Monday, June 22, 2009


Issue 36 of Comics Waiting Room in now online! Here’s the line-up!

Mark Powers and Ardian Syaf interviewed! Avril Brown chats with the creative team behind the DRESDEN FILES graphic novels and gets the scoop on adapting Jim Butcher’s hero for comics.

Guest columnist! Cami Berardi of Comic Book File steps in to discuss whether or not comics have reached a tipping point as far as pricing readers out of the market.

Marc Mason pays tribute to one of the greatest comics of the 80s: Scott McCloud’s DESTROY!!

Matt Maxwell digs into the archives and examines the Darwyn Cooke masterpiece, THE NEW FRONTIER.

Jocelyn Saddler has found the perfect way to get new readers into comics: give them FABLES to read.

Vince Moore discusses how the situation in Iran is hitting closer to home for him more than most.

Enjoy the reading!

Marc Mason
Comics Waiting Room

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