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The World’s Most Popular Ninja Takes Center Stage In Four Action-Packed Feature Films Set To Stream Throughout October

To celebrate the upcoming U.S. theatrical premiere and DVD and Blu-ray release of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN THE MOVIE: BONDS, and the birthday of the Naruto character on October 10th, VIZ Media has just announced a special NARUTO movie marathon on, the company’s own website for free anime, as well as on the streaming content provider HULU (

A total of 4 feature films featuring the spunky ninja will stream on both sites from October 7th thru October 23rd and will include NARUTO THE MOVIE: NINJA CLASH IN THE LAND OF SNOW, NARUTO THE MOVIE 2: LEGEND OF THE STONE OF GELEL, NARUTO THE MOVIE 3: GUARDIANS OF THE CRESCENT MOON KINGDOM. For the first time, these films will also be made available to stream with either subtitled or English dubbed dialogue tracks. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN:THE MOVIE will also be available dubbed on both streaming sites.

VIZ Media will premiere the latest NARUTO feature film – NARUTO SHIPPUDEN THE MOVIE: BONDS – in a special theatrical event to be held at the New York School of Visual Arts Theatre (SVA) on Saturday, October 15th as part of the company’s activities at the 2011 New York Comic-Con. Esteemed Japanese voice actress Junko Takeuchi, who provides the original voice for Naruto, will also attend the event.

A land forever covered in ice... A princess missing for ten years... And one high-spirited ninja named Naruto!

In this first NARUTO feature film, Naruto and the rest of Squad 7 take on a new mission: bring popular movie star Yukie Fujikaze to the Land of Snow, where they're filming the final scenes of her latest movie. Trouble is, she's even more headstrong than Naruto, and she doesn't want to go! Her reluctance may be connected to what else lies in wait for them – three rogue Snow ninja and a tyrannical ruler seeking the key to a mysterious treasure.

Naruto, Shikamaru and Sakura are in the middle of returning a lost ferret to its owner--the easiest mission ever. Or so they think! When a young knight, Temujin, attacks them out of nowhere, they are drawn into a fierce struggle over a treasure harboring legendary power – the Stone of Gelel. Temujin's master wants to use the stone's power to create a utopia, while the last of the clan who once controlled the stone wants to keep it sealed away forever. Naruto and the others, along with help from Gaara and Kankuro, must protect the stone from those who want to misuse its power. When the dream of utopia becomes a nightmare, it'll take a ninja to set things right!

Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi team up with Rock Lee to protect Prince Michiru and his son Hikaru on their return home to the Crescent Moon Kingdom. Easy enough, until the royal family becomes a royal pain!

Prince Michiru can't help indulging his son, even buying him a circus along the way! Naruto has a tough time putting up with both the spoiled Hikaru and a saber-toothed tiger, but the real adventure begins when they reach the Land of the Moon and find themselves facing a villainous uprising. Does Naruto have what it takes to save an entire kingdom?

A powerful spirit that once threatened to destroy the world is back! Naruto's mission is to protect a priestess named Shion, who is the only one with the power to seal away the monster. She also has the uncanny ability to predict someone's fate. Her latest prediction: Naruto will soon die. Naruto's only hope is to abandon Shion, but that's not Naruto's style. He decides to face her fatal prediction head-on – and die!

More information on NARUTO is available at

MoCCA’s Fall/Winter Comics and Animation Classes Start November 1st!
NEW YORK (October 7, 2011) – The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art – MoCCA – is proud to announce the fall/winter offerings from its Adult Education Department, organized and headed by Senior Vice-President of Education, DANNY FINGEROTH:
The classes:




            HOWARD CHAYKIN             NOVEMBER 1
            PAUL LEVITZ                       NOVEMBER 29
            BILL PLYMPTON                 DECEMBER 13
Register by October 15th and save on tuition!
Details below!

