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PRESS RELEASE - ERIK LARSEN FREES SAVAGE DRAGON FOR FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!Erik Larsen's seminal creation comes for free on Free Comic Book Day 2009!

12 December 2008 (Berkeley, CA) - On Free Comic Book Day 2009, fans will get an unprecedented chance to jump on board one of comics' most legendary superhero series as Image Comics and creator Erik Larsen give away an entire issue of SAVAGE DRAGON!
"For Free Comic Book Day I wanted to give readers an exciting stand alone issue that would give them an idea of what I'm doing with the book after February's relaunch in #145," Larsen said. "It's a great introductory issue for new readers and it features the start of something huge!"

SAVAGE DRAGON #148 will contain a completely self-contained adventure introducing brand new cast members set to make a huge impact and also act as primer to the series' new direction as Dragon makes his long-awaited return to the Chicago Police Force. While Larsen's overhaul and relaunch of the title three issues prior was already covered in the Chicago Tribune, Yahoo! News and Radar Magazine, among others, this jumping on point promises to gain additional heat as Free Comic Book Day rolls forward. Fans unable to get the Free Comic Book Day edition will be able to order a Director's Cut shipping after the event, featuring exclusive materials not available anywhere else.

SAVAGE DRAGON #148 FCBD EDITION (JAN090007), a 32-page full color comic book for absolutely free, will be in stores May 2nd. SAVAGE DRAGON #148 DIRECTOR'S CUT, a 32-page full color comic for $3.50, will be in stores May 6th.

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently five partners in Image Comics (Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor, and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit
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Tomorrow is the finale of LG15: The Resistance. It's a '12in12' which means you get twelve videos in twelve hours, starting first thing in the morning. Follow along, interact with the characters, and post comments on the site! I'm IMMENSELY proud of the finale, and really do hope you all check it out. You can watch it at for the best interactive experience possible.

And, while you're savoring twelve hours of Josh made succulence, may I also entice you to check out this week's episode of the podcast? There's a little segment with myself and Christopher Ryder, the Post-Supervisor and editor of LG15: The Resistance. We talk all sorts of nonsense, and come in at around the one hour mark.

Finally, if you'd rather get an eyeful of my beautiful wife (and, I wouldn't blame you), you can check out her quick cameo in this segment for local PBS KCET. It's about the power of public libraries. And, hell, while you're at it, make sure to watch her burn up the screen on TCM's Fanatic series, viewable on youtube right here:

How cool is my wife? That cool.

Alright gang, thanks for reading/watching/tolerating.

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11 December 2008 (Berkeley, CA) - Image Comics’ Shadowline is proud to announce two of their newest and most diverse debuts, SAVAGE and I HATE GALLANT GIRL, have completely sold-out at a distribution level.

"Shadowline's steadfast commitment to diversity is what drives the entire imprint," Shadowline Publisher Jim Valentino said. "Having two completely different titles reach a similar success simultaneously is a very important occasion for us and one we hope drives readers to future issues of these wonderful books."

SAVAGE teams horror master Steve Niles with celebrated painted artist Mike Mayhew along with Dan Wickline and Jeff Frank to craft a hardcore thriller pitting werewolves against Bigfoot in an intense battle royale. On the other hand, I HATE GALLANT GIRL, a runner-up in the Who Wants To Create A Superheroine Contest by writer Kat Cahill and artist Seth Damoose, takes a very different approach at the super-hero genre as a young woman rejected to be the world's next Gallant Girl decides to take destiny into her own hands. Limited quantities of both issues may still be available at your local comic book store.

SAVAGE #2 (SEP082267) and I HATE GALLANT GIRL #2 (OCT082311), both 32-page full color comic books for $3.50, are in stores now.

