Thursday, November 20, 2014


Chuck Whelon, the creator of Pewfell has just launched a Kickstarter for "Drain of Chaos", the latest graphic novel in his long-running independent comic book series.

Chuck describes Pewfell as a semi-autobiographical, epic fantasy sit-com. It’s a domestic comedy about an incompetent wizard named Pewfell, his wife Tina the warrior princess, and Gnoma, the small blue gnome who squats in their basement and makes Pewfell’s life miserable. 

As "Drain of Chaos" opens, we find that Tina the warrior princess is pregnant, and the irresponsible Pewfell is going to have to get up off the couch and find a way to pay the bills. He takes a job with the city sewer patrol, but soon ends up as chief henchman to the town's new zombie-mad dictator. Then, as his wife starts to go into labor, the city is attacked by a vast army of darkness, led by two very dapper (but demented) Lords of Chaos. Meanwhile, Pewfell's lodger, Gnoma, is mounting the greatest musical extravaganza the city of Spirekassle has ever seen. And that's just the beginning. It's a truly epic tale, in which the irresponsible Pewfell faces his greatest challenge yet:--- fatherhood!!

Pewfell began as a webcomic serial back in the early 2000’s, and was picked up as one of the charter strips on the late Joey Manley’s, the first professional webcomics portal. Since then it has appeared on Drunk Duck and ComicFury and has been complied into a series of comic books that are currently being released on

"Drain of Chaos" is the culmination of Chuck's many years work on the strip. It's the best written, best drawn and funniest of all the work he's done on the strip to date. It’s a complete, and self-contained tale, in full color, clocking-in at 162 pages. And it hasn't been put out in an affordable, widely-distributed print edition until now!

When it originally appeared, "Drain of Chaos" was a black and white, newspaper-style, daily web strip. this new print edition is fully colored, and has been extensively enhanced and re-formatted, with many panels being re-drawn at a larger scale to fit with the comic book format and to better depict the setting and epic battle scenes.

There are, of course, several Kickstarter pledge levels to choose from, including eBook, trade paperback and hardcover versions of the book itself. There’s also original art, copies of Chuck’s previous Pewfell Books, and some of the many Boardgames Chuck has illustrated for Minion Games (including “Those Pesky Humans”, “Legitimacy”, “Grave Business”, and "Battle Merchants”. Plus there is a funny video of Chuck making an ass of himself.

The project has already been highlighted as a ‘Staff Pick’ and ‘New & Notable’ on Kickstarter.

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