About the classes:

6 sessions, WEDNESDAYS November 2, 9, 16, 30; December 7 & 14
6:30-9:00 pm
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Register by October 15:
$375 | $350 for MoCCA members
Register after October 15:
$425 | $395 for MoCCA members
DANNY FINGEROTH will lead a hands-on, Level 2 workshop in writing comics and graphic novels for experienced (but not necessarily published) writers. Combining lectures, assignments in class and at home, and roundtable critiquing, the class will cover writing for all kinds of comics, including autobiographical, historical, “indy” and superheroes.
Students will be expected to have mastered the basic elements of comics scripting. The class can be used to start new works or polish existing ones. Students are encouraged to do one or more shortform projects (no longer than ten pages) for this class. For students working on longer projects, the class will be used to solidify overall storylines and then develop a shorter chapter or episode within the longer work.
Note: Students are expected to come to the first session either with either (a) three “springboards” (short ideas for stories), from which we will choose one to be your project for the course OR (b) a short work that needs polishing OR  (c) an overview of your idea for a longform project.
DANNY FINGEROTH was the longtime group editor of Marvel's Spider-Man line and the writer of comics including Darkhawk and Deadly Foes of Spider-Man. He has taught comics writing at NYU, The New School, and Media Bistro. Danny created and edited Write Now magazine, the only how-to publication dedicated to comics writing and writers. He is the author of The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels and co-author (with artist Mike Manley) of How to Create Comics from Script to Print. He's also written the books Superman on the Couch and Disguised as Clark Kent. His latest book, The Stan Lee Universe (from TwoMorrows), co-edited with Roy Thomas, is about the life and career of the writer who changed comics forever. Danny serves on MoCCA's board of advisors and on the board of directors of the Institute for Comics Studies.


6 sessions,  MONDAYS November 7, 14, 21, 28; December 5, 12
6:30-9:00 pm
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Register by October 15:
$375 | $350 for MoCCA members
Register after October 15:
$425 | $395 for MoCCA members
When it comes to cartoons, anything can happen! But even though animation is unbound by reality or gravity, successful cartoon writing is grounded in classic storytelling skills, thoughtful character development, solid structure, and clever dialogue. This class is an opportunity to explore the particular challenges and rewards of writing for animation. Screenings, lectures, in-class exercises, and enjoyable home assignments demystify the process. If you have already created animated characters or are in the process of developing your own show (anything from a single webtoon to a full-fledged series) you will be encouraged to incorporate your existing project into the course work and receive valuable feedback from the instructor, as well as your fellow students! Newbies are welcome, too. Just bring your imagination. [Note: While this course will focus on TV animation, shortform and feature length animation will be discussed, as well.]

ANNE D. BERNSTEIN is an animation writer and story editor whose credits include Daria, MTV Downtown, Private Eye Princess, Hey Monie!, Backyardigans, Tutenstein, Viva Piñata, Angelo Rules and Kikoriki. She served as Head Writer for MTV Animation Development for three years. Before that she was Senior Editor and Comic Book Editor at Nickelodeon Magazine.