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently five partners in Image Comics (Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor, and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit

Luke Skywalker' Lighsaber Sells for $240,000, C-3PO's Helmet $120,000, Signed You Only Live Twice Script $96,000, Leading Sales And Attracting Bidders Worldwide

Calabasas, CA, December 11, 2008 - Mark Hamill's hero "Luke Skywalker" lightsaber from Star Wars and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, bought for $240,000, topped all items at Profiles in History's 33rd Hollywood auction, held December 11th, 2008. In all, bidders paid $3.5 Million for 500+ items offered by Profiles in History, the world's leading company in the sale of Hollywood memorabilia. Other auction highlights include:

· $120,000 Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi original "C-3PO" droid helmet worn by Anthony Daniels
· $96,000 Second Draft Original Handwritten Manuscript of You Only Live Twice Signed ByRoald Dahl
· $96,000 Full-Sized Animatronic "Joe" From Mighty Joe Young
· $90,000 Signature "Wolverine" black leather battlesuit from X-Men
· $84,000 First British Edition of You Only Live Twice Inscribed By Ian Fleming To The Real James Bond
· $78,000 Original 82-inch diameter hero "United Planets Cruiser C-57D" flying saucer filming miniature from Forbidden Planet
· $72,000 Custom-built "1937 Mercedes" German staff car from Raiders of the Lost Ark
· $72,000 Marlon Brando complete signature "Jor-El" costume from Superman: The Movie
· $66,000 Original screen-used "Santa Jack" stop-motion puppet, dog "Zero" puppet, skeleton Reindeer puppet and Jack's prop trashcan with presents from A Nightmare Before Christmas
· $39,000 Jim Carrey complete signature "Riddler" costume from Batman Forever
· $39,000 Original Harry Potter Art By Thomas Taylor For The Back Cover of Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone
· $21,600 Greta Garbo portrait by Clarence Sinclair Bull from Inspiration
· $19,200 Screen-Used Animatronic "Gizmo" Puppet from Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Note: All prices include a Buyer's Premium.

On December 12-14, Profiles in History will be conducting the largest auction of Hollywood memorabilia in history as they present the entire inventory of the world famous Collectors Book Store in Hollywood, the largest archive of Hollywood history outside of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Included in the three day auction event will be costumes, movie posters, scripts, portraits, movie stills, lobby cards, fan magazines, press books and other miscellaneous items-some rare and one of a kind. The schedule for Worldwide bidding, which can be placed in person, via mail, phone, fax or live on the Internet via eBay Live Auctions (HYPERLINK "" or (HYPERLINK "" is as follows:
· Friday, December 12, 2008: 11:00 AM PST;
· Saturday and Sunday, December 13 & 14: 10:00 AM PST.

Virtually every film and television show that was made will be represented. The opening bid for each lot will be just $200-$300, making it possible for everyone to have the opportunity to take home a piece of Hollywood history. Many times there will be a collection of five, ten, twenty or even hundreds or thousands of pieces in one lot.

Prior Hollywood auctions highlights have included the "Cowardly Lion" costume from The Wizard of Oz ($805,000); A full-scale model T-800 Endoskeleton from Terminator 2: Judgment Day ($488,750); a King Kong Six-Sheet movie poster ($345,000); the Command Chair from the "U.S.S. Enterprise" ($304,750); the original "Robot" from Lost in Space ($264,500); Luke Skywalker's light saber from Star Wars ($195,500); the Black Beauty car from The Green Hornet ($192,000); George Reeves' Superman costume from The Adventures of Superman ($126,500); the H.R. Giger designed Alien creature suit from Alien ($126,500); a full-scale T-Rex head from Jurassic Park ($126,500), the Leaping Alien Warrior figure from Aliens ($126,500), a Christopher Reeve's 'Superman' costume from Superman: The Movie ($115,000), The Wizard of Oz 'Winkie' Guard Costume ($115,000); a "Ming the Merciless" cape from Flash Gordon ($115,000) and the Hydraulic screen-used Velociraptor from The Lost World: Jurassic Park II. ($115,000).
Matthew Wood Gives Evil a Voice


Matthew Wood is the voice of villainy as both General Grievous and the battle droids throughout STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, but evil gets a special opportunity to shine in “Lair of Grievous,” an all-new episode of the hit animated series that premieres at 9 p.m. ET/PT Friday, Dec. 12, on Cartoon Network.

In the episode, General Grievous must prove himself worthy of the Separatists after his repeated defeats at the hands of the Jedi. As a test for his cyborg subordinate, Count Dooku lures Jedi Knights Kit Fisto and Nahdar Vebb to Grievous’ forbidding enclave to provide deadly sport for the humbled Separatist general.

Though Wood provides the distinctive sounds of Grievous and the battle droids, voice acting is not his “day job.” Since 1990, Wood has been among the chief innovators in digital sound technology at Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Sound, working on such films and TV properties as The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible, Con-Air, Wall-E, Munich and Armageddon. In addition, he recently received an Oscar nomination for his work on Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood.

