Monday, April 03, 2017

(Woodland Hills, CA) April 3rd, 2017 – Prepare yourself for the comic book that everybody is talking about! Action Lab Entertainment's AmeriKarate is the bloodiest, sexiest, funniest, and martial artiest comic book to ever punch its way up the sales charts and kick its way into the hearts of critics and fans.
AmeriKarate issue #1 is in stores now and is a Diamond PreviewsWorld Staff Pick and has already garnered amazing reviews at Pop Culture HQ,, The Broken Infinite, Great Stories, Fanboy Nation, Rogues Portal, and Geekery Magazine.
Bleeding Cool says AmeriKarate is “Bringing back the 80's action flick for 2017”.
Ralph Garman from Hollywood Babble-On and KROQ-FM calls AmeriKarate “The funniest 80's movie we never got to see.”
Family Guy producer and writer, Kirker Butler, says AmeriKarate is “Really funny and strange.”
Hal Rudnick from Screen Junkies celebrates AmeriKarate as “A full throttle, dirty, funny good time!”
Written by Corey Kalman, Christian Moran (#4) and Brockton McKinney (Gingerdead Man), with art by Devin Roth (Bob's Burgers), AmeriKarate is the story of black belt and war hero, Sam Kickwell. In a world that outlawed karate, one man fights for his right to fight karate for America...with karate! Sam Kickwell was the best of the best—until a terrible karate accident involving his brother and ninjas convinced him to hang up his black belt. Now he and his appendage-less sibling and Karate Master Force must punch and kick and flip and kiss sexy ninjas and chop their way to freedom!
Throughout the month of April, the AmeriKarate team will be appearing across the United States for Signing Events with exclusive surprises at each, like signed comics and Nunchucks and posters and more!
April 5th – A Shop Called Quest, Los Angeles, CA (Corey Kalman, Devin Roth, cover model April O'Neil will be attending)
April 5th – Borderlands Comics, Greenville, SC  (Brockton McKinney will be attending)
April 12th – Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles, CA  (Corey Kalman, Devin Roth, cover model April O'Neil will be attending)
April 15th – Comics Dungeon, Seattle, WA  (Corey Kalman will be attending)
April 29th – LexingCon Comic Show, Lexington, NC  (Brockton McKinney will be attending)
April 30th – Vegas Comics, Las Vegas, NV  (Corey Kalman, cover model April O'Neil will be attending)
Issue #1 is available now. Issue #2 will be in stores on April 12th.
Preorders for issues #3 and #4 can be made at comic book retailers with the following codes:
MAR171207 – ISSUE #3 Main Cover by Devin Roth
MAR171208 – ISSUE #3 Variant Cover “Bloodsports” by Daniel Arruda Massa
MAR171209 – ISSUE #3 Variant Cover “16 Bit” by Dave Perillo
MAR171210ISSUE #3 Variant Cover featuring “April O'Neil Photo”
APR171198 – ISSUE #4 Main Cover by Devin Roth
APR171199 – ISSUE #4 Variant Cover “Karate Warriors” by Daniel Arruda Massa
APR171200 – ISSUE #4 Variant Cover “Sexy Time” by Bill McKay
APR171201ISSUE #4 Variant Cover featuring “April O'Neil Photo”
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