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MTV breaks news of FALL OUT TOY WORKS, the new comic book mini-series from Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz!

4 June 2009 (Berkeley, CA) - Earlier today, MTV broke news of Fall Out Boy vocalist and bassist Pete Wentz teaming up with famed designer Darren Romanelli, Nathan Cabrera, WINTERMEN's Brett Lewis and Imaginary Friends Studio's Sam Basri to create an all-new comic book series with Image Comics debuting this September, FALL OUT TOY WORKS.

"Me and Darren came up with the idea of creating a world around 'Tiffany Blews'," Wentz told MTV News. "It's more than a comic too. In the end, it will be a graphic novel, clothing, web site and possible toys themselves."

FALL OUT TOY WORKS, inspired by the ideas and lyrics of Fall Out Boy, tells the story of a brilliant young robot maker who risks his entire company for his factory's newly produced android named Tiffany as she becomes his greatest passion and potentially his own destruction. FALL OUT TOY WORKS teams Wentz with Darren Romanelli AKA Dr. Romanelli “DRx”, the ground breaking designer behind the reinterpretations of Nike, Looney Tunes and Black Sabbath, and writer Brett Lewis, the acclaimed creator of BULLETPROOF MONK and The Wintermen. Art chores will be handled by Sam Basri of Imaginary Friends Studios, the art studio behind the art for Radical'’s Hercules: The Thracian Wars, Caliber: First Canon of Justice and Steve Nile'’s City of Dust.

Darren Romanelli added, "Pete had hit me up about designing him some custom gear and we immediately clicked. We've been throwing ideas back and forth for some time and FALL OUT TOY WORKS stemmed from a place of passion and common ground between us. Of course, Fall Out Boy has been a major inspiration, but we're reaching in the larger world of art, fashion and pop culture. We've also brought in my frequent collaborator, Nathan Cabrera, to help conceive the wider world and are thrilled to have a writer of Brett Lewis' status realizing these ideas to their fullest potential with Sam Basri of Imaginary Friends Studios."

FALL OUT TOY WORKS #1, a 32-page full color five-issue comic book for $3.99, will be in stores September 2nd, 2009. For more information, please see

Image Comics is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Since that time, Image has gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. There are currently five partners in Image Comics (Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino), and Image is currently divided into four major houses (Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, and Image Central). Image comics and graphic novels cover nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable, offering science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor, and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. Visit
U.S. Army Launches America's Army - The Graphic Novel

SILVER SPRING, MD, 5 JUN 2009 -- The U.S. Army announced today that it has launched America's Army - The Graphic Novel, a free online publication based on America's Army 3 (AA3), the only action game that delivers an authentic and entertaining Army experience by reflecting the training, technology, actions, and career advancement of a Soldier within an exciting, free game experience. The graphic novel is live now on the America's Army website ( The AA3 PC game, in which Every Detail Counts™, will debut this summer.

This exclusive online novel allows readers to explore the storyline behind the AA3 game through stories that showcase Army operations, Military Occupational Specialties, and high tech equipment while following the lives of U.S. Army Soldiers at home station and while deployed. Readers will discover stories of bravery and teamwork by Soldiers whose jobs include Intelligence Analyst, Medic, UAV Operator, Infantryman, and Apache Helicopter Pilot.

Chapter 1, "Knowledge is Power" opens with the deployment of a U.S. Army Long Range Surveillance (LRS) team as a conflict arises between two fictitious countries, Czervenia and the Republic of the Ostregals. In this issue, U.S. Army Soldiers demonstrate combat readiness through superior military intelligence and elite training as they join coalition forces providing humanitarian aid to an allied country under genocidal attack. When an ominous plan is discovered and a dangerous conflict erupts, the U.S. Army answers the call.

"Many America's Army players are huge graphic novel fans so this is an excellent way to further explore today's Army and the lives of Soldiers," said Michael Barnett, Executive Producer for the graphic novel. "This is the most authentic graphic novel about the Army every produced. U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers ensured the accuracy of every detail from the dialog to the uniforms to the placement of the glow sticks strapped onto the gear of an airborne LRS team as they skydive from the back of a C130. And by reading the graphic novel, players may find useful game tips that may give them an edge when playing AA3 this summer."

