Thursday, February 05, 2015

 Hollywood, CA – February 5, 2015 - Creative Impulse Entertainment (CIE) and digital comics studio Visionborne have partnered to produce a special edition release of the most downloaded mixed martial arts comic book series, “JFH: Justice For Hire”.  The books will be released on the Visionbooks platform in a new episodic format that showcases movement and visual effects in every panel of the comic book.
“We are passionate fans of comic books, and we wanted to bring something new, engaging and dynamic to this platform, and JFH is a great fit for us” says Visionbooks founder, Francesco Scrufari.
“With our technology, this very traditional medium is delivered in a new, enriched and even more expressive format.  I believe JFH: Justice For Hire allows us to take martial art to the next level” remarks Visionbooks co-founder, Simone Offredo.
CIE CEO Jan Lucanus adds, “’JFH’ is known for being meticulous in its delivery of realistic martial arts action body mechanics.  Never before have we been able to bring the type of clarity to an action sequence that the Visionbooks reading experience allows.  It is f***ing awesome.”
Visionbooks’ rendition of the “JFH: Justice For Hire” comic series launches today on the Visionbooks app on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and on the Visionbooks website.  For more information, visit

About Creative Impulse Entertainment:
CIE is a home base for artists that fuse the mediums of comics, films, music, games, and more. An award-winning production company, CIE develops intellectual properties and produces original transmedia content designed for the growing global marketplace. The core of the CIE initiative is the creation of content that intrigues, entertains, and inspires social change. CIE’s flagship original comic book series is the “ultra-realistic” action/adventure title JFH: JUSTICE FOR HIRE, one of the most downloaded mixed martial arts genre comics on the market with an award-winning live action film & web series counterpart.

About Visionbooks:
Visionbooks is a division of Visionborne Inc. Founded in 2012, Visionborne created a groundbreaking technology that turns static editorial content into enriched, vibrant and skillfully animated format. Visionbooks believes in the universal language of comics and strives to provide artists and writers the best, most innovative means of getting their message across to others. Prior to launching Visionbooks, Francesco Scrufari and Simone Offredo founded Ulixe, a well-recognized European provider of web-based services and international solutions for the banking and industrial sectors.

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