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New Network Features YouTube’s Top Gamers, Including PewDiePie, Yogscast and
Dodger Plus Robust Line-Up of Original Programming

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Polaris to Co-Host ‘Gaming Thursday’ on August 8
During YouTube’s First-Ever Geek Week

LOS ANGELES – Maker Studios, a next-generation media company and the world’s largest multi-channel network of online video content, today announced a new collaborative gaming and geek culture network—Polaris (, powered by the best and biggest gamers on YouTube. Formerly known as The Game Station (TGS), Polaris represents every flavor of fandom, from 8-bit nostalgia to e-sports enthusiasts, and from superhero fanatics to anime lovers. Polaris also features top gaming talent such as PewDiePie, creator and star of the most viewed YouTube channel in the world; Dodger, the #1 female gamer on YouTube; The Yogscast, the largest gaming channel in the UK, as well as Toby Turner, Jesse Cox, HuskyStarCraft, TotalBiscuit, Day[9], GameGrumps, Markiplier, and more. 

“By re-launching our gaming channel as Polaris, we’ll be able to focus not only on videogames, but offer original content that embodies our deep love of pop culture, movies, comics and all-things-geek, said Dar Nothaft, Vice President and general manager of Polaris, Maker Studios. “We are excited to bring all of our talent together in one collaborative hub—the new center of geek culture.”

In addition to offering game reviews and showcasing the latest trailers, Polaris’ line-up of innovative original programming celebrating gaming and geek culture includes:

·         PewDiePie & Friends – The biggest gamer in the world PewDiePie tackles his favorite games in a playhouse atmosphere, joined by other Polaris stars such as Toby Turner, Dodger and Jesse Cox.

·         The Daily Byte – Hosted by Dodger of PressHeartToContinue, the #1 female gamer on YouTube dishes daily on the top nerdy headlines. “The Daily Byte” also features some of Dodger’s own personal picks and recommendations for tech, pop culture, comic books and geek chic.

·         Rumble Zone – In this duel-to-the-death gameplay tournament, “Rumble Zone” features personalities from Polaris as they compete in multiplayer gaming and post training videos of their preparation. They’ll either compete in bracketed tournaments or battle royale style. Featuring Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast, these tournaments will showcase gamers competing for glory, vengeance and honor.

·         FriendZone – Join Dodger, members of the Polaris community and special guests for a casual, live hangout every other Friday. Like a pizza party sleepover, this wacky, fun, authentic roundtable will feature guests playing new or interesting games, watching new or favorite shows, or just discussing recent nerdy news. 

·         Co-Optional Podcast – The spiritual successor to The Game Station (TGS) Podcast, TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox, Dodger and a feature guest discuss (at length) gaming news each Wednesday, and spotlight cool and interesting content from the Polaris network.

·         Broken Quest – Airing every Thursday, “Broken Quest” features the animated adventures of a group of hapless warriors in a dangerous fantasy setting. Starring Polaris veterans HuskyStarcraft, Dodger and beloved geeky chef Rosanna Pansino, the show features Polaris network talent including Day9, TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox.

·         Mobile Countdown – Mobile Countdown provides suggestions for the best mobile games on the market. Our favorite female gamer Dodger plays a variety of personalities in need of mobile-based entertainment – from young women stranded by broken cars to company executives at boring presentations – and these personalities present the top three games suggested for viewers each week.

Recently selected to participate in YouTube’s first-ever Geek Week August 4-10, Polaris will co-host Gaming Thursday, which will feature live play-throughs, videogames in real life, game-inspired original series and much more. Geek Week will showcase more than 100 channels fans love, unveiling new videos, series premieres and creative collaborations - as well as highlighting some of the best geek videos and shows already on YouTube.

The Polaris channel serves as a hub for a broad network, which attracts more than 1 billion+ views a month across 500+ top channels. Chris M. Williams, Chief Development Officer, oversees Polaris along with Maker’s other major vertical channels. The Polaris leadership team includes Dar Nothaft, VP/General Manager of Polaris, Luis Medina, Director of Partnerships, Isaac Zucca, Director of Programming, Nathan Kitada, Director of Branded Integration, Sarah Wick, Talent Strategy Manager, and David Rostal, Head of Network Development.