The online graphic novel features an original flash interface with advanced viewing controls to grab and flip pages as one would a printed comic and to zoom-in on a specific panel to more easily read it and enjoy the art. Many pages have context links so readers can click to learn more about Army life, jobs, or gear or reference the "field manual" which offers readers a glossary of terms and Army acronyms.

America's Army - The Graphic Novel was produced by Michael Barnett and written by M. Zachary Sherman (Shrapnel) with art by Michael Penick (The Corps!) and J. Brown (Thunderbolts). The web interface was developed by Bill Howard.

About America's Army

The Army creates and distributes America's Army so that young Americans can virtually explore Soldiering in the U.S. Army like Soldiers experience it – as individuals and as members of teams. Through the Game's virtual experiences, young Americans can explore the Army from basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia, and medic training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, to operations in defense of freedom. Along the way, they can join elite Army units and experience the strength of Army teamwork, values, and technology within an engaging environment. The game has become an online phenomenon, consistently ranking among the most popular PC action games played online. The games are rated T for Teen and can be downloaded free via Steam (URL) and from various partners listed on the website. They are also distributed at local Army Recruiting stations, ROTC Detachments, and Army events.

In the America's Army game, players are bound by Rules of Engagement (ROE) and grow in experience as they navigate challenges in team-based, multiplayer, force-on-force operations. In the game, as in the Army, accomplishing missions requires teamwork and adherence to the Army's Core Values. Through its emphasis on team play, the game demonstrates these values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage and makes them integral to success in America's Army.

The Army launched America's Army in July of 2002, and has released major updates to the game every few months. These releases feature new technologies, missions, Army units, and occupations. In keeping with the dynamic nature of Soldiering, the America's Army game will continue to expand and allow players to explore the Army of today, tomorrow, and the future.

- U.S. premiere of two Doctor Who specials starring David Tennant -

This summer, BBC AMERICA airs two U.S. premiere specials of television’s longest running science fiction series, Doctor Who. And yes, the first special, The Next Doctor, celebrates Christmas - in June! Set in Victorian London, the U.S. premiere holiday special first aired in the UK, December 2008. It is followed on July 26, by the first Doctor Who special in HD, Planet of the Dead.

Richard De Croce, SVP Programming, explained: “We know that Doctor Who has a loyal following of U.S. fans and want to show them the first HD special as soon as BBC America HD launches (July 20). To ensure our viewers don’t miss a moment of Tennant’s spectacular performance, and maintain continuity, we’re bringing them the premiere of last December’s Holiday special first – even though that means snow in June!”


It’s Christmas Eve in 1851 and Cybermen stalk the snow of Victorian London. When the Doctor (David Tennant, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) arrives to investigate a spate of mysterious deaths, he’s surprised to meet another Doctor (David Morrissey, State of Play, Viva Blackpool), with his own sonic screw driver. How could this be possible? Could this Doctor be a future regeneration? But if so where are his memories? The two must combine forces to defeat the ruthless Miss Hartigan (Dervla Kirwan, Law & Order UK, Ballykissangel), who is the Cybermen’s human ally. But are two Doctors enough to stop the rise of the CyberKing?

Doctor Who: The Next Doctor premieres Saturday, June 27, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT


In the first of four specials shot in HD, Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead, finds the Doctor trapped on a desert alien planet with a red double-decker bus but no Tardis. He soon discovers the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets hidden in the sand and is forced to team up with a mysterious, aristocratic thief Lady Christina (Michelle Ryan, Bionic Woman, Merlin) to get back to Earth. But time is running out, as the deadly Swarm gets closer.

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead premieres Sunday, July 26, 8:00 p.m. ET/PT

The iconic sci-fi series originally aired on the BBC from ‘63 – ‘89 and ran on over 400 PBS stations in the ‘80s. This slick re-imagination of Doctor Who, created by Russell T Davies (Torchwood, Queer as Folk), puts a fresh spin on the adventures of the iconic Time Lord and his feisty companions - who travel across the universe to protect Earth from dangerous aliens and terrifying monsters.