Wood first dipped into the voiceover world with Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, and first performed as General Grievous on the big-screen in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. As a relative insider, he knew what George Lucas was looking for in terms of the character’s sound, so he anonymously slipped his own audition tape into the casting pipeline. Lucas made the selection blindly, never knowing his eventual Grievous was already on staff.

“I like playing a villain because it’s just no-holds-barred,” Wood says. “Villains don’t have an inner critic; they just speak their mind and make demands, come hell or high water, with no ramifications. And Grievous is a classic villain – he uses four lightsabers, he’s a Jedi killer, and I haven’t seen any humanity left in him. He knows about as much of the dark side of the Force as you can without having the Force, and now he’s just out for blood. I haven’t seen any redeemable qualities in him. That kind of puts him up on the list of all-time great villains.”

Wood says he combines a low-pitched, deep voice, lots of yelling and a Bela Lugosi-influenced eastern European flair in his intonations of Grievous. When the voice is filtered through the computer, it is combined with the general’s trademark cough to signify his biomechanical nature. The bottom line for Wood is to capture the core of villainy within Grievous.

Wood also provides the voices of the battle droids in the series, which allow him to explore another end of the villain spectrum; as cannon fodder for the Separatists, the battle droids are used primarily as comic relief.

“I love playing both –and it’s especially fun when they’re together because I get to play that juxtaposition,” Wood says. “Grievous is so exasperated at the thought that he’s stuck with these idiotic, low-rent droids that can just be bowled over by Jedi, no problem.

“On the other hand,” he says, “the battle droids have this weird kind of desperation to them. They really want to succeed, but they just know that it’s not within their programming to do a good job. So there’s this weird, funny kind of sadness to them. It’s great to do both the villainy and the comedy.”
Studio 407

Havoc Brigade 02

A renegade Major has turned the world's most advanced piece of military hardware -- an experimental Havoc-class battlesuit -- into an instrument of terror. The world watches as the unstoppable solider rampages through London causing untold destruction. When the Major turns his sights to New York, the military turns to the only surviving member of the Havoc Brigade to stop the carnage at all costs.


Demon Squad 01

Deep in America’s heartland, evil is lurking and waiting. Demons prey on gullible and unsuspecting teenagers whose fears and insecurities draw these soul suckers to them like moths to a flame. When a paranormal infestation leads to a suicide epidemic in a small town, the Demon Squad is sent in to wipe out the supernatural plague — although they may bust a few heads along the way. Led by the gruff, take-no-prisoners Dr. Facchio, the Demon Squad is a rag tag team of scientists, mercenaries and mystics who are the frontline between us and the bloodsucking demons of the night.


Night Projectionist 02

As the vampire coven descends upon the hapless victims trapped inside the movie theater, the mystery of who Dragos is and why he’s facing off against his former brethren unravels. Is he there to save the people of Crosstown Falls or to save his own neck? What part did he play in the destruction of his village centuries ago — and is history repeating itself?


Smuggling Spirits
ISBN: 978-1-935385-03-5

Set in a nightmarish vision of the past where deadly monstrosities roam the shadows of Prohibition-Era America, Al Stone is a bootlegger who finds himself on the run when he inadvertently stumbles upon the bloody secret of the creatures’ survival. As the beasts close in to take back what’s theirs, Al and his young ward, Nathan, make their final stand in this blend of horror, drama, action and suspense.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


VANCOUVER, WASH. (December 11) – Bluewater Productions is going back to the books that made them popular. Last week it was announced that the “10th Muse” is back but also “Legend of Isis” is on the way this summer as an ongoing series. To top it off “Power of the Valkyrie” is geared for a February 2009 comeback. Originally published through Arcana, it comes home to Bluewater. Written by Chris Studabaker, drawn by Mannix and colored by Farés Ramírez.

Bluewater describes the new “Power of the Valkyrie” series as, philosophic action and adventure continues in this new saga starring Bluewater’s Norse hero and written by Day Prize-nominee Chris Studabaker. Suzanne Bancroft is going to die, and the end of the world will be her fault. A relentless demi-god has declared he will murder Suzanne and her death will begin a chain of events culminating in Ragnarok. Worse yet – her murderer can see her fate. While still trying to understand her new role as the Valkyrie, Suzanne must seek the true nature of fate and ask herself a hard question: how do you fight a battle you’re destined to lose?

