Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 25, 2017.  Caliber Comics is proud to announce the release of five exciting graphic novels in Diamond’s May solicitations for delivery to retailers in July. These books are currently available to order through Diamond Previews.
H.P. LOVECRAFT’s WORLDS - Volume One:  A chilling collection of four Lovecraft tales adapted by award winning comic writer Steven Philip Jones. Lovecraft, to this day, is considered one of America's most innovative and popular horror writers. Jones takes his classic tales and, while remaining true to the source, brings them into the modern age which can sometimes make the horror even more terrifying. These tales are illustrated by Octavio Cariello who has worked on DC's GREEN LANTERN, DEATHSTROKE, and BLACK LIGHTNING comic series. 112 pages. Black and White. DIAMOND  # MAY171348  $14.99.
AUTUMN: London 1942. The true horror wasn't from the air or in the streets, it was Underground. As German bombs pummel the city of London during the Blitz, the leaves of autumn begin to fall and so do the victims. A young boy's fascination with the work of a possible local serial killer plunges him into a life-long obsession in post-war England that ultimately will become a quest for revenge. Written by Colin Clayton and Chris Dows (2000AD’s BISON, Caliber Comic’s DISCIPLES, THE SEARCHERS). 104 Pages. Black and White. DIAMOND  # MAY171346  $14.99.
RAVEN CHRONICLES – VOLUME ONE:  Imagine the X-Files meets Mission Impossible. A unique team of operatives, led by the mysterious Edgar Allan Raven, are brought together to investigate any and all cases of paranormal activity. Formed of both skeptics and believers, the team is called in by local or government authorities when cases prove to be too bizarre, too unusual, or just plain unsolvable. Collects issues #1-4. Within this volume are presented the creative talents of Gary Reed (DEADWORLD, RENFIELD), Craig Brasfield (MARVEL’s AVENGERS, SPIDER-MAN), Nathan Massengill (MARVEL’s DEADPOOL, WOLVERINE, X-MEN), Jerry Foley (Caliber Comic’s LEGENDLORE, HELSING), Bill Nichols (Dark Horse’s SPIKE VS. DRACULA), Wayne Vansant (Caliber Comic’s DAYS OF DARKNESS, DAYS OF WRATH), Eric Jackson (MARVEL’s WOLVERINE), and RG Taylor (Vertigo’s SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATER). What critics have to say about Raven Chronicles: “I don’t think Caliber has published a weak issue to date...I think you’ll be sticking with The Raven Chronicles for the long haul.” - Tony Isabella, Tony’s Tips, Comic Book Guide.  “Top Ten!” - Comic Shop News. “I score it a 10” - Jacob Gilbert.  “Very impressed with Raven Chronicles…..” - Craig T. Powell, freelance reviews. 164 Pages. Black and White. DIAMOND  # MAY171349 $16.99.
BALLAD OF RORY HAWKINS:  A tale of murder, motorcycle gangs, Charlie Manson, and the man who played TV's Marshal Hondo Bradley. It's the summer of 1969 and novelist Rory Hawkins is in Los Angeles researching his next novel. He interviews George Clayton, a western actor, and the two visit the Spahn movie ranch where Charles Manson and his followers are secretly plotting a series of high profile murders. Now Manson has put both of them at the top of his infamous murder list. Events in this graphic novel take place during a very specific historical timeline (Saturday, August 2 - Monday, August 11, 1969), and are intertwined with the Sharon Tate and LaBianca family murders that took place during those terrifying days. For anyone that loves well researched historical fiction. 188 pages. Black and White. DIAMOND # MAY171347 $19.99.
VELDA: GIRL DETECTIVE – VOLUME THREE:  My name is Velda Bellinghausen. I'm a private investigator. I used to be a showgirl at Slotnik's Follies, until I followed up on an ad for the Hawkshaw Course on Detection. Soon I had my license and was in business for myself! And Velda couldn’t have said it any better. Velda Girl Detective is a passing homage to the noir films and hard-boiled detective writing of the 1950s in the form of crime comic. Collecting the final installments of the Ron Miller’s Velda series. What the critics say: "Velda is the kind of detective I like."- Richard S. Prather (writer, Shell Scott novels). "Hubba Hubba!" - Kevin Burton Smith, thrillingdetective.com.  "A pulp classic! If you like your action gritty, yet full of surprises, then you'll love Velda..." - Rick Overton (writer, Dennis Miller Show, actor). "The Velda Comic is spectacular. I felt like I was a kid again as it had the real flavor of the old detective comics I used to read." - Bob Burns. 126 pages. Black and White. DIAMOND  # MAY171350 $14.99.
About Caliber Comics:
Caliber Comics is one of the leading independent comic companies in the industry today. During the 1990s the company helped to launch the careers of dozens of today’s top comic creators. Putting into print over 1,300 comics and books in the marketplace. Today, Caliber offers its vast library of comics and graphic novels in both print and digital formats, including all new book releases rolling out that feature a wide diverse line of subject genre with the emphasis on creator owned titles. For more information visit www.calibercomics.com

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