Doctor Who has received two BAFTAs, including Best Drama Series in ‘06, three Hugo Awards for Best Dramatic Presentation: Short Form in ‘06, ’07 and’08 as well as the Saturn Award for Best International Series in ‘08. Doctor Who has two hit spin-off series - Torchwood, which gets its name from an anagram of Doctor Who, and one for children, The Sarah Jane Adventures.


This June 10th, join BOOM! Studios for the UNTHINKABLE West Coast Release Party!

Written by Mark Sable with art by Julian Totino Tedesco and covers by Paul Azaceta, UNTHINKABLE #1 debuted to unanimous praise. Issues #1 and #2 will be available at the signing.

To celebrate the release, UNTHINKABLE writer MARK SABLE will be signing at MELTDOWN from 7PM to ????.

Free beer and vodka while supplies last!

Meltdown Comics & Collectibles
7522 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 851-7283

June 10th, 7PM to ????
Nick Simmons’ Incarnate to take shape in August

June 3rd, 2009, LOS ANGELES – They cannot die. They feel no pain. They hunger for human flesh. They are Revenants. Centuries ago, the Revenant known as Mot was worshipped as a God. Now, he walks the Earth in search for a purpose to his immortality – but when a secret society discovers a way to kill Revenants, Mot and his fellow immortals must make a choice: Hunt or be hunted.

Radical Publishing is proud to announce its newest title for August 2009: INCARNATE, created, written and penciled by Nick Simmons, son of rock legend Gene Simmons and star of A&E’s Gene Simmons Family Jewels. The three-issue miniseries will feature a brand new 52-page format and $4.99 price point that will be used in future Radical titles such as FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency from David Hine (Civil War: X-Men, Spider-Man Noir) and The Last Days of American Crime from Rick Remender (Punisher, Fear Agent).

The story concerns Mot, a peculiar member of a race of predatory creatures called Revenants. They are immortal, ageless, shape-shifting and vicious. There has never been a force on this earth that has been able to give them the death that Mot (secretly) seeks, until now. A shadow organization known only as Sanctum has discovered a way to kill the Revenants, and is carrying out a secret genocide that spans the globe. Mot, his protégé Connor, and the rest of the Revenants now must decide how to ensure their place at the top of the food chain. Nick Simmons’ breakout American Manga title reveals a world that challenges even the imagination, planting its tongue firmly in cheek, then biting it off...And swallowing it.

“Incarnate is a project that is very close to me,” stated Radical Publishing President and Publisher Barry Levine. “As a rock photographer, I have worked very closely with Gene Simmons and the members of KISS. Since I’ve known him, Gene has always had a passion for comics and has passed that down to his son Nick. After seeing Nick’s concept for Incarnate and the quality of his designs and panels, I immediately felt that this was a great fit for Radical.”

Just before its August release date, Incarnate #1 will debut at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International with Nick Simmons on hand to sign copies. For more info on Radical at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, stay tuned to for all the latest news.

Incarnate #1 appears in the June 2009 Diamond Previews catalog, to ship August 2009 and featuring a cover by popular Runaways and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 cover artist Jo Chen (Diamond Code: JUN091053). Incarnate #1 is a 52-page comic and retails for only $4.99.

About Radical Publishing

Radical Publishing is founded by Barry Levine (producer for Hercules, Caliber, Freedom Formula and executive producer for the in-development Rex Mundi movie for Warner Bros., written by Jim Uhls and starring Johnny Depp) and his protégé Jesse Berger (executive producer for Hercules, Caliber and Freedom Formula).

