Monday, February 16, 2015

Star Trek Fans Can Now Own A Piece of The Future’s Past
Propworx’s Star Trek auctions in 2015 boldly go where no auction has gone before.

Valencia, CA–February 11, 2015--Propworx (, the entertainment industry’s leading auction house specializing in the sale of screen-used Star Trek props, costumes, set pieces, and memorabilia, predicts its upcoming Star Trek auctions will engage more fans of the venerable TV/film franchise than any similar event to-date. “Our online auction service opens bidding up to fans from around the world,” explained Alec Peters, Propworx president and founder. “Several items only require opening bids as low as $50 - $100; that means every Star Trek fan has an opportunity to own a piece of sci-fi history at a very affordable price.”
The auction slated for February 21, 2015 launches at noon PST (3pm EST) and will take place on the website. Two additional auctions focusing on props, costumes and models used in various Star Trek television and film productions will take place in May and August. “We have so much Star Trek material that it made sense to hold three auctions instead of just one,” Peters said. “That way, fans won’t feel like they missed out on this great opportunity if their bid on an item in the first auction didn’t win.”

Easy and Affordable Bidding
Participating in a Propworx online auction is easy and the system is built to ensure that winning bidders don’t spend more than they have to in order to win an auction. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to the Propworx website ( and click on the “Upcoming Auctions” article in the left column of the homepage. This will take you to a page with the auction catalog (which you can download and peruse) and a large “Register To Bid” link.
  2. In order to bid, you have to be registered with To do that, you must create an account. This is easy to do (you can either set your own username and password or you can use Facebook or LinkedIn login services).
  3. Make sure your account information is complete (including your address and a mobile phone number). You must also accept the site’s terms and conditions and acknowledge that you are over 18 years of age.
  4. Take a look at all of the items in the latest Propworx auction ( - if you see something you like, you can now bid on it, just click on the “BID NOW” button and place your bid. The auction does not have to be going on in order for you to bid.
  5. When the auction takes place, you will receive notifications via text as to how your bids are doing. You can “go live” to the auction by visiting the site as the auction is happening and participate in the action.
  6. If you placed the winning bid, you will be notified as to the final amount of that bid, how to settle (pay) for the item and to work out shipment and delivery details.
We’re very pleased with the online bidding system at,” said Peters. “Fans can place a bid on an item they want weeks before an event and feel confident knowing that their bid and contact information is safe and secure – and that they won’t have to pay more than they need to in order to win the auction.”
The online service hosts hundreds of auctions each month and claims over four million registered users.

100 Star Trek Items Up For Bid
The February 21st event features 100 Star Trek props, costumes and models with opening bids ranging from $50 to $40,000. A complete auction catalog can be found here: ( or downloaded directly from the Propworx website. Some of the items include:
  • ST:DS9 Cast and Crew Hat $ 50
  • ST:TNG 100th Episode Pin $ 50
  • Rick Sternbach Asteroid Art $ 100
  • ST:DS9 Production Material Lot $ 50
  • ST:DS9 Trials and Tribble-ations Tribbles (3) $ 300
  • ST:DS9 Trials and Tibble-ations Tibble (1) $ 100
  • ST:DS9 Dabo Chip Set $ 100
  • ST:DS9 Klingon Stunt Blade $ 100
  • ST:TNG Cobrahead Phaser $ 1,000
  • ST:TNG Starfleet Medical Tool $ 200
  • ST:TNG Starfleet Medical Tricorder $ 4,000
  • ST:ENT Capt. Archer Away Team Outfit $ 300
  • ST:ENT Trip Tucker Starfleet Uniform $ 2,000
  • ST:VOY Neelix Costume $ 1,000
  • ST:VOY Seven of Nine Brown Starfleet Uniform $ 3,000
  • ST:VOY Capt. Janeway Starfleet Uniform $ 3,000
  • ST:DS9 Leeta Baseball Uniform $ 100
  • ST:DS9 Dr. Bashir Starfleet Uniform $ 1,000
  • ST:TNG Guinan Wardrobe Lot $ 200
  • ST:TNG Female Klingon Uniform $ 300
  • ST:TNG Wesley Crusher Starfleet Uniform $ 1,000
  • ST:TNG Lt. Worf Starfleet Uniform $ 500
  • ST-First Contact: La Forge 21st Century Outfit $ 300
  • ST-First Contact: Lilly Sloan Holodeck Dress $ 200
  • ST-Generations: La Forge Starfleet Uniform $ 1,000
  • ST:DS9 Klingon Battle Cruiser Model $ 500
  • ST:TOS Mid-Grade Phaser $ 40,000

About Propworx – Propworx ( is the entertainment industry’s leading auction service specializing in the sale of the assets of movie and TV productions in high-end auctions created specifically for that property. Propworx sells props, costumes and set pieces through live and web-based auctions.

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