These extraordinarily accomplished creators each brings a distinct and strong point of view to the work they do. This is a rare opportunity to hear these top names in their respective fields speak about what makes for great work.
Register by October 15:
[PRE-REGISTER FOR ALL THREE: $100/$90 for MoCCA Members]
Register after October 15:
[PRE-REGISTER FOR ALL THREE: $125/$110 for MoCCA Members]
One session, TUESDAY November 1
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
In common with other forms of communication, comic books have a language, a vocabulary, and a syntax—despite the frequent misuse or nearly congenital ignorance of these tools by many professionals—both writers and artists.
As a working cartoonist and writer for forty years, HOWARD CHAYKIN has spent much of that time analyzing and successfully codifying the techniques that make for a coherent narrative linkage between written text and visual presentation. He’s spent the past five years teaching these techniques to professional artists at Marvel Comics, as well as lecturing on the subject to working professionals and comics enthusiasts in the United States and Europe.
An evening spent with this renowned, witty and deeply opinionated curmudgeon will change the way anyone looks at or thinks about a comics page, be they professional, amateur seeking to be professional, or simply interested in acquiring a deeper understanding of a frequently misunderstood narrative craft.
HOWARD VICTOR CHAYKIN has been a comic book professional for forty years. Forty years.  Think about it. He took a hiatus from the comics industry for about fifteen years, to work his way up the ladder of television, on shows which he’d never watch—while keeping his hands in the comics business, because he knows nothing lasts forever. He has a terrible reputation among fans for profanity, limited patience with nonsense, and spite, an attitude he’s finally and gratefully aged into.
Instructor: PAUL LEVITZ 
One session, TUESDAY November 29
6:30 pm-8:30 pm
From one of comics’ undisputed master plotters, PAUL LEVITZ, a discussion of how to construct plots to suit story structures long and short, building ideas from character, and tools for analyzing the form to develop your goals. Everything you ever wanted to know about plotting comics but were afraid to ask!
PAUL LEVITZ was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1956, and entered the comics industry in 1971 as editor/publisher of The Comic Reader, the first mass-circulation fanzine devoted to comics news.  He continued to publish TCR for three years, winning two consecutive annual Comic Art Fan Awards for Best Fanzine. His other fan activities included editing the program books for several of Phil Seuling’s legendary New York Comic Art Conventions. He received Comic-con International’s Inkpot Award in 2002 and the prestigious Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award in 2008. Levitz also serves on the board of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
Levitz is primarily known for his work for DC Comics, where he has written most of their classic characters including the Justice Society, Superman in both comics and the newspaper strip, and an acclaimed run on The Legion of Super-Heroes, a series he’s recently returned to write.  Readers of The Buyers’ Guide voted his “Legion: The Great Darkness Saga” one of the 20 best comic stories of the last century, and visitors to the site selected the same story as #11 of the Top 100 Comic Book Stories of All Time. Cumulatively, Levitz has written over 300 stories with sales of over 25 million copies, and translations into over 20 languages. As a DC staffer from 1973, Levitz was an assistant editor, the company’s youngest editor ever, and in a series of business capacities, became Executive Vice President & Publisher in 1989 and then served as President & Publisher from 2002-2009. He continues as a Contributing Editor, but is now concentrating on his writing.
One session, TUESDAY December 13, 2011
7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Here's how BILL PLYMPTON describes his MoCCA Master Class:
 "I want to talk about my career as an independent animator who makes a good living creating independent films by way of showing some of my classic shorts, music videos, and clips from my new feature, 'Idiots and Angels.' Plus, I will give a drawing demonstration and talk about how other filmmakers can make a living creating short films. And everyone who comes gets a free Bill Plympton drawing."
BILL PLYMPTON is considered the King of Indie Animation and is the only person to hand draw an entire animated feature film – 6 times over.
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, he began his career creating cartoons for publications such as The New York Times, National Lampoon, Playboy and Screw.
In 1987 he was nominated for an Oscar® for his animated short "Your Face." In 2005, Bill received another Oscar® nomination, this time for a short film "Guard Dog." "Push Comes to Shove," another short film, won the prestigious Cannes 1991 Palme d'Or.
Unless otherwise indicated, all classes will be held at:
594 Broadway (between Houston and Prince Streets)
Suite 401
New York, NY 10012
For more information and to register, call 212-254-3511 or go to
The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art - MoCCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts education organization dedicated to the preservation, study and display of all forms of comic and cartoon art.  The museum promotes greater understanding and appreciation of the artistic, cultural and historical significance of comic and cartoon art through a variety of events, exhibitions, and educational programs.   The museum is located at 594 Broadway (between Houston and Prince Streets) in New York City.  MoCCA is open to the public Tuesdays through Sundays from 12:00-5:00 pm.  Suggested donation to the museum is $5 but free for MoCCA Members as well as for children 12 and under (when accompanied by a paying adult).  For more information about the museum and MoCCA events, exhibitions and programs, visit the museum's Website (

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October 7, Milwaukie, ORConan’s greatest foe returns in the next installment of the King Conan series!
Conan the Cimmerian writer Tim Truman and artist Tomás Giorello return for another triumphant run. King Conan: The Phoenix on the Sword will surely be a crowd pleaser!
First hailing Conan as a liberator after he annihilated Aquilonia’s foes on the battlefield, common folk and politicians alike now rally to unseat the Cimmerian from his stolen throne. Conspirators plot to kill King Conan and take the crown for themselves, but their schemes pale in comparison to a terror waiting quietly in the wings—an enemy who has haunted Conan his whole adult life and whose wicked aspirations dwarf those of maneuvering politicians! It’s the return of Thoth-Amon!