For their quality and excellence in 2008, retailers voted Radical Publishing the Gem Award for “Best New Publisher of the Year” from Diamond Comic Distributors. Radical brings the best writing, storytelling and fully painted cover and interior art to the global comic book market, from prominent international talents such as Yoshitaka Amano, John Bolton, Luis Royo, Jim Steranko, Steve Pugh, Warren Ellis, Arthur Suydam, Steve Niles, Jimmy Palmiotti, Flint Dille, Marko Djurdjevic, Ian Edginton, David Hine, Rick Remender, Joseph Kosinski, Nick Percival, Steve Moore, Sam Sarkar, Stjepan Sejic, Dave Wilkins, Tomm Coker, Clayton Crain, Bill Sienkiewicz, Nick Sagan, Clint Langley, Nick Simmons, Patrick Reilly, Weta Workshop, Zombie Studios and many more.

Radical Publishing currently has production deals with Universal Studios, Spyglass Entertainment, Peter Berg’s Film 44 and Radical Pictures for Hercules; Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil and Radical Pictures for Caliber; and New Regency, Bryan Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Productions and Radical Pictures for Freedom Formula.

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Bluewater Productions has signed on with William Morris Endeavor Entertainment for representation of their comic book and graphic novel properties.

“We are very excited to be represented by Scott Agostoni from William Morris” said publisher, Darren G. Davis “We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.”

Golden House Entertainment, who is developing their comic properties, “Legend of Isis” and “Lost Raven” for the feature film and television markets, manages Bluewater. Lisa K. Brause from, Golden House Entertainment will be working closely with William Morris on packaging and branding multiple of Bluewater Production’s properties.

Castle Bright Productions at Universal Pictures is still in development with Bluewater’s flagship title “10th Muse.”

About William Morris Endeavor

The William Morris Endeavor Agency (WmE2) is the largest and most diversified talent and literary agency in the world. The Agency represents clients in all segments of the entertainment industry, including Motion Pictures, Television, Music and Personal Appearances, Broadway Theatre and Theatrical Touring, Book Publishing, Commercial Endorsements, Sports Marketing, Corporate Consulting, Digital Media, and Video Games.

About Bluewater Productions

Bluewater Productions Inc. is one of the top independent production studios of comic books, young adult books and graphic novels. Its extensive catalog of titles includes the bestsellers “Female Force,” “Political Power,” “10th Muse” and “The Legend of Isis.” Bluewater publishes comic books with legendary filmmaker Ray Harryhausen and soon will launch a series in partnership with sci-fi icon William Shatner.


It’s Christmas Eve in 1851 and Cybermen stalk the snow of Victorian London. When the Doctor (David Tennant) arrives to investigate a spate of mysterious deaths, he’s surprised to meet another Doctor (David Morrissey), with his own sonic screw driver. How could this be possible? Could this Doctor be a future regeneration? But if so where are his memories? The two must combine forces to defeat the ruthless Miss Hartigan (Dervla Kirwan), who is the Cybermen’s human ally. But are two Doctors enough to stop the rise of the CyberKing?

Doctor Who: The Next Doctor premieres Saturday, June 27, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT


The highly anticipated return of Torchwood: Children of Earth will kick off the first of BBC AMERICA’s HD offerings. Told over five consecutive nights, the series re-joins Captain Jack (John Barrowman), Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd) as they are still coming to terms with the death of two of their closest friends. Yet despite their pain, they know they have a job to do. This time they are faced with their fiercest threat to date - one which throws the future of Torchwood and the entire human race spiralling into danger. Battling against the odds, do they stand a chance of saving mankind?

Torchwood: Children of Earth premieres Monday, July 20, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT with the finale on Friday, July 24, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT


In the latest special, Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead, the Doctor (Tennant) must join forces with the mysterious Lady Christina (Michelle Ryan), when a London bus takes a detour to an alien world. But the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets, hidden in the sand. And time is running out, as the deadly Swarm gets closer.

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead premieres Sunday, July 26, 8:00 p.m. ET/PT

Monday, June 01, 2009



JUNE 1, NEW YORK, NY–Jane Yolen, the best-selling author Newsweek called “The Hans Christian Andersen of America,” comes to Dark Horse with her upcoming graphic novel, The Last Dragon. Painted by legendary fantasy artist Rebecca Guay, The Last Dragon is a textured and lyrical story of adventure, homelands, and heroism the hard way.

