Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Caliber Comics brings the chills with 5 Graphic Novels to Diamond Comic Distributors in October solicits
July 25, 2017.  Caliber Comics is proud to announce the release of five exciting graphic novels in Diamond’s August solicitations for delivery to retailers in October. These books are currently available to order through Diamond Previews.
FRANKENSTEIN:  Presenting a faithful adaptation of the classic novel from Mary Shelley. Based on the original story itself rather than the various cinematic films, this is a rendition of Frankenstein, the haunting and sophisticated tale that you may not have seen before. Shunned by his creator, the monster is forced to find acceptance in a world that is both confusing and frightening to him. The monster becomes enraged at the treatment that he receives and seeks revenge against mankind which has rejected him merely because he is different. Adapted by Eric Jackson and illustrated by Charles Yates. With cover art by Joshua Werner. Full Color. DIAMOND  #AUG171434 $8.99.
BURKE & HARE: Winner of the Scottish Independent Comic Book Award for Best Graphic Novel and Best Writer. In 1828, two Irishmen named William Burke and William Hare murdered 16 people and disposed of the bodies to Dr. Robert Knox at Edinburgh University for dissection, setting in motion a scandal that would rock the world's medical establishment. Delivered is a ghoulishly true story of medicine, murder and money set at the height of Edinburgh's enlightenment. Written by Martin Conaghan with art by Will Pickering and cover by Rian Hughes. "Brimming with murder, intrigue, cover-ups, conspiracies, and mystery” – Sci-Fi Pulse. “Genuinely chilling at times, just as it should be” – Forbidden Planet. Black and White. DIAMOND  #AUG171433 $14.99.
H.P. LOVECRAFT’s WORLDS – VOLUME TWO:  A chilling collection of five Lovecraft tales adapted by award winning comic writer Steven Philip Jones. Lovecraft is considered one of America's most innovative and popular horror writers. Jones takes the classic tales and while remaining true to the source, brings them into the modern age which can sometimes make the horror even more terrifying. Contained within: Dagon, Arthur Jermyn, Picture in the House, The Statement of Randolph Carter, Music of Erich Zann. Adapted by Steven Philip Jones with art by Sergio Cariello (DC’s Batman, Flash), Aldin Baroza, Rob Davis. Black and White. DIAMOND  #AUG171436 $16.99.
HORROR CITY – VOLUME TWO:  A team of American and international comic artists has been brought together to create, Horror City, a horror anthology loaded with ten tales of terror, black humor and twisted endings. For those that enjoy Tales of the Crypt, Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, and Tales from the Darkside. Written by Mayen Briem. Black and White. DIAMOND #AUG171435 $12.99.
RAVEN CHRONICLES – VOLUME TWO: FAITH & MACHINES:  The X-Files meets Mission Impossible. A unique team of operatives, led by the mysterious Edgar Allan Raven, are brought together to investigate any and all cases of paranormal activity. Formed of both skeptics and believers, the team is called in by local or government authorities when cases prove to be too bizarre, too unusual, or just plain unsolvable. Collects issues #5-8. Written by Gary Reed and illustrated by Seppo Makinen, Ray Snyder (DC’s Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern), Craig Brasfield with cover art by David Boller (MARVEL’s Ghost Rider, Spider-Man). Black and White. DIAMOND  #AUG171437 $14.99.
About Caliber Comics:
Caliber Comics is one of the leading independent comic companies in the industry today. During the 1990s the company helped to launch the careers of dozens of today’s top comic creators. Putting into print over 1,300 comics and books in the marketplace. Today, Caliber offers its vast library of comics and graphic novels in both print and digital formats, including all new book releases rolling out that feature a wide diverse line of subject genre with the emphasis on creator owned titles. For more information visit www.calibercomics.com

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