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BOOM! Town announces I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER by Shannon Wheeler

February 3rd, 2010 - BOOM! Town, a new imprint of BOOM! Studios, announced today I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER, a collection of rejected cartoons submitted to The New Yorker by cartoonist Shannon Wheeler.

“This is some of the best work I've ever done,” says Wheeler.

Please note, Wheeler has also had many cartoons accepted by The New Yorker.

I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER comes in a 8.75” x 8.75” softcover format, priced at $19.99. The Diamond Code for this item is FEB100763.

About BOOM! Studios
BOOM! Studios ( is a unique publishing house specializing in high-profile projects across a wide variety of different genres from some of the industry’s biggest talents, including Philip K. Dick’s DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?, The Henson Company’s FARSCAPE, and the original Mark Waid series IRREDEEMABLE. BOOM! recently launched its youth imprint, BOOM Kids!, with Pixar’s THE INCREDIBLES, CARS, and TOY STORY, as well as Disney’s THE MUPPETS, DONALD DUCK, UNCLE SCROOGE and WALT DISNEY’S COMICS AND STORIES. This year, BOOM! Studios celebrates its fifth anniversary.
To celebrate 40 years of Vampirella, Harris Comics has created a slipcase collection for The Best Of Vampirella Volumes 1,2, and 3!

The Vampirella 40th Anniversary Collection will be released on February 10 and features a who’s who of creators that have weaved the most wicked tales featuring the original femme fatale of horror!

Box art by Joe Jusko

Here it is: The ultimate Vampirella collectible! Get your hands on this very special box set of the three Best of Vampirella trade paperbacks, enclosed and shrink wrapped in a slip case featuring all new art by the living legend Joe Jusko, spot varnished to truly stand out on your bookshelf! Inside you’ll find the very best stories in the modern history of Vampirella. Volume 1: Lost Tales features stories by Warren Ellis, James Robinson and a lost Dracula story by Alan Moore. Volume 2 collects the incredible fully painted masterpiece Blood Lust by James Robinson and Joe Jusko, as well as Warren Ellis and Amanda Conner’s incredible Vampirella Lives. Volume 3 collects nearly every Vampirella story by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar. This incredible collectible is strictly limited to just 250 sets.

Vampirella is published by Harris Comics. Celebrating her 40th Anniversary in 2009, Vampirella still stands as a universally recognized icon of horror comics and culture. Fans can follow her exploits online at and on Twitter, @realvampirella.
Four issues of perception altering horror come from Image Comics/Shadowline this March!

BERKELEY, CA – 4 February 2010 – FADE TO BLACK, a new horror miniseries from Image Comics/Shadowline by ZOMBIE COP writer Jeff Mariotte and internationally acclaimed illustrator Danielle Serra, promises to take its readers on a winding, twisted trail in which first impressions are always wrong.

“The characters of FADE TO BLACK are actors, shooting a film on location. They’re young, wealthy, beautiful and spoiled, and everything they know about the wilderness comes from a script until they run into the Children of the Radiant Night, a cannibal cult using the desert for reasons of their own, and the script is out the window,” Mariotte said. “Danielle’s use of shape, line and light took the story down a darker and scarier path than I ever imagined when I wrote it. While there are moments of humor, when the suspense ratchets up, it’s really terrifying and it’s all thanks to Dani’s special vision.”

FADE TO BLACK is an object lesson in not accepting anything at face value. What at first appears to be five young people on a wilderness trek experience turns out to be something very different. On their own, with no specialized training or skills, our five heroes need to figure out how to survive... or not.

FADE TO BLACK #1, a 32-page full color comic with a cover price of $3.50, will be available for order in the January issue of Previews and goes on sale March 17th.

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently five partners in Image Comics (Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor, and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit

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FEBRUARY 3, MILWAUKIE, OR, and EDMONTON, AB—Just in time for the arrival of the hit series’ second issue, in stores today, Mass Effect: Redemption #1 will be reprinted to fill demand after selling out across the country.

Mass Effect: Redemption tells the exciting backstory that leads up to the events of Mass Effect 2, the recently released video game developed by the award-winning creative team at BioWare. The game’s lead writer, Mac Walters, takes up the pen to give fans exclusive insight into the events that unfolded between the conclusion of the original Mass Effect and the beginning of Mass Effect 2. Scripted by John Jackson Miller (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, The Invincible Iron Man) and drawn by Omar Francia (Star Wars: Legacy), this four-part series explores the exotic and dangerous future Milky Way of Mass Effect, revealing previously unseen locations, aliens, and enemies in this rich science-fiction landscape.

The Mass Effect trilogy is an epic science-fiction adventure set in a vast universe filled with dangerous alien life and mysterious, uncharted planets. In Mass Effect 2, players will step into the role of the heroic Commander Shepard, commanding a crew of the most dangerous operatives from across the galaxy on a mission so challenging that it’s potentially suicidal. Featuring intense shooter action, a rich, futuristic story line, stunning space exploration, and emotionally engaging characters, the game delivers an unparalleled cinematic experience.

“Dark Horse has enjoyed a close and productive working relationship with everyone at BioWare and EA,” said Dark Horse’s senior director of marketing, Micha Hershman. “Thanks to that relationship, our team created an awesome comic that we feel authentically supplements the gaming experience,” he continued. “We’re geeked that comics, gaming, and science-fiction fans appreciate the quality of our work and continue to drive unprecedented demand for both the comic and the iPhone app.”

For those who have yet to read this explosive first issue, it is also currently available for free download on iTunes until Thursday. After that, Mass Effect: Redemption #1 will be available for just ninety-nine cents.

Mass Effect: Redemption is the fifth title to arrive in Dark Horse’s ever-growing stable of comics available on the iPhone platform. Other titles available now include Gerard Way’s smash hit The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite, Hellboy: Seed of Destruction, Terminator: Death Valley, and multiple titles from the critically acclaimed line of Star Wars comics. The first issue will hit iTunes February third, just in time for the release in comic shops of the second issue of the series. For more information, please visit

Mass Effect 2 was released on the Xbox 360 video-game and entertainment system and on PC on January 26, 2010, in North America and January 29, 2010, in Europe. It has been rated M for Mature by the ESRB and 18+ by PEGI (please visit and for more information on ratings). For more news from the development team, please follow us on Twitter at or visit the game’s official website at

About Dark Horse Comics

Since 1986, Dark Horse Comics has proven to be a solid example of how integrity and innovation can help broaden a unique storytelling medium and establish a small, homegrown company as an industry giant. The company is known for the progressive and creator-friendly atmosphere it provides for writers and artists. In addition to publishing comics from top talent like Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Neil Gaiman, Gerard Way, and comics legend Will Eisner, Dark Horse has developed such successful characters as the Mask, Timecop, and SpyBoy.

Additionally, its highly successful line of comics and products based on popular properties includes Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aliens, Conan, Emily the Strange, Tim Burton, Trigun, and Serenity. Today, Dark Horse Comics is the third-largest comic-book publisher in the U.S. and is recognized as one of the world’s leading publishers of licensed comics material.

About BioWare

BioWare develops computer, console, handheld, mobile and online video games focused on rich stories and memorable characters. Since 1995, BioWare has created some of the world's best-selling titles, including the award-winning Baldur's Gate™ and Neverwinter Nights™ series, Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™ and Sonic™ Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (for the Nintendo DS™). Original BioWare-created intellectual properties include Jade Empire™ and the 2007 Game of the Year, Mass Effect™. With studios in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), Montréal (Québec), and Austin (Texas), BioWare is hard at work on the epic fantasy roleplaying game, Dragon Age™: Origins, Mass Effect 2™, the epic sequel to Mass Effect, and the story-driven massively multiplayer game, Star Wars®: The Old Republic™, as well as several unannounced projects. In 2008, BioWare was acquired by the world's leading electronic entertainment publisher, Electronic Arts. For more information on BioWare, visit

*BioWare, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Jade Empire are trademarks or registered trademarks owned by EA International (Studio and Publishing) Ltd. in the U.S. and/or other countries. EA, EA SPORTS, EA SPORTS BIG and POGO are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Xbox and Xbox 360 are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. Nintendo DS is a trademark of Nintendo. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, the Company develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for video game systems, personal computers, cellular handsets and the Internet. Electronic Arts markets its products under four brand names: EA SPORTS™, EA™, EA SPORTS Freestyle™ and POGO™. In fiscal 2008, EA posted GAAP net revenue of $3.67 billion and had 27 titles that sold more than one million copies. EA's homepage and online game site is More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

*BioWare, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Jade Empire are trademarks or registered trademarks owned by EA International (Studio and Publishing) Ltd. in the U.S. and/or other countries. EA, EA SPORTS, EA SPORTS BIG and POGO are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Xbox and Xbox 360 are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Bloom County Continues in April
Volume Two of New York Times best-selling series
by Berkeley Breathed features Ted Koppel introduction

San Diego, CA (February 3, 2010) – The wildly successful return of Opus, Binkley, Bill the Cat and the entire cast of Bloom County continues in April with Bloom County: The Complete Library, Volume Two. Creator Berkeley Breathed offers even more funny and insightful commentary than in the first volume, while context pages help fans recapture the glory of the 1980’s. IDW is also expanding the series to include a limited edition of the first volume, featuring a tipped-in bookplate signed by Breathed himself.

“In the spirit of humiliating self-disclosure that has become so trendy of late, I stuffed this volume with more embarrassing background stories behind the cartoons. Drugs, sex and gunplay, it’s all there,” added Breathed.

Beginning with September 27, 1982, Bloom County: The Complete Library, Volume Two offers every daily and Sunday through July 1, 1984, most reproduced from Breathed’s personal archives of original art. Kicking off this second installment, renowned journalist Ted Koppel takes readers on a brief journey back to the Reagan years and reflects on the strips he shared with Opus in his introduction: "It's come to this. I'm the opening act for a penguin."

“Berkeley just turned in his margin comments for Volume Two,” said editor Scott Dunbier, “and they are hysterically funny. One of the many things I love about my job is that I get to read things like this—before any of you—and I get PAID to do it!”

Bloom County: The Complete Library Volume Two features the introduction of Binkley’s anxiety closet and boy genius Oliver Wendell Jones, as well as the fondly remembered death of the Bill the Cat storyline.

Bloom County: The Complete Library Volume Two is published by IDW under its Eisner award-winning imprint, the Library of American Comics. Bloom County: The Complete Library series is edited by Dunbier and designed by Dean Mullaney.

Bloom County: The Complete Library Volume Two ($39.99; 304 pages; hardcover) will be available in stores in April. Diamond order code FEB10 1005; ISBN 978-1600105838.

Bloom County: The Complete Library Volume One Limited Signed Edition ($50.00; 288 pages; hardcover; signed and numbered) will be available in stores in April. Diamond order code FEB10 1006; ISBN 978-1600107306.


Following It’s Acclaimed 2009 Theatrical Release, Stop-Motion Animated Film Festival Favorite Featuring the Voice Talents of Academy Award® Winner Geoffrey Rush (Pirates of the Caribbean, Shine) and Anthony LaPaglia (“Without A Trace,” Empire Records)

Makes its DVD Debut from E1 Entertainment


PORT WASHINGTON, NY – Want to know the meaning of life? It’s on sale now, and 28-year-old unemployed Dave Peck is going to buy it for $9.99 in his quest to answer the ever-vexing question in this animated feature. Based on the short stories of Etgar Keret, this beautifully-crafted festival favorite from Tatia Rosenthal was released theatrically in 2009 to critical acclaim. Featuring the voice talents of Academy Award® Winner Geoffrey Rush (Pirates of the Caribbean, Shine), Anthony LaPaglia (“Without a Trace,” Empire Records), Joel Edgerton (Smokin’ Aces, King Arthur) and Claudia Karvan (Daybreakers, Long Weekend), $9.99 – an Official Selection of the prestigious Toronto Film Festival and winner of both the Audience and Best Director Awards at the Mexico City International Film Festival – makes its DVD debut from E1 Entertainment on February 23 for $24.98srp.

In this stop-motion marvel, Dave (Samuel Johnson, The Illustrated Family Doctor) – who still lives at home and has neither goals nor aspirations – finds an ad for a booklet promising the meaning of life for the bargain price of $9.99. Wishing to share his discovery, Dave’s path crosses with those of his unusual apartment block neighbors, who are all on their own search for hope and redemption. Retiree Albert (Barry Otto, Australia, Strictly Ballroom) is busy trying to entertain his live-in, disgruntled Guardian Angel (Rush). Down the hall, Marcus Pocus, an in-debt magician, has fallen prey to a trio of re-possessors, one of whom is Dave’s brother Lenny, a charmer with his sights on the bewitching supermodel in the penthouse. Elsewhere in the building, underachieving Ron ignores his demanding fiancee in favor of a group of hard drinking two-inch tall students, and Zack, a little boy, struggles with the destruction of his piggy bank.

Called “Undeniably hypnotic and bewitching[1]” and a “delightful, thought-provoking, mature foray into stop motion that challenges the viewer and the medium while still remaining charming… an absolute gem of a film that should not be passed up[2]”, $9.99, also an Official Selection of the Rome and Pusan Film Festivals, offers a beguiling view of what hope looks like in a hauntingly fragmented world.

About E1 Entertainment U.S.
E1 Entertainment U.S. (formerly KOCH Vision) is the U.S. home video label of E1 Entertainment (AIM: ETO), a leading independent entertainment content owner that acquires film, television and music rights and exploits these rights in all media in more than 190 countries. Boasting a diverse library of feature films, television series, award-winning children’s programs, live music concerts and more, E1 Entertainment U.S. is the home of such notable properties as Soundstage, McLeod’s Daughters, Wire in the Blood, Popular Mechanics for Kids, Faerie Tale Theatre, The Best Years, Ballet Shoes starring Emma Watson and Nickelback Live at Sturgis. For more information on these and other releases from E1 Entertainment U.S., please visit
Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Past Resurfaces in an All-New Episode of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS –

This Friday at 9:00pm on Cartoon Network!

Reunited with a former flame while on a mission of vital importance to the war effort, Obi-Wan Kenobi must defend his convictions and fight for his beliefs – even though taking up arms drives him further from the woman he once loved. The Mandalorian saga takes a personal turn in “Voyage of Temptation,” an all-new episode of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT Friday, February 5 on Cartoon Network.

Traveling to Coruscant aboard the palatial royal vessel of the beautiful Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore, Obi-Wan and Anakin discover a plot to assassinate the powerful political figure before she reaches her destination. As the Jedi and their clones fight to protect the Duchess from a deadly cargo of assassin droids, Anakin discovers that his former Master has a history with the Mandalorian emissary – and that the elder Jedi is not without personal attachments of his own.

“I always wondered what would happen if Obi-Wan had been put in the same position as Anakin – specifically meeting and falling in love with a woman,” says series writer Henry Gilroy. “Would he be able to maintain his vow to the Jedi at the cost of true love? We know how Anakin dealt with this, but how would Obi-Wan fare against the same temptation? I think a lot of people have had relationships that never really got a chance to flourish, and there's always that ‘what if…’ sort of feeling. Even people in healthy, happy relationships ponder their old flames and think about what might have been. I think it really broadens Obi-Wan as a character. He's revealed as a man – someone we relate to because he has romantic feelings like the rest of us, even though he's a Jedi.”

Of course, the vows of the Jedi Order are not taken lightly, and it takes a truly remarkable woman to turn the head and test the heart of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Resolute in her own pacifist ideologies, Satine provides a counterpoint to Obi-Wan’s notions of peace-keeping and conflict resolution.

“Satine’s a formidable woman in all regards – extremely intelligent, incorruptible, passionate and beautiful, with a great devotion to peace. She might come off as stuffy, but that is because she knows she's in a den of wolves and must appear powerful and unshakable,” Gilroy says. “Throughout history, some of the most powerful figures – like Gandhi and Dr. King – were pacifists who literally changed the world by refusing to fight. There's so much fighting in The Clone Wars; when someone is brave enough to speak up to try and stop it, that voice becomes like a light in the darkness, strong and memorable. Satine's resolved to always use peaceful means to end conflicts. The Jedi are peacekeepers, but they carry swords; if they have to use violence to end conflict, they will. That's unacceptable to Satine; she believes that if you bring a weapon to negotiations, you don't want peace. So, she's upset that the Jedi have allowed themselves to be drawn into the war, because it is everything that they are supposed to be against.”

Together, the two consistently challenge one another, each steadfast in their respective beliefs. It is this mutual respect which draws them together, even as their convictions keep them apart.
Press Release

Man Vs. Zombies: Taking the World of Twitter to a New Level

By now, it's almost a foregone conclusion that those in the know are familiar with Twitter and its ability to reach millions for business and social networking. However, the possibilities of Twitter have only begun to be realized. What if Twitter were utilized for storytelling? What if it already has been?

Man Vs. Zombies has become the first Twitter account to tell an ongoing storyline. More than that, the storyline is supported with both pictures and video to support the tale.

Man Vs. Zombies is the ongoing "diary of the apocalypse." The majority of the world's inhabitants have been transformed into zombies and only one man, Gus, - a slacker with a penchant for drug use and a hilariously twisted sense of humor - seems to be left unchanged. Gus traverses his home town of Miami, which appears to be ground zero, in search of survivors, answers, and good drugs, whilst reporting his adventures on Twitter as it appears to be the only working service from his cell phone.

If you haven't begun to follow @manvszombies on Twitter, it's not too late.

-- Gus
Long Island, NY -- February 2, 2010 – Elite Gudz has released the second video in a series starring graffiti’s most iconic and prolific artists as they join the ranks as official Concrete Immortalz.

One of today’s most active female graffiti writers, INDIE184 gave her thoughts on Immortalz creator Phetus, the comic and then destroyed a section of the Concrete Immortalz mural.

Originally painted at Tuff City Tattoo by Phetus and Such, the Concrete Immortalz mural was immediately destroyed by Cap, Cope2, T-Kid, Ban2, Indie and Cheez as a tribute to the real life actions that go on within the graffiti subculture.

View the video right here -

Get in the know- visit

To view the entire first issue of Concrete Immortalz online, visit

For behind-the-scenes content, visit the Elite Gudz Facebook Fan Page @

February 2, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA - BOOM! Studios is proud to announce that INCORRUPTIBLE #1 has sold out, sending Mark Waid's superhero sensation into 2nd printing.

Fans should keep in mind, while Diamond Comic Distributors is completely sold out, first printings of INCORRUPTIBLE #1 may still be found at a direct market retailer near you.

Diamond Comic Distributors is making the second printing of INCORRUPTIBLE #1 available for retailers to order immediately and the second printing will be featured soon in an upcoming issue of Previews Plus.

The second printing of INCORRUPTIBLE #1 is also available to order immediately through BOOM!'s new relationship with Haven Distributors.

The second print of INCORRUPTIBLE #1 carries a Diamond Code of DEC098379. The Haven Code is INCOBOO001A.

INCORRUPTIBLE #1 second print features a sketch variant art of the John Cassaday A cover for issue one.

Since its debut critics from numerous outlets have shown praise for the smash-hit series INCORRUPTIBLE:

"...entertaining..." –– IGN

"The journey ahead promises to be a bumpy one, filled with surprises, action, intrigue and struggle. All the signs point to it being worth the trip." –– Broken Frontier

"… I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue of Incorruptible on several levels… This new series should be a fun and terrific companion to Irredeemable."
–– Comics Bulletin

"With Waid behind the writers wheel and a talented artist at the helm, I have hope INCORRUPTIBLE can step up to the high standards set by IRREDEEMABLE and become just as exciting as the series from which it was spawned." –– Comics Waiting Room

INCORRUPTIBLE #1 features the first installment of the exciting ongoing INCORRUPTIBLE adventure and is written by Mark Waid, with astounding interior art by Jean Diaz. The first printing shipped with two covers in a 50/50 split and a third cover that was offered as a 1 in 10 incentive.

Recently, BOOM! Studios announced that in addition to Diamond carrying BOOM!'s second prints, Haven Distributors will also be carrying all BOOM! second prints. Retailers needing more information on how to order from Haven Distributors can call 1-877-HAVEN-50 or sign up on their website here:

About BOOM! Studios
BOOM! Studios ( is a unique publishing house specializing in high-profile projects across a wide variety of different genres from some of the industry's biggest talents, including Philip K. Dick's DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?, The Henson Company's FARSCAPE, and the original Mark Waid series IRREDEEMABLE. BOOM! recently launched its youth imprint, BOOM Kids!, with Pixar's THE INCREDIBLES, CARS, and TOY STORY, as well as Disney's THE MUPPETS. This year, BOOM! Studios celebrates its fifth anniversary.
CHOCOLATE CHEEKS Book Signings & Art Events With Steven Weissman

FEBRUARY 2, SEATTLE, WA – Floating World Comics and Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery are proud to present two special events with Steven Weissman, creator of Yikes!, for his newest release Chocolate Cheeks. First in Portland, Floating World Comics will have an entire exibition of orginal art plus Steven signing books. Then, the Fantagraphics Bookstore in Seattle has Steven selling prints and signing like a madman.


Who: Steven Weissman
What: CHOCOLATE CHEEKS signing & art exhibition
When: Thursday, Feb. 4th, 6-10pm
Where: Floating World Comics
20 NW 5th Ave. #101 Portland, OR 97209

Who: Steven Weissman
What: CHOCOLATE CHEEKS signing & art selling
When: Saturday, Feb. 6th, 7-8pm
Where: Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery
1201 S. Vale St. Seattle, WA 98108

Hilarious, frightening, mysterious, adorable and utterly bleak, Chocolate Cheeks has arrived to disgust and delight comic-book readers of all ages. “Sweet” Chubby Cheeks and the Pullapart Boy (a 21st Century Frankensteinʼs monster for kids) are driving each other crazy. Forced together by their dating parents, these two bitter enemies have alienated—or otherwise disposed of—most of their social circle, leaving them with plenty of quality time for each other. They go camping, start a business, form a band, join a team, try to make some new friends, and engage in a “holy war.” Things go from worse to worst when the two boys find a cat one hot summer day in the harrowing 51-page story “Blue Jay” (as previously serialized at
Steven Weissman, modern master of light tragedy, is at his most horrible with Chocolate Cheeks. Juxtaposing gag-driven, newspaper-fashioned strips that are just gross enough to delight younger readers and sophisticated enough to be appreciated by grown-ups alongside the symbolically rich extended narrative of “Blue Jay,” this is the most superb Yikes! Books to date.


Steven Knight Weissman was born in California in 1968. He has written and drawn comics for Marvel Entertainment, Nickelodeon Magazine and, most TRIUMPHANTLY, Fantagraphics Books. He currently lives in Los Angeles's “Little Armenia” neighborhood with his wife, Charissa, and their son, Charles.

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Issue 50 of Comics Waiting Room is here! 50 on time, every time issues. Give it a read, won’t you?

Secret Origins! Marc Mason takes a look at the history of CWR and offers up tips for running a comics website.

Bring On The Black Good Guys and Gals! Vince Moore takes a look at black character development and promotion in comics.

Holding Out For a Hero! Avril Brown takes a long look at the world around us and says we need heroes now more than ever.

How to Be a (Professional) Writer! Elliott Serrano is getting the question more and more every day, and offers up his definitive answer.

Ending a Stereotype! Vince Moore casts his glance on the stereotype of the Angry Black Man and offers up some ideas on burying it once and for all.

Satisfying Your Editor! Veteran comics scribe Brandon Jerwa has dealt with dozens in his career and demonstrates the perfect way to make an editor happy every time.

Enjoy the reading, and thanks for being with us! Back in two weeks for Comics Waiting Room 4.0!

Marc Mason
Comics Waiting Room
IDW Announces Two Sold-Out Titles
in One Week

New comics series TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the Wreckers #1 and G.I. JOE: COBRA II #1 both going to second printing

San Diego, CA (February 1, 2010) – The excitement keeps growing for IDW Publishing’s TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE comics, with two new sold-out series last week. On Wednesday, January 27th, IDW released G.I. JOE: COBRA II #1, a continuation of the acclaimed COBRA series, and TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the WRECKERS #1, a new miniseries spinning out of IDW’s ongoing story. Both comics flew off the shelves and are already sold-out though Diamond. Under license from Hasbro, IDW is rushing to a second printing for each, and fans can expect them in stores on February 10th.

“This is a really exciting time for fans of both TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE,” said Andy Schmidt, editor of both lines of comics for IDW. “We’ve tried a lot of new things and had a lot of success due to the support of not only the existing fan base but also many newer fans who are discovering these comics for the first time.”

In TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the WRECKERS, fan-favorite writer and artist Nick Roche helms the five-issue series, which rounds out IDW's trifecta of new TRANSFORMERS comics, including the new ongoing series and TRANSFORMERS: BUMBLEBEE. WRECKERS gives fans a taste of what's been happening off of Earth as the WRECKERS investigate a prison planet that fell to the evil DECEPTICONS three years ago. Called “a festival of awesome” by, the second printing of WRECKERS #1 will feature a variant cover by Roche.

“TRANSFORMERS fans braved some pretty bad Chicago weather to come out and get TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the WRECKERS #1 on Wednesday. Both old and new fans of TRANSFORMERS alike were quickly drawn to the book due to the amazing art by fan-favorite Nick Roche. And honestly, nobody can resist a Kup story,” said Jimmy PS Hayes of Graham Cracker Comics in Wheaton, IL.

Written by Mike Costa and Christos Gage, G.I. JOE: COBRA II continues the danger and suspense of the acclaimed G.I. JOE: COBRA series, as the G.I. JOE team penetrates the evil COBRA organization and eventually comes face to face with COBRA COMMANDER himself. The masterful art of Antonio Fuso gives new layers to the subtle yet undeniable divide that fans have witnessed within COBRA, highlighted in the celebrated G.I. JOE: COBRA Special #1. The second printing of G.I. JOE: COBRA II #1 will offer an exclusive new variant cover treatment.

“With the recent success of the G.I. JOE comics, we were on top of this new series and made plans to bring it in. Early demand caused us to increase quantities before release and we still sold out the first week,” commented Mike D'Elia of Astro-Zombies in Albuquerque, NM.

TRANSFORMERS: Last Stand of the WRECKERS #1 (of 5; $3.99; 32 pages; full color, 2nd printing) will be available in stores on February 10th. Diamond order code: DEC09 8305.

G.I. JOE: COBRA II #1 ($3.99; 32 pages; full color; 2nd printing) will be available in stores on February 10th. Diamond order code: DEC09 8306.

Visit to learn more about the company and its top-selling books.

About IDW Publishing
IDW is an award-winning publisher of comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, based in San Diego, California. Renowned for its diverse catalog of licensed and independent titles, IDW publishes some of the most successful and popular titles in the industry, including: Hasbro's The Transformers and G.I. JOE, Paramount's Star Trek; Fox's Angel; the BBC's Doctor Who; and television's #1 prime time series CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. IDW is also home to the Library of American Comics imprint, which publishes classic comic reprints; Yoe! Books, a partnership with Yoe! Studios; and is the print publisher for ComicMix.

IDW's original horror series, 30 Days of Night, was launched as a major motion picture in October 2007 by Sony Pictures and was the #1 film in its first week of release. More information about the company can be found at

About Hasbro

Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS) is a worldwide leader in children’s and family leisure time products and services with a rich portfolio of brands and entertainment properties that provides some of the highest quality and most recognizable play and recreational experiences in the world. As a brand-driven, consumer-focused global company, Hasbro brings to market a range of toys, games and licensed products, from traditional to high-tech and digital, under such powerful brand names as TRANSFORMERS, PLAYSKOOL, TONKA, MILTON BRADLEY, PARKER BROTHERS, CRANIUM and WIZARDS OF THE COAST. Come see how we inspire play through our brands at © 2010 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



The Elite Cryptanalysis Unit of the FBI

Clandestine Thrills and Excitement that only BOOM! delivers!

February 1st, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA - Busting foreign spies on domestic soil. Cracking the code on drug and human trafficking. Shutting down the mob. These are the tasks of the FBI’s elite Cryptanalysis Unit. This April, BOOM! Studios brings you CODEBREAKERS, a four issue mini-series that focuses on the proud few who examine the encrypted information of criminals in support of law enforcement investigations and prosecutions.

But what happens to the Cryptanalysis Unit when one of their own goes missing? Is it a puzzle the puzzle-solvers can't solve? And will this cipher reveal dark truths about... themselves?

Written by comics newcomer Carey Malloy with art by upcoming fan-favorite Scott Godlewski, CODEBREAKERS sports covers by UNTHINKABLE’s Julian Totino Tedesco and THE SURROGATES’ Brett Weldele.

“I can’t wait for fans to get a hold of this book,” said BOOM!’s Managing Editor Matt Gagnon. “Inspired by our modern obsession with the technical aspect of law enforcement, CODEBREAKERS totally delivers realistic action that will have you dying to turn the next page.”

CODEBREAKERS #1 features two covers in a 50/50 split, illustrated by Julian Totino Tedesco and Brett Weldele. Written by Carey Malloy and featuring interior art by Scott Godlewski, CODEBREAKERS #1 carries a Diamond Code of FEB100743.

About BOOM! Studios
BOOM! Studios ( is a unique publishing house specializing in high-profile projects across a wide variety of different genres from some of the industry's biggest talents, including Philip K. Dick's DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?, The Henson Company's FARSCAPE, and the original Mark Waid series IRREDEEMABLE. BOOM! recently launched its youth imprint, BOOM Kids!, with Pixar's THE INCREDIBLES, CARS, and TOY STORY, as well as Disney's THE MUPPETS. This year, BOOM! Studios celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Phoenix Comicon Rally Draws 300

Phoenix, Ariz – Over three hundred attendees, volunteers, and staff attended the Phoenix Comicon Kickoff Rally Thursday night, a result that impressed even the Convention organizer, “This crowd for our Kickoff Rally is about as big as our very first Phoenix Comicon,” said Matt Solberg, Convention Director. “And the room we are in is the same size as our very first exhibitor hall!”

The Phoenix Comicon Kickoff Rally was an evening presentation and walk through of the Phoenix Convention Center, the new home for the Phoenix Comicon. “We’re talking about needing more space than we had at last year’s facility. If you took all the exhibit and programming space from last year’s convention, you could fit it in this year’s exhibitor hall alone with room to spare,” continued Matt Solberg.

Convention staffers discussed the reasons for the move, the expansion of the exhibitor hall, and new programming they added, including evening programming at the Hyatt Regency, the host hotel for the convention. “For the first time at our convention we can now run events past midnight and into the early hours of the morning,” expressed Joe Boudrie, Director of Programming.

Those who attended were divided among previous attendees of Phoenix Comicon, and new participants who have never attended. “[That] is most impressive. You all have never attended our convention before, but are interested enough to take time out of your evening to come and meet us and hear what we have to say,” said Matt Solberg.

One staffer shared her reaction to volunteering the year before: “I can never express what the convention has meant to my family and me. Having working in a dead end job for so many years, to be recognized for a job well done is truly balm for my soul.”

At the conclusion of the event, prizes donated by McFarlane Toys, Bookmans, and Frazetta Comics were given to over fifty attendees.

“We broke a new record in distributing 15,000 fliers promoting our convention to those in attendance,” a visibly excited Marketing Director, Anabel Martinez, said. “The support and love of this convention was truly on display tonight, and it makes all of our efforts so worthwhile.”

More info can be found at Phoenix Comicon's website,

Phoenix Comicon is the signature pop culture event of the southwest, presenting guests and programming for hobbyists by attracting the top segments of the comics, anime, sci-fi, film, TV, and gaming industries. Entering its ninth year, Phoenix Comicon is expected to draw over 10,000 attendees to its May 27-30, 2010 convention held at the Phoenix Convention Center and Hyatt Regency, downtown Phoenix.

Coraline’ Author Neil Gaiman speaks at UCLA Live Feb. 4

LOS ANGELES — Often dubbed “the coolest man in literature” Neil Gaiman brings his unique personality to UCLA Live’s Royce Hall for an evening of pop-culture spoken word and fan interaction.

Long beloved by comic book fans for his stunning, mythological series Sandman published by DC Comics, Gaiman’s prolific 20-year career includes a bevy of comics, critically acclaimed novels, journalism and an award-winning website.

Two Gaiman-penned novels, Stardust (2007) and Coraline (2009) have been made into popular films, vaunting the author into increased fanboy limelight. His New York Times bestseller The Graveyard Book received the Newbery Medal.

Named in the Dictionary of Literary Biography as one of the top ten living post-modern writers, Gaiman is also the author of the novels Neverwhere, Anansi Boys, the Hugo-and Nebula-winning American Gods and several collections of short fiction. Originally from England, he now lives in Minneapolis.

Something of an uberblogger, Gaiman is known for embracing and interacting with his core audience via his own website ( and social networks like Twitter, including a recently announced project with BBC Audiobooks America to create a new audiobook drafted solely through Twitter posts instigated by an 140-character opening line written by Gaiman.

Fans and followers of this pop-culture icon have a unique opportunity to hear from the Gaiman live and in person.

Ticket Information

Single tickets for the performance on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 4 at 8 p.m. are currently available for $24, $36 and $48 ($15 UCLA students).

They can be purchased online at, by phone at 310-825-2101, in person at the UCLA Central Ticket Office at the southwest corner of the James West Alumni Center, and at all Ticketmaster outlets. Student rush tickets, subject to availability, are offered at the same price to all students with a valid ID one hour prior to show time.

About UCLA Live

UCLA Live is an internationally acclaimed producer and presenter of music, dance, theater and spoken word, bringing hundreds of outstanding and provocative artists to Los Angeles each year.