About Polaris:
Polaris is a geek culture network powered by the best and biggest gamers on YouTube. Polaris represents every flavor of fandom, from 8-bit nostalgia to first-person shooters, and from superhero fanatics to anime lovers. The network’s innovative programming is a celebration of gaming and geek culture, featuring editorial coverage on the stories that matter to its audience. The Polaris channel serves as a hub for a broad network (formerly The Game Station, TGS), which attracts 1 billion+ views a month across 500+ top channels. To learn more, visit

About Maker Studios:
Maker is a next-generation, talent-first media company and the only network to offer its partners a full range of vertically integrated services including development, production, promotion, distribution, sales and marketing. Maker has built a proprietary technology suite of products to assist talent in measuring, developing and engaging audience. Maker is home to many of online video’s top digital stars and content including KassemG, Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD’s “Epic Rap Battles of History,” the Shaytards, Snoop Dogg’s WestFestTV, The Yogscast, The Gregory Brothers, Bad Lip Reading and Mike Tompkins, among many others. Maker has 4 billion+ views online per month with over 260 million subscribers and is headquartered in Culver City, Calif. To learn more, visit

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Daring Pygmie Desert Escape in Pocket God #24
(San Francisco, CA- Aug 1, 2013) Ape Entertainment and Bolt Creative announced today that the latest issue of Pocket God #24“The Pygmies Strike Back, Part 4 of 5”is now available on the App Store  for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can check it out at to get it today!
The Tribes are still divided!  The Wayfinder thingy has lead Ooga’s team to a temple in the desert where they suspect their missing companions are being held. But it’s guarded by some large hulking gem-powered constructs.  Time to use that old Pygmy ingenuity and break them out!  Hmmm…on second thought, maybe Kinsee and Nooby should just bust their own selves out!
At least Klik’s group is safe in the Nest city of the Bird-people, right?  Wait…there are mysterious goings-on there also?  Well crud.  Some days a pygmy just can’t get a break!
And don’t peek ahead to the HUGE surprise on page 4!  …But don’t worry if you do, the EVEN HUGE-ER surprise at the end of the story will completely blow your mind!
The Pocket God Comic App is updated frequently with all kinds of FREE extras such as The Pygmy Peril newsletter (which includes free Little Green Men comic short stories), and an EXCLUSIVE re-mastered version of the first Pocket God animated short!
And don’t forget that PYGMY PERIL #30 is available right NOW!  And if you have already downloaded the App itself, then every issue of PYGMY PERIL is absolutely FREE!  This issue of the ‘Peril is packed to the gills with the usual whacked-out Fan-Art, freaked-out Fan-Mail, and also the ‘Dangerous Dialog’ contest!
And of course it closes out with those itty-bitty imbeciles of invasion, the LITTLE GREEN MEN!
[Pocket God © 2013 BOLT Creative Inc. Pocket God, Pygmy Peril, and all related characters are © BOLT Creative Inc.    Little Green Men and related characters are © 2013 APE Entertainment LLC.]

About Bolt Creative
Bolt Creative is a San Francisco-based developer and publisher of original games, including the hit iOS phenomenon Pocket God, ranked by Apple as the #9 Top Paid App of All Time. Since its 2009 launch, Pocket God has mushroomed into a full franchise with the original game hitting multiple online and mobile platforms, Pocket God: Journey to Uranus bringing players and pygmies into outer space, and Pocket God: The Runs hitting iOS in the spring of 2012. The digital Pocket God Comics series has become one of the most successful digital comic series available and continuously outperforms megabrands. Fans can also purchase Pocket God merchandise such as figurines, apparel, and plush. Bolt Creative's goal is to develop games that crack them up and entertain players for countless hours. For more information, please

About Ape Entertainment
Founded in 2003, Ape Entertainment is the brainchild of lifelong comic book devotees David Hedgecock, and Brent E. Erwin.  Ape Entertainment is the comic book home to innovative new titles as LITTLE GREEN MEN, SCOUTS, and HERO OF ALEXANDRIA.  Ape is also the North American publisher for licensed properties SHREK, THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, KUNG FU PANDA, RICHIE RICH, CASPER, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, and CUT THE ROPE.
Visit Ape Entertainment online at

About iVerse Media, LLC
iVerse Media( a digital content distributor focused on the world of comics and popular culture. Founded in 2008, the company was one of the first to launch digital comics on Apple’s iOS platform. As of Oct 2011 over 5 Million products in the iOS App Store have been downloaded that are powered by iVerse, making the “iVerse Engine” one of the most popular and widely used platforms for reading digital comics in the world. The company is principally located in Waco, TX. For more information on iVerse Media, please visit:

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Image Comics publishes first English language edition of graphic novel by Howard Chaykin
The American West is more than history; it’s myth: from wild frontier adventure to Tinseltown glitz, the West has fed America’s imagination, including that of legendary comics creator Howard Chaykin (SATELLITE SAM, AMERICAN FLAGG, BLACK KISS). CENTURY WEST, the new Image Comics graphic novel out in September, is his ode to the West and the origins of the modern world.
CENTURY WEST follows the life of Century, Texas, from sleepy settlement to twentieth-century boomtown, and three men on whom the change has a profound effect. The three men are all settlers from the east who establish themselves as Texas Rangers, becoming an indelible part of the story of the American West.
It’s a story that has always fascinated self-described “New York Jew” Chaykin.
“CENTURY WEST is one of the projects that’s been in my concept book since the early 1990s — a narrative demonstration of my conviction that the modern world began a lot earlier than any of us mid-20th-century types ever knew, and the movies were what made that modernity concrete, inviolable and inevitable,” he told ComicsAlliance. “And of course, it’s got cowboys, Indians, airplanes and a Passover seder, for Christ sake. What more could you ask for?”
Chaykin has also spoken to Comic Book Resources about CENTURY WEST. 
Originally created for Disney Italia, CENTURY WEST has been published in Spanish and English, and September’s Image Comics edition (ISBN 978-1-60706-788-7) is the first time the 64-page graphic novel will appear in English. It can be pre-ordered now from the July issue of Previews.
Image Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Image has since gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. Image currently has five partners: Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino. It consists of five major houses: Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, Skybound and Image Central. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable. It offers science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit

Baltimore Comic-Con Welcomes Back Neal and Josh Adams

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - July 31, 2013 - The Baltimore Comic-Con is happy to announce the return of Neal and Josh Adams as guests for this year's show, taking place September 7-8, 2013 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Neal and Josh join the growing line-up of talent attending the 14th annual show.
Neal Adams Hunger Silver Age artist and creator-rights advocate, Neil Adams' work on such DC Comics characters as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow throughout the '60s and '70s redefined an era of comics, and brought a photo-realistic feel to the pages of their respective books. His eye for detail and definition elevated the art form to levels that had previously been seen only in fantasy illustration.
In the late-'60s, while freelancing for DC Comics, Adams also began working at Marvel Comics on X-Men with Roy Thomas. He continued to work for DC and Marvel throughout the late-'60s and '70s, working on the titles The Avengers, Detective Comics, and Green Lantern/Green Arrow.
In addition, Adams crusaded for years to secure pensions and recognition for Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, creators of Superman and, in 1978, he helped form the Comics Creators Guide. He was inducted into the Eisner Awards' Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1998, and the Harvey Awards' Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1999. Most recently, he finished working on the covers for Marvel Comics' First X-Men.
Josh Adams Doctor Josh Adams, the artist for IDW's Doctor Who series, has achieved notoriety on the Internet for his exquisitely designed Sherlock Holmes illustrations. He has worked throughout the industry for companies such as DC Comics (House of Mystery, JSA, Batman Odyssey) and Marvel Comics (Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic), as well as on Syfy shows like Eureka, Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, and Alphas.

"I love Baltimore because they know that the best crabs come from the Bay and the best comics are found at the Baltimore Comic-Con," said Josh of the Baltimore Comic-Con and the city that hosts it.

