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This summer, Fantagraphics will launch an ongoing series of hardcover books presenting the works of the legendary French cartoonist Jacques Tardi.

The first two releases will be West Coast Blues (Le petit bleu de la Côte Ouest), a hard-boiled crime thriller adapted by Tardi from the novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette, and You Are Here (Ici même), a satirical, surreal story written for Tardi by Barbarella creator Jean-Claude Forest that many consider one of the first true French graphic novels. Both will be released simultaneously in August, in what series editor Kim Thompson calls a “double-pronged shock-and-awe assault on the American readership, to immediately show off Tardi’s versatility.”

Planned for Spring 2010 is the graphic album World War I-theme It Was the War of the Trenches, chapters of which have previously appeared in RAW and Drawn and Quarterly magazines during the 1980s and 1990s.

“Tardi has always been one of my top favorite European cartoonists,” said Thompson, who will also be translating the books. “I’ve wanted to do this for many years -- pretty much as long as we’ve been publishing -- and I think the time is ripe. In today’s graphic-novel world, the audience is finally ready for Tardi.”

Tardi’s best known creation is the saturnine early-20th Century heroine Adèle Blanc-Sec, the first two of whose nine (to date) adventures were released by Dark Horse and NBM in the early 1980s. (A series of Adèle Blanc-Sec movies is currently being prepared by French filmmaker and comics buff Luc Besson.) American readers may also remember Tardi’s “Nestor Burma” stories (based upon stories by French crime writer Leo Malet), the first of which was serialized in the Fantagraphics anthology Graphic Story Monthly in the 1980s, and the second of which was released as a graphic album by iBooks two decades later -- or Tardi’s multiple appearances in RAW magazine. All of these, as well as NBM’s Roach Killer and the hardboiled detective story Griffu (written by Manchette especially for Tardi) which appeared in the Fantagraphics anthology Pictopia, have been out of print for years.

Tardi has won every French cartooning award in existence including the Grand Prize of Angoulême, and has created over 30 graphic novels in a wide variety of genres. He continues to produce work to this day at a pace that puts his contemporaries to shame, including last year’s World War I story Putain de guerre, 2006’s satirical thriller Le Secret de l’étrangleur, and the epic 300-page Le Cri du peuple, set in 1871’s Paris Commune. He is currently working on two new projects, including another World War I volume and an adaptation of a third Manchette-written crime thriller. He lives in Paris with his wife and his cats.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The final chapter of the thrilling three-part Ryloth saga, “Liberty on Ryloth” brings Jedi Master Mace Windu to the Separatist-occupied planet for the crucial final stages of the peacekeeping effort. The all-new episode of the hit animated series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS premieres at 9 p.m. ET/PT Friday, March 13, on Cartoon Network.

With Republic forces stretched thin, Mace must convince the beleaguered people of Ryloth to rise up and join him in repelling the droid army. But the Twi’lek freedom fighters are wary of intervention from outside of their race, and are hesitant to trust the Jedi’s efforts. With the liberation of the planet at stake, time is of the essence and Mace must rally the natives for their final stand against the Separatist invaders.

With a story developed alongside creator George Lucas and supervising director Dave Filoni, the episode reflects some of the untold stories that necessarily unfold when the canvas is as expansive as a galactic war. Director Rob Coleman and writer Henry Gilroy were intrigued with the prospect of exploring the viewpoint of the conflict’s non-military combatants – particularly with regard to their dealings with the Jedi.

“Jedi were never intended to be generals in an army, and this was our first chance to focus on Mace Windu – so rather than show him as a fantastic warrior, we explore his exceptional skills as a negotiator,” Gilroy says. “We put Mace in a position to recruit the Twi’lek freedom fighters to join the clones in trying to free the capital city of Ryloth.”

But negotiations are only the beginning. Once he has convinced the freedom fighters to stand at his side, Mace must lead them in a final fiery campaign against the occupying Separatist forces. The result is one of the most spectacular and complicated battle sequences seen thus far in STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS.

