Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Caliber Comics Revives Two Anthology Titles
CALIBER PRESENTS and CALIBRATIONS return in trade paperback size

January 27, 2015. Caliber Comics is proud to announce it will be
re-launching two of its titles from the days of the original Caliber
Comics, when it was one of the leading independent comic companies of the
1990s. CALIBER PRESENTS was one of the first titles when the company
debuted in 1989, joining other inaugural releases such as Baker Street
from Gary Reed and Guy Davis that received two Harvey Award nominations,
and The Crow from James O’Barr which went on to become a cult favorite,
not only in comics but also feature film.

The second title to come back is CALIBRATIONS. The original Calibrations
from Caliber was a one shot that featured all new stories of ongoing
Caliber series such as Deadworld, The Realm, Sinergy, and Kilroy. It also
had interviews and previews of other upcoming Caliber series such as Bruce
Zick’s Zone Continuum which has just re-released from Dark Horse Comics.
It was later relaunched as a limited series for sale under a dollar and
featured a new story with a preview of an existing title.

According to publisher Gary Reed, the new CALIBER PRESENTS will be similar
but have some differences to the original. “The biggest change is that
the new version will be trade paperback size and run anywhere from 100-140
pages,” said Reed. “Like the original, it will feature a lot of new
creators but will also have a mix of established professionals. I also
plan to keep the idea of doing a short preview of an existing title as
well as an artist sketchbook.”

CALIBER PRESENTS, like Caliber itself, was a beginning for many of today’s
top creators where they honed their skills and for some, it was their
first publications. Names such as: Michael Allred, Mark Andreydo, Brian
Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Jim Calafiore, Laurence Campbell, Mike Carey, Dave
Cooper, Michael Gaydos, Dean Haspiel, Phil Hester, Stuart Immomen,
Georges Jeanty, Michael Lark, Jason Lutes, David Mack, Mike Perkins,
Brandon Peterson, Matt Smith, Paul Tobin, Patrick Zircher and others.

The initial plan is to release CALIBER PRESENTS about every six weeks
starting in March but Reed admitted that the schedule will be dictated by
the submissions that come in and are accepted. The first issue will debut
at the Caliber Comics booth (#730) at C2E2 and Reed said that Caliber will
be accepting submissions at the convention.

The new CALIBRATIONS will come out in February and be a low priced sampler
book. It will consist of usually four first issues of current Caliber
titles so that readers can check out the stories without making a huge
commitment. “We’re going to price it as low as we can…something like
$5.99 for a 112 page book,” Reed said.

About Caliber Comics:

Caliber Comics re-launched in February of 2014 after a hiatus and is part
of Caliber Entertainment. During the 1990’s, Caliber Comics was one of the
leading independent comic companies that helped to launch the careers of
dozens of today’s top comic creators. Today, Caliber offers its vast
library of 600+ comics and graphic novels in either print or digital
formats, with new book releases rolling out that feature a wide diverse
line of subject genre with the emphasis on creator owned titles.

For more information please visit the Caliber Comic website at

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