Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Issue one of this book exploded with potential, but act two is always the toughest to get right. Fortunately, the creative team delivers.

Written by Michael Alan Nelson and Drawn by Chee
Published by Boom Studios

When last we left Miles, he was buried in guilt and grief over the death of his wife during the first Martian invasion. Gina was killed in their own home, after Miles had insisted she stay inside. There was no way to know that a tripod would destroy the dwelling, but forgiving yourself for random chance can be impossible.

Now, the Martians have returned, and Miles’ guilt and anger have an outlet: revenge. Of course, nothing is quite that simple, and gaining vengeance against a technologically superior invading force just isn’t as conceivable as Miles thinks. Plus, he’s beginning to remember the problems in his marriage, including some things buried in his subconscious that suggest that perhaps the Martians might have been on Earth a bit longer than anyone knows…

For a story that suggests a wide-screen action tenor (and which includes a nifty truck vs. tripod chase sequence), SECOND WAVE is extremely quiet and subtle as it explores Miles’ psyche and his torment over Gina’s death. Nelson keeps the story on a basis human level, making it emotionally accessible as well as viscerally exciting. Complimented by some nice work by Chee, Nelson is putting together one of the more intriguing success stories of 2006 so far. SECOND WAVE has come out of nowhere to become what looks to be a top-of-the-pile read.