“This is probably my favorite episode in that it’s a really strong script. Mace is our hero, and there are some really cool environments, which allows us to explore some unique action,” says Coleman. “We open in a canyon battle with droids firing on a convoy of walkers, then there’s this fortress with a plasma bridge that could turn on and turn off at any time. We did a lot of long shots, moving and staying with the characters in action. So there’s a lot of fun to play with here.”

Devil's Due Publishing and CBS Consumer Products
Give New Life to Fan-Favorite TV Series Jericho
With New Comic Book Series

CHICAGO - March 5, 2009 - Devil's Due Publishing (DDP) has announced a deal with CBS Consumer Products to publish a new comic book series tied to fan-favorite Jericho, the one-hour drama series that garnered critical acclaim and ran on CBS for two seasons, from 2006-2008. The series centered on the residents of the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas in the aftermath of nuclear attacks on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States. The comic book series will pick up where the television program left off, answering many questions for its passionate fans. DDP has teamed up with the show's creators and producers to develop an authentic story that will hit comic book retailers this fall.

Jericho fans are some of the most dedicated in the world of television. In 2007, devotees to the show produced by CBS Paramount Network Television rallied together to bring back the fan-favorite which was initially cancelled after just one season. The show returned for a seven-episode second season, but was not renewed for a third season. While fans received a little more closure with the end of season two, there were still loose ends that could be addressed.

"Jericho is alive and well, thanks to the amazing fans who've driven us to find new and fresh ways to tell the Jericho story," says Dan Shotz, Co-Executive Producer of Jericho. "Josh Blaylock and the DDP team are great partners and have shown a true love for our show. We are so thrilled about this comic book series and the endless possibilities for the future of Jericho."

Joining Shotz in developing the comic book will be most of the original creative team including Jon Turteltaub, Carol Barbee, Karim Zreik, and Jon Steinberg.

"I can't tell you how cool it is for DDP to be able to continue the Jericho story in comic book form," says DDP President Josh Blaylock. "We plan to give fans the story they've been craving. This is going to be epic stuff."

About Devil's Due Publishing:
Proliferators of comic culture, Devil's Due Publishing (DDP) is one of the largest and most established comic book publishers in North America, carrying a diverse line-up of original, creator-owned and licensed properties. With offices in Los Angeles and Chicago, DDP has many projects in development for film and television with major studios including 20th Century Fox, ABC Family, and Rogue Pictures. DDP's titles include Drafted, Lost Squad, Sheena, Dungeons & Dragons, DemonWars, Voltron, Rest, Serpo and the cult-favorite Hack/Slash. The company recently launched a line of cutting edge designer toys and lifestyle accessories under the imprint DDPOP.

About CBS Consumer Products
CBS Consumer Products, a unit of CBS Entertainment, manages worldwide licensing and merchandising for a diverse slate of television brands and series from CBS, CBS Paramount Network Television and CBS Television Distribution, as well as from the company's extensive library of titles. Additionally, the group oversees the CBS Retail Store and online sales of programming merchandise. For more information, visit


In opposition to market and common sense, creator continues self-publishing weird genre pamphlet, offering free PDF download and print copies for purchase

Sarasota, Florida- March 10, 2009- Dead Man Holiday, a “haunted science-fiction” ongoing comic book series self published by Colin Panetta, released its second issue this month. The comic is available as a free PDF download at Print issues are also available at the website for purchase, and a 20% discount is offered if both issues are purchased, totaling 70 pages of comic for $6.38. The story is centered on Thad Planck who lives in a broken-down, flooded city referred to as “Little Atlantis”, where he has an escalating series of spooky, supernatural encounters. Here’s what some people had to say about the previous issue:

I was really charmed by this "haunted science fiction" comic...

There could be leaps and bounds to come...

-Tom Spurgeon

The Comics Reporter

"Really, it's exactly the sort of thing I like seeing: a confident fantasy

in a weird and interesting world drawn in a raw black & white style."