In addition, Josh launched a new webcomic series in mid-July, called In the Garden of Steven ( Produced by Blind Ferret Entertainment, the comic is written and drawn by Adams, with colors by Luis Delgado and letters by Brandon DeStefano, and follows the (mis)adventures of Steve Morrison after he mysteriously wakes up in the Garden of Eden. The comic posts new strips on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
"We couldn't be happier to have Neal and Josh returning to the show this year," said Marc Nathan, show promoter of the Baltimore Comic-Con. "The Adams' are among the few dynasties in comics, along with the Kuberts and Romitas, and we are honored to host both of them again here in Baltimore!"
The Adamses join our previously announced guests, including: Guest of Honor Stan Lee (Marvel comics), Brian Bolland (Dial H); Mark Buckingham (Fables); Jimmy Cheung (Avengers vs. X-Men); Frank Cho (Savage Wolverine); Amanda Conner (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre); J.M. DeMatteis (Phantom Stranger); David Finch (Justice League of America); Dave Gibbons (The Secret Service); Keith Giffen (Masters of the Universe); Adam Hughes (Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan); Barry Kitson (Empire); Roger Langridge (Popeye); Paul Levitz (World's Finest); Kevin Maguire (World's Finest); Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie); Mike Mignola (Hellboy In Hell); Jimmy Palmiotti (Batwing); George Perez (World's Finest); David Petersen (Mouse Guard); Joe Prado (Earth 2); Ivan Reis (Aquaman); Chris Samnee (Daredevil); Louise Simonson (X-Factor); Walt Simonson (The Mighty Thor); Kevin Smith (Batman: The Widening Gyre); Allison Sohn (sketch card artist); Mark Waid (Indestructible Hulk), and Bill Willingham (Fables). 
In the coming weeks, look for more announcements from the Baltimore Comic-Con. We are looking forward to highlighting our guests, the Harvey Awards, industry exclusives, and programming. The latest developments can always be found on our website, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

-- All new season of the spin off series ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO airing every Saturday at 9PM ET/PT throughout the summer--

The eccentric antique shop, Loved to Death opens its doors to Science Channel for a second season of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO. The store’s colorful owner Audra, and her employee Wednesday, are joined by newcomer Lincoln to take on the eclectic customers and bizarre antiques that enter the Haight Street haven. From zombie proms to singing robots, the ten brand new episodes of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO showcase the weird and wacky world of antiques.

The new season of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO premieres with two episodes! The staff hunts for the perfect accessory for the San Francisco Zombie prom in “Zombie King of Prom” 9PM (ET/PT) and when the prom ends, a new adventure begins with an odd request from a death obsessed installation artist in “Funeral Parlor Games” 9:30 PM (ET/PT). Descriptions of the premiering episodes are below:

Airs on Saturday, August 3 at 9PM (ET/PT)
Audra and Wednesday are hunting down a costume accessory for the King of the San Francisco Zombie prom. When they stumble across a new collector in town they find an item that may in fact be fit for a king.  Meanwhile the shop gains a new employee, Lincoln, who must help find an item to soup up a customer’s “time machine” that runs on electrical impulses. Also, Audra shows off a medical antique that is sure to get a certain body part into shape and straightened out.

Airs on Saturday, August 3 at 9PM (ET/PT)
At Loved to Death Wednesday gets a request from an installation artist who has a death obsession.  Her hunt takes her to the City of Souls, and the home of an artist who relishes making people want to vomit.  Meanwhile, Audra has her hands full when a customer stops by with a family heirloom that’s beyond gross. Then, shop regular David Apocalypse stops by Loved to Death with a mutated skull and a bird that may be the genetic link to dinosaurs.



Available on DVD: August 13, 2013
$19.98 Suggested Retail Price


Since first soaring onto TV screens in the 1960s, Star Trek has become one of the most durable and beloved franchises of all time. At the center of each Star Trek incarnation is what has become a truly iconic character: The Captain. THE CAPTAINS CLOSE UP is a five episode mini-series, as seen on Epix, that "boldly goes where no man has gone before," giving viewers an intimate look at the actors that have inhabited this role - all through the eyes of the man who played the first Captain more than 45 years ago: William Shatner.

Based on the multi-million dollar budget feature documentary The Captains, written and directed by Shatner, The Captains CLOSE UP provides an even deeper behind-the-scenes look at the actors who have made the Star Trek an international phenomenon. Each episode features William Shatner conducting an in-depth, one-on-one interview with one of his fellow Captains, and delves into the working challenges and personal rewards each actor garnered from his or her groundbreaking role at the Star Trek Starfleet helm.


  • William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek: The Original Series,
    7 Star Trek feature films) featuring
    Chris Pine (Captain James T. Kirk, J.J. Abrams's Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness)
  • Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
    4 Star Trek feature films)
  • Avery Brooks (Captain Benjamin Sisko, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • Kate Mulgrew (Captain Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek: Voyager)
  • Scott Bakula (Captain Jonathan Archer, Star Trek: Enterprise)

  • Additional Interviews with William Shatner (exclusive to the DVD release) shot on the Paramount Studios Lot
Type: DVD
Catalog #: EOE-DV-7249
Running Time: 150 mins.
Genre: TV/Documentary
Rated: Not Rated
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 (1.78:1)
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
Language: English w/ SDH Subtitles

For the latest breaking news on THE CAPTAINS CLOSE-UP and other releases, follow Entertainment One on Twitter:



New from SQP Art Books

Glamourama - The Pin-Up Art of Carlos Valenzuela
Hollywood honeys meet up with creatures who go "rub" in the night!