King Conan: The Phoenix on the Sword #1 is on sale January 25, 2012!
About Dark Horse Comics

Since 1986, Dark Horse Comics has proven to be a solid example of how integrity and innovation can help broaden a unique storytelling medium and establish a small, homegrown company as an industry giant. The company is known for the progressive and creator-friendly atmosphere it provides for writers and artists. In addition to publishing comics from top talent like Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Neil Gaiman, Gerard Way, and comics legend Will Eisner, Dark Horse has developed such successful characters as the Mask, Timecop, and SpyBoy. Additionally, its highly successful line of comics and products based on popular properties includes Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Buffy the Vampire SlayerAliens, ConanEmily the Strange, Tim Burton, Trigun, Serenity, and Domo. Today Dark Horse Comics is the largest independent comic-book publisher in the US and is recognized as one of the world’s leading publishers of licensed comics material.
* Event Alert for New York Comic Con *
East coast exclusive Locke & Key pilot screening

What:     The most talked-about pilot not on the fall schedule was the Fox production of Locke & Key. After a smash-hit screening at San Diego Comic-Con that fans are still talking about, it's coming to the east coast for a one-time only screening!

    IDW Publishing, with special thanks to Fox Broadcasting Corporation, will offer a one-time only East coast screening of Locke & Key at New York Comic Con. Open to all NYCC attendees on a first come, first serve basis.  Come see the Eisner-winning [Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft cover]comic brought to life!

Who:     IDW CEO and Publisher Ted Adams will emcee this exclusive screening.

When:     Friday, October 14th, 12 noon

Where:    New York Comic Con, Jacob Javits Center Room 1A10

Details:     Acclaimed by both critics and fans, LOCKE & KEY is created and written by Joe Hill, with art by Gabriel Rodriguez. LOCKE & KEY tells the story of the Locke family and Keyhouse, a mysterious New England mansion with haunted keys that transform all who dare to use them. Since debuting in 2008, LOCKE & KEY has become a multiple New York Times best seller and won several industry awards.

Adapting the first volume of the series, LOCKE & KEY: WELCOME TO LOVECRAFT, the pilot was developed by television writer Josh Friedman for Fox Television.

    Hill and Rodriguez are currently working on LOCKE & KEY: CLOCKWORKS, the fifth volume in the series. CLOCKWORKS is available monthly in comic book stores and through the Apple iTunes Store. LOCKE & KEY Volumes 1 through 4 are in comic and book stores, and through iTunes and iBooks.


October 6, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA - Claudio Sanchez, creator and writer of THE AMORY WARS and KILL AUDIO, proudly debuts his latest book, KEY OF Z, at this year's New York Comic Con (NYCC) on October 13th through 16th at the Javits Center in New York, NY, where Sanchez serves as a special guest of the show.

With art by Aaron Kuder (THE AMORY WARS), writers Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert bring a deadly new vision of New York City in KEY OF Z. The zombie apocalypse has transformed the city into two separate battle-hardened fiefdoms. Nick Ewing is left to survive while seeking revenge on those responsible for the death of his family – the warring gangs residing in The Big Apple’s most illustrious athletic houses.  Ewing stumbles upon a sentimental artifact from his past that imbues him with surprising power. Find out what happens when he discovers the KEY OF Z.

This #1 features a stunning NYCC-exclusive cover by Declan Shalvey (28 DAYS LATER, THUNDERBOLTS). KEY OF Z will be in stores October 19th, with cover art by Nathan Fox (FLORESCENT BLACK) and look for a special incentive cover by Tony Moore (THE WALKING DEAD).

Sanchez and Echert will be signing at their Evil Ink Comics booth (#1345) at New York Comic Con at 4pm Thursday and 5pm Friday (October 13th and 14th) and 4pm Sunday (October 16th).  In addition, Kuder will be drawing personalized zombie sketches on Saturday afternoon (Oct 15th) starting at noon. Comic legend Peter David will join the crew signing on Friday, and there will be an exclusive Tony Moore KEY OF Z print (limited to 100) and more goodies.

Also be sure to attend the BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY panel at NYCC where Claudio will be a guest speaker, happening Friday, October 14th at 12:15pm in the IGN Theater His band COHEED AND CAMBRIA appears on the BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY soundtrack, due out October 4th.  The song "Deranged" can be heard here:

Following the convention, Sanchez and Echert will go on a mini-signing tour, including Boston and Providence (Newbury Comics), Orlando (A Comic Shop), Los Angeles (Meltdown Comics) and more. Check with for more details.

About Evil Ink
Established in 2003, Evil Ink Comics is an independent publisher and house of creation owned by Coheed and Cambria‘s Claudio Sanchez. Their roster of graphic and prose novels includes the hugely popular sci-fi series, THE AMORY WARS: SECOND STAGE TURBINE BLADE, IN KEEPING SECRETS OF SILENT EARTH:3 and YEAR OF THE BLACK RAINBOW; the musical dark comedy KILL AUDIO; and forthcoming zombie-inspired KEY OF Z. To learn more about all things Evil Ink visit

About BOOM! Studios
Eisner, Harvey, and Best Publisher Award-winning BOOM! Studios ( generates a constellation of bestselling comic books and graphic novels with the industry’s top talent, including Mark Waid’s series IRREDEEMABLE, new HELLRAISER comics written by Clive Barker, PLANET OF THE APES, 28 DAYS LATER, and Philip K. Dick’s DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?. BOOM!’s all-ages imprint KABOOM! publishes Charles Schulz’ PEANUTS, Roger Langridge’s SNARKED, and Scholastic’s WORDGIRL. BOOM!’s lit comix-focused imprint, BOOM! Town, recently won the Eisner Award for its first book, Shannon Wheeler’s I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER.

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October 6, Milwaukie, OR Dark Horse Books is proud to announce a special Empowered hardcover collection, limited to one printing!
Adam Warren's Empowered is the undefeated champion of steamy cape-and-tights comedy, and Dark Horse Books dares to present an Empowered edition so massive that even the superpowered can barely lift it!
An invulnerable hardcover collection limited to a single mighty printing, Empowered Deluxe Edition Volume 1 collects between its rock-hard covers all the material from the first three Empowered volumes, plus several metric tons (okay, like forty pages) of top-secret, never-before-seen extras (except by Adam Warren, a few close friends, and some ninjas), including the very first Empowered stories, sketches, logo variants, Adam’s story notes, and more, more, more!
That's seven hundred pages, chief, and printed on way nice paper, too! Only you deserve so much!
“One of the most laugh-out-loud-funny works I’ve read in years.”—Rob Vollmar, Comics Worth Reading
Empowered Deluxe Edition Volume 1 is on sale Feb 29, 2012.
Image Comics Collects Sable, Roth & Holden's Fearless Series

Berkeley, CA6 October 2011 – Mark Sable, the writer of GROUNDED and the current sell out hit series GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES, along with co-writer David Roth, and artist PJ Holden were the team that brought us FEARLESS, the story of a literal man without fear. This November, Image Comics will be collecting the entire miniseries into one trade paperback volume for the first time ever.

"Fans who sampled a hit of the single issues have been jonesing for the collected edition of FEARLESS for years," said Sable. "I'm glad they'll finally be able get their fix of the highly addictive tale that David Roth, PJ Holden and I created."

Here's what critics have already said about FEARLESS:

"This is smart, fast paced and gripping superheroics with a unique twist and a great central character.” 5/5 Alasdair Stuart, Firefox News
"...subtle but effective… I do like the way the play with some well-worn superhero conventions, but without trying to be too clever or postmodern about it.” Forbidden Planet International

"...featuring better craft elements than usual, with the slight caveat that it deals with the mindset necessary for vigilante action as much as the abilities to make good on the decisions made while thinking that way." -- Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter

“…interesting at the same time that it is heart-breaking. I was a huge fan of this four issue mini-series published by Image Comics when it was first released… Fearless earns a strong recommendation from me…" 8/10 --WEEBEEGAMERS.COM

The vigilante superhero at the heart of FEARLESS is a bold, even reckless man known as Fear. He's also a man paralyzed by a crippling anxiety disorder who needs an anti-fear drug to fight his war on crime. Hell, he needs it just to get out of bed every day. So what will happen when his drug supply runs out?

FEARLESS, VOL. 1 TP (SEP110339, ISBN: 978-1-60706-467151499), a 128-page full color superhero action comic for $14.99, will be available at a comic store near you on November 16.

Mark Sable has written for Marvel (What If Spider-Man Killed Kraven the Hunter?) and DC Comics (Teen Titans Cold Case, Two-Face: Year One, Cyborg, Supergirl), but he's best known for his creator-owned work. He created GROUNDED, FEARLESS, and HAZED for Image Comics, UNTHINKABLE for BOOM! Studios, and RIFT RAIDERS for Kickstart. A writer for TV and film as well, he created POLARITY for Cartoon Network, and both Hazed and Unthinkable were optioned for film by Mandalay Productions. His latest Image book is GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES, illustrated and co-created by my GROUNDED co-creator, Paul Azaceta.

Image Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Image has since gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. Image currently has five partners: Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino. It consists of five major houses: Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, Skybound and Image Central. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable. It offers science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit


VIZ Media Welcomes NARUTO Japanese Voice Actress And Announces NARUTO SHIPPUDEN THE MOVIE: BONDS U.S. Film Premiere, Along With A Special Panel Discussions, Booth Activities And Giveaways

San Francisco, CA, October 5, 2011 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest distributor and licensor of anime and manga in North America, has announced a packed schedule of events, panel discussions, promotional giveaways, theatrical film premieres, and rare guest appearances for the 2011 New York Comic Con, taking place at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, October 13th – 16th. VIZ Media will be located in Booth 932.

The annual New York Comic Con is the largest gathering on the East Coast dedicated to comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. Complete details on New York Comic Con is available at:

Digital technology and distribution has forever changed the way fans read and purchase manga, and VIZ Media will showcase its industry-leading VIZ Manga App for the Apple iPad™, iPhone™ and iPod™ touch in a fun interactive demo as well as its online manga web portal at VIZ Manga currently features more than 40 popular manga series and over 400 volumes.

This year, VIZ Media is proud to welcome Junko Takeuchi, the Japanese voice of Naruto, who will participate in a special NARUTO SHIPPUDEN panel discussion on Friday, October 14th from 1:15pm to 2:15pm in Room 1A22. Come welcome the actress for her first-ever U.S. appearance, and hear her experiences performing the voice for the world’s most popular ninja!

VIZ Media will excite NARUTO SHIPPUDEN fans even more with a special U.S. theatrical premiere of the latest action-packed feature film. The NARUTO SHIPPUDEN THE MOVIE: BONDS event will be on Saturday, October 15th at 6:00pm at the School of Visual Arts Theatre (SVA), located near the Javits Convention Center at 333 West 23rd Street. Join Junko Takeuchi to celebrate the U.S. premiere of this exciting new film. Check a posted schedule at the VIZ Media booth for designated times for free ticket giveaways! All fans that attend the premiere will receive a special Heroes of Anime gift bag that includes the new NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™: Ultimate Ninja Impact™ PSP video game from Namco Bandai Games of America (released on October 18th), in addition to other fun NARUTO collectibles.

VIZ Media is pleased to welcome Masayuki Ozaki of Sunrise, the co-creator and Executive Producer of the hit anime TIGER & BUNNY, currently streaming on He will participate in a can’t-miss TIGER & BUNNY panel discussion, taking place on Sunday, October 16th from 1:15pm to 2:15pm in Room 1A03.

VIZ Media also welcomes VOLTRON FORCE head writer Brian Smith, and two of the lead artists, Jacob Chabot (Vol. 1) and Dario Brizuela (Vol. 3) from the upcoming graphic novel series for an in-person booth appearance and signing session at on Saturday October 15th & Sunday October 16th at 3PM.

Fans can hear exciting updates about the company’s upcoming releases, as well as get the scoop on groundbreaking new projects at the VIZ Media Panel, set for Sunday, October 16th from 10:45am to 11:45am in Room 1A23.

New York Comic Con visitors are also invited to sample VIZ Media’s ART FOR HOPE, a special limited edition digital art book anthology to be sold through the VIZ Manga App and, with 100% of net proceeds supporting ongoing disaster relief efforts in Japan. Attendees can receive a limited edition ART FOR HOPE preview poster, available for a suggested minimum donation of $5, with all proceeds benefitting Architecture for Humanity.

Finally, don’t miss special product giveaways at the VIZ Media booth, including a special collectable 25th Anniversary tote bag, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN temporary tattoos, SHONEN JUMP screen wipes, and on Sunday, VIZ Kids Day, MAMESHIBA headbands, VIZ Kids manga samplers and full color posters featuring VOLTRON FORCE and MAMESHIBA.

About VIZ Media, LLC
Headquartered in San Francisco, California, VIZ Media distributes, markets and licenses the best anime and manga titles direct from Japan.  Owned by three of Japan's largest manga and animation companies, Shueisha Inc., Shogakukan Inc., and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, Co., Ltd., VIZ Media has the most extensive library of anime and manga for English speaking audiences in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa. With its popular monthly manga anthology SHONEN JUMP magazine and blockbuster properties like NARUTO, BLEACH and INUYASHA, VIZ Media offers cutting-edge action, romance and family friendly properties for anime, manga, science fiction and fantasy fans of all ages.  VIZ Media properties are available as graphic novels, DVDs, animated television series, feature films, downloadable and streaming video and a variety of consumer products.  Learn more about VIZ Media, anime and manga at
IDW Announces Launch of Second True Blood Comic Book Collection
Hardcover Comic Collection of “True Blood: Tainted Love” Available Nationwide and Digitally

Co-Written by True Blood Star Michael McMillian

[True Blood: Tainted Love Vol 2 Cover]San Diego, CA (October 6, 2011)—IDW Publishing, in conjunction with HBO, is pleased to announce the launch of the second hardcover True Blood comic collection, TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE, available in comic and book stores throughout North America on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. This compilation of all six issues from the second series of the mega-hit comics offers an all-new story co-written by True Blood star Michael McMillian and comics fan-favorite Marc Andreyko.  The collection features bonus content, including a cover gallery.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the continued success of the comics and are excited that the release of the comic collection will make the series even more accessible to fans,” stated show creator Alan Ball. “Truebies now have two great stories to enjoy, both of which offer new adventures for the Bon Temps crew.”

Following on the success of the New York Times best-selling first comic collection, TRUE BLOOD: ALL TOGETHER NOW, this second edition channels the same erotically-charged romance, wry humor, intriguing mystery and suspense the show has become known for into a brand new story that treats readers to new insights of their favorite characters. In TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE, Jessica is exposed to contaminated bottles of Tru Blood, causing the lovely vampire to go berserk. It’s up to Sookie, Bill, Eric and the rest of the Bon Temps gang to figure out who (or what) is behind the bad Blood. Plus, Reverend Newlin is back and as always in the world of True Blood, things are not as they seem.

“Not only is Steve Newlin back, but TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE sees the first comic appearance of many fan-favorite characters from the show,” said McMillian, who plays Fellowship of the Sun leader Reverend Steve Newlin on the show.  “Marc and I worked hard to make our story arc feel like a mini-season of True Blood. Hopefully it will help viewers with their withdrawal while they wait for the next season.”

Developed with show creator Alan Ball, actor McMillian and Andreyko crafted this twisted tale. Joining McMillian and Andreyko is artist Joe Corroney, who brings this latest head-turning series to life. Superstar artist J. Scott Campbell provides the cover.

In addition to the print editions, the comic collection and individual comics are available digitally through Apple’s App Store in the new True Blood Comics app, which features every TRUE BLOOD comic in one place, including the first two issues of the new French Quarter series. The digital version of the compilation is also available in Apple’s iBook Store, and many TRUE BLOOD comics are available in the Sony Digital Comics store.

TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE ($24.99, 160 pages, hard cover, full color) is now available in stores. Diamond order code JUL11 0370; ISBN 978-1-61377-019-1.

TRUE BLOOD: TAINTED LOVE ($11.99) is available in Apple’s iBook Store.

