nabbed the Bronze Award.

“We’re very grateful to have two of our books nominated for the awards this year,” said ARTESIA creator and ASP Publisher Mark Smylie. “We’re proud of each and every one of our books and it’s terrific to see them and their creators get the recognition they so richly deserve.”

To see an excerpt from MOUSE GUARD, go to:

To see an excerpt from OKKO, go to:

ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Awards were established to bring increased attention from librarians and booksellers to the literary achievements of independent publishers and their authors. Winners are selected by a unique process involving dozens of ForeWord readers---librarians and booksellers who are immersed daily in the selection and recommendation of books. Each entry is judged on criteria including originality, writing and production quality, and customer interest in the subject matter.

All ASP titles are available worldwide at finer comic book shops, bookstores,, Indie Press Revolution ( and electronically at

Mark Smylie founded Archaia Studios Press (ASP) in 2002 as a new home for his epic fantasy comic book, Artesia (first published by Sirius Entertainment). Artesia, winner of ForeWord Magazine’s Best Graphic Novel of 2003, and its sequels -- Artesia Afield and Artesia Afire -- gave ASP its foundation. Artesia: Adventures in The Known World, a roleplaying game written by Mark, expanded ASP into the world of gaming; the game won the Origins Award for Role-Playing Game of 2005. Now Mark and publishing partner Aki Liao have expanded ASP to include a line of idiosyncratic and creator-driven comic books and graphic novels in the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres, as well as translations of several of Europe’s best titles. More information can be found at

New Feature Film Based On Popular Action Manga And Animated Series to Have a Limited Domestic Theatrical Release

San Francisco, CA, March 24, 2008 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced that it has secured the license from TV Tokyo Corporation, Shueisha Inc. and Dentsu Inc. for BLEACH THE MOVIE: MEMORIES OF NOBODY in the Americas, Europe and Oceania. The feature film, which will be aimed primarily at teens and older teens, will have a limited theatrical release in major cities throughout North America this summer with the DVD release to follow winter 2008. Subsequent details will be released in coming weeks.

BLEACH THE MOVIE: MEMORIES OF NOBODY is inspired by the successful animated television series BLEACH airing on Adult Swim, which is based on the best-selling manga series (rated 'T' for Teens) by Tite Kubo, also published in North America by VIZ Media.

“We are extremely excited to announce the domestic license for BLEACH THE MOVIE: MEMORIES OF NOBODY,” says Liza Coppola, Sr. Vice President, VIZ Media. “BLEACH has emerged as one of the most popular animated, manga and video game properties in North America and the release of this film will no doubt captivate millions of avid fans. Filled with riveting animation and spectacular battle scenes featuring all the major characters, BLEACH THE MOVIE is ideally suited for a theatrical presentation and we look forward to making it a summer filled with epic action as this film makes its way to theatres in major markets throughout North America.”

BLEACH is a tremendously successful multimedia property internationally. The manga has been licensed to more than a dozen countries, and has sold over 50 million copies in Japan alone. In North America the manga has been a sales hit and the popular animated series (both rated 'T' for Teens) is viewed weekly by millions in the United States and Canada. This success has further spawned an array of related video games, apparel, action figures, trading cards and other merchandise. For more information on BLEACH and BLEACH THE MOVIE: MEMORIES OF NOBODY please visit the official BLEACH website at or

About VIZ Media, LLC
Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), is one of the most comprehensive and innovative companies in the field of manga (graphic novel) publishing, animation and entertainment licensing of Japanese content. Owned by three of Japan’s largest creators and licensors of manga and animation, Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., and Shogakukan Production Co., Ltd. (ShoPro Japan), VIZ Media is a leader in the publishing and distribution of Japanese manga for English speaking audiences in North America and a global licensor of Japanese manga and animation. The company offers an integrated product line including, magazines such as SHONEN JUMP and SHOJO BEAT, graphic novels, videos, DVDs and audio soundtracks and develops and markets animated entertainment from initial production, television placement and distribution, to merchandise licensing and promotions for audiences and consumers of all ages. Contact VIZ Media at 295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133; Phone (415) 546-7073; Fax (415) 546-7086; and web site at
Tabloia Mailer #0148372

FANS, a couple quick announcements for what’s bound to become a
slower and
slower 2008!

* * *

ITEM! Tabloia hack Chris Wisnia was interviewed by his best friend
Lene at:

Just click on “Show #67, March 18, 2008!”

* * *

ITEM! Tabloia hack Chris Wisnia has been selling exclusive, convention
only, Kirby-style giant monster convention sketches for about a year
now…but FOR THE FIRST TIME, Chris has made eight of these frightening
realistic convention sketches available for worldwide purchase…only

They are inexpensive original art pieces ($25 each plus shipping),
and white, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, drawn in archival ink on archival
bristol! Click on the CONVENTION SKETCHES folder to check ‘em out,

* * *

ITEM! SPIDER TWINS MINI-COMICS are now available to the general
These thorough mini-sized encyclopedic compendiums feature Crude Bay's
most thrilling, dangerous, and sexy masked vigilantes! What gems,
hand-folded and hand-stapled by Tabloia’s own artistic hack, Chris

There are three books, 32 pages each/FULL COLOR!/mini-comic sized 5.25
inches x 8.50 inches/mature audiences/$5.00 plus A BUCK SHIPPING each!

Plus a special treat for fans who can’t get enough… BUY ALL THREE
$15 plus $3 shipping!

That’s right, Tabloia’s own artistic hack, Chris Wisnia, sat down
with a
technologically sufficient recording device, and burbled and babbled
more than ONE CONTINUOUS HOUR about the creation of the Spider Twins
Companion! This monotonous hour features his personal recollections of
Marvel Universe comics, insights and trivia on the creation of these
handsome men with tight underpants, references to professional
and more!

Pick it all up today at:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mark Millar and Tony Harris introduce the next generation of America's fighting forces!

20th March 2008 - During America's darkest hour, Mark Millar and Tony Harris draft the newest generation of superheroes this June in the bombastic first issue of WAR HEROES!

"WAR HEROES is everything I've been leading up to with CIVIL WAR, ULTIMATES, THE AUTHORITY, KICK ASS and WANTED," said Millar. "In a way, it's the culmination of superhero concepts I've thus far only dreamed about, brought to fruition due to Tony's artwork beautiful line work and the unique creative freedom Image Comics provides. Consider this our ULTIMATES 3."

In an America not too far off from our own, terrorism has scorched the Earth. Our once great nation has shattered into a bastardized, third world version of its previous self. When traditional tactics prove obsolete in this new country, America's military force turns to the last weapon with any hope of - superhumanity.

Millar continued, "WAR HEROES is a grand step away from superheroes as you previously perceived them. Tony and I are doing this without any restriction, completely uncensored, taking superheroes to their next evolutionary step."

WAR HEROES #1, a 32-page comic book for $2.99, will be in stores June 25th, 2008.

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently four partners in Image Comics (Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit