Thursday, February 26, 2015

CALIBER COMICS Brings Two New Graphic Novels and Comic Book Writing Guide
To Market

February 26, 2015. Caliber Comics is proud to announce the release of
three new books into the marketplace. Nain Rouge: The Red Legend, Knights
of the Skull: Tales of the Waffen SS and Comics Writing: Communicating
With Comic Books, bringing readers and individuals looking to create
comics three different and unique books.

In Nain Rouge: The Red Legend, The Nain Rouge, translated from French as
The "Red Dwarf", made its home in an area later French settlers were to
name "Detroit". The Nain Rouge, as the “Steward of Straits”, was
responsible for keeping harmony and balance in the natural world but when
Antoine de Mothe Cadillac and French settlers arrived in the 1600s, a
quarrel began and soon this turned into an angry brawl. It is said that as
The Nain Rouge was chased away, a curse was flung from its lips onto the
entire region of Detroit. The curse, it is rumored, befalls anyone who
creates evil of their own will, and this will empower the Nain Rouge with
greater strength throughout the centuries. And during the course of these
centuries it has appeared to unsuspecting residences just prior to tragedy
or misery befalling the person or area… Today, Elly and Tom are two
average middle schoolers on a field trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts.
But a typical field trip takes a dangerous turn as they encounter the
mysterious creature called The Nain Rouge. And the real folktale legend
lives again.

Writers/Creators Josef Bastian and Carl Winans are the core behind the
Folktellers team as they spin a new genre, Cryptofolk. This style of
storytelling resurrects old and obscure folklore and legends from around
the world to present stories that are thought provoking, visually rich,
and accessible to a global audience. Josef wrote the Nain Rouge graphic
novel based on his three novels and Carl Winans performed editorial and
production duties.

Artwork is provided by Patrick McEvoy, a professional illustrator who is
also the co-host and producer of the Ninja Mountain Podcast. As a
freelance artist, he’s worked for Marvel, Sony, Blizzard, Wizards of the
Coast, Mattel, Fantasy Flight, American Greetings, White Wolf, Upper Deck,
and many others. As a comic book artist he has done Fall of Cthulhu from
Boom Studios, Gatesville Company from Speakeasy, and Archaia’s adaptation
of Piers Anthony’s Starkweather: Immortal.

Knights of the Skull: Tales of the Waffen SS is collection of tales
involving the German Waffen SS panzer tank units from World War II from
acclaimed creator and comic artist Wayne Vansant. Here Vansant brings us
main stories called Battle Group Peiper and Witches' Caldron, along with
three short tales. Knights of the Skull covers the war experiences of
young German troops on the Eastern Front; to the massacre of American
troops near Malmedy on the Western Front; to the harsh conditions of a
crushing winter and engagements against an unrelenting Soviet troop
onslaught in the Battle of Cherkassy.

Creator Wayne Vansant is considered one of the pre-eminent war artists in
comics today. He served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War and
graduated from the Atlanta College of Art and began his writing and
illustration career in 1986 with Marvel Comics "Savage Tales" and "The
'Nam." Since then, he has written and/or illustrated many books and comics
on historical/military subjects such as Days of Darkness and Days of
Wraith (both form Caliber Comics), Antietam: The Fiery Trial (commissioned
by the National Park Service), Blockade: The Civil War at Sea, The War in
Korea, Normandy (profiling D-Day and the entire Normandy Campaign),
Gettysburg (profiling the Battle of Gettysburg), and others. His work has
been applauded by the Historical Novel Society and World War II Magazine.

Comics Writing: Communicating With Comic Books unveils the basics in
comics writing from Steven Philip Jones, a professional comic book writer
and instructor. Comics Writing shows you the step-by-step process of
creating a comics script and how it is turned into a finished comics page.
With the help of examples and comic book illustrations, this book will
introduce you to: the different styles of comic book scripts; the tools of
cartoon communications like panels, borders, and speech balloons; how to
write a story as a comics script; the collaborative process between writer
and artists; how to find and develop ideas for your comics stories; tips
on creating characters; how to avoid common mistakes new comics writers
often make; and other tips of the trade. If you're a writer wanting to
find out how to write comic books, or if you are any kind of communicator
wanting to learn the basics of communicating by using the comics medium
Comics Writing can be a valuable tool.

Steven Philip Jones has written numerous comics, both original creations
as well as adaptations. His comics work include Alien Nation, Carmilla,
Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, H.P. Lovecraft, Invaders from Mars, The People
that Time Forgot, Re-Animator, Talismen, and many others. He has also
written radio drama stories on the all new adventures of Sherlock Holmes
and recently, a critical review on Clive Cussler Adventures. His novels
include Re-Animator: Tales of Herbert West, Talismen, Bushwackers, Teenage
Mutants, and others, including young adult novels, Talismen and Wizard
Academies. He teaches college courses in creative writing and how to write

About Caliber Comics:

Caliber Comics re-launched in February of 2014 after a hiatus and is part
of Caliber Entertainment. During the 1990’s, Caliber Comics was one of the
leading independent comic companies that helped to launch the careers of
dozens of today’s top comic creators. Today, Caliber offers its vast
library of comics and graphic novels in both print and digital formats,
with new book releases rolling out that feature a wide diverse line of
subject genre with the emphasis on creator owned titles.

For more information please visit the Caliber Comic website at

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