Two hundred years ago, humans drove the last of the dragons from the islands of May. For two hundred years, they have gone about their lives, fishing and farming, never expecting the great wyrms to return. But now, the last of the dragons has risen, and the islanders must once again band together in the face of a threat greater than any their peaceful lives have prepared them to battle.

“I have written a lot of girl power novels, stories, and picture books over the last forty years,” says writer Jane Yolen. “They have won awards like the Nebula (for the novella ‘Lost Girls’) and ALA Notable Award (for the folk tale collection Not One Damsel in Distress), the Golden Kite (for the collection of original fairy tales The Girl Who Cried Flowers), the Jewish Book Award (for the Holocaust novel The Devil’s Arithmetic), and others.” Yolen continues, “But nothing has been more fun than working on The Last Dragon, about the daughter of a healer who shows a reluctant hero how to fight the dragon that has killed her father and terrorized her village."

Artist Rebecca Guay adds, “The Last Dragon, and the vision that Jane and I have for the book, will have all of the fiercely imaginative elements that drew me to comics in my teen years (and kept me reading them as an adult). We are given a hero on a mission of self-discovery and a heroine who leads him to his true path; love and falling in love; mystery, history, glittering and fantastic; and, at the fiery heart of it all, the gorgeous, dangerous, and inevitable Last Dragon.

The Last Dragon features story by Jane Yolen, with art by Rebecca Guay, and joins the ever-growing line of Dark Horse books for young adults in 2010.

JUNE 1, NEW YORK, NY– Acclaimed entertainment writer Jeff Jensen presents the ultimate insider's account of America's most prolific serial killer in Green River Killer: A Detective Story. Jensen's own father led the twenty-year investigation into the murders of over forty women at the hands of Gary Leon Ridgway.

In the summer of 1982, the bodies of five dead prostitutes were found on the marshy banks of Seattle’s Green River. One year later, the remains of six more women were discovered, prompting local law enforcement to officially declare that a serial killer was at work. Over the next several years more bodies were found, cleverly hidden and most of them long dead, and by 1988, the death toll reached forty-eight suspected victims. Yet despite the efforts of sixty detectives, the Green River Killer could not be found. In 1990, the Green River Task Force disbanded and the case was all but forgotten, to be left in the hands of one detective.

It was Tom Jensen who, in 2001, used DNA technology to finally link these atrocities back to one man: Gary Leon Ridgway. Jensen's story should have ended there. But after Ridgway cut a plea deal with prosecutors in 2003 to spare his life, Jensen led a small team of detectives in interviewing the killer, in secret, for one hundred and eighty days—a journey as strange and disturbing as the twenty years that preceded it.

Informed by in-depth interviews with Jeff Jensen’s father and his colleagues, Green River Killer: A Detective Story is a true-crime comic unlike any other, a deeply personal behind-the-scenes chronicle of one of the most notorious serial-killer cases in American history.

Jeff Jensen says, "My father, in his wry, self-deprecating fashion, always joked that if anyone ever told his story, it would be in a comic book. Well, now that's come true, but in the best way possible. I'm excited to be telling his story, and thrilled that we're doing it as a graphic novel with Dark Horse. My father taught me to read with comics. As a teenager, I became a fan of the medium for life thanks to Alan Moore, Frank Miller, the Hernandez brothers, Neil Gaiman, Howard Chaykin, Harvey Pekar, and Daniel Clowes--artists who opened my eyes to how comics can tackle mature material in a sophisticated fashion. Ramón and I and everyone here want to do justice to my father's story in a smart, compelling, sensitive way, and we hope that the result is worthy of the comics that have inspired us."

Green River Killer: A Detective Story is written by Jeff Jensen, with art by Ramón K. Pérez. This groundbreaking and historic graphic novel will arrive on shelves in 2010 from Dark Horse Comics.


JUNE 1, NEW YORK, NY – Hailed across the world for his unparalleled storytelling, comics auteur Stan Sakai sets the bar even higher with Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai—writing, hand-painting, and lettering a thrilling original story.