“Valkyrie has been a treat to write”, says writer Chris Studabaker. “A lot of use having passing familiarity with Norse mythology, but we used some very different storytelling here, interweaving ancient stories and modern narrative. The idea of modernizing ancient gods provides a lot of fodder for big fights, but the most important aspect of the Norse pantheon has always been their striking humanity and that’s what we’re exploring”.

Studabaker continues, “All these ideas about people, myth, fate, and circles come together incredibly in the full mirrored layout of issue four and his treatment of the mirrored ideas and page layouts are really beautiful. The Fate of Gods and Men is about just that – what history and fate mean to us, our heroes, our gods, and how we comes to terms with the answers”.

“Valkyrie is the darkest of all the Bluewater female titles”, said Darren G. Davis creator of the character. “We wanted to do something that was different from our other classic characters, so we gave this series a more adult feel”.

To order issue #1 through Diamond use the order code: DEC083828: POWER OF THE VALKYRIE.

For more information on Bluewater Productions, visit them online at their all-new, recently redesigned Web site (, or check them out in your local comic book shop!
New from Papercutz in February 2009


Two of Papercutz’s most popular series are back with new issues

HARDY BOYS Graphic Novel #16: “SHHHHH!”
By Scott Lobdell and Paulo Henrique
Joe and Frank Hardy find themselves on the strangest bodyguard duty
ever -- protecting the five children of a visiting dignitary during a
field trip to the National Library of Education in Washington, D.C.
The job sounds easy, but before the boys get done, they're going to
need help from the most unexpected ally of all ... their mom,
librarian Laura Hardy!
Full-color paperback, 5” x 7½”, 96 pages, $7.95, ISBN
Also in collector’s hardcover: $12.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-114-7

TALES FROM THE CRYPT Graphic Novel #6: “U-Tomb”
By Fred Van Lente, Mort Todd, John L. Lansdale and Jim Salicrup
What’s better than the latest batch of terror tales from the Crypt-
Keeper, the Old Witch and the Vault-Keeper? How about even more
stories than before? That’s what you get when you mix the chills of
Tales from the Crypt with the short, funny style of online videos!
“U-Tomb” packs more monsters, psychos, vampires, and zombies into
the pages of Tales from the Crypt than ever!
Full-color paperback, 5” x 7½”, 96 pages, $7.95, 978-1-59707-136-9
Also in collector’s hardcover: $12.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-137-6


By David Gerrold and others

Award-winning author David Gerrold brings his science fiction
credentials to Tales from the Crypt! As one of the most popular
writers of the original Star Trek television series, Gerrold’s work
will make this issue the most spaced-out one yet!

Bi-monthly comic book, 48 pages, full color, $3.95, UPC 071896453065 11


You can order through NBM Publishing at 800-886-1223.

For previews and more, visit and http://
Hey sweet cheeks:

After too long an absence, my online comic "KELLY" returns to exactly
the gut-wrenching moment where it left off:

-------allmylovetoyou------> d!
Dan Goldman


The wait is almost over!

December 9th, 2008 - Los Angeles, CA - When you enter your local comic shop on December 24th BOOM! Studios' much-anticipated FARSCAPE #1 will be waiting for you just in time for the holidays!

"We originally solicited this for November, but we pushed back the release because we had to make sure the book was the best product possible for fans awaiting FARSCAPE's return," said Chip Mosher, BOOM!'s Marketing and Sales Director. "And let me tell you, it will be worth the wait!"

FARSCAPE #1 is written by television series creator Rockne O'Bannon with script by Keith R.A. DeCandido, interior art by Tommy Patterson and cover art by fan-favorites Dennis Calero and Joseph Corroney!

Picking up directly where the television miniseries Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars left off, fans can look forward to show creator O'Bannon steering their favorite characters into new and original stories, keeping with the existing canon - and then extending it!

Debuting on the SCI-FI Channel in 1998, FARSCAPE follows the adventures of astronaut John Crichton, who has a freak accident during an experimental space mission that catapults him across a thousand galaxies to an alien battlefield. Suddenly, he's trapped among alien creatures wielding deadly technology - a battle that 20th century sci-fi pop culture never prepared him for. Hunted by a merciless military race, Crichton begins his quest for home from a distant galaxy.