SQP Art Books, the one-stop source for the best and brightest in fantasy, erotic, and pin-up illustration is happy to announce their newest title - a magnificient gallery of paintings by talented illustrator Carlos Valenzuela.
An oversized 9x12 format, this is 48 full color pages that celebrate the sweet, the scary, and the outright surreal pop culture has to offer. Vintage sex vixens, classic monsters, and magnificent mash-ups expertly crafted by Mr Valenzuela, a genuine fan of Americana gone creepy!

ISBN 978-0-86562-231-9

Available online at

SQP Art Books is a company celebrating its 40th year of creating a massive library of books showcasing artists from around the world who delight in exploring the wild, the imaginative, and sure - the kinky as well!

Glamourama - The Pin-Up Art of Carlos Valenzuela"Horror Glamour" from Glamourama - The Pin-Up Art of Carlos Valenzuela

"At The Movies" from Glamourama - The Pin-Up Art of Carlos Valenzuela"A Deadly Trap" from Glamourama - The Pin-Up Art of Carlos Valenzuela
SQP Art Book
Ethan Van Sciver Variant Cover of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead #1 Debuts at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con

Skybound and Wizard World's Fifth Limited Edition Cover in the Wizard World series Free to Full-Price Attendees; VIPs To Receive Additional B&W Sketch Cover
NEW YORK, July 30, 2013 – Noted artist Ethan Van Sciver will create the fifth in a series of exclusive Wizard World variant covers of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead #1 comic, provided for free to all full-price attendees at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, August 8-11 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill.  Wizard World and Skybound, Kirkman's imprint at Image Comics, have teamed to produce the line.

Van Sciver will be on hand at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con to sign copies of the limited-edition comic,  produced in extremely limited quantities and available to fans only while supplies last.  The first four covers, illustrated by superstar artists Michael Golden, “Zombie King” Arthur Suydam, Julian Totino Tedesco and Neal Adams, respectively, were huge hits at Wizard World events in Portland (February, Golden), St. Louis (March, Suydam), Philadelphia (June, Tedesco) and New York (June, Adams).  A different creator will draw the variant cover art for each of the three remaining scheduled Wizard World shows this year.

The personable Van Sciver has also drawn a second, sketch Black & White cover, which will be provided to VIP guests at the event.  His body of work includes such vaunted titles as “Green Lantern,” “Action Comics” and “Batman.”

Independent third-party comic book grading service CGC, a leader in the industry, will accept TWD #1 variant and Signature Series submissions at its Wizard World Chicago Comic Con exhibitor booth.

The longest-running and highest-attended show on the Wizard World calendar, 2013 Wizard World Chicago Comic Con will also feature Man of Steel co-star Michael Shannon (“General Zod”), Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, “American Horror Story”), Eisner Award Hall of Famer Stan Lee, “Torchwood” and Zero Dark Thirty headliner John Barrowman, WWE® Superstar CM Punk®, Norman Reedus of “The Walking Dead” and Boondock Saints, and director Robert Rodriguez (Machete Kills, From Dusk Till Dawn), among dozens of top celebrities, as well as an array of superstar comics creators.

The Walking Dead graphic novels accounted for seven of the 10 bestselling titles of the year and were #1 overall for both 2011 and 2012.

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, produced by Wizard World, Inc. (OTCBB: WIZD), will bring together thousands of fans of all ages to celebrate the best in pop-fi, pop culture, movies, graphic novels, comics, toys, video gaming, television, sci-fi, gaming, original art, collectibles, contests and more. Admission is free for kids 10 and under. Event hours are Thursday, Aug. 8, 3-8 p.m.; Friday, Aug. 9, noon – 7 p.m.; Saturday, Aug. 10, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 11, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

