Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Caliber Comics releases The Nain Rouge graphic novel
Based on ancient folktale of the “Red Legend”

Detroit (January 6, 2015).  Folkteller Stories and Caliber Comics have teamed up to bring the story of the Nain Rouge legend to life in an original graphic novel.  Released nationally in both print and digital, the Nain Rouge: The Red Legend is a full color graphic novel of 84 pages telling the tale of the impish harbinger of doom throughout the 300 year history of Detroit.

The Nair Rouge is the dwarf that resided in the Detroit area before the French moved in.  Shunned by Cadillac, the Nain Rouge placed a curse onto the entire region of Detroit. Two teen friends learn of the curse and seek to drive him out of the city before the curse grows throughout the city.

Written by Josef Bastian and illustrated by Patrick McEvoy (Fall of Cthulhu from Boom, Gatesville Company from Speakeasy, and Archaia’s adaptation of Piers Anthony’s Starkweather: Immortal), the graphic novel follows the three novels written by Bastian,   who along with  his co-creator, Carl Winans, launched the Folkteller studio.  Folkteller’s goal is to spotlight what they term as a new genre, Crytofolk; a style of immersive storytelling that resurrects old and obscure folklore and legends from around the world.

“We are so excited to share this wonderful story with the world in so many different ways,” said Bastian, “Nain Rouge is the first of such endeavors that utilize descriptive narrative to present the tales in thought provoking, visually rich stories that appeal to a global audience.”

According to Caliber Comics’ publisher, Gary Reed, The Nain Rouge will be available in both print for the graphic novel as well as a three issue comic book series in various digital formats.  Currently Caliber’s titles are available on most of the apple platforms, Comixology, iVerse’s Comics Plus, Drive Thru Comics, and many more.  “This is a fantastic all ages tale that weaves history and folklore together yet maintains a modern sensibility.”

About Folkteller
Folkteller is the brain child of Josef Bastian and Carl Winans who strive to bring some well know folk tales, and perhaps some not so well known, back into the public’s eye with novels, comic books, and other immersive storytelling.  The Nain Rouge is the first of a series of projects dealing with classic folk tales.

About Caliber
After nearly a decade long hiatus, Caliber Comics, one of the leading independent publishers of the 1990s, relaunched in 2014.  Gaining a reputation for diversity, Caliber was instrumental in many of today’s top comic creators.  Caliber continues its rebirth with an array of quality and diverse titles.

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