A groundbreaking award-winning sci-fi production, FARSCAPE from The Jim Henson Company and [HALLMARK] has become a global favorite. Named by TV Guide as one of television's "Best Cult Shows Ever" and most recently named by EMPIRE Magazine as one of the "50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time," FARSCAPE is known for the overwhelming fan-based campaign that led to its miniseries production. The show has continued to find new audiences as it airs in syndication and is available on iTunes and DVD.

About BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios ( is a unique new publishing house specializing in high-profile projects across a wide variety of different genres from some of the industry's biggest talents. In its inaugural year, Wizard Magazine named BOOM! "Best New Publisher." Founded by the creator of the TV show EUREKA, Andrew Cosby, and his partner Ross Richie, BOOM! Studios continues to be on the leading edge of comic and graphic novel publishing.

About the Jim Henson Company

The Jim Henson Company has remained an established leader in family entertainment for over 50 years and is recognized worldwide as an innovator in puppetry, animatronics and digital animation. Best known as creators of the world famous Muppets (the rights to which are now owned by The Walt Disney Company), Henson is the recipient of over 50 Emmy Awards and nine Grammy Awards. Credits include the Saturn Award-winning "Farscape" and the features "MirrorMask," "Five Children and It," "Good Boy!" and the recently released direct to DVD "Unstable Fables" features: "3 Pigs and a Baby" and "Tortoise vs. Hare." With additional locations in New York and London, The Jim Henson Company is headquartered in Los Angeles on the historic Charlie Chaplin lot complete with soundstage and postproduction facilities. Independently owned and operated by the five adult children of founder Jim Henson, the Company is also home to Jim Henson's Creature Shop™, a pre-eminent character-building and visual effects group with international film, television and advertising clients, as well as Henson Recording Studios, one of the music industry's top recording facilities known for its world-class blend of state of the art and vintage equipment. The Company is currently completing production on 40 episodes of "Sid the Science Kid," a new science readiness animated series for preschoolers that debuted on PBS in September 2008, and recently premiered the preschool live-action puppet series "Pajanimals" on PBS KIDS SproutSM. The Company's Henson Alternative brand continues to produce "Puppet Up! - Uncensored," a live puppet improvisational show that has played to sold out crowds around the world and runs monthly at the Avalon Hollywood. The Company has also announced the creation of Jim Henson Designs, a merchandise collection inspired by Jim Henson's earliest sketches, and The Jim Henson Company: Discoveries, an acquisitions banner that celebrates outstanding third party produced independent film, television and video productions from around the globe embodying the Company's enduring legacy.
NBM Publishing in February 2009
Plus: new thrills from Eurotica


New York magazine has named Veronique Tanaka’s love story METRONOME
to its list of 2008’s Top 10 graphic novels. Metronome joins other
NBM books on “best of 2008” lists:

• School Library Journal has placed Marc-Antoine Mathieu’s THE MUSEUM
VAULTS on its list of 2008’s Best Adult Books for High-School Students.

• Publishers Weekly lists Rick Geary’s A TREASURY OF XXTH CENTURY
MURDER: THE LINDBERGH CHILD among its Best Books of the Year.

• The New York Times recommends Dirk Schwieger’s Moresukine: Uploaded
Weekly From Tokyo in its annual guide to the best gift books for the

On sale in February:
DUNGEON: Zenith, Volume 3 -- Back in Style
By Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar, and Boulet
Two stories continue the heyday of DUNGEON, featuring guest artist
Boulet (pen name of Gilles Roussel). First off: the Dungeon’s
powerful Keeper is to be married, but the bride prefers his cowardly
underling Herbert the Duck. Also: Herbert plans a comeback to his
hometown, where his name is mud. He disguises himself with a potion
that makes him look fearsome -- but if he laughs, he becomes himself

Full-color trade paperback, 6 ½” x 9”, 96 pages, $12.95, ISBN

See previews and more at

Visit our brand-new author/publisher blog at
Our authors have direct access to post their latest, including art in

For more information and to interact with us, visit
comingup/comaug.html and our MySpace page,

Dec 8, 2008 (Los Angeles) Frank Forte, publisher of Asylum Press, has inked a deal with Partners Publishers Group for distribution into the booktrade. Partners Publishers Group has a nationwide customer base and has worked with a number of heavyweight independent comic companies and now adds Asylum Press to its fold.