Yokai are the monsters, demons, and spirits of Japanese folklore, such as the shape-changing kitsune, the obakeneko demon cats, and the evil oni ogres. Usagi faces all these and more when a desperate woman begs for his help in finding her kidnapped daughter. In his quest to find the girl, he encounters these creatures of Japanese legend, who need a living soul as the captor for their army to enter the world of the living. Fortunately, Usagi is joined by Sasuke the Demon Queller, who fights for the same cause. However, things aren’t always as they seem, especially when dealing with the supernatural!

“Yokai is my most ambitious project to date--writing, drawing, and painting a standalone story that is a good introduction for new readers and expands on the Usagi storyline to appeal to longtime fans. I also had a great time researching the folklore and legends of Japan from its malevolent spirits to its goofier creatures,” says creator Stan Sakai.

“Longtime Usagi Yojimbo designer Cary Grazzini and I were tossing around ideas for Usagi’s 25th anniversary,” says editor Diana Schutz, “and Cary commented that he would love to see Stan hand-paint an original story. Fans don’t often get to see Usagi in color, much less painted by Stan himself, so the standalone graphic novel seemed a perfect way to celebrate this special anniversary. And painted color will bring the fantastical creatures of Yokai to outstanding life!”

With beautiful watercolor art and story by the masterful Stan Sakai, this new mass-market hardcover graphic novel is a perfect introduction to the beloved samurai rabbit for first time readera and a must-own for any Usagi fan!

Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai arrives on shelves this November!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JUNE 1ST 2009: Comic Noir: The Art of Joëlle Jones

Comic Noir: The Art of Joëlle Jones

For the month of June, The Art Institute of Portland Gallery is hosting Portland comic book artist Joëlle Jones and writer Jamie S. Rich in a unique first look at their collaborated graphic novel You Have Killed Me, due this July from Oni Press. On view will be excerpts and original pages from the book, as well at the opportunity to speak to the artist and writer about the new book and the creative process behind it.

The Gallery show, titled “Comic Noir: The Art of Joëlle Jones,” will debut on First Thursday (June 4th) with an artist reception from 6-8 p.m where pre-orders will be taken for creator signed copies of the upcoming book, You Have Killed Me.

Jones and Rich first collaborated on the acclaimed comic book 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, and have since shown up as a team in the pages of Popgun, Portland Noir, and Madman Atomic Comics. Jones also did the cover and interior illustrations for Rich's novel Have You Seen the Horizon Lately?.

Separately, they have multiple creative works between them. Jones has contributed to the long-running comic series Fables at DC/Vertigo, and she drew the Minx young-adult graphic novel Token, written by Alisa Kwitney. Rich has published four prose novels, including Cut My Hair, I Was Someone Dead, and The Everlasting, and wrote the comics series Love the Way You Love, illustrated by Marc Ellerby. He served as the editor-in-chief at Oni Press from 1999 until 2004 and has also worked on the editorial staff at Dark Horse Comics.

The exhibit will run June 4th - 30th. Gallery hours are Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. ; and Saturday 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

- U.S. Premieres of Torchwood: Children of Earth, Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead and Being Human to Air in HD -

New York, NY - Monday, June 1, 2009 - BBC Worldwide launches BBC AMERICA HD on July 20 with the high-definition simulcast of BBC AMERICA. BBC AMERICA HD kicks off with an extraordinary week of sci-fi U.S. premieres - the return of the channel’s highest rated series, Torchwood, the latest Doctor Who special, Planet of the Dead, the BBC AMERICA co-production, Being Human and the thrilling season finale of Primeval, Season 3.

Since its inception in 1998, BBC AMERICA has seen substantial growth, recently celebrating its highest ratings ever in total live viewers for the first quarter of 2009. The channel is responsible for bringing the BBC’s world renowned news stateside with BBC World News America as well as some of the year’s most buzzed about and critically acclaimed UK shows - from the popular Torchwood and addictive Mistresses to the provocative Skins and charming Gavin & Stacey. It has introduced American audiences to such marquee series as The Office, Top Gear and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. This unique and high quality programming has aided BBC AMERICA to see an increase in ad sales of almost 40% in the last year. It has also secured the channel two Golden Globes, six Peabody Awards and availability in over 64 million households nationwide.

