Thursday, July 14, 2005


News and notes: have had a good time so far. Thank God.

Ross Richie of Boom Studios has some cautiously ambitious plans, and I’m intrigued to see where they’ll lead.

Bumped into old pal Tom Spurgeon last night, and he’s growing facial hair. It’s somewhat disturbing.

A man larger than me is walking around the con wearing a Harry Potter costume. This is surely a sign of the apocalypse.

Not enough anime girls so far. Dunno what’s up with that.

Brett Warnock of Top Shelf has sent me back to my room to unload my bag, as he is a pro at getting you to look at their books, Glad to see Alex Robinson’s follow-up to BOX OFFICE POISON is finally ready and out. TRICKED is huge, by the way.

One thing I left out of the previous audio post: at 4:30 this morning, my hotel room phone rang, and a whispering caller claiming to be a comics pro of my acquaintance was on the other end of the line offering me oral sex. I politely declined, as the caller was not a woman.

Everyone has their deal breakers, after all.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


God, I love being in San Diego.

Sure, Nerd Prom can be insane, but what can’t you know? All I know is that I’m sitting in my hotel room right now with the window wide open, enjoying the weather. It will be four months before I can open a window back home.

Four long fucking months.

I got up this morning, worked out, cleaned up, and then headed out for breakfast and a nice walk. One thing I see in SD guides is recommending that people shop at the downtown Ralph’s grocery store, but as coda, I’d go further and recommend getting a Ralph’s shopper’s card. I acquired one about five years ago, and I’ve done well with saving money since then. If you come to the show every year, it just makes good sense. It was certainly helpful today as I bought Gatorade, Propel water and Power Bars. It knocked $7 off of my bill.

The show kicks off at 5:30pm this evening, and I’m thinking I’ll head down there sometime around 4:45. By the time I finish the walk, and get through the press badge line, I figure I’ll get inside around 6pm, hopefully missing some of the madness of the initial geek rush. The nice thing about going as press is that I’ll avoid being in the attendee line, period; what a scary place that can be. Last year it was particularly bad, as the con was slow to get the hall open on Preview Night, and there was a near riot.

My goal for this year is to come home with less stuff. Last year I returned to Arizona with 85 items in my bag for review. My suitcase could have held a dead body and been lighter. It took me until November to get through the pile. Part of it was my intent on getting the MPS column a little bit more out in front of people (which was very successful), and part of it was my sorority girl-like inability to say no. But this year, I’m gonna be a rock. A rock, dammit!

Anyway… audioblogging will probably start tomorrow. I’ll drop in with impressions of Preview Night, etc. Until then, adieu!