"We are very excited to be working with PPG to bring our books to an entirely new audience outside the comic book store world," explains Frank Forte, "the graphic novel industry is exploding and we are poised to produce some groundbreaking new titles."

ASYLUM PRESS titles available to bookstores are Robert S. Rhine's Satan's 3-Ring Circus Of Hell, Deadly Are The Naked, Chestaclese Sketchbook and The Bomb by Steve Mannion. Coming in 2009 will be the collected edition trade paperbacks of Warlash:Dark Noir, Farmhouse, a graphic novel by Elizabeth J. Musgrave and Szymon Kudranski, and The Asylum Of Horrors collected edition hardcover.

The above titles will be available from Partners Publishers Group immediately.

Partners Publishers Group’s titles are available through Partners Book Distributing, Partners/West, Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

Asylum Press can be found on the web

Partners Publishers Group can be found on the web at:


Founded in 1999 by Frank Forte, Asylum Press is a unique publishing house specializing in high profile projects from some of the industry's biggest names. Publishing superhero comics with Warlash: Zombie Mutant Genesis, continuing their tradition of horror with Undead Evil, Satan’s 3-Ring Circus of Hell, the upcoming Asylum of Horrors and Beyond Lovecraft, venturing into dark humor with Billy Boy The Sick Little Fat Kid and The Cletus and Floyd Show, Asylum Press continues to be on the cutting edge of comic and graphic novel publishing.


PPG- a distributor - was established in 1997 as a sister company to Partners Book Distributing (PBD) - a wholesaler - to accommodate PBD’s client publishers who publish national titles that would benefit from the wider marketplace that a distributor can provide. Over the past 11 years, PPG has consistently tried to provide publishers with relatively low cost flat rate access to the bookselling marketplace.

Ten Shorts Now Available Exclusively on iTunes; Legendary Illustrator Alex Ross Discusses Batman: Black & White Motion Comics in Free iTunes Podcast

Burbank, Calif., December 9, 2008 – Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution announced the acclaimed graphic album “Batman: Black & White” debuted today as a Warmer Premiere Motion Comics series. Available exclusively on iTunes and coming soon to other distribution channels including Amazon Video On Demand and Verizon Wireless VCAST, “Batman: Black and White” Motion Comics features 10 stories created by comic book legends that include Alex Ross, Dave Gibbons, Ted McKeever, Paul Levitz and others. The stories are available on iTunes as five episodes of two shorts each and can be purchased and downloaded for $0.99 per episode.

In addition, comic book fans can download a free podcast, also available on iTunes (, featuring “Batman: Black & White” illustrator Alex Ross. Hosted by John Siuntres of the popular Wordballoon comic book podcast, Alex discusses Motion Comics, his work on the best-selling series and his current projects.

Warner Premiere’s Motion Comics are a new way for comic fans to connect with their favorite characters and the stories they know and love through short-form digital content. The Motion Comics slate draws on a deep reservoir of source material to bring a new visually engaging experience to life through the use of subtle movements, voice-overs, sweeping music scores and stunning comic book artwork.

“Batman: Black & White is one of the most visually stunning graphic albums created and we’re delighted to bring it our expanding Motion Comics slate,” said Diane Nelson, President, Warner Premiere. “Our production team worked closely with DC Comics to ensure the rich artwork and story of the original creators are as authentic as possible.”

A new addition to the Warner Premiere Motion Comics slate, “Batman: Black & White” is taken from three award-winning volumes of short stories starring the Caped Crusader. Animated by Sequence Post Studios, the Motion Comics reflect the original and diverse visions of various artists and writers as they tell stories in the now-infamous world of Gotham City.

The “Batman: Black & White” stories range in theme from the unsettling drama of solving a brutal murder to the light comedy of fighting bad guys with a broken nose. These short episodes also touch on elements of romance, mystery and even the supernatural. And like any exciting Batman story, classic villains such as The Joker, Harley Quinn and Two-Face make heralded appearances. It’s Batman as seen through the prism of some of today’s most eloquent graphic artists and writers.