Garth Ancier, President, BBC Worldwide America says, “BBC AMERICA is a truly unique channel in the cable landscape. We bring viewers some of the best programs on television and now with the option to experience them in HD, they’re going to be even better. The launch of BBC AMERICA HD coupled with the existing VOD channel, BBC AMERICA On-Demand, expands the opportunity for viewers and distributors to access the best of British entertainment.”

The highly anticipated return of Torchwood: Children of Earth will kick off the first of BBC AMERICA’s HD offerings. Told over five consecutive nights starting July 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, the series re-joins Captain Jack (John Barrowman), Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd) as they are still coming to terms with the death of two of their closest friends. Yet despite their pain, they know they have a job to do. This time they are faced with their fiercest threat to date - one which throws the future of Torchwood and the entire human race spiralling into danger. Battling against the odds, do they stand a chance of saving mankind?

Also airing in HD on Sunday, July 26 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT is the U.S premiere of the first of the last four Doctor Who specials featuring David Tennant as the tenth Time Lord. In the latest special, Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead, the Doctor (David Tennant) must join forces with the mysterious Lady Christina (Michelle Ryan), when a London bus takes a detour to an alien world. But the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets, hidden in the sand. And time is running out, as the deadly Swarm gets closer.

On Saturday July 25 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, the monster hit, Primeval concludes its third season in high-definition style. As the embattled team continues to fight against unrelenting threats and creatures, Helen (Juliet Aubry) is attempting to stop the destruction of the Earth by traveling back in time to prevent humans from evolving. The team is determined to go back to the future and stop her before she can hurt anyone else but is forced to split up when a fracture in time causes another destructive creature to appear.

The lauded BBC AMERICA co-production, Being Human premieres in HD on Saturday July 25 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. A witty and intriguing look into the lives of three twenty-somethings and their secret double-lives – as a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost - the trio do their best to live their lives as normally as possible, despite their strange and dark secrets. But with unwelcome intruders into their world, a threatened revolution from the vampire underworld and constant threats of exposure – on top of the day-to-day issues faced by young people – the only thing they may be able to rely on in their heightened world, is each other.


BBC AMERICA brings audiences a new generation of award-winning television featuring news with a uniquely global perspective, provocative dramas, razor-sharp comedies and life-changing makeovers. BBC AMERICA pushes the boundaries to deliver high quality, highly addictive and eminently watchable programming to viewers who demand more. BBC AMERICA is available on digital cable and satellite TV in more than 64 million homes.

About BBC Worldwide

BBC Worldwide Limited is the main commercial arm and a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The company exists to maximise the value of the BBC’s assets for the benefit of the licence payer and invest in public service programming in return for rights. The company has seven core businesses: BBC Worldwide Channels, BBC Worldwide Content & Production, BBC Worldwide Digital Media, BBC Worldwide Global Brands, BBC Worldwide Sales & Distribution, BBC Magazines and BBC Home Entertainment.


Comic Book Counterpart to Anticipated Vogster PSP Video Game Available this Summer.

Rick Ajax ain't got time nor patience for trouble, but trouble seems to make plenty of time for him. If it ain't one thing, it's something else, and those things always seem to need a good old-fashioned pounding to put to rest. Lori Machete, on the other hand, can't help but get into trouble like the proverbial fox in a henhouse. She may be easy on the eyes, but she can be hard on the jaw when the feathers start to fly.

Based on the (not-so) long-running original series and the upcoming video game from Vogster Entertainment, Unbound Saga reintroduces (for the first time) readers to the seedy back alleys of future Toxopolis and the satirical misadventures that follow Rick and Lori like a shadow . . . Rage off the page!

* Written by Mike Kennedy, with stories illustrated by fan favorites Cliff Richards and Al Rio.

* Features a cover by Joseph Michael Linsner and a gallery of (soon-to-be) classic covers by Leinil Yu and Steve Pugh!