Friday, September 21, 2007


Like last Friday, I’m getting an early jump on the Blog Extra! This weekend: a look at a new title from the folks at Devil’s Due.

DRAFTED #1 is written by Mark Powers and drawn by Chris Lie. The story certainly doesn’t have small aims; we begin in the aftermath of large earthquakes which have wiped out Berlin and Ottawa, and those have occurred after bizarre disasters in Jerusalem and St. Louis. Only one thing is known for sure: people are dying by the thousands and nothing about any of it makes sense. But it all becomes plainly, horrifically clear when an alien race arrives and announces itself to every soul on the planet at one time. They have come to enlist the Earth’s population in a war against a great evil, and if we cooperate, we get all sorts of goodies. Refuse to assist, and they’ll wipe us out completely… using very similar methods to what they’ve done to our world so far. Human civilization as we know it is at an end either way… so can people put aside their differences and work together to save the species? Or is humanity about to go the way of the dinosaur?

Like a classic Hollywood mega-blockbuster, DRAFTED brings together an international cast, places them in danger, and jams the plot into motion. Certainly, as hard as Powers tries, none of the characters come across as anything but stock, but that isn’t necessarily a flaw. We’re meant at this point to get only a slight glimpse, and any development will occur as each one faces the horrors ahead.

As a fan of the disaster genre, I liked DRAFTED maybe more than I should have. Honestly, not enough happens here; we’re not even at the point of the series when we find out exactly what the title truly means yet, and there was a preview issue before this one. Still, Powers and Lie get a lot of latitude from me on this one, so I’m counting on them to come through.

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Finishing off a very exciting week here at the Waiting Room... the second edition of FULL BLEED, the addition of OMNIUM GATHERUM... and wrapping it all with a new review today of ANGEL SKIN.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007


It is here, on the occasion of the 500th post to this blog, that I'm pleased to reprint this piece of PR I Just sent out:


Comics Retailer, Writer and Editor Joins the Comics Columnist Community!

TEMPE, AZ, Thursday, September 20, 2007-

The Comics Waiting Room ( is proud to announce the addition of columnist Vince Moore to the site. Moore, who has spent time on both the retail and creative sides of the comics industry, will be writing his column “OMNIUM GATHERUM” for the site, and using it to discuss his thoughts about the comics industry, the process of creating and publishing his own, review books new and old, and riff on other topics of note.

“OMNIUM GATHERUM” will appear on Thursdays on a weekly to bi-weekly schedule, and the column will be archived at so that anyone who has missed an installment can easily catch up.

Comics Waiting Room owner and Editor-in-Chief Marc Mason had this to say about the addition of Moore to the site: “Having Vince at the site makes me very happy. He’s a very mellow, thoughtful guy, and even when he has a controversial opinion you might not agree with, he’s just so damned nice that you still love him anyway. I’m glad he said ‘yes’ when I asked if he’d like to come onboard. Year two at the Waiting Room is all about adding more content and variety to the site, and Vince is a huge part of it! And there’s more to come!”

About Vincent S. Moore:
Vince has been a retailer, comics editor, and is now creating comics of his own. He’s also written for Comic Book Resources and Silver Bullet Comics.

About The Comics Waiting Room:
Established by Marc Mason in July 2006, after working for a number of other comics-related websites, The Comics Waiting Room has consistently added new content five to six days a week. The site offers reviews of comics, graphic novels, and media, as well as occasional media and entertainment features. After producing 99.9% of the content himself in the first year, the second year will see the addition of three new columnists to the site."

Throw in a review of SNAKE WOMAN vol.1 from Virgin Comics, and you have zero excuse for not clicking and reading today!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

World War Wednesday! Two new comics reviews: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: SEASON ZERO and EVA: DAUGHTER OF THE DRAGON! And if that wasn't enough, it's the newest installment of Matt Maxwell's FULL BLEED, wherein he discusses how horrible it would be if television were run like comics!

Tomorrow: the arrival of Vince Moore's OMNIUM GATHERUM!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today... ELEPHANTMEN gets the deluxe hardcover treatment, and we have the review...

Tomorrow... more new reviews, plus the newest installment of Matt Maxwell's FULL BLEED...

Thursday... more new reviews, and Vince Moore's OMNIUM GATHERUM joins the site...

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Manga Monday! SUZUKA is, technically, a fine manga, but the characters are becoming obnoxious to the point of being painful.

Should I keep caring?