“Batman: Black & White” Motion Comics features ten engaging shorts:

"Here Be Monsters" - Written by Paul Grist, art by Darwyn Cooke

Madame X, attempting to poison Gotham's water supply, doses Batman with a strange toxin causing him to hallucinate and see everyone around him as monstrous villains.

"Broken Nose" - By Paul Pope

Alfred treats Batman for the first broken nose of his illustrious career, right before the Caped Crusader has to go out and confront the metallic-armored Mabuse in a furious fist fight.

“Two of a Kind” - By Bruce Timm
Two-Face has his face reconstructed and is seemingly rehabilitated, but is tempted back to the dark side by a femme fatale.

"Case Study" - Written by Paul Dini, art by Alex Ross
The Arkham Asylum staff discusses the origins and dubious sanity of The Joker.

“The Black and White Bandit" - By Dave Gibbons
A painter who has lost his sense of color due to toxic paint fumes exacts his revenge in a series of black-and-white themed crimes, where everything he steals has a black-and-white motif.

“Punchline” - Written by Doug Alexander, art by Rob Haynes
Told silently, Harley Quinn attempts to trick another criminal out of their ill-gotten gains by inspiring the fear of Batman in them. Her attempts to mimic the Caped Crusader, however, cannot match up to the man himself.

“Good Evening Midnight” - By Klaus Janson
As Batman embarks on a dangerous assignment on his birthday, Alfred reads a note Bruce's father had written long ago for his son which echoes the future for Batman.

"Hide and Seek" - Written by Paul Levitz, art by Paul Rivoche
At the scene of a train wreck which may well be the result of malice rather than an accident, Batman seizes on the smallest of clues to follow someone's trail through the train system and up into the light. Here he finds a small boy and reassures him that he is now safe, telling him that he knows what it's like to be young and lost.

“Night After Night“ - Written by Kelley Puckett, art by Tim Sale
Bruce Wayne can’t shake the nightmares he has night after night that recall how his parents were killed, and uses the anger from it to fuel his crime fighting against the likes of The Joker.

“Perpetual Mourning" - By Ted McKeever
In this Eisner Award nominated story, Batman conducts an autopsy on a murder victim to help find her killer.


About Warner Premiere

Warner Premiere is a Warner Bros. Entertainment production company focused on the development, production and marketing of feature-length-DVD and short-form digital content for this growing space. Warner Premiere is committed to being at the creative forefront in the evolution of quality product in the direct-to-consumer business, creating material that exemplifies the commitment to story, production and brand equity for which Warner Bros. is known.

About Warner Bros. Digital Distribution

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution (WBDD) was founded in October 2005 to manage Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group’s electronic distribution streams over existing, new and emerging digital platforms, including pay-per-view, electronic sell-through, video-on-demand, wireless and more. WBDD also oversees the WBHEG’s worldwide digital strategy, partnerships in digital services and emerging new clients and business activities in the digital space.

About Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group brings together Warner Bros. Entertainment's home video, digital distribution, interactive entertainment/videogames, direct-to-DVD production, technical operations and anti-piracy businesses in order to maximize current and next-generation distribution scenarios. WBHEG is responsible for the global distribution of content through DVD, electronic sell-through and VOD, and delivery of theatrical content to wireless and online channels, and is also a significant worldwide publisher for both internal and third party videogame titles.

About DC Comics

DC Comics, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, is the largest English-language publisher of comics in the world and home to such iconic characters as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Sandman. These DC Super Heroes and others have starred in comic books, movies, television series (both animated and live-action) and cyberspace, thrilling audiences of all ages for generations. DC Comics’ Web site is located at

BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

Everyone's Invited to the BOOM! Studios Holiday Party!
@Meltdown in Los Angeles
Sponsored by Asahi

It's time once again for the BOOM! Studios Holiday Party at Meltdown! Everyone's invited to our holiday party taking place this next Wednesday December 17th at Meltdown. We couldn't have made BOOM! a success without our friends and fans, so come and help us celebrate another successful year. Most importantly - FREE BEER.

Who: The BOOM! crew. Mingle with Mark Waid, Andy Cosby, Ross Richie, Michael Alan Nelson and many more!

When: Thursday, Dec. 17, 8:00pm - till they kick us out!

Where: Meltdown Comics & Collectibles 7522 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046

Why: Free Beer while supplies last.

BOOM! Out!