Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tabloia Mailer #1948a
Wow! Long time, fans! It's been NINE MONTHS since our last mailer! See below for the reasons why! And now, on to the announcements:

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This Friday through Sunday, Chris Wisnia will be sitting at the SLG booth (stop by to find official signing times)! Chris will be selling posters, t-shirts, and books! And the SLG booth will be giving away copies of the 96-page "DORIS DANGER GIANT MONSTER ADVENTURES Vol. 1" to promote volume two . . . "MONSTROSIS!" as a downloadable comic, and as a 160-page comic later this year!

* * *


That's right, "DORIS DANGER VOLUME TWO!" 160 pages of MOSTLY BRAND NEW DORIS DANGER excitement! Due for release later this year! Featuring pin-ups by BRIAN BOLLAND, NEAL ADAMS, JILL THOMSPON, JEFF DARROW, MIKE PLOOG, SIMON BISLEY, MICHAEL GOLDEN, DAVID MACK, and more! PLUS stories inked by MIKE ALLRED and HERB TRIMPE! We'll keep you posted as the release draws closer, fans! (Ask Chris to show you a sneak peek at Wondercon!)

* * *
Fans, to celebrate the upcoming 160-page second volume of Doris Danger, Doris's new adventures will be "sneak-peeked" in TWO upcoming comic book anthologies!
Slam Bang #6 Vol. III the ROBOT issue (or issue #46)
edited by our best friend, Allen Freeman
in stores April 2011! 150 pages, 6x9", b&w, square-bound, $10.00
Fan-Atic Press
order your copy:
Doris Danger's outer space "Muh Muh Muh" 5-page story will be republished, as well as a brand new 5-page robot story!

* * *
"GIANTS anthology"
Published, edited and colored by our best friend, Dan Burke!
Shipping June 2011! 48 pages, magazine size, full color
The first chapter (eleven pages) of the upcoming Doris Danger GIANT MONSTER adventures, "MONSTROSIS," will be "sneak-peeked" here! We'll pass on more order info, etc., as we receive it!
Our best friend MIKE HAMPTON is publishing a Zombie pin-up Chris drew for him, in "Hot Zombie Chicks #5!" Mike is debuting the comic at WONDERCON! Look for his booth!
comic sized, color with some b/w, $5, also available at Mike's website:

* * *

DORIS DANGER for your iPad or iPhone!
WOW! 99 pages of "Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures" (SLG Publishing) is only $1.99 at! Download it to your iPhone (or just view it from your computer):

If you haven't used comixology to read digital comics before, you'll need to sign up, then download the app:

( ),

and you're ready to go! So easy . . . so fun!

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For those who haven't visited our NEW TABLOIA.COM website recently, you've been missing out! Since March of last year, we've been posting brand new features to the blog . . . WEEKDAILY! You'll see SOMETHING NEW every day! Comics, photos, GIANT MONSTER sketches by all your favorite artists, "Diary of a Struggling Comics Artist" entries, and more! Just click on "Tabloia: The Daily Web Comic!" We've been migrating our entire website there, so start popping over - every day - to browse around!
You may have noticed we've been phasing out email announcements! If you've missed out on all your favorite Tabloia updates, and would enjoy smaller and more frequent notices than once every nine months, we've been moving over to AND Doris Danger's official Facebook page, .
If you're a "Facebookie", please come say hi, so we can all be best friends and keep better in touch there! If you're not, please write in, so we know to keep up the periodic SPAM MAILINGS!

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