-Zach Taylor

The first issue received positive reviews from The Comics Reporter, Aint It Cool News and Kleefeld on Comics. In this issue Thad is introduced to the ghost skeleton from last issue’s friends, who are very excited to make Thad’s acquaintance. Later, Thad has a bizarre encounter with a crazy street person (or is it “people”?), while Bethany Horatio enjoys a quiet night at home. Thad’s night, however, is not as peaceful- he loses on a game show, accidentally steps on a face and squeezes a brain stem.

The series started out in negative numbers. This issue is negative two and the previous was negative three. The issue contains 35 hand painted pages of story, and the print version includes exclusive artwork. Dead Man Holiday is noted for its originality. It utilizes a slow, cinematic storytelling style and, unlike most genre comics, rejects the use of archetypes (which is to say that it doesn’t rely on pre-established creations like zombies, vampires or werewolves). Colin Panetta keeps a detailed blog of his experiences self publishing Dead Man Holiday, and it has been featured prominently on The Comics Reporter, Publisher Weekly’s The Beat and The Comics Journal’s Journalista. You can view it here:

The next issue of Dead Man Holiday, number negative one, is set to be released in Fall 2009, after which all three negative issues will be collected into a graphic novel.



On the heals of last weeks announcement about the FEMALE FORCE: SARAH PALIN comic selling out, Bluewater Productions is proud to announce that the Hillary Clinton issue has also now sold out and will be going back for a second printing.

“We are excited to be going to a 2nd printing on the Hillary Clinton title,” said Bluewater Productions publisher Darren G. Davis. “We thought when we overprinted these issues there would be enough for the demand. We had no clue how well these books would be received in the marketplace”.

Comic book stores that have ordered this title will have them on the release date of March 11.

The 2nd printing of the comic will feature the same painted cover of Hillary Clinton by Vinnie Tartamella. It will be available now to bookstores with a new ISBN: 978-1-4276-3886-1.

The comic book series has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today and numerous other media outlets.

The FEMALE FORCE: Hillary Clinton title was printed using Bluewater’s new green printing philosophy.

According to Diamond Distributor, FEMALE FORCE: Michelle Obama has become the highest selling non-premier comic book for April 2009. There is still time to order Female Force: Michelle Obama DCD ITEM # FEB094121.

About Bluewater Productions:

Bluewater Productions, Inc., is one of the top independent production studios of comic books, young adult books and graphic novels. Its extensive catalog of titles includes the bestsellers 10th MUSE, VSS and THE LEGEND OF ISIS. Bluewater publishes comic books with legendary filmmaker Ray Harryhausen and soon will launch a series in conjunction with sci-fi icon William Shatner. Bluewater aims to unite cutting-edge art and engaging stories produced by its stable of the publishing industry's top artists and writers. For more information, visit

Monday, March 09, 2009

Times At Viper Comics Are Getting More And More Odd By The Minute!

Fans of the critically acclaimed series already know there’s a crazy parallel world called Fignation where magic replaces science. Nothing is quite right and many things are just plain weird. Now it seems that Fignation craziness has seeped into the real world and right into the offices of Viper Comics! Starting March 9, 2009, Viper Comics and Otis Frampton are releasing “Oddly Normal: Fignation Times” for FREE, online. That's right . . . for a limited time you can read the entire book, including two new "Oddly Normal Tales" with artwork by Grant Gould and Katie Cook, absolutely free!

The third volume of the graphic novel series that was recommended by The American Library Association continues the adventures of the olive-haired girl named Oddly Normal! After saving Figopolis from the dreaded Snowman, Oddly Normal is offered a job as a photographer on the staff of the Fignation Times. But before she can start, Oddly is sent on the adventure of two lifetimes that will reveal the secrets of her Mother's past ... and her own as well. "Oddly Normal: Fignation Times" is written, inked & colored by Otis Frampton and illustrated by Jessica Hickman. Link to Oddly Normal: Fignation Times Volume 3


For the first time on television, two of the best known movie bloggers will square-off about one of the most anticipated movies of the year – “Watchmen,” offering two very different perspectives on the film.

Drew McWeeny of HitFix, formerly Moriarty from Aint it Cool News, and David Poland from Movie City News will join “Attack of the Show” live, in the studio for a very special roundtable debate.

Don’t miss this special event