Friday, August 03, 2007


After Jenna was done, I grabbed a pretzel and waited for the finale of my con: the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA press conference. And it was a worthy finish, even if I ran out of film before Tricia Helfer entered the room for her photo op.

Go frakkin' read about it already.

Then I headed for my hotel, cleaned up, came back down for dinner, drinks, and goodbyes, and headed back to the desert. Yay, me! Another fun year of San Diego under my belt!


Thursday, August 02, 2007


So I hit the floor with my friend Mimmo for about 30 minutes, we play the Godzilla Wii game, he nearly runs over Seth Rogan... then it was back to work for me. Next press conference:

Jenna Jameson.

Click over and read about and see the pretty pictures, yes?


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

San Diego Saturday: Part One

I got off to a late start. Hit the comics press panel a few minutes late, then had to leave early. Why?

Off to my first press conference of the day. For WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO?

Go here and make with the clicky to read about it, won't you?


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back from Comic-Con.

You may be asking: what happened to Friday and Saturday updates? Well, I could tell you all about it here, but really... I hit the floor, saw some folks I like seeing... I went to lunch on Friday and watched a drug bust on the side of the road in front of Kansas City BBQ. My friend Mimmo almost plowed over Seth Rogan on Saturday. Masi Oka was sitting in the press room when I arrived on Saturday morning, and my first thought was "Wait... he isn't a reporter..."

That's how fried your mind gets at SDCC.

Anyway, the best way I can update on what I did on Friday and Saturday (I skipped Sunday this year) is to post on the big stuff that I did. Like Friday evening when I sat in on the EUREKA cast press conference.

Go read about it already!