About Robert Kirkman
Robert Kirkman's success and passionate advocacy for creator-owned comics led him to become the first person invited to become a partner at Image Comics since the company's inception twenty-one years ago. Kirkman is the creator/writer of the Eisner Award-winning The Walking Dead, long-running Invincible, all-ages Super Dinosaur and Thief of Thieves. In 2010, Kirkman formed his own Image imprint, Skybound, which publishes his own work and Clone, Ghosted, Invincible Universe and Witch Doctor. Kirkman has earned the respect of the comic, writing and television communities and topped the New York Times bestseller list for graphic novels in 2011 and 2012. In April 2012, he took the top five spots on both the hardcover and paperback lists. He's the creator/executive producer and writer of the hit Emmy®-winning television show, AMC's The Walking Dead, the highest-rated basic cable drama of all time in the U.S, also an international success in 122 countries and 37 languages. Your destinations for all news and merchandise from Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead and all Skybound titles are and

About Skybound  
Skybound is Robert Kirkman's imprint at Image Comics and home to his creator-owned works including his Eisner Award-winning comic book series, The Walking Dead, long-running Invincible, all-ages Super Dinosaur and Thief of Thieves. Skybound also develops and fosters other talented writers, creators and artists and publishes their comic book series and graphic novels: Clone, Ghosted, Invincible Universe and Witch Doctor. Since its inception, Skybound has created television shows, merchandise, games (The Walking Dead: Assault iOS app), and entertainment events (The Walking Dead Escape). Skybound's successes include the comic behind the hit Emmy®-winning television show, AMC's The Walking Dead, the highest-rated basic cable drama of all time in the U.S., where Kirkman serves as Executive Producer/writer. Kirkman is also developing a new show with FOX International Channels based on his upcoming comic book series set in the world of exorcism. Skybound/Kirkman frequently top the hardcover and paperback bestseller lists. Your destinations for all news and merchandise from Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead and all Skybound titles are and

About Wizard World
Wizard World (OTCBB: WIZD) produces Comic Cons and pop culture conventions across North America that celebrate graphic novels, comic books, movies, TV shows, gaming, technology, toys and social networking. The events often feature celebrities from movies and TV, artists and writers, and events such as premieres, gaming tournaments, panels, and costume contests.

The event schedule for 2013 and for 2014 to date can be found at

***** SAVE THE 2013-14 DATES *****
August 8-11 – Wizard World Chicago Comic Con
September 20-22 – Wizard World Ohio Comic Con
October 18-20 – Wizard World Nashville Comic Con
November 22-24 – Wizard World Austin Comic Con
January 24-26, 2014 – Wizard World Portland Comic Con
February 7-9, 2014 – Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con
April 4-6, 2014 – Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con
June 19-22, 2014 – Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Covers by Hitch and Phillips available to order now
Image Comics has unveiled two new variant covers by Bryan Hitch and Sean Phillips forJUPITER’S LEGACY #3 by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. The variant covers can be pre-ordered now, with the Diamond codes JUN138034 (Hitch) and JUN138035 (Phillips).

The third issue of the Image series that explores inter-generational power struggles between superheroes and their children marks a turning point in the story: a violent attempted coup that, successful or not, will change the world’s trajectory.
JUPITER'S LEGACY #3 will be in stores on August 28.
Image Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Image has since gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. Image currently has five partners: Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino. It consists of five major houses: Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, Skybound and Image Central. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable. It offers science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit

July 30, MILWAUKIE, OR—After an amazing show of demand for Dark Horse’s latest graphic novel, Avatar: The Last AirbenderThe Search Part 2 soared to the top of the New York Times bestseller list last week!
Written by Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, and Gene Luen Yang (author of the National Book Award–nominated American Born Chinese), Avatar: The Last Airbender—The Search Part 2 is the official continuation of Airbender from its creators and the perfect companion to The Legend of Korra!

Ever since the conclusion of Avatar: The Last Airbender, millions of fans have been hungry for more—and it’s finally here! In search of their long-lost mother, Fire Lord Zuko and his deadly and insane sister Azula have brought Avatar Aang and his friends into a mysterious forest, but what they discover within may be more than they can face. Will they too be lost in these woods forever?

Avatar: The Last AirbenderThe Search Parts 1 and 2 are must-have stories for any Airbender fan! This is the latest release in an ongoing partnership between Nickelodeon and Dark Horse to bring you the very best in Airbender books.

Praise for Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Search:
“A fantastic glimpse into the post-series universe.”—Bleeding Cool

Avatar: The Last AirbenderThe Search Part 2 is available in bookstores everywhere. 

Also available:

About Dark Horse
Founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson, Dark Horse Comics has proven to be a solid example of how integrity and innovation can help broaden a unique storytelling medium and establish a small, homegrown company as an industry giant. The company is known for the progressive and creator-friendly atmosphere it provides for writers and artists. In addition to publishing comics from top talent such as Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Neil Gaiman, Brian Wood, Gerard Way, Felicia Day, and Guillermo del Toro, and comics legends such as Will Eisner, Neal Adams, and Jim Steranko, Dark Horse has developed its own successful properties, including The Mask, Ghost, Timecop, and SpyBoy. Its successful line of comics and products based on popular properties includes Star Wars, Mass Effect, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aliens, Conan, Emily the Strange, Tim Burton’s Tragic Toys for Girls and Boys, Serenity, and Domo. Today Dark Horse Comics is the largest independent comic book publisher in the US and is recognized as one of the world’s leading publishers of both creator-owned content and licensed comics material.

About Nickelodeon Consumer Products

Nickelodeon Consumer Products manages the world’s number-one TV-based licensing business, representing leading properties such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer, and managing merchandising for Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTVN International, and Spike TV.

Nickelodeon is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The company includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, online, recreation, books, and feature films. Nickelodeon’s U.S. television network is seen in more than 100 million households and has been the number-one-rated basic cable network for 16 consecutive years. For more information or artwork, visit Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B).
Image Comics' Greatest Cosmic Superhero Epic, GØDLAND, Reaches
its Mind-Bending Conclusion in Galactic-Sized FINALE Issue!
GØDLAND, the long-running Image Comics series that launched in 2005, comes to its long-awaited end in the GØDLAND FINALE, a 72-page one-shot to be released in November. Man of Action Studios' Joe Casey (SEX, THE BOUNCE) and artist Tom Scioli have created an epilogue story that takes the cosmic grandeur of the Eisner-nominated series to incredible new heights. It's been more than a year since the last issue, #36, was released, but Casey and Scioli will address the passage of time in a much more dramatic way.

"In the FINALE, we jump one hundred years ahead into the future," said Casey, "and show a world significantly transformed by Adam Archer's 'GØD-like' actions as seen in issue #36. But, once again, humanity is teetering on another major evolutionary brink... and what ultimately occurs in the final pages is the true culmination of everything this book has been about from the very first issue."

For both Casey and Scioli, this issue is much more than simply bringing the story to its mind-bending conclusion. It's about carrying on the tradition of experimentation that has been a hallmark of the series since its debut.

"In some ways, this is an attempt to take comics to another level, rethinking the ways that a story can be delivered in comic book form," said Casey. "We've got one last shot to make a glorious, significant artistic statement here, and we're going for it in a big way! There'll be new characters, new conflicts and new cosmic enlightenment — all in a single issue!"

Tom Scioli added, "GØDLAND #36 and the FINALE are our Hunger Dogs, our Mister Miracle #18, our Silver Star #6. I feel genuinely privileged that we were able to end the comic properly, something very few series get to do."

With the FINALE finally set for release, Casey and Scioli are feeling the weight of bringing to a close a series that has been part of their lives for the last eight years. Reminiscing on the overall experience comes with the territory.

"With GØDLAND I learned that you can be funny and still be serious," said Scioli. "For as bloated and excessive a prog rock comic GØDLAND is, I learned how to tell a story economically from it. We cover a lot of ground in those 37 issues. I had to draw seven different versions of the future, which is the biggest challenge I've ever faced in comics. I didn't know I had that many in me. Most cartoonists only have one or two in them."

On their creative collaboration, Casey said, "Tom can draw everything, and more importantly, he doesn't shy away from drawing anything. If you're gonna do a bona fide cosmic superhero epic, he's the guy you want drawing it. And there are sections of the FINALE that are as jaw-dropping as anything you've ever seen in a comic book before...!"

On working on the book, Scioli added, "I learned that there's more to life than Jack Kirby. Joe brought his influences to the project and I sought them out to see for myself. Cosmic jokesters like Starlin, Gerber and Englehart, among others. These creators have since become favorites of mine. Most of all, I learned how to collaborate. I couldn't ask for a better creative partner than Joe Casey. What we created together is very special to me. I'm eternally grateful to the people who supported us and our book."

The GØDLAND FINALE will be in stores on November 27 and can be pre-ordered in the September issue of Previews.
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