TRUE BLOOD: ALL TOGETHER NOW ($24.99, 160 pages, hard cover, full color) is now available in stores. Diamond order code DEC10 0370; ISBN 978-1-60010-868-6.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

MILWAUKIE, OR, OCTOBER 5—Last year’s New York Comic Con saw the announcement of Dark Horse’s digital store. This year, we’re celebrating that anniversary in style with special-edition comics, in-booth events, and giveaways, as well as prizes for attendees of New York’s premier convention.
First of all, leading into the convention, Dark Horse will release a special three-part digital preview comic, showcasing eight pages of each of our new fall titles! Check out Tom Morello’s Orchid, P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast’s House of Night, and of course, Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain! This special preview comic will be available at on October 12.
That same day, Dark Horse will also release a special sixteen-page Mass Effect digital comic, featuring the previously released “Incursion” story from MySpace Dark Horse Presents as well as the “Inquisition” story originally featured on for 99 cents. Visit TODAY for an exclusive eight-page preview of the highly anticipated Mass Effect: Invasion series!
Spin the Dark Horse Digital prize wheel and win free digital comics! That’s right, show attendees can step up, spin our wheel, and win a fortune in credit in the Dark Horse Digital Store. One chance per customer per day, with the opportunity to win more than once throughout the show!
If that’s not enough, we will be giving away t-shirts all weekend long “tagged” with additional chances to win Dark Horse digital store credit!
Stay tuned for more news on Dark Horse’s New York Comic Con announcements and events daily!
October 5, Milwaukie, OROn Thursday, October 13th at 7:30PM, Tom Morello as The Nightwatchman, accompanied by the Freedom Fighter Orchestra will take the stage at the IGN Theater at the Javitts Center to play a riveting set for the New York Comic Con Kick-Off Concert.
The Grammy award-winning artist released The Nightwatchman World Wide Rebel Songs on August 30th and has been taking the country by political storm, one city at a time.
"The core of The Nightwatchman is dark matter," says Tom Morello. "But at the heart of every struggle, there's hope. So this is an album of rousing hopelessness—it's part Johnny Cash and part Che Guevara, part beacon light and part arson fire."
 Tom Morello’s graphic novel Orchid, which tells the tale of a 16-year-old street prostitute in a dystopian future, will be released in twelve issues through Dark Horse Comics will be on sale October 12th.  Orchid features a variant cover by the well-known and influential street artist Shepard Fairey, with interior art by Scott Hepburn (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic).
 Orchid is part Suicide Girl, part Joan of Arc, who becomes the Spartacus of Whores in a story that merges the epic scope of Lord of the Rings with the politics of street terrorism.” – Tom Morello
Headlined by DJ Z-Trip, the concert is free to all VIP's and 4-Day ticket holders BUT seating is first come, first served and will be extremely limited due to size of the auditorium and popularity of the event. Ultimate Access, Special Access and Anime Access VIP ticket holders will be guaranteed to get into the show first; then, 4-Day ticket holders will be let in until the auditorium is full. The concert is open to all 4-Day ticket holders on a first come, first served basis and we cannot guarantee that all 4-Day ticket holders that want to attend the show will be able to get in.
"I'm stoked and honored to be playing alongside Tom Morello at the New York Comic Con. He's one of my favorite guitarists of all time, and I've always admired the level of consciousness he brings to the table. This show is gonna be great. Can't wait to read his new comic too." – DJ Z-Trip
Tom Morello is appearing courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, New York Comic Con and Midtown Comics – who will be selling Orchid #1 exclusively at the Kick-Off Concert.
“The world is in flux,” Tom Morello says. “People are standing up and fighting for their rights around the globe. It’s an important juncture we’re at—is anyone going to stand up? The Nightwatchman will stand up, and this is the soundtrack for that struggle.”
In an era of chaos and turmoil around the globe, the voice of The Nighwatchman is needed now more than ever. With so many artists all too willing to abdicate any position of protest and challenge, Tom Morello, and the international concerns of his World Wide Rebel Songs, offer essential tools for the social justice struggles of today.

Tom Morello is a Grammy Award-winning guitarist best known for his tenure with the bands Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, his acoustic solo act, The Nightwatchman. Tom is also the cofounder of the nonprofit organization Axis of Justice.  The Harvard educated guitarist was ranked #26 in Rolling Stone's list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”  and has sold over 30 million records.

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