Friday, September 01, 2006

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Who killed Marilyn Monroe? For that matter, who killed JFK? THE RED DIARIES asks these questions (but provides few answers). Today, over at the main site...


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Want to be charmed by a good old-fashioned romantic comic? Check out LOVE AND CAPES, reviewed today at the main site!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Moving into Tuesday... a look at HELLBOY VOL.6: STRANGE PLACES. Over at the main site, of course...


Monday, August 28, 2006

Starting off the week: a brand new AISLE SEAT! The ULTIMATE AVENGERS 2 dvd rolled out to stores last week, and it can't possibly be any worse than the first one can it?

Can it?

Go read.


Sunday, August 27, 2006


Howard, who made a name for himself with the DEAD @ 17 series, has rolled out a couple of different projects this year. He’ll be returning with a DEAD ongoing this fall, but in the meantime let’s take a look at what else has been on his plate.

BLACK HARVEST #6, from Devil’s Due, concludes Howard’s longest work to date. The DEAD books ran four issues, so it was interesting to see how the creator would react to having more space to expand his narrative. Pace always becomes an issue in this scenario, but for the most part, Howard seems to have figured it out pretty well. The story of Zaya Vahn and her mysterious return gets resolved in tidy fashion, but the explanation for what’s really going on in Jericho isn’t quite tied up so nicely. However, the final coda to the book would seem to indicate that a sequel to the book might be in order, and it provides a smidge of new mystery that suggests that a sequel is actually a good idea. In all, BLACK HARVEST was a solid series, and Howard worked out some of the problems that have dogged the DEAD books (such as waiting too long to get into the mystery and crowding the finish), and he seems to be learning how to deliver a solid story with each chapter. Should be a trade worth buying.

Viper Comics delivers a second “sketchbook” from the creator with MOSH GIRLS AND MONSTERS: THE ART OF JOSH HOWARD VOL.2. You can really only judge an art book by whether or not you like the artist’s work (I do), so I won’t belabor that point. I also won’t belabor that Howard and I have pretty similar tastes in women. What I will say, though, is that I wish more artists and publishers would produce their art books in this format. Every time I go to a con, I see countless artists selling $10-20 sketchbooks at their tables that were manufactured on the semi-cheap. Annoying. But this 6x6 book is put together beautifully, has a spine, and is only $13. Excellent, excellent value for what you’re getting. So if you like girls with tattoos or just a nice